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Edwin Rothbard
Interstellar Arbitrage
Posted - 2011.02.13 12:47:00 - [181]

A big congratulations to El Heffe who is our newest "Mega Billions" Lottery Winner. El Heffe bought 6 tickets (1m isk each) in the lottery and walked away with 1 billion isk! ugh Our next Mega Billions is now underway. Be sure to buy a ticket for a chance at becoming our next billionaire.


Posted - 2011.02.14 07:04:00 - [182]

YAY!!!! eve casino! just what i always not have to do physical labor to earn money to spend gambling!!! Very HappyVery HappyVery Happy

Edwin Rothbard
Interstellar Arbitrage
Posted - 2011.02.15 04:39:00 - [183]

We've now surpassed 500 player accounts and winnings in excess of 90 billion isk in cash and prizes! Happy Valentine's day everyone! Wink


Cranny Darkside
Posted - 2011.02.16 02:28:00 - [184]


Celestial Mayhem
Violent Entity
Posted - 2011.02.16 02:35:00 - [185]

I think this works

Mixx Ljungdahl
Oakley Electronic Countermeasures
Posted - 2011.02.16 16:42:00 - [186]

I had a good time at Rothbard's. I know Edwin Rothbard from the time he was a client of ours, and he's always a welcome customer.

Anyway . . . the Matari decor is fashionable but subdued, the games are fun and interesting, the waitresses from Rens were cute and friendly, and the drinks were excellent. Both buying and selling of chips was efficient, and the dealers were fast and personable. I even won a little money too. Highly recommended; I'll definitely let friends and crewmembers know about this place.

Mixx Ljungdahl, CFO and Chief Mission Pilot
Avery-Mixx Investments

Edwin Rothbard
Interstellar Arbitrage
Posted - 2011.02.17 14:00:00 - [187]

Thanks for the replies everyone! We've now added a stats page with some of the more interesting stats from the casino here. We are planning on adding much more detailed stations for card distribution and the like for those pilots who like to really dig into the numbers. Hopefully that will be added soon. I'm also working on an "About us" page but i'm still coming up with content for it.

Things are running smoothly. Please stop by and check us out!


Posted - 2011.02.17 18:08:00 - [188]

As always. Quick cash in, quick cash out. Put in 560m, Pulled out 700m all in about 15 minutes.

Edwins good people. If you sceptical, take his 1m offer to sign up and try it out. If your like me, you will be hooked.

Entarro Adun
Posted - 2011.02.18 13:22:00 - [189]

Deposited 10mil isk and about five minutes later cashed out 30mil isk. Great casino Ed! I'm hooked, deposits and cashouts are very fast and always true. Ed's a great guy as said by many on this thread. Honest casino, very fun to play, hope to see more of you on there. Join the channel Rothbard's Casino to join the fun!

Ashtira Aurorai
Posted - 2011.02.18 13:26:00 - [190]

Really fun and ridicolously addictive. c'est bon!

Posted - 2011.02.18 18:44:00 - [191]

All I can say is, that I love Rothbards casino. My friend found this thing called the "number game" it was a scam. But this isn't much of a scam at all. this is awesome!
Very Happy

SgtGreen theKiller
Green's Business
Posted - 2011.02.19 05:10:00 - [192]

Great casino. i have had so much fun with it. Even though i haven't won much its nice to see that when i do win i get so addicted that i keep betting. i made a smiley face in one of the can flip games and im glad to see that blackjack is coming soon. that would want to make me play more. out of then i give this OVER 9000!

Origami Guppy
Posted - 2011.02.19 05:21:00 - [193]

Also a nice place to meet some interesting folk. Drop on by the chat!

Posted - 2011.02.19 07:04:00 - [194]

Nice =)

Posted - 2011.02.19 12:20:00 - [195]

Finally I found a good Eve-Online casino :D!

Darkness Prince
Posted - 2011.02.20 08:24:00 - [196]

Well, I think a great Idea... And I guess the house always wins ?Wink
Anyway, I like it :D

Aeolian Earthworks
Posted - 2011.02.20 13:27:00 - [197]

Rothbards Casino is alot of fun he adds you in to the Casino chat room and makes you feel welcome not to mention the active chat that gos on makes you feel at home as they say its not all about the iskies but of corse it helps keep up the good work edwin Very Happy

Talis O'Donnald
Posted - 2011.02.20 18:04:00 - [198]

This is insanely addictive. *laughs*

Luxurious Moose
Posted - 2011.02.21 03:30:00 - [199]

Haven't tested the casino yet, but I will (o:
Great concept!

Tamaki Kawazoe
Posted - 2011.02.21 12:48:00 - [200]

Love it, much more fun than spinning your ship around when the station is camped :D

Posted - 2011.02.21 15:16:00 - [201]

Just signed up today already addicted to Matari Pick'em. I received my 1m ISK as promised and have burned through it and am now well on my way to depleteing my own ISKies.

Crazy Craven
Posted - 2011.02.22 08:10:00 - [202]

I'm excited - hearing a lot of great things about it, I'll update post at a later time - I'm sure I'll be in on lotto often from this point.

Krax As
To Infinity and Beyond Holding
Posted - 2011.02.22 12:28:00 - [203]

wow. not a scam , even though i didnt win.. YET!
instant commmunication, very fast and friendly customer service and support. all in all i will keep playing. if i wouldnt money so fast though.. :-)

keep it up Edwin. it sure is a great idea

Kaylee Sara
Posted - 2011.02.22 15:07:00 - [204]

Rothbard's Casino is alot of fun. I can't wait for black jack. I'm happy to admit I'm becoming a big fan. My advice is try all the games, have fun, and just like space, never fly around in something you arn't prepared to loose.

The Chuckles
Posted - 2011.02.22 20:24:00 - [205]

Great site great fun bonus fund added and deposit quickly dealt with greatVery Happy

Shang Ghjuvan
Posted - 2011.02.23 15:52:00 - [206]

canflip is fun :)

Lou Anderson
Posted - 2011.02.23 18:01:00 - [207]

The casino is fantastic! Great Idea!

Hank Bukowski Sinak
Posted - 2011.02.23 18:41:00 - [208]

hi the casino looks great cant wait to try it out Very Happy

Kasari Sorotaii
Posted - 2011.02.24 10:02:00 - [209]

Awesome place, I've never seen so much of my money disappear so quickly (though it was all my own fault, I don't know when to cash out :D)

Highly recommend, it's very professional, prizes are nice, and it's fun!

Edwin Rothbard
Interstellar Arbitrage
Posted - 2011.02.24 19:38:00 - [210]

Thanks for all the wonderful comments! I see some new candidates for the testimonials page. ugh

I updated the original post with today's stats. We recently surpassed the 100b isk mark for cash payouts + prizes awards. I could hardly imagine reaching that figure just 2 months ago when Rothbard's opened for business.


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