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Joint Espionage and Defence Industries
Posted - 2011.01.17 22:07:00 - [91]

Joined up a week ago, lost over 220mil to those shifty Matari bored and came back for more, just cashed out 350.5 million isk. As far as gambling goes, Ed has much better odds than those shady 'micro-lotteries'.

Posted - 2011.01.17 22:24:00 - [92]

The casino is very fun, my first time playin i walked away and came back 10 min later and i had won the grand prize in a can flip. the casino is a good place to play when your haulin ass through space making your next trip.Very HappySmileArrowrothbards casino go go go

Posted - 2011.01.17 23:37:00 - [93]

Sweet thing, I just started it and I'll have to limit myself with a capped amount of isk a day, pretty addictive and trustworthy.

Posted - 2011.01.18 12:25:00 - [94]

At first I was very cautious as to the possibility of this being a scheme. So far I've enjoyed the casino and Edwin as proven honest.
It helps me cope with warp travels and long bs fights.
Great job Edwin

Posted - 2011.01.18 14:44:00 - [95]

Mh, I think I'll give this one a try. Perfect for bridging breaks in ingame activity of whatever kind ;)

Posted - 2011.01.18 17:20:00 - [96]

Great time killer, especially for those who dont have millions upon millions of isk to blow. On my first night i somehow managed to win a machariel. Roth was extremely timely about getting it to me, so I definately reccomend this site to anyone out there. Thanks again Roth and best us luck!!

Edwin Rothbard
Interstellar Arbitrage
Posted - 2011.01.19 14:03:00 - [97]

Originally by: Kishayla
On my first night i somehow managed to win a machariel.

Congrats Kishayla! She played "Angels Extravaganza" and flipped a single can for 10m isk and won the Machariel worth 920m! It was pretty amazing that she won it her first try. It was a good day for the players and a bad day for the casino. Shocked

The casino is coming along great. We have a lot of really nice players, and we continue to improve the site, the odds, and the available games!

In our first three weeks of operation we've had nearly 300 accounts created. We've paid out nearly 10 billion isk, and given away almost 15 billion in prizes (including 4 navy ravens and 3 machariels). We've also given away nearly 500m in free isk promotions.

I believe strongly in letting players 'try before you buy' and as such I continue to give new player signups 1m in free isk to try out the casino. What better way to play than with Edwin's money!

Our in game chat "rothbard's casino" is becoming a very lively place. We have a lot of nice players and i'm around a lot to answer questions and hand out free drinks.

We recently set a mumble server for the casino -- mumble is similar to vent or teamspeak. We had some players come chat, but many suggested that we switch to either vent or TS. As usual we listened to our players and now Rothbard's has a TS3 server up and running.

You can join our public TS3 server here:

server address:
port: 9987
password: no password needed

If you haven't already tried out rothbard's please sign up at Stop by and chat with us in game, and join up and chat with us on teamspeak.


Ian Light
Posted - 2011.01.20 04:38:00 - [98]

I learned about this place earlier today and with very little money i had a chance to win a ship, it was awesome, the fact that one can play with as little as 1 isk or as much as millions makes it fun for anyone. I find myself going back for a try at the Can Flip game and honestly i enjoy it. Thanks for this, I wont be falling asleep on long jumps.

terra fett
Posted - 2011.01.20 08:19:00 - [99]

edwin rothbard's casino.
what can i say. the guy is legit.
pays his dues. treats everyone fairly.
and by all means gives you a horrable addiction to gambleing. its awsome!

Posted - 2011.01.20 08:36:00 - [100]

There I was just flying through a station and local chat starts flashing. Curious, I clicked over and see this ad for Rothbard's Casino. Originally going to ignore it, I realized the 20+ jumps still ahead of me and figured why not......

Now a little lighter in the pocket book, I find myself running around looking for rats to keep my other ventures afloat.

But I know that i'll win the big payout.... you mock me now but you'll'll all see!

Posted - 2011.01.20 09:55:00 - [101]

The games are easy to understand and fun, great thing to play while I'm mining. Edwin added me within minutes of me registering. My most favorite game is flipping the can. Feels like I'm searching for things on the beach with a metal detector. Seems silly, but it is great fun for me ~!Very Happy

Rabid Platypus
Posted - 2011.01.20 10:16:00 - [102]

I have just signed up for the Casino, and everything really does look legit. The games look fun, too! Can't wait to get into it and win (or lose) some ISK!! WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!


