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Posted - 2010.12.16 02:48:00 - [1]

First: Why is it possible to enable every single game element in the overview? Is it possible to click, select or target every blade of grass, every bush and wall and house and door in WoW or any other major MMO?

Do you have any idea how painful it is for a noob to try and run missions and have to look for Large Collidable Object in the Celestial tab of the overview? They just think, wtf is all this in here for? Why would any developer do this? Is this a dev client or a game client? Why are 50 asteroids in my overview when I'm trying to target and kill 20 drones?!

At a bare minimum, missions objects should get their own special object type that is unique, and always set to ON. Large Collidable Objects shouldn't be made into mission objectives...that's just lazy design IMO. Or a mission specific overview preset should be available with everything filtered except for relevant mission objectives... duh!

2nd: Why does a mission require so many individual windows to be opened? Conversation with the agent is a window, the journal is a window, the mission text is a window. You can't plot a course back to your agent from the mission text, it's not there! You cant plot a course to the mission from the journal... you have to open the mission text. it is confusing and counterintuitive to new players.

Why not simplify this?! You speak to an agent, they give you the mission. A new window opens that has: the agent who gave it to you, including a link to their home location, the mission story with details on the faction you are fighting (info on damage types used and what to prepare for would be great...educate players so they don't get creamed in later missions!), also the impact on standings, or other applicable info, and a link to the location. One window...all the info you need to go, kill and get back. Why doesn't this already exist? Right now it's needlessly cumbersome for new players!

Lastly, there is a better way to organize agents so that players can choose their mission careers, get to the agents they want, and see a path to better agents and higher quality missions. This "better way" is basically anything other than current system. It's pretty tough for a noob to get a grasp on the corp he wants to work for, and how that will impact his standings not to mention they wont understand what their standings even mean. A noob wants to run missions of a certain type, (mining, killing, transport, industry, etc), and progress towards better loot, better standings, better ships, etc. They wont want to be completely gimped when they join a corp in another side of the universe they can't travel to because their standings are shot and they are Kill on Site in a section of space they never heard of. The whole right click a faction, go to member corps, go to agents, and then scanning through who is available in various disciplines such as "accounting" or "personnelle" only to run into a quality number that makes no sense is just unbelievably bad!

A search function just for agents would be great. And I dont mean search in the Map to give me glowies where there are agents I can work with! Filter out everything else in the game, and focus on agents that I want! I want a level 2 agent, kill missions (no mining please!), within 10 jumps from here. Go.

Search should take my standings into effect and tell me which agents I am close to being able to work for, and which ones hate me. I should be able to plan how I get from lvl 1 missions to level 4 missions as a brand new player, within 30 minutes of logging in the first time! Not after I screw around, get completely lost in the UI and have to check a hundred forum posts and blogs to figure it out.

If some of this is already possible, or if CCP is already working on this... cool! I am still a noob and this is my main frustration with the game as I primarily run missions. Also, drones don't automatically go back into the drone bay when I warp? Seriously?

William Cooly
Sol Enterprises
Posted - 2010.12.16 02:50:00 - [2]

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Calvin Collins
Posted - 2010.12.16 02:55:00 - [3]

You highlight an important point - many eve players are so used to it they don't notice it sucks, or worse, they feel superior for having figured it out, like it's a trophy.


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