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Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2011.02.05 18:18:00 - [211]

Yes, please.

Malcorath Sacerdos
Posted - 2011.02.05 20:03:00 - [212]


no peticualar reason i wanna share. its just a good idea.

Posted - 2011.02.06 03:14:00 - [213]


Corpse's Spite
Posted - 2011.02.08 20:47:00 - [214]

I vote for this proposal as my only other course of action is to junk my 8 million SP character.

Kuzim Blaky'all
Recycling and Recovery

Posted - 2011.02.08 23:46:00 - [215]

Edited by: Kuzim Blaky''all on 08/02/2011 23:46:41
sup dawg,
time for me to say
i got an account
but no desire to play

kuz dig it, by lookin at my head
a dawg aint got choices to show of they mad dreads
an bein dark, dawg, against the lite?
a dawg want more sun, not to look like its nite
ccp, you done this deal not rite
and so u an me we gonan fight
until you bite
an make it rite
kuz what y'all be doin is a major slite

so dig it dawg, please roll it back
else all you dam trippas be smokin crack
in short, re-re got somtin to say:
put better lights and dreadlocks in rite away

peace out dawg.

Posted - 2011.02.10 21:32:00 - [216]

Bump for great justice.

Natalie Caladan
Posted - 2011.02.11 14:28:00 - [217]


Center for Advanced Studies
Posted - 2011.02.22 22:41:00 - [218]

I'm about ready to delete my Vherokoir character due to the horrible new avatars. Gender and bloodline only affect appearance, so I see no reason why a microtransaction shouldn't be used to modify these things.

It could easily be explained in-game due to the whole cloning system, which uses a dummy corpse and implants your neural map in it. It's not like this change would modify the character's reputation (since that's linked to the name), nor employment history.


Posted - 2011.02.28 09:55:00 - [219]

I wrote a petition regarding this issue, they replied i should quit eve if i didn't like their new portrait system. I wonder if ccp is aware that some people liked amarr portraits and now they dont like em anymore because of their new system? anyway you got my vote.

Posted - 2011.03.01 23:25:00 - [220]

I support this idea! YES YES YES

Posted - 2011.03.23 14:21:00 - [221]

Edited by: Jacknine on 23/03/2011 14:21:56


CCP has ruined my character

Posted - 2011.03.24 19:54:00 - [222]

I dont see why it should be an issue, we can already change our portraits why not race or bloodline as well? And with this new portrait system I don't like amarr as I used to. Anyway, I'm doing a second post because if forgot to support it.


Anah Karah
Drama Llamas

Posted - 2011.03.26 01:45:00 - [223]

Look CCP!!! A simple, easy way to gloss over your incompetence and lack of knowledge of what players want :)

Schala Zilart
Posted - 2011.03.29 12:57:00 - [224]

Originally by: Atius Tirawa
Originally by: Terazul
Totally supported. If not race (which should totally be allowed, IMO), then at least bloodlines. They serve only aesthetic purposes now instead of mechanical ones, so there's really no reason for forcing us to deal with whatever we get.

Bold Underline (1) there is actually a large amount of lore in this game and a very active RP element - it is far more then aesthtic for some people.

Bold Underline (2) - whatever we get? You chose your race an your bloodline, so you did not 'get' anything, you 'selected' it. You make it sound random when its not.

And if you bought your character - then you also choise to buy that race and bloodline.

Srsly, the only people who support this bought their characters and want to change stuff because they are unahppy with what they choise to buy. If you want another race, name, bloodline whateve - train one.

all 3 of my accounts I Made.. NightCyn , ClainaNightCyn , and SilentCyn
I choose Amarr/Amarr Race/bloodline for all 3 because I liked it best and was More "Me"
I did not buy my characters. and when I made them they did not look like this.
your assumptions are ridicules

people who RP and not effected by people who don't making a Bloodline change.. they can choose to continue on with whatever they please.

Posted - 2011.03.29 14:34:00 - [225]

Posted - 2011.03.29 15:55:00 - [226]


Rage For Order
Posted - 2011.03.29 20:06:00 - [227]

/supported. I wanna change my characters to something more unique since everything has been changed so drastically.

Posted - 2011.03.30 05:55:00 - [228]


Angst IronShard
Sense of Serendipity
Echoes of Nowhere
Posted - 2011.03.30 10:35:00 - [229]

not supported.
I don't get why you want to change something you choosed at the very begining.

Jennifer Starling
Imperial Navy Forum Patrol
Posted - 2011.03.30 15:14:00 - [230]

Originally by: Angst IronShard
not supported.
I don't get why you want to change something you choosed at the very begining.

Silly. As if anyone with an objective view could confuse our old character look with the new one.
What you chose for in the beginning isn't available anymore. The bloodlines continue to exist just in name, not in looks.

Tharill daSai
Serringer Arms Inc
Free United Spirits
Posted - 2011.03.30 19:12:00 - [231]


GoGo Yubari
Posted - 2011.04.11 15:39:00 - [232]


Posted - 2011.04.22 10:16:00 - [233]

Why is this on page 8? To the top!

...especially cuz of the captain's quarters on Duality now.

Sephiroth CloneVII
Posted - 2011.04.22 18:23:00 - [234]

While lore makes the races and bloodlines different, with the advent of face changing, why isn't it possible for a change between races when it is already possible to change between two very different people of the same race.

Though having option of changing gender would make things kind of weird. ....

But hey, people can do it in the 21st century, ever hear of Michal Jackson, or that one son of Ernest Hemingway you would think in the how many CENTURY'S in the future they would get better at it, you know being able to do interstellar and faster then light travel, ect, they would be able to have the bare-bones advances in plastic surgery, or at least what we already have today.

Posted - 2011.04.23 02:49:00 - [235]

Originally by: Sephiroth CloneVII

Though having option of changing gender would make things kind of weird. ....

No weirder than it is in the 21st century... Rolling Eyes

Posted - 2011.05.26 00:34:00 - [236]

Supported. I spent alot of time trying to make the most "me" look i could when i started playing eve so I knew I'd be happy with it compared to the other options. Now with the new creator the toon i really want to make is only possible with a different race/bloodline. Eats me up every time i log on

Fon Revedhort
Monks of War
Posted - 2011.05.26 00:58:00 - [237]

No way.

Fugly Achuras should remain ugly forever. Accept your disgrace.

Elda Amamiya
Posted - 2011.05.29 02:30:00 - [238]

Edited by: Elda Amamiya on 29/05/2011 02:32:48
Event it a paid service I'll pay ^^

You can have new clones, why not some genetic modifications Smile

Massively Mob

Posted - 2011.05.30 05:17:00 - [239]


Posted - 2011.05.30 18:53:00 - [240]

Race change is needed, sell different race clones on AUR market that we can jump into or something. Maybe make it one time deal. AND ATTRIBUTES DO NOT CHANGE

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