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Posted - 2011.01.27 20:36:00 - [181]

Edited by: Lynaen on 27/01/2011 20:46:32
can we please please please get a support for wildcards in the search field ? :o

this way we could search for "pith * heat" and have all pith heat shield hardeners (x, a, b and c type) show up in the search, which would be very useful while keeping the load down on the server.

the new UI is already way better than before, and I really have nothing else than this to add for the moment :)

edit : seen how to search for that kind of thing (by typing in part of a name), it's nice, but a wildcard would be much more powerful and easy to use.

Paden Godric
Posted - 2011.01.27 20:36:00 - [182]

i like it in general however there doesnt seem to be anything for private and corp contracts that would be nice all things considered

Cody Michaels
Taggart Transdimensional
Virtue of Selfishness
Posted - 2011.01.27 20:47:00 - [183]

The courier section is great.

The only problem I have with it is the search settings aren't saved when the contract window is closed. It gets annoying having to re-type the same settings every time.

Posted - 2011.01.27 21:00:00 - [184]

Originally by: Jinjer Ninja
Hi, haven't read all posts. For courier contracts....

What I want is contract is: high sec/low sec option

Yeah, security area filtering is necessary! I'm sitting in high sec don't want to see low sec contracts.

Posted - 2011.01.27 21:12:00 - [185]

Edited by: Lederstrumpf on 23/05/2011 02:04:10

Athena Astraia
Posted - 2011.01.27 21:23:00 - [186]

Just like to say I like the changes to the contract finder its much more streamlined and easy to find contracts based off the info I want.

Posted - 2011.01.27 21:37:00 - [187]

On the old system we could highlight a line then scroll the contracts down and easily find the place we left off looking. Now I have to try to remember every contract I leave off at to scroll the page down. It's really only a problem with the multiple items section, but it is such a pain in the arse.

Dethmourne Silvermane
Black Legion.
Posted - 2011.01.27 22:12:00 - [188]

The new contracts system appears to not differentiate in "sort by price" between thousands and millions, definitely would like to see that issue resolved.

Posted - 2011.01.27 22:19:00 - [189]

Well after you have searched a specific item or group , How do you go back to the previuos page you where on prior to the search ? iff u could install a "Go back to previous page" it would be a great help, otherwise you have to start at the beggining again.Just like the top left arrow in a web page.. < and >

Posted - 2011.01.27 22:36:00 - [190]

I like the new search functions nut it might help a lot to have a drop down to see whats in the multiple item contracts instead of having to open each contract.

Arkon Mar
Tau Draconus Corp
Interstellar Commerce Commission
Posted - 2011.01.27 22:57:00 - [191]

Well I can see I am behind here, but i wanted to say I love the new contracts search beta, what an improvement, I have read through the other responses and there are so many good ideas i dont know how you guys are gonna fit em all in but keep up the good work, this is awesome.

Posted - 2011.01.27 23:15:00 - [192]

Why you removed "Item Type (Exact)" filed from new serach?
It was verry usefull and I used it all the tiem. Searching by description is sucks.

Posted - 2011.01.27 23:16:00 - [193]

Loving this new system lots of good features.

one little thing i would like to see, there is an "exclude multi item" and "exclude auctions" but i would like an option to "only see want to buys" (WTB). some times i just want to sell quickly rather than wait for a cantract to sell so having the ability to only see WTB's would be awesome then having to scroll through all the item exchanges.

Posted - 2011.01.27 23:21:00 - [194]

Found it. :)

Tropheus Moori
Posted - 2011.01.27 23:22:00 - [195]

Very nice. One suggestion - I would prefer seeing the Price and Time Left columns next to the Contract Item. So re-order the columns Contract, Price, Time Left, Location, Jumps...

Dr BattleSmith
PAX Interstellar Services
Posted - 2011.01.27 23:34:00 - [196]

Can we have this guy working on Faction War? Seems he knows how to plan and code.

Posted - 2011.01.28 00:50:00 - [197]

Nice for couriers. Especially like the color indicator of system security as it saves research time with unfamiliar system names. Also distance to pickup point and route length is a thing of beauty. How about adding an abbreviation or some coding for the destination region when it is not in the same as the pickup region.

Posted - 2011.01.28 00:55:00 - [198]

Not sure if anyone said this yet, but I can't input 0.2 and the like into reward and collateral fields in courier contracts and probably other places. Would be useful for newbies.

