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Posted - 2011.01.29 15:59:00 - [241]

Awesome. Great work... BUT, could you please remove "Find in contracts" link from Drones window QuestionQuestionugh
The last thing I want, during combat, is look for the current drone contracts Very Happy. This leaves too much room for errors and my Wallet does not approve loosing T2 drones (OR even ships perhaps) Very Happy due to clicking to wrong link (Find in contracts instead of launch drones). It's pretty concerning for people with butterfingers Very Happy.

Thank You. And again, new contract system is awesome Exclamation

Sar Hadariel
Posted - 2011.01.29 15:59:00 - [242]

Something i would like to see... A filter option for showing contracts in High Sec or Low and Null only..... I'm sorry if i missed this.... But it would be nice if i could concentrate on them as high or low only... Like the Changes....

Posted - 2011.01.29 16:08:00 - [243]

I LOVE how it shows copy or original in the name of the blueprint listing. Having a filter to show only blueprint copies or originals would rock.

yanina pumper
Posted - 2011.01.29 17:44:00 - [244]

Originally by: brinelan
I LOVE how it shows copy or original in the name of the blueprint listing. Having a filter to show only blueprint copies or originals would rock.

aye i agree also being able to search for only auctions would be nice

Sandrine Starfire
Dissident Enterprises
The Craftsmen
Posted - 2011.01.29 19:39:00 - [245]

i didnt read what all the others said, but i'm missing the following:

1) i want a free-search. in this beta, i can only search by item and creater. For example i want to search for ME10, to see if there are some T2 Blueprint Copies with ME10. And you know there are still out there.

2) i want more options at the item groups. i need "T2" and "T1". If there would be an option "T2" i can set item category to "Blueprint" and the group to "T2" and i would see all the T2 Blueprints i'm searching for.

I really hope you consider these options.

Dissident Enterprises

Posted - 2011.01.29 19:48:00 - [246]

great I can do contracts in EVE since i started playing the game.aim high CCP and keep at it.

Peeping Dawn
Posted - 2011.01.29 20:29:00 - [247]

Edited by: Peeping Dawn on 29/01/2011 21:10:26
Right now there's the option of excluding auctions, but sometimes I search for auctions exclusively, and that doesn't seem possible under the current build. Can an "exclude item exchange" tick box be included?


Peeping Dawn
Posted - 2011.01.29 20:50:00 - [248]

Another comment: the way auctions are displayed, you don't know if the price shown is the starting bid or the current bid. This can make a big difference. If an item is shown at 400m, it could mean that you can bid 400m (no bids yet), or it could mean that you have to bid at least 440m (if someone had already bid). With the old system, this information is available while you're scanning contracts so you don't have to open each one.


King Arthras
Posted - 2011.01.29 21:55:00 - [249]

This new system is frankly awesome, period.

Posted - 2011.01.29 23:25:00 - [250]

Nice changes. What would be really great is if you could select from the item quality tier.

E.g., have check boxes for Faction, Deadspace, and Officer. Then type in 'warp disruptor', select faction, results return all faction warp disruptors (RF, domination, ts, etc).

E.g., type in '100mn', select Deadspace, results return all complex battleship sized mwds/ab's. A la EFT.

Then it would be perfect.

Posted - 2011.01.30 01:02:00 - [251]

I would like to see different categories for Blueprint copies and originals, it is always annoying having to search through loads of contracts, only to find it is someone trying to rip you off pretending it is a BPO. It would be good for CCP to differentiate between the two in contracts via a search function.

ORB enterprises
Posted - 2011.01.30 02:06:00 - [252]

Originally by: Sar Hadariel
Something i would like to see... A filter option for showing contracts in High Sec or Low and Null only..... I'm sorry if i missed this.... But it would be nice if i could concentrate on them as high or low only... Like the Changes....

Nice new feature, yes thank you CCP.
But I'm Sar's opinion would be also very good to add this.

Posted - 2011.01.30 02:51:00 - [253]

Awesome!!! I love being able to take "multiple items" and "want to buy" contracts out!!!

PLEASE PLEASE make it perm!

Posted - 2011.01.30 04:11:00 - [254]

I love the new tool, I have only one suggestion.

I would like to see the regional selection dropdown remain where it was from the last search. Its a bit annoying to have to select current region each time if i'm posting items for sale and checking prices.

I've found no other issues with it thus far. Huzzah for the new contracts search tool

Talena Majere
Posted - 2011.01.30 04:37:00 - [255]

Really like the new set up. Makes finding and listing a hell of a lot easier.Laughing

Commander Funyoun
Posted - 2011.01.30 06:39:00 - [256]

The new system is awesome. Way more informative and user friendly.

