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Malcolm Cree
Posted - 2011.01.04 01:41:00 - [1]

Auctioning this character here. He's got...

Arrow5,376,000 unallocated skillpoints (93k real sp -- the noob stuff)
Arrow3 remaps available.

Build any kind of character you like, exactly the way you want. ZERO wasted sp!

I originally trained all the learning skills up on this guy, and then didn't touch him. He was never used in any real fashion aside from flying around and checking some prices -- no history, basically. Plus, he's got a decent name, if I say so myself!

I don't know if theres a way to actually see unallocated sp's, but the API info is below if you know of a way to verify.

User ID: 5750440
API Key: 25A6AA3984DF4F0D93E689406E1D22FA52BA75AE7F3A4907A7AB4A43B4A16AD0

Auction Details
  • Starting Bid: 1.6b

  • Bid Increment: 0.2b

  • Reserve: None!

  • Buyout: 3.4b

  • Auction Ends: Jan 7th at 01:00

  • Sniper: Bids on Jan 7th after 00:45 extend Auction End Time by 15 minutes

Andrev Nox
Cognitive Development
Posted - 2011.01.04 03:00:00 - [2]

Edited by: Andrev Nox on 04/01/2011 04:20:36
3.4b b/o

Per in game conversation, buyout was accepted. ISK and account name sent.

Malcolm Cree
Posted - 2011.01.04 15:25:00 - [3]

Sale confirmed, transfer initiated


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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