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Atropos Group
Posted - 2011.01.12 17:03:00 - [61]

Would like an ignore feature, so I can choose to not see some people's posts at all, across the entire board. preferably tied to the ingame block list, or something.

Keiko Kobayashi
Celestial Janissaries
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2011.01.12 17:06:00 - [62]

What about corp and alliance forums?

Armageddon Day
Posted - 2011.01.12 17:06:00 - [63]

Originally by: EdwardNardella
I heard that fancy "share" buttons like the one you described are often used to track users browsing habits across different websites. Have you worked hard to make sure that this does not happen?

I'd like an answer to this one as well.

Trebor Daehdoow
Sane Industries Inc.
Posted - 2011.01.12 17:16:00 - [64]

Edited by: Trebor Daehdoow on 12/01/2011 17:16:30
Originally by: MailDeadDrop
Is the badging permanently applied? I suspect that the badging is a "current status" thing, which means that as soon as a character ceases to be a member of the CSM, all their CSM-badged posts made while they were a member of the CSM suddenly become plain posts.

CSM, being a gang of pathetic attention wh*res, immediately raised this issue during our briefing on the new forums in December. It's in the minutes.

Originally by: CCP Alice
Originally by: Trebor Daehdoow
This crucial detail was discussed at the December Summit. To quote the relevant minutes:

"The new forums will not randomly log you out anymore, although there was significant support in the CSM for restoring this beloved legacy feature."

I personally am pushing CCP Alice to add random logout as a preference setting.

Haha yes I remember this during our discussion, made me smile! And I'm happy to say the new forums still don't support this feature :p

Just another typical case of CCP devs not delivering what the players clearly want. Your spork is hanging by a thread, Alice.Evil or Very Mad

Can we at least have a random chance of it happening, based on the length of the post and the ratio of new material to quoting? It would encourage conciseness and courtesy... Twisted Evil

I now press "Post Reply" in the sure knowledge that my session will have timed out...

Miss Teri
Art of War Alliance
Posted - 2011.01.12 17:19:00 - [65]

Originally by: CCP Alice
The old forum will remain on in an archived state for read only reference and won't be ported to the new forum. This was a technical decision and besides, we are all happy to start with a nice, clean slate on our awesome new forum.

That does not make any sense to me.

Why throw away 8 years of topics? Why force us to search two forums when looking for information?

Heck, if I were doing this project, being able to import data from the old forum into the new one would be pretty high on my list. Lots of real-world data to test the new forum features with.

So if you're not going to do this, please explain this "technical decision" in more detail.

Posted - 2011.01.12 17:22:00 - [66]

Marketplace -> Sell Orders. Needs a split for services, items and anything else under the sun (lotteries and whatnots).
Was the opportunity taken to re-organize the above, or will we still be seeing the same old haystack?

P.S Iirc this was brought in one of the CSM meetings.

Posted - 2011.01.12 17:26:00 - [67]

Originally by: Sturmwolke
P.S Iirc this was brought in one of the CSM meetings.

Laughing Thinking that CSM input means anything. The only time the CSM are relevant is when we get angry enough about a particular issue, only then does CSM input get used.

Serenity Engineering and Transport Company
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2011.01.12 17:28:00 - [68]

Originally by: Keiko Kobayashi
What about corp and alliance forums?

Posted - 2011.01.12 17:32:00 - [69]

Originally by: CCP Fallout
Originally by: ArchenTheGreat
Please revise your censoring code. So I can write "**** Tracy sat in a cockpit of his ship and sip his niggardly cocktail" whithout any tricks. I can understand (for some extent) censoring **** or ***** or ****.

Maybe you should make your game 18+. It would not affect your sales in any way. Parents don't control what their children play nowadays. They all expect government/corporations to do parenting.

You have game with slavery, mass murders, narcotics. Is swear word really such a deal?

You can always petition and ask for words to be white listed, like cockpit and niggardly :)

This is what makes GMs and Devs epic sauce compared to the other games devs and gms who are simply carebears.
Just saying...

Hurp Durp

Okie Wren
Posted - 2011.01.12 17:32:00 - [70]

Edited by: Okie Wren on 12/01/2011 17:33:07
Originally by: waynemcbain
What about corp and alliance forums?

1) The initial roll-out will not include corporation or alliance forums, but this is planned for the future. However, the roadmap is still being worked out, so the order in which new EVE-Gate features such as special forums will be implemented is still up in the air.

From CSM minutes 1 of 3. Introductory dev blog here.

Hope it helpz.

