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J0urneys End
Posted - 2011.01.05 17:42:00 - [1]

Edited by: MoonDragn on 05/01/2011 18:48:11
Been around during the beta and start of EVE but due to financial reason I have not been around for the past 6 years. I was the orignal CEO of Zitek inc. and helped get that corp off the ground. My character has mostly combat related skills with some research and salvage thrown in. I also have a bit of corp management left over(200k sp).

Mostly interested in mission running but I do have mining 5 and mining drones. I own and operate an Apoc, Blackbird and Badger II. Also interested in getting into exploration and industry, and PI. I'm a quick learner and can do almost anything I put my mind to. I have a good sense of humor, or bad depending on your point of view.

Looking for a nice relaxed fun loving friendly family oriented corp based in east coast US TZ that has access to higher level PVE content. Can do PVP but would have to work around my gf's schedule and would prefer a corp with a good ship replacement program. Prefer older or mature players as I myself am in my 40s.

Colonel Handgrenade
Posted - 2011.01.05 20:20:00 - [2]

Hello Moon.
You sound like the kind of player that would fit in well with our group. We are a casual organization and don't do any pre-organized events, so your gf time won't be an issue. (Give her a kiss for us! LOL!!) We're new and small, but growing. Our members are all mature, I think our youngest is in his late 20's but most of us are around 40-ish. You might like what we do.

Check us out at Cowboys and Beach Bums

Posted - 2011.01.05 20:25:00 - [3]

Hi Moon,

Glad to see you back in Eve.

I'll drop you a mail in game and if it appeals throw me a convo when you're next on, or send me a PM.



J0urneys End
Posted - 2011.01.06 15:10:00 - [4]

Hey Prien, I tried to contact you last night but you weren't on. I sent you an email.

Viscount Hood
Gallivanting Travel Company
Band of Wanderers
Posted - 2011.01.06 17:26:00 - [5]

Gallivanting Travel Company is a small PVE corp. We operate around Caldari and Amarr space in both low and high sec.
Our goals are to make isk and have fun without commitment.

We have busy working lives and organise corp-wide events on weekends where we work as a group in whichever activities we persue. we do have a policy of sharing any rewards we gain during group activities.

We are looking for PVE'ers who like to run missions, mine, explore and join in group activities at their own pace in their own time. If you can only play Eve on weekends then we will suit you fine.

We are not looking for trial accounts,

What is on offer for you:

Group PVE Missions, Exploration and mining and pvp as and when
Level 4 and 5 missions
Wormhole ops
Ammo provided for missions
Shared rewards - bounties, Loyalty Points, Mission payments, and loot & mineral sales (split evenly).
Full gang bonus support with gang implants.
We have both UK/EU and US players

specific skill books if you need them
We can give advise on your skill plans.

Corp Hanger access after your trial is over
Maximum skilled refining service available.
Orca and freighter available.

On joining us you will get a trial to see how you fit in and for you to see if you like us.

Feel free to message me with any questions.

Viscount Hood

NightCrawler 85
Phoibe Enterprises
Peregrine Nation
Posted - 2011.01.07 01:04:00 - [6]

Hello and welcome back :)

I will say right away that we do not have a ship replacment program so if that is a must have,im sorry for wasting your time :(

The rest we can more or less cover :)
Our player base cover more or less all timezones so you will never log on an find out that your the only person on (exept mayby like 5 minutes after dt ofc).
For the playerbase most of us are 25 + but honestly i have to question it once in while since the humor can be a bit..well...remind you about giggling teenagers ;) I blame that on the drunks tho :)

But well im not going to write a wall of text here,but if your interested please take a look at the link over my signature,or contact me ingame :)

If we are not what your looking for i wish you the best of luck,and free bump :)



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