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CCP Red Button

Posted - 2010.12.13 23:52:00 - [61]

We have multiple levels of test servers for various stages of development, functional testing, scale testing, etc. but Singularity is the penultimate stop for any patch before going live on Tranquility.

Intergalactic Syndicate
Nulli Secunda
Posted - 2010.12.14 00:03:00 - [62]

The people in this thread are sick.

Who gives a **** if you train 15 SP/hour faster?


Bendy Profane
The Red Circle Inc.
Posted - 2010.12.14 00:18:00 - [63]

This delay is perfect on so many levels.
Thank you CCP! Razz

Posted - 2010.12.14 00:35:00 - [64]

When I try to remap my attributes on sisi I start off with -2 and have to remove those before I can start to remap, hence after remap I end up with 2 less atibute points than before the remap. doh

Dungee Alstot
Autistic Sharks
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2010.12.14 00:40:00 - [65]


Posted - 2010.12.14 05:24:00 - [66]

very predictable deployment fail... but ccp is all about suspense and disappointment i mean depolyment.* pours more coin into wishing well* Embarassed

Kherho S1n
Posted - 2010.12.14 05:27:00 - [67]

"The 100% training speed bonus up to 1.6m SP will no longer be available. People partway through this bonus will lose the remaining bonus amount. They will of course gain a huge attribute bonus to make up for it."

what does it mean exacly? will this attribute bonus be permanent? if yes, i would feel fooled couse when i start to play eve i need to stand up every few hours to get a skill loaded becouse of there was no skillqueue, could not set my attributes completely free, had no 1,6mio sp boost and need to save my money to get the learning skillbooks before i can use them -.-. it would be fair like your "free 200k sp remap" after the dt days when my 2d skill runs out but ALL get this extrabonus ;-)

Kherho S1n
Posted - 2010.12.14 05:37:00 - [68]

oh.. and by the way.. "Please, think of the children newbies."

i started to play eve without this stuff and stayed. in compare to the first chars in eve i am a "child" too.. so pls dont forget about us older "childrens", mom and daddy.

Posted - 2010.12.14 06:04:00 - [69]

They delayed from the day I had jam packed with other stuff to do (mostly college stuff) to one of my completely free (read: EVE) days this week and lasts about 3/4s of my gaming schedule that day... yeah.... shoulda seen this one coming.

Posted - 2010.12.14 09:14:00 - [70]

the bug when u change modules in space near a carrier/ship mantainance bay is fixed?

Posted - 2010.12.14 09:16:00 - [71]

Blame it on AAA from when they attacked IT CCP had to stop working on improving the game and go lag out the system so we couldn't do anything but yet we kept dieing..... It's like GM back in the day of BOB, btw what happened to all those BPO? and the truth not they were "removed" We all know CCP have more incompetent employees then a Taco Bell in the middle of Detroit.

Jose Black
Royal Amarr Institute
Posted - 2010.12.14 11:00:00 - [72]

Didn't want to play tomorrow anyway. Cool

Posted - 2010.12.14 11:35:00 - [73]

delayed due to a "deployment environment issue".... um ok who spilled coffee on the keyboard

Posted - 2010.12.14 11:46:00 - [74]

I saw that the Echelon frigate 'gift' has an expiration date.
My question is: Do reimbursed skillpoints expire after certain date or they would be there to add to my skills whenever I like?

Posted - 2010.12.14 12:37:00 - [75]

Originally by: xxxak
The people in this thread are sick.

Who gives a **** if you train 15 SP/hour faster?


That was just a stupid example. For a less stupid one my alt is currently training Eidetic Memory at 2409 sp/hr rather than a t1 spaceship command skill at 1782 sp/hr.

Over 600 sp/hour difference, well worth it.


The Scope
Posted - 2010.12.14 13:15:00 - [76]

Edited by: Tsetra on 14/12/2010 13:17:34
Originally by: Rip Minner
I dont know what to do with the 5.3mil sp. lolzugh

Don't use them. They are great to have as reserve for focused training. For example, let's say you remap to perception/willpower, but after that realise you have to train some int/mem skill. That's when you take points from the bonus pool.

Try to not use them though - ideally they should last you many, many years. That's what I'll do anyway - constantly be focus-training and only ever spend the bonus points on skills that end up on the wrong side of the remap.

Constant 2770 SP/hour here I come!

Damien Larkspur
Martyr's Vengence
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2010.12.14 14:56:00 - [77]

Originally by: Matalino
Originally by: CCP Explorer
Your example is perfectly clear for the case where the skill queue is left empty as a result of the change, but it does not clearly address the case where the learning skill would complete during the scheduled downtime.

Here is the specifics of the situation I am refering to. I have 4 characters in this situtation with skill completion times that varying by only a few minutes.

After the changes, the characters will have a learning rate of 1680 SP/hour (currently 1296 SP/hour) for the skills against which I plan to use skill point arbitrage. Currently the characters are training Eidetic Memory V, at a rate of 2365 SP/hour. Eidetic Memory V is queued to complete at 2010-12-14 10:50:38. I will put a multi-day non-learning skill in the queue to fill it so that there should be no missed training time.

Now the question is: how will the removal of learning skills be handled?

Will I have 50 minutes of no skill training because learning skills will be removed before the skill queues are updated?

Will I have a longer missed training time because the skill points aquired since the last time the skill queue is updated are not added into the refunded skill points?

- or -

Will I get the expected skill points for the completion of Eidetic Memory up until the script is run to update the skill queues? Will the next skill start as soon as Eidetic Memory is paused/completed?

I did not see an answer to this question. I know a few people who would like an answer to this question. I already have all Vs for learning skills, so it doesn't matter much to me. We'd just like to see CCP answer this concern.

Posted - 2010.12.14 14:59:00 - [78]

I started EvE Late 2007 and i calculated my gain of attribute points to be 2 (have full learning skills) i know a fellow who said that those who started earlier (dont know when the border was set). Started with 5 more attributes points than me. So they will have an effective loss of 3 attribute points? that seems sort of wrong if the intention was to gain faster learning? Which i think i remember reading somewhere?

Posted - 2010.12.14 15:19:00 - [79]

blessed are they who expect nothing.for they shall not be disappionted. it has been delayