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Kardinal Saulus
Posted - 2011.01.24 16:07:00 - [121]

Fun games and fast service. That's how i like it.

Buccaneers of New Eden
The Forsaken.
Posted - 2011.01.24 16:51:00 - [122]

Id recommend it, tons of fun! but... my wallet hates me =(

Posted - 2011.01.24 19:49:00 - [123]

great games nice fair House rules, had a giggle while transporting stuff

Posted - 2011.01.24 21:46:00 - [124]

Legit. Yay!

I'm sure a timid gambler though.

Minmatar industries
Posted - 2011.01.24 22:34:00 - [125]

Being a corp member of Tythos Karack's corp, i was skeptical. then he told me all he stuff he got and i was amazed! definitely an awesome site! i havent won anything yet though... (eh, ive always had terrible luck in the first place. XD)

Posted - 2011.01.25 02:46:00 - [126]

just maid a account and deposit hoping to try casino out hello to all...Wink

Posted - 2011.01.25 04:11:00 - [127]

i tried the casino and i like it. good variety of games to play eve not so boring now thnxs Very HappyExclamationExclamation

Valerax Orion
The Corsairs
Total Comfort
Posted - 2011.01.25 08:44:00 - [128]

Have played around on the casino on my alt for a few days now - really well executed, genuine article. Rather impressed.

Posted - 2011.01.25 11:50:00 - [129]

Originally by: Tealic
There I was just flying through a station and local chat starts flashing. Curious, I clicked over and see this ad for Rothbard's Casino. Originally going to ignore it, I realized the 20+ jumps still ahead of me and figured why not......

Now a little lighter in the pocket book, I find myself running around looking for rats to keep my other ventures afloat.

But I know that i'll win the big payout.... you mock me now but you'll'll all see!

Well after playing for a while I ended up doing quite well. Won a Noctis as well as a Drake...... only to lose them again :(

But i'll still win it all...... just taking me a bit longer than expected.

Oh and Roth is completely legit. Friendly guy and am even going to go bash some Sansha with him.

Posted - 2011.01.25 11:54:00 - [130]

Very nice casino.. Nice thing to do when couring or something like that :P

Posted - 2011.01.25 14:10:00 - [131]

was refered by a friend. it was really fun, i enjoyed it :) i recommend it for ppl looking to hav a bit of fun.

Posted - 2011.01.25 23:26:00 - [132]

Sweet game won a thorax

Posted - 2011.01.27 21:35:00 - [133]

Edited by: Musaid on 27/01/2011 21:35:37
got meself a thorax and drake :D

Hells Rising*

Edwin Rothbard
Interstellar Arbitrage
Posted - 2011.01.28 02:47:00 - [134]

Hurray today is the 1-month anniversary for Rothbard's Casino! CoolughWinkShocked

Some quick stats from our first month:

364 accounts created
21.5 billion isk in prizes won
22.7 billion isk in cashouts sent

Players won 6 Caldari Navy Ravens, 4 Machariels, and 1 player won our first ever Mega Billions lottery with a 1b isk grand prize! It's been a blast running Rothbard's as I get to meet lots of great pilots and the conversation in casino chat is always lively. I look forward to many more milestones.


SgtGreen theKiller
Green's Business
Posted - 2011.01.28 16:51:00 - [135]

i am trying this out and i am going to deposit a few mill in here. i am quite hapy with what people have told me about this.

Meyour fc
Posted - 2011.01.29 04:15:00 - [136]

I really enjoy this rothbards casino. It is fun and has different games. Better than blink imo.

Posted - 2011.01.29 14:41:00 - [137]

wow simple fun and so far it seems like everyone wins at least something

Posted - 2011.01.29 16:01:00 - [138]

You'll be amazed how easy it is to actually win something and the service is awesome

Lupus Caeli
Interstellar Arbitrage
Posted - 2011.01.29 17:08:00 - [139]


Posted - 2011.01.29 18:22:00 - [140]

Not bad, and a good way to waste time while waiting around :D

Edwin Rothbard
Interstellar Arbitrage
Posted - 2011.01.30 18:14:00 - [141]

Thanks for the comments everyone. ugh New players come swing by the casino for your free 1m isk while you wait for the next incursion mothership to spawn. YARRRR!!


Lupus Caeli
Interstellar Arbitrage
Posted - 2011.01.31 18:41:00 - [142]

Goog job Edwin

Dr Longbow
Posted - 2011.02.01 05:31:00 - [143]

I dig it man. I'm looking forward to Galactic Go Fish, and Interstellar Craps. Keep em fresh and Keep the ISK coming.Razz

Posted - 2011.02.01 05:57:00 - [144]

Awesome casino games. Love i. Big Bump.

Edwin Rothbard
Interstellar Arbitrage
Posted - 2011.02.01 23:31:00 - [145]

Our second "Mega Billions" lottery is well underway. Come buy your ticket for only 1m isk. The winner will receive 1b isk. Cool Come play our other great games at Rothbard's. We are still giving away 1m free isk to new players so there's nothing to lose and billions to win.

See you at the tables!

Hells Rising
Posted - 2011.02.02 18:57:00 - [146]

Bump for a awsome casino

Branson Bailey
Posted - 2011.02.02 19:13:00 - [147]

I just signed up, deposited my 10 mil and started playing the cheapest can flipping game. After maybe 5 minutes playing, I won myself a cool 5+ mil in prizes (won the Thorax - woohoo). Ought to make an interesting way to pass the time while I'm out mining away. Netted about 4 mil isk over what I spent, so I'm happy.

Thanks for this Edwin.

Blue spy
Pegasus Battle Group
Imperial 0rder
Posted - 2011.02.03 00:08:00 - [148]

This casino makes mining/transporting bareable 5/5 Hope to see more games and features added into this casino in the future.

Edwin Rothbard
Interstellar Arbitrage
Posted - 2011.02.03 18:30:00 - [149]

Edited by: Edwin Rothbard on 03/02/2011 18:45:08

Rothbard's has done it again! Betting limits were raised on all Matari Pick'em games. You can now bet up to 40 million isk per hand playing High/Low and Suit. The limit for Rank was raised to 20 million per hand. The limit for Suit + Rank was raised to 4 million per hand! Players asked for higher betting limits and we aim to please. Very Happy

See you at the tables!

Damian Essence
Posted - 2011.02.03 22:49:00 - [150]

Like the "Can Flip" and "Suit & Rank" games, lots of fun and nice prizes. Good job Edwin!

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