Posted - 2011.01.30 07:52:00 - [257]

love it!Razz

The Illuminatii
Dirt Nap Squad.
Posted - 2011.01.30 08:40:00 - [258]

Feedback: Started using it, one thing I dont like is that it forgets the user given search order in the detail window (eg. sorted by price descending) when you do a new search.

Posted - 2011.01.30 09:08:00 - [259]

i like the new contract beta. it seems a bit easier to use.

North Star Networks
The Kadeshi
Posted - 2011.01.30 09:26:00 - [260]

Very nice improvements! Some thoughts:

* When adding a ship to a contract, allow containers to be removed from ship cargoholds as part of the contract creation process. Bonus points if the container can (optionally) be added to the contract "outside" the ship.

* When searching for Rigs (and maybe modules), add a checkbox to "exclude fitted" to filter out rigs already fitted to a ship.


Posted - 2011.01.30 10:58:00 - [261]

Well, I've tried the new contracts search but I've gone back to the old version. It's much more difficult to scan through the current version with the information arranged as it is in columns. Most of my searching is done manually, and if I can't scan effectively then the system doesn't work well for me, and laid out like that it's slow and liable to give me a headache. Please, I like the extra search otpions, bt the current format is compact and user-friendly. Don't throw out the good parts of the current system with the bad, just improve the bits that aren't so good currently.

Tanith YarnDemon
Posted - 2011.01.30 14:17:00 - [262]

Why are the most relevant contracts diagonally opposite to the search button?
Is there any way to show auctions only, like you could in the old one?
Is there any way to show buy orders only? (You can no longer set max price to less than minimum cost)
Would it be possible to add the option of moving the columns around, for example I have no use of knowing that the contract at hand is in the current station, and that said station is in Jita when I've searched for contracts in current station, while the issuer and expiration is interesting. Being able to move those relevant columns to the left would mean I can have the window smaller and chat or play while browsing.

Posted - 2011.01.30 18:34:00 - [263]

liking the new contract search system

off top of head

would love to see more sort options:

search auctions only
in BP seach, either sort by copy/original option or check box for either or

Posted - 2011.01.30 19:05:00 - [264]

Love the new layout and I have one suggestion.

Can you add a filter to sort by system security, or remove either high or low sec systems?

Elsie taraga
Posted - 2011.01.30 23:40:00 - [265]

Very nice changes to the new contract system :D

Melfina Rayne
Posted - 2011.01.31 00:52:00 - [266]

One feature i would REALLY LOVE to see is what somone in the post asked for was store fronts. if its the same thing im thinking about. where i could give out one link in a channel and it would show all my contracts i have availible. Instead of currently usen my bio or linking 10 contracts in a row in the trade channels.

Posted - 2011.01.31 00:53:00 - [267]

I've been using the contract system for years and at the moment the new beta system looks like the one being replaced. I know it's still in it's infancy but the old layout was actully easier to read and more responsive. It gets on my nerves a bit when people just post, "yeah that's great CCP" or "loving the new system". These people are the one's who hardly use the contract system, and if they do it's only to sell a few items or search for something. Don't get me wrong I know CCP work hard to bring new features to the game, but people need to be posting constructive comments, otherwise we'll get a system worse than the current one. I think they should stick to the current contract system and just tweak it. I'm guessing the old system uses more resources, I've noticed the slow down when the trading hubs get congested. Also I'd like to know why there is a 1-2 minute delay on searching for new contracts, after you've done one search. Maybe some other traders should post on here, get some feed back from the people that actually use the contract system everyday, not once a week.

Miss Spoonbill
Penumbra Military Industrial Complex
United Front Alliance
Posted - 2011.01.31 09:22:00 - [268]

I don't know if this and be noted yet. However, if you search for something that is over a page long, and sort by price, you only sort individual pages by price and not the whole search - bit pointless.


Posted - 2011.01.31 12:49:00 - [269]

Please include a feature which allows a blanket search of t2/t1/capital blueprints. sometimes all you want to do is browse, not look for specific items.

Posted - 2011.01.31 13:37:00 - [270]

First of all. Great work. It is allways good to see something is being done right for the right reasons.

What i would really like to see in this is:

a) Exclude possiblity for Lowsec and 0.0 in both "Buy & Sell" & "Courier".

b) I liked the old "Name Surgestion Box" when you typed an items name and didnt know the exact spelling. Made it a lot easier to find what you were looking for most of the time. Was also great to find what all exsist of a faction Item ie. "Dread Guristas... etc". Would be s shame to lose that.

c) How about adding the possibility to Search for Normal Items or Blueprints (Selectiv Switch)

d) Thinking about C, how about the option to Search for BPC or BPO or both? (Selectiv Switch for when Blueprint from C is selected)

Hope to find this in future Versions.

Fly Safe

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