Kazuo Ishiguro
House of Marbles
Posted - 2011.01.12 17:38:00 - [71]

How often will the new search index be updated? Will we only get the RSS updates once per day, or will they be sent out in real-time?

Nikolai Kondratiev
Sphere Design Inc.
Posted - 2011.01.12 17:40:00 - [72]

This is Eve Online, we should have "Hate" buttons, not "Like" ones!

Hawk TT
Bulgarian Experienced Crackers
Posted - 2011.01.12 17:51:00 - [73]

OK, some preliminary feedback, based on the Dev Blog, the additional screenshot and the Dev replies:
1) Function: "Dislike" button is mandatory!

2) Function: Character Approval Rating based on the average Likes/Dislikes received for his/her posts or other similar system based on direct player-to-player scoring would be good for filtering "Trolls"

3) Layout: Having an icon for "Hot topics" is mandatory!

4) Layout: CSM / ISD badges should be visually distinguishable: e.g. [CSM] and [ISD]

5) Layout: The UI looks like AJAX - if this is the case, would it be possible to have resizeable columns? As far as I see from the screenshots, the current layout wastes lots of vertical space, due to having two lines of text in some columns (like the last column).

6) Layout: Sort by columns?

7) Search: Show results "As topics" and "As posts" option is quite important, especially for the hot threads with lot of posts

8) Search: Filter by "Date / Time" (ok, ok, future version)

9) Search: Filter not only by DEV / GM, but by CSM / ISD is important

10) Function / Search: "Show posts from" should not be limited to the last 20-25 posts like it is now...

11) Function: Show forum statistics per character would be great - look at the new features of EVE-Search Twisted Evil

12) Function: Survey Topics (every phpBB forum has it for ages) - very useful for everyone, but especially for quick'n'dirty CSM inquiries

13) Bug fix: Remembering the default character for each account is mandatory! This is buggy with the current implementation.

14) Nice to have: More emoticons

15) Nice to have: Default setting in the profile for "Preview your post"

16) Nice to have: Better layout and rendering of Numbered & Bullet lists (without the stupid empty paragraphs)

17) Nice to have: Picture / Video storage, so we don't have to rely on 3rd party services. If you check some older posts, you will see that the pictures are missing / links are broken.

Glyken Touchon
Independent Alchemists
Posted - 2011.01.12 17:52:00 - [74]

Edited by: Glyken Touchon on 12/01/2011 17:57:27
Originally by: CCP Alice
Now it just remains to be seen who will get that coveted /first post.

more to the point, who will reincarnate the dead horse?

edit:quote fail

Veto Corp
Posted - 2011.01.12 18:00:00 - [75]

Looks pretty.

Assembly Hall needs at minimum a Dislike or Unsupported button, with statistics for Like/Support and Dislike/Unsupported stats summarized at the top of each thread. It is simply ridiculous to expect CSM delegates to have to count those statistics up manually, especially for active or older threads with a lot of pages. And yet, that information is necessary as part of assessing a given proposal.

I guess EVE-Search will still be a vital third party tool for searching archived forums if the new Search feature isn't going to work with all those years and years of posts. Probably be a good time to set up a category on EVElopedia for Forum Archives, so that people can create themed lists of links that provide easy access to archived threads of ongoing interest.

Posted - 2011.01.12 18:04:00 - [76]

Originally by: Iamien
Edited by: Iamien on 12/01/2011 16:49:48
Originally by: CCP Alice
We still have a lot of work remaining before we launch the forum on EVE Gate, as we want to launch with a solidly working, polished product. Before we commit to a final design and implementation, we want to get your feedback. To that end, we are going to put the new forum technology up on Singularity first and have you begin evaluating it next week

Is this the sly way of telling us that the new forums will not be coming with the rest of incursion pt 3 on the 18th? If so you may want to take it off the feature page.

Sounds like it to me.

Leon Razor
Posted - 2011.01.12 18:06:00 - [77]

Originally by: Illrean
Something I would like to see is a button in any post by a Dev/GM etc etc that will bring you to the next post in that thread by a dev/GM etc etc.

I was just about to post this suggestion as well. It's no fun paging through a 50+ page threadnaught just to see if a DEV has had anything to say about it.

I love that we are getting finally getting new forums though.

Posted - 2011.01.12 18:07:00 - [78]

Looks fantastic!!

/thumbs up

Dav Varan
Posted - 2011.01.12 18:19:00 - [79]

The ability to create Polls would be nice.

Posted - 2011.01.12 18:20:00 - [80]

Admittedly, the old forum search function was not up to modern standards.

It was up to some kind of standard?!
Really, which one?

