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EviL ElecTricIaN
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2005.01.20 11:07:00 - [31]

Originally by: Loka
nice footage.

May i ask how you make your EVE that smooth? It took me 30min to jump into vv-v and i crashed twice. I suffered also minutes of lags till i was able to activate modules.

I must do something wrong i guess.

I lagged hard as well, but all the fleet footage is at 300% speed which makes it look smoother.

Aneu Angellus
Posted - 2005.01.20 12:05:00 - [32]

Originally by: Ifni
Meh. Video was ok. Some bits were nice to see, such as the huge gang-warp and the gang-warp 'bowling'

But again it becomes a propaganda video. I can understand why it appears that way since it isn't easy to create a non-biased video.

However after you guys stated that you won every fight, I was expecting you guys to have less ships. In your threads you always said you were the underdogs, but it can clearly be seen that you have the greater force. Doubly so when you consider that your side has the greater pvp experience.

Don't know if I will keep it or delete it, will have to rewatch it tomorrow.

You might want to look at the un-colored brackets also, they are hostiles...

Count them and you will see forces are equal if not more than ours.

Additionally what adds to this is the fact their forces were split into 2 groups, on both sides of us... you see one group, then a tilt, and you see another...


Red Sky Morning
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2005.01.20 15:32:00 - [33]

very nice vids!
i was a part of these 2 battles, and they were tons of fun

Elitist Cowards
Posted - 2005.01.20 21:45:00 - [34]

If any moment in my eve life, i had a hard-on...
The VV battles were it.

Alltho i only participated in the last of the 2, it was
blody great fun, and a adrenaline kick off unbelievable

North Star Networks
The Kadeshi
Posted - 2005.01.21 01:19:00 - [35]

JESUS H TELETUBBY! That was sick! ShockedShockedShocked x10
Probably the best captured fleet battle ever! I am in awe!
Cant remember what you said the lag was like but it does not
look THAT bad which makes me even more frustrated! I WANT THAT! Very Happy

Again, massive, impressive, breathtaking and jelousymaking!

LOWA - gonna watch it again! Right now!

EviL ElecTricIaN
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2005.01.21 01:39:00 - [36]

Thanks for the kind words Lowa, glad you enjoyed it Razz

North Star Networks
Posted - 2005.01.21 15:18:00 - [37]

Very very impressive fleets and fighting! Shocked
Nice use of the camera also, some of the clips was very nice.

But I was a little bit disapointed. With that massive amount of raw material that contains such massive display of military force you had an excellent foundation for a massive epic video.

I realize it can't have been easy to put it together but what I mean is that there was so much more potential in that material.

I'm feeling like Riddari here Wink Very Happy

You pointed out that "and I am by no means a professional video editor" (who is??) but I just had to vent my opinion. Very Happy I think you have done a very good job overall.


Buraken v2
Spontaneous Defenestration
Posted - 2005.01.21 18:10:00 - [38]

link doesnt work?

Agenor Deteis
Asgard Schiffswerften
Dusk and Dawn
Posted - 2005.01.21 18:25:00 - [39]

Leafo, maybe u can make a directors cut? :-D

EviL ElecTricIaN
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2005.01.21 23:19:00 - [40]

Yeah, I know leafo. I was hoping that I'd stumble across someone who'd be interested in taking my footage and turning it into something magical, but the people that I talked to seemed disinterested.
My fraps is loaded and ready to strike, so next time perhaps we can hook up next time and make something better.

Regards and thanks for the comments
Evil E

Geese Jugglers
Posted - 2005.01.22 22:10:00 - [41]

Wow. Thats some really awesome footage. I think it was definetly worthwhile to have the cloaked frig filming because this is probably one of the better fleet battle movies I have seen. I hope in the coming fights you get some more good footage like this. Well Done.

Mercurialis Inc.
Posted - 2005.01.22 23:49:00 - [42]

Very nice footage indeed.

As some have said above, the editing wasn't perfect, but still very good for a beginner.

Department of Defence
Posted - 2005.12.20 00:52:00 - [43]

Nice Vid m8, number 1

School of Applied Knowledge
Posted - 2005.12.20 11:28:00 - [44]

Edited by: dicemen3 on 20/12/2005 11:29:50
The best vid ever nice vid m8 Very HappyVery HappyVery Happy

Posted - 2005.12.22 00:27:00 - [45]

please let dead threads die... no need for resurrecting an 11month old video

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2005.12.22 00:38:00 - [46]

bumping old threads is bad mmkay.

Posted - 2005.12.22 01:22:00 - [47]

Brings up some old memories eh.

The Scope
Posted - 2005.12.22 02:27:00 - [48]

This was one of my favourite vids back in the day Smile I think Evil Electrician is selling her char on forums Shocked

Sir JoJo
Posted - 2005.12.22 16:44:00 - [49]

necro haha.. but this is stil the best fight ive evern been in

Nex Exercitus
Posted - 2005.12.28 06:02:00 - [50]

Edited by: Constantinee on 28/12/2005 06:03:42
Edited by: Constantinee on 28/12/2005 06:03:16
very nice video indeed i like your apoc setup btw

Insurgent New Eden Tribe
Deus Ex.
Posted - 2005.12.28 07:38:00 - [51]

Originally by: Constantinee
Edited by: Constantinee on 28/12/2005 06:03:42
Edited by: Constantinee on 28/12/2005 06:03:16
very nice video indeed i like your apoc setup btw

necromancy on almost 1 year setups?

Nex Exercitus
Posted - 2005.12.28 18:04:00 - [52]

yeah i saw the video almost 1 year ago thats why im saying twas a nice setup back then

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