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Major Snitch
Posted - 2011.01.12 17:27:00 - [1]

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Dear CCP the part 3 of incursion hasn't even been release yet, and there alot of complaints over the game mechanics of it if the averge player can see the problem's why can't you CCP.Please read the following quote:
Originally by: stoicfaux
Edited by: stoicfaux on 12/01/2011 14:43:46
Originally by: Malcanis

Yes indeed, PvE should always be safe and predictable and everyone who competes should be given a prize for turning up and no-one loses because it's happy sunshine day in funland where everyone is special!

Stop being condescending for a minute and ask yourself:
What's the goal of the PvE based Incursion expansion? Who are the target audience? Are they trying to draw new players in? Are they trying to lure carebears over to the darkside? Is CCP trying to encourage grouping and/or corp organization in order to make subs more sticky? Is it to foster a sense of community between Eve players?

The Incursion feature list is contradictory. We have a "public" event where everyone in the system is highly encouraged to participate (due to penalties to bounties and resists,) yet the rewards are only for the winning fleet which discourages public participation. (You don't even get bounties for killing Incursion ships.)

Public participation is encouraged, yet the RR and war dec aggression mechanics discourage public participation by making pick up fleets a bad idea.

The NPCs put out so much DPS and use so much scram/web/drain/etc., that even small Sansha groups will overwhelm lowbie or inexperienced players.

CCP is adding PvE content yet discourages the PvE crowd from participating. Only one fleet can win, so the only reason for the PvE crowd to stick around is to kill off the incursion faster in order to get back to regular PvE. (Is it good if players are rushing to finish new content in order to get back to the old content?)

Right now, Incursions seems to be targeted at highly organized, highly experienced players with good skills and resources who already know how to spider tank in a fleet, and who are the biggest fish/fleet in whatever pond the Sansha show up in.

If that was the desired target audience, then I would say that CCP succeeded. If Incursions was supposed to reach anyone else, then CCP went out of their way to shoot themselves in the foot.

Originally by: stoicfaux
Incursion checklist:
1. New PvE content. Check.
2. PvE content that encourages public participation and cooperation. Check.
3. Hyper-competitive "winning fleet takes all" reward. Check.
4. If too many people participate in a public event, the rewards are reduced. Check.
5. BPC reward can be ninja'd. Check.
6. Concord aggression mechanics can be abused to grief pick-up fleets. Check.
7. War decs can be abused to grief pick-up fleets. Check.
8. PvE fittings will be at a disadvantage in PvE content. Check.
9. NPC abilities are way out of whack compared to what PC capsuleers can do. Check.
10. PvE incursion content makes current PvE content (lower bounties, reduced resists, etc..) less fun. Check.
11. Players who don't have the time, inclination, skills, and/or ships/resources can either sit in station or view the scenery while jumping from gate to gate with their stuff to a new system. Check.
12. ????
13. Incursion expansion is successful!

Seriously, is there a dev named MyMedsStoppedWorking on the payroll at CCP?

Gentlemen's Agreement
Posted - 2011.01.12 17:36:00 - [2]

Rolling Eyes
why not just post this wherever it was before rather than making a new thread about itQuestion

Posted - 2011.01.12 17:39:00 - [3]

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There are also other concerns that CCP have simply not answered. Such as:

- Their statements that people in pods will not be rewarded. I understand the main reason for this, but what happens if I am part of the winning fleet, but my ship gets destroyed shortly before the site is completed, leaving me in my pod?

- Why bother having a requirement to fleeting up when there are so many ways to grief people while doing so?

- Why restrict reward to the "winning fleet" and when their original statement was that everyone that takes part will be rewarded?

- Do constellation wide dampening effects take place immediately? or do they phase in over a period of time? Are there any warnings about it? If not, I can see a number of miners/missioners/couriers who are mid operation getting extremely narked.

- The incursions are said to be random, but is there anything to stop a particular location being hit 10 times in a row by the random dice?

edit: I guess the new post is because otherwise it'll get lost...? CCP tend to reply early in threads, and once they get past about 3 pages, they seem to give up posting any responses.

edit2: Although I expect that CCP people will avoid trying to answer any of these (or simply just ignore them) like they have every time people want to know some details.

Major MouseTrap
Posted - 2011.01.12 17:43:00 - [4]

because i havn't seen anypost were a player has come out and just ask CCP(dev) about Here it is ....and for the record there is no post asking this direct question to CPP.....

Posted - 2011.01.12 17:47:00 - [5]

I, carebear, will be participating, in the form of a covops, rdy to loot.ugh

CCP Navigator

C C P Alliance
Posted - 2011.01.12 17:57:00 - [6]

This is a duplicate post.



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