Gunpoint Diplomacy
Posted - 2011.01.12 18:24:00 - [81]

Originally by: CCP Alice
Unfortunately, I don't have any news or details for Assembly Hall and Feature and Ideas Subforums. Definitely open to hearing what you guys have to say or ideas for features you'd find useful though..

As things stand, there isn't a clear distinction between Assembly Hall and Features and Ideas. F&I is a sort of catch-all for whatever concept comes to mind. Jita Speakers ends up catching more serious proposals because, unlike F&I, it gets attention from the CSM and other like-minded players for bringing up at summits. Unfortunately, F&I seems to be generally ignored.

The distinction that needs to be made, in my view, is this; issues with existing game play, game balance, and game features need their own section. Ideas for content that expands on existing content in a new way, or is entirely new, needs a "new idea" section. The better discussions from these two areas should be brought to CCP and the CSM's attention, rather than simply paying attention to the one and bypassing the other.

At least, that's how it should work in my ideal little world. Laughing


Azia Burgi
Science and Trade Institute
Posted - 2011.01.12 18:25:00 - [82]

Just had another idea, if we "like" a thread can a link of it automatically be sent to the broadcast log?

Darth Vapour
Posted - 2011.01.12 18:30:00 - [83]

Ah yes. Since no one(*) uses EVE-gate the money spent on it will have to be justified somehow so why not move features people actually use there ?

(*) please contradict this if possible with number of users who do more then use it as a slightly faster EVE-mail reader.

Lost Hamster
Hamster Holding Corp
Posted - 2011.01.12 18:31:00 - [84]

I want a feature for the assembly hall:
Currently we can only support a thread. It would be nice to support, and deny the support for a feature. Maybe a pool, or something similar.

Elsa Nietzsche
Posted - 2011.01.12 18:36:00 - [85]

Originally by: CCP Alice
Haha yes I remember this during our discussion, made me smile! And I'm happy to say the new forums still don't support this feature :p

I too support the request for being able to search by post/topic date.
I also request a counter to the "like" button. Can we get a troll button and then the option to hide posters with a troll count over a number we set?

Windle Poons
Ankh-Morpork City Watch
Posted - 2011.01.12 18:37:00 - [86]

1) Will I be able to read the forum without logging in, will it remain public?

2) I DO NOT want any VACUOUS "LIKE" crap. The forum is not a popularity contest.

3) I DO NOT want any VACUOUS "Share" crap. The forum is not a popularity contest.

You do not have to try and keep up with social networks. Is the forum moving in an attempt to get people to actually use the failed eve gate?

Gunpoint Diplomacy
Posted - 2011.01.12 18:39:00 - [87]

Originally by: Lost Hamster
I want a feature for the assembly hall:
Currently we can only support a thread. It would be nice to support, and deny the support for a feature. Maybe a pool, or something similar.

I agree that such a feature is needed - with the stipulation of dislikes and likes being made public. It would be good to be able to take into account block-voting this way.

Mizhara Del'thul
Lutinari Syndicate
Electus Matari
Posted - 2011.01.12 18:41:00 - [88]


Each post has a Like button. This allows you to Like a post which is pretty self-explanatory! Once a post has been Liked, you'll see a running total of Likes received and also an option to Unlike if you change your mind. Underneath each poster's avatar there is a running total of the number of Likes they gave to posts and the number of Likes they have received for their posts. In the channel view you can see the total number of Likes for each thread, quickly highlighting hot topics."

Ah yes, we really needed Facebook in Eve, didn't we? Great stuff. Let's turn the forums into popularity contests! Wonderful!
... wait, no it's not. There's a reason I play Eve, it's so I don't have to go around kissing arse.

"Social Networking" is the freakin' bane of the internet.

This particular forum decision? Congratulations, you just made the forums entirely worthless with that crap.

The Graduates
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2011.01.12 18:42:00 - [89]


This is looking VERY nice. I can't wait to set up a dev tracking RSS feed and get that into google reader. My current yahoo pipes version can be a bit faulty...

Posted - 2011.01.12 18:49:00 - [90]

Couple things:

1) "Like" needs "Dislike" to actually mean something.
2) don't call subforums "channels". There are already Channels in EVE, and having multiple things with the same name in one game proves yet again that the web devs don't play EVE.
3) "Share" was a waste of programming resources. People (you know, those who play the game, not those who are on the web team) go a long way to protect that one extra layer of anonymity between video game and internet.

All in all, I hope this makes the forums better, rather than tries to cram the EVE player base into an image that the web devs seem to have for us.

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