P.S.- Bumping for ISK ftw Cool

Posted - 2011.01.20 15:05:00 - [103]

looks great the guy is good to his word.
great games love the look of it all

Posted - 2011.01.20 17:17:00 - [104]

A very awesome system, addictive gambling game and also fast deposit. Thanks Edwin Very Happy

Edwin Rothbard
Interstellar Arbitrage
Posted - 2011.01.21 10:46:00 - [105]

Congrats to Icarantus for winning our first ever "Mega Billions" lottery! He won a cool 1b isk! The lottery system is fully automated and our second "Mega Billions" is already underway. If you haven't played "Mega Billions" the tickets are only 1m each and winner receives 1b isk! Our first lottery took less than a week to sell out. We are already planning expand the offered lotteries to include some less expensive ones for pilots who are on a budget.

We are also pushing ahead to launch "Gotan's modified blackjack." Hopefully it will enter beta testing soon so we can work out the bugs and then it will be ready for primetime. I am personally really looking forward to offering blackjack as it's one of my personal favorites.

Good luck and see you at the tables!

Posted - 2011.01.21 18:44:00 - [106]

Only played a few games but seems fun, didn't know this place existed but I'll visit often now!

Myrrl Strangler
Posted - 2011.01.21 18:52:00 - [107]

Just tried this out, it's a blast! Lots of isk to be made (and lost :) ), all in great fun! Smile

Posted - 2011.01.21 20:29:00 - [108]

Awesome!! This will make my time at Jita much more enjoyable.

Posted - 2011.01.22 03:14:00 - [109]

Happy to be the recipient of first 1 billion. WARNING : THESE MATARI PICK-UP GAMES ARE ADDICTIVE!!!!

I love them but when they work in your favour it's gorgeous when they don't ,,,, ouchers but that's why theu call it gambling and not winning!!

Great site ED. Great service too. Looking forward to BlackJack. (ISK balance isn't though)

Posted - 2011.01.22 04:17:00 - [110]

Rothbards is awesome! its cool to play in the background! A+

Posted - 2011.01.22 08:20:00 - [111]

great site looks like you have worked hard on it.
Very Happy

Khanid Girl
Posted - 2011.01.22 13:45:00 - [112]

Good site with fun games only thing id change is on the cashout screen you could show the total worth of all items :)

George Paulson
Posted - 2011.01.22 16:08:00 - [113]

Posting to confirm legitimacy, it's a great way to sink your isk and make a profit if you have some luck.

Posted - 2011.01.23 07:01:00 - [114]

Very Good Customer Service.If ya got a question or consern, Edwin answers right away.

Put in 200m, Pull out 612m.

If anything ya get 1m to play with just to sign up so there really is nothing to loose.

Just dont blow it all in 1 hand and see what the casino has to offer. Overall i'm up on the casino, but Ive had my nights of throwing away 50-100m, but I always seem to get it back.

Edwin Rothbard
Interstellar Arbitrage
Posted - 2011.01.23 12:09:00 - [115]

We've paid out more than 31 billion isk in cash and prizes in our first 4 weeks of business! We continue to receive a lot of great feedback from our players for making Rothbard's an even better place to play! Stop by and chat with us in game in the rothbard's casino chatroom or drop in and chat with us on teamspeak.

For those who haven't created an account yet you get 1m in free isk just for signing up at Rothbard's. You can immediately cash it out and walk away. You can buy a ticket into our "Mega Billions" lottery with it. You could also go can flipping in many of our Can Flip games. You can even try your luck over at the Matari Pick'em tables. Best of all you can do this using Edwin's isk. YARRRR!!


gellente tntimy
Posted - 2011.01.23 17:47:00 - [116]

less cans in the can flip PLEASE!!!!

I Maicar Mordo
Posted - 2011.01.23 20:40:00 - [117]

Great site!
I just won a bunch of Raptors and the +4 set of implants. Got my cashout within 5 minutes!


Kiger Wulf
Defender's Call
Posted - 2011.01.23 20:57:00 - [118]

Just joined, excited to give Edwin all my hard earned ISK... heh

Tythos Karack
Posted - 2011.01.24 08:18:00 - [119]

I must admit, I was skeptical when I heard about this casino from a friend. But, having tried it, I have to say it is very fun! I used my starting 1 million isk on the can flipping game and was rewarded with several fine prizes (alas, not the grand prize. But when is life ever so easy?Very Happy ). When my corporation members are online next, I am definitely spreading the word of this place to all of them to further share the fun!

Great job, Mr. Rothbard!

~Tythos Karack

Posted - 2011.01.24 14:52:00 - [120]

This ain't a scam it's all kosher! Nice bit of gambling while I'm mining and free ISK! All good!!

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