Joost Caldari
Joost Inventor Labs
Posted - 2011.01.28 01:03:00 - [199]

LOVE IT! 100 times better than the old one... Particularly like the fact that blueprints are now clearly indicated as original vs copy... No more scamming there. I'm never going back to the old search again :-)

Lawan Jovana
Posted - 2011.01.28 01:08:00 - [200]

Not sure if this is related to the new contract system but a contract I have the highest bid on has been showing as 'less than an hour' for at least 6 hours now

Corian Teranos
Joint Espionage and Defence Industries
Posted - 2011.01.28 01:52:00 - [201]

Edited by: Corian Teranos on 28/01/2011 01:55:02
right off the bat the biggest issue with the contract search is the fact that it defaults to current station which gave me the impression that the system simply didn't work outside the station untill i found out what was wrong

Cassandra Elan
Posted - 2011.01.28 02:18:00 - [202]

If possible add an 'exclude blueprints' button, would help trim down the pile we sort through, especially if we have our own and aren't interested in buying copies.

Posted - 2011.01.28 02:48:00 - [203]

Two things:
1. I have a petition that hasn't been touched for 4 days regarding a particular contract. I hope it doesn't get lost in the shuffle of moving to this new system.
2. It would be nice to be able to right-click the station (pick up / drop off) and have the standard menu items: set destination, bookmark location, etc. It makes it much easier to determine if the route goes through high-sec, low-sec, null-sec.

Keira Trefenwyd
Posted - 2011.01.28 02:51:00 - [204]

Edited by: Keira Trefenwyd on 28/01/2011 02:55:41
Nice addition guys, but you are missing some of the basic things we take for granted. 1. It would be nice if the function that allowed you to pull up specific items based on a fuzzy search was still included.

2. The ability to see the auctions in simple view. Otherwise it is just pretty pictures and a lot of wasted time.

3. Having a column that actually lists what type of auction it is, instead of having to mouse over each one seperately.

I'm hoping this is a very rough draft, otherwise i say it's FAIL! Rolling Eyes

Situation: Normal
Posted - 2011.01.28 02:54:00 - [205]

While the interface is very nice, I notice one thing that will bother me greatly: prices are no longer directly below item names.

With the old contract system, the most important information to me (item type and price) are listed together. I am able to scan straight down a list of contracts and gather all of the information I need without moving my eyes to the side.

With the new system, my eyes have to zig-zag in order to read the same information listed above. This makes it a lot harder for me to quickly absorb information and will be an annoyance to my style of trading. In fact, even with all of the nice features that the new system provides, I'd still rather use the old system because it makes the information I need more accessible.

CCP, please consider introducing a 'Legacy' view mode for the new contract system or at least let us customize/remove columns that we don't care about. Thanks!

Posted - 2011.01.28 03:03:00 - [206]

Very Happy

Great job! and long over due.

Situation: Normal
Posted - 2011.01.28 03:50:00 - [207]

I'm also noticing that the new contract search is not staying quite up to date with the latest contracts. I'm able to query contracts with the old system that don't appear in the new search system for several minutes. Is there some sort of strange caching going on or should I file a bug report about this?

Posted - 2011.01.28 03:54:00 - [208]

Features I would like:
1. Search by sec status both including and excluding feature (ie. null, hisec, nullsec)
2. Saving a contract to look at later, similar to quickbar in the Market.
3. Include/Exclude fitted ships and just hull.
4. Sort bpo vs bpc

Information And Entropy
Posted - 2011.01.28 04:34:00 - [209]

There is a bug when ordering the auctions by Price/Ascending. It takes into consideration the "starting bid" number, instead of the "current bid" number.

Originally by: Talthrus
I'm also noticing that the new contract search is not staying quite up to date with the latest contracts. I'm able to query contracts with the old system that don't appear in the new search system for several minutes. Is there some sort of strange caching going on or should I file a bug report about this?

Confirming this cache bug. The new search system won't update with the server at every "search" button press. The cooldown looks to be about two minutes. Considering the old system was immediate at showing updated orders, this is bad and kills a faucet of the contract system (speed contract bargains).

Merch Industrial
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2011.01.28 05:41:00 - [210]

- Availability should always be visible if there are items on alliance/corp contracts. For me (and probably a lot of other 0.0 dwellers) most "public" contracts are alliance-only.
- Contracts with multiple items should give some hint on the contents. Something like which market category the items fit in (or the name of the item, if there is only one item in that category in the contract). E.g. a fitted Maelstrom would show up as [Multiple Items] (Maelstrom, Ship Equipment, Shield Rigs), slave set as [Multiple Items] (Implants)

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