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Posted - 2010.12.30 03:23:00 - [1]

Hey all,

So, I'm in the process of running a large number of missions to attempt to raise my Gallente standings, as my new corp is based in Gallente space. In the process, I've run across a large number of Amarr faction-kill missions that have kind of nuked my standings with them. I know the best way to avoid this is to hop between agents as the mission-decline timer runs down, and as such, I have a question for anyone in the know, as Evelopedia and a quick forum search didn't reveal an answer.

Do different corps offer different concentrations of faction-kill missions in their distributions? That is, if I'm running missions for a Federation Navy "Command" agent, will I be more likely to receive a mission that will require me to kill Amarr ships than if running missions for a Roden Shipyards "Command" agent of the same level and quality? Or, do all "Command" agents of the same level (and quality) give missions from the same pool with the same distribution of missions? (I'm aware of the different distributions of kill vs. courier missions on different types of agents, i.e. Command vs. Distribution, I'm asking about the difference between agents where everything is the same except the corp with which they're affiliated.)

Or, to put it another way: Is Fed Navy more likely to make me decline missions/nuke faction standings with other factions than running combat missions for a more "non-combat" faction, or is it basically irrelevant? If irrelevant, I'll probably run missions for the faction navies in turn to keep my standings up, due to greater selection of agents to choose from (allowing me to decline missions and hop agents more frequently).

Thanks in advance!

Mara Rinn
Posted - 2010.12.30 04:13:00 - [2]

My vague recollection has been that each agent has their own pool of about 20-30 missions they hand out. Not just faction/corp/division, but down to the agent level. Two agents working for Republic Fleet / Security might give out 15 of the same missions, but have another 5 in the pool which they don't have in common.

Wander around, find combat-oriented agents that give you nice missions.

Tau Cabalander
Posted - 2010.12.30 11:24:00 - [3]

Edited by: Tau Cabalander on 30/12/2010 11:31:06

Navy and police force corps give a lot of faction kill missions. They all have the same LP store content too.

I mostly mission for R&D corps. At the low level, the missions are mostly courier, but at higher levels they often have decent divisions. General corps (Hyasyoda for Caldari springs to mind) also have a low amount of faction kill missions, but with good mostly combat division agents.

Posted - 2010.12.30 15:47:00 - [4]

Edited by: Funesta on 30/12/2010 15:48:30
Minmatar agents give Caldari and Amarr kill missions. I get positive standings with the Minmatar and Gallente from doing Minmatar missions in Minmatar space.

I don't know if any specific agent gives more faction-kill quests. Given the way missions are structured, and given "the lazy answer is the best answer" axiom, I would assume there is no special faction-kill quest distribution. It would be easier for the programmers to say, "Here's the pool of all combat missions - this division of agents will give out 95% combat missions randomly and 5% medium courier missions randomly" rather than add in specific additional faction-kill info.

I'll also note that faction-kill mission series often include several non-faction-kill steps. I did a set of 3 missions the other day where mission 1 of 3 was an Amarr kill mission, but 2 of 3 and 3 of 3 were pirate kill missions. I don't think the programmers really distinguish, other than not sending you after your own faction.


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