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Mara Rinn
Posted - 2011.01.02 11:05:00 - [91]

I started with the Mac OS X client - which would have been about the same time as Revelations II. I remember the excitement about the Trinity engine, and (ninja) salvaging has been a part of the game for my entire EVE "career".

On one hand I miss SBs being able to use cruise missiles, on the other hand I love being able to warp cloaked. Apart from that, I've been enjoying the game's maturation process.

Posted - 2011.01.02 13:25:00 - [92]

Apocrypha every expansion since then has been a disappointment on some level in comparison, and more recently they have been 'crappier' with abandon features/half assed 'iterations' and such but I've learned that is standard fare here at CCP. Also they seem to have mostly failed in their 'end goal' where actual goals were stated/planned I think to dominion and tyrannis and I admit I don't know WTF tyrannis was supposed to do except set the early stages for BS dust514 linkage with side benefit of 'player controlled' goods. Just as I don't know WTF incarna is supposed to be because there haven't been any real blogs/releases on it's actual content for quite some time.

New content is great, especially when it delivers but the more I played this game the more I discovered what was broken/missing/made no sense and then found it has been that way since practically forever and CCP did nothing to fix/address it choosing to tack on more **** over fixing/balancing/renovating the broken/poorly designed stuff.

TLDR: My cat's breath smells like cat food.

The Ashen Lion Syndicate
Posted - 2011.01.02 13:31:00 - [93]

Exodus day 1.

Posted - 2011.01.02 14:04:00 - [94]


Maximillian Dragonard
Posted - 2011.01.02 16:02:00 - [95]

RMR.. right after reading that Eve had won game of the year in Feb '06 Wink

Anubis Xian
Ministry of War
Posted - 2011.01.02 16:18:00 - [96]


Posted - 2011.01.02 17:20:00 - [97]

Red Moon Rising though this isn't the original character I started with. Same account though, the original one was Deteis and was a horrible skills and attributes mess due to my newbness at the time. Lost alot of ships....constantly. LOL.

Mal Lokrano
The Executives
Executive Outcomes
Posted - 2011.01.02 20:35:00 - [98]

I started in trinity.

Posted - 2011.01.02 23:05:00 - [99]

im yoiung int he eve world i started in mid dominion.

Ashlar Maidstone
Intergalactic Combined Technologies
The Chamber of Commerce
Posted - 2011.01.03 00:38:00 - [100]

I started near the end of Dominion, fact is right about the time Tyrannus came out

MeatSausage EXPRESS
Posted - 2011.01.03 01:42:00 - [101]

Originally by: Surfin's PlunderBunny
Originally by: Obsidian Hawk
Red Moon Rising!



More words.

The game was pretty different back then , with a unified Pirate Coalition , deadly gatecamps (no warp to zero) and miners in lowsec belts Surprised

I remember it most fondly , especially touring 0.0 in frigs / shuttles.

Davich MacGregor
Stellar Products and Quality Resources
Posted - 2011.01.03 02:16:00 - [102]

Edited by: Davich MacGregor on 03/01/2011 02:16:14
Let's see. What did they call the second one? I think it was called Beta Phase 2. That's the one I started with.

Posted - 2011.01.03 02:27:00 - [103]

What's the date of the releases?

I have no clue which expansion it was when I started. First one that had any impact on me was RMR. Alot of people complained about major gamebreaking bugs etc but I just loved the whole client from the second it fired up. Great colour, great music, bunch of interesting stuff added in the game. Razz

I probably joined 1-2 expansions before that tho, but never had much feeling for anything initially. Was too much stuff to learn in the game as it was. When RMR was released I had settled in.

Posted - 2011.01.03 02:36:00 - [104]

Beta dont remember which phase. When they started giving Corps tons of money to test stuff.

Posted - 2011.01.03 06:16:00 - [105]

I started in beta, but I quit a week after starting (back when Earth & Beyond was still going). I rejoined for Exodus, stayed until Cold War, then quit and decided to delete my character, too. Joined back for Red Moon Rising, quit again. Joined yet again for Revelations I, quit again. Then decided to do something different and return for Trinity, then left. Returned halfway into Empyrean Age, then left before Apocrypha. Resubscribed (had to change up the words) just after Dominion and stayed ever since.
Over all that, if I had to guess, I've resubscribed a total of 11 times. What do I miss from all that? I have no idea.

Posted - 2011.01.03 06:27:00 - [106]

Edited by: Rvlxnx on 03/01/2011 06:27:51
i dont remember the name of it but i was born to this realm 11/02/2006 but have been off and on ever since.

if anyone knows the name of it then plz quote me and say.

Posted - 2011.01.03 06:37:00 - [107]

Genesis , when stations were so large , you llost sight of your ship

Posted - 2011.01.03 09:24:00 - [108]

posting in an e-peen thread.

The Knights of Spamalot
Posted - 2011.01.07 15:18:00 - [109]

I was RMR about 2 weeks before "steve" the titan was lauched (and promptly destroyed). life was harder back then. kids have it too easy these days

RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2011.01.07 18:00:00 - [110]

I started during trinity. I remember being in a fleet learning the ropes and the fc telling me to ignore the nano fleet that was chasing us.

Forum Guy
Posted - 2011.01.07 18:08:00 - [111]

Cold War

Illwill Bill
Svea Crusaders
Posted - 2011.01.07 18:09:00 - [112]


Posted - 2011.01.07 19:44:00 - [113]

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2011.01.07 19:46:00 - [114]


Syn Callibri
21st Eridani Lighthorse
Posted - 2011.01.07 19:50:00 - [115]

Edited by: Syn Callibri on 07/01/2011 19:50:36

It was right before Dominion. Embarassed

JD Barrett
Posted - 2011.01.07 20:27:00 - [116]

not sure really but, I think it was Castor, it was about july 2004, back with the old ui and voice, and back when the only ships in the game where frigs, cruisers, and battleships (there may have been BC not sure) and the best ship for mining was an apoc with 8 mining lasers :P

ah the good ole days

Krasnij Okjabre
the united
Negative Ten.
Posted - 2011.01.07 22:03:00 - [117]

RMR... after finding Eve by accident. Still here after all this time.


Gunner Stahl
United Kings
Posted - 2011.01.07 23:46:00 - [118]

Beta 4 I think... Most of you whipper-snappers would ragequit over what we were happy to deal with just to have access to this place. Played on and off over the years, overall very proud of what EVE has become.

Posted - 2011.01.08 02:11:00 - [119]


So far Apocrypha had the coolest music theme compared to other expansions imo. I do indeed miss it.

Rhaegor Stormborn
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2011.01.08 02:22:00 - [120]

Exodus: Cold War

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