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Frank Madullier
Posted - 2011.08.01 06:05:00 - [481]

LOVE THIS!!! Rothbard's is one of the few casinos that i've seen that allow for the player to actually make some ISK.
Because of the basic interface, it runs great on the in-game browser. I expect that i will be spending lots of time at rothbards... probably not too good Confused ...

Hoodjack Saken
Posted - 2011.08.02 15:28:00 - [482]

One million dollar bump!

Jarek Minari
Posted - 2011.08.04 14:40:00 - [483]

I gotta admit, I thought this was an easy way for Edwin to part suckers like me from their money, and I was right! The games are fun, it' doesn't seem totally rigged, and it's a good way to kill some time in station.

Posted - 2011.08.05 20:04:00 - [484]

Thought this would be a scam at first however it turned out to be a great site well done Edwin

Capital Systems INC
Shadow of xXDEATHXx
Posted - 2011.08.06 12:59:00 - [485]

Careful! Threads go bump in the night!

Jessie Secksonlegs
Posted - 2011.08.06 22:03:00 - [486]

Infuriatingly addictive

Lakart Ernaga
Posted - 2011.08.07 03:48:00 - [487]

It's a great idea, good execution, and the several 1mil offers really draw you in to try it out, even if you just want to steal a few mil from him. xD

Rob Paladon
Posted - 2011.08.07 13:38:00 - [488]

very nice casino!

Posted - 2011.08.08 20:52:00 - [489]

Edited by: Xinlisupreme on 08/08/2011 20:52:40
1 million isk bump! Now let's gamble! =)

Daal Mastrom
Posted - 2011.08.09 05:44:00 - [490]

Drat, already addicted, well better keep on gambling then Very Happy

But seriously its a good concept that Edwin is exploring, I must admit I do like having something to do when i'm away from my client that still has some impact on my EvE account.

Lothar Kanjus
Posted - 2011.08.12 04:44:00 - [491]

Rothbards casino is legit!!!! Got some time to waste while doing the boring usual stuff in New Eden? Come make yourself some isk. Completely real, no scam, great time waster while having fun and possibly making yourself some big money

Posted - 2011.08.12 06:10:00 - [492]

One million dollar bump!

Dambe Scars
Posted - 2011.08.21 00:28:00 - [493]

Bump for Mr. Ed's great casino. It's lots of fun and the odds are very fair, just don't get greedy haha

large rack
Posted - 2011.08.23 02:16:00 - [494]

the casino reminded me off the way blink is setup well setup overall and worth checking it out

Cogliostro Gaterau
Posted - 2011.08.23 06:54:00 - [495]

Damn you! Damn you for offering such pleasureable entertainment! Sir, I salute you. I just found a reason for spending countless hours mining asteroid fields. Just when I thought EVE couldn't get any better. I look forward to many hours of mind numbing can flip. Shocked

Ritshu Henderson
Posted - 2011.08.29 01:22:00 - [496]

Casino seems great. still waiting for my first ship i won to be delivered but great fun

Kelmor Malbeth
HellJumpers Corp
Indecisive Certainty
Posted - 2011.08.30 13:57:00 - [497]

Fantastic Site, love the games and can confirm recived The Machariel prize (isk equivlent in my case).

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