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Posted - 2010.12.30 05:00:00 - [1]

Edited by: michaelws on 30/12/2010 05:01:57
I am lost as to how to gauge my direction AWAY from an enemy. I need to keep a certain distance from a swarm of drones. How do I know when I am facing directly away from them before I dbl-click in space?

Thanks for any help with this.

Akita T
Caldari Navy Volunteer Task Force
Posted - 2010.12.30 05:11:00 - [2]

Zoom out a lot so that the camera viewpoint is farther away from you than they are from you, then rotate it until they're visually almost on top of your ship. Congratulations, you're just pointing in their exact opposite direction.
Turning the tactical display on can help plot rough angles away faster and more accurately.

Besides, if all you want is to get away, set your "keep at range" distance to something sufficiently large and just use it with one of them selected.
Usually, you don't want to be going directly away from them anyway, you want to move perpendicularly (max transversal, range difference minimal).

Posted - 2010.12.30 05:40:00 - [3]

Thanks Akita...I am doing the Burning the Hive mission and have already lost one ship as it was seemingly electrocuted by a swarm of drones. So, I have been told to arm a ship with long range weapons that can do EM damage to the drones and then keep them at least 10 km behind me.

I will play around with the tips you just gave me. Many thanks.

Posted - 2010.12.30 05:44:00 - [4]

Just a tip because i looked down the "by" column in the forum, but it isn't much of a crime to ask new questions in an old thread, usually, one doesn't just through away a thread once the main answer is answered, it's okay to reply and ask a question about the answer, instead of opening up a new thread about a mechanic that was mentioned in the answer.

However, it's okay to start a new topic for some things, as it wouldn't be right to reply to a combat centered thread with a question about mining, that's okay to make a new thread about.

Toshiro GreyHawk
Posted - 2010.12.31 05:40:00 - [5]

If you get dumped into a vat of ****:

1) first - do a quick look around - get an approximate idea of where they are then head for clear skys. Do this really fast and head that way as if you are already in trouble you don't have much time.

2) Turn on your AB and start targeting the nearest rats. Always come into an arena with your short range powerful ammo/charges/crystals loaded. If you come in at a distance - you have time to change to your long range stuff - if you get dumped in some **** - you don't.

3) The rats will follow you - and that will put them at your stern.

4) As you pull clear look around again and refine your position. The first time was to get clear of all the immediate rats - the next time is to make sure where they all are. Here, you can pull back your POV until you can see a lot. Don't forget to look up and down as well as all around. Look on the edge of your screen. The symbols for the rats never leave your screen - they just go all the way to one side. You should have everything on your HUD set so that you can see through it - that's the little circle with the dot in the middle in the upper right hand corner of every window. If you see some rat symbols along one edge - rotate your POV until you can see them. Move your POV to the stern of your ship and adjust your course - then move it back to the bow and watch as your ship turns to see where the rats are. Go back and forth between POV's adjusting your direction.

5) Frequently - you have groups of rats - where only some of them are agroing on you (blinking yellow as they lock you or red as they fire). These are the rats you need to worry about right now - but make sure you're not headed towards another big cluster of them that can cut you off.

6) Once you have a small group of rats on your stern - and are firing at one of their members - you can then use your fire to see where they are. Steer your ship until your fire is coming right over your stern. Now - here - you have a zero deflection angle on them - but they have a zero deflection angle on you too. So - this is something you are doing with big, long range guns (with poor tracking) to hit small maneuverable targets. If YOU are the small maneuverable target - you don't want to do this - you want to keep yourself an an angle to the enemy so they DON'T have a straight shot at you.

7) As to using the KEEP At Range button ... that is only going to work against that one rat. There is no KEEP AWAY FROM ALL THE RATS button. If the rat you are set to falls back - as some of them now will do - your ship will head towards that rat - and all his buddies who are NOT falling back. You also don't have any control over which way the button will send you - which may be towards other rats. If you get dumped into some **** - and have rats all around you - which rat are you going to Keep at Range? You need to pilot your own ship and not rely on buttons. Using buttons and letting the computer do your thinking for you will get you killed. Once you can pilot the ship - buttons are helpful - but don't rely on them.

Unfortunately ... you're trying to learn how to kite during a nasty mission. It might be better if you haven't cleared this one by now - to run some easier missions for another agent to practice getting some of this down before you go back to that mission again.

If you aren't being dumped into a vat of **** ... locate the rats, then pick a cluster of them and approach them from an angle that won't trigger the others. Say they are left, center and right. Approach the left group from the left. Head for them, then when you get their agro move your POV around to the bow of your ship, looking backwards and double click in the opposite direction to the one it's going in. That will turn your ship around and the rats that you were formerly heading directly towards - will now be at your stern.

Also, be aware of the eye candy in the mission and use that as a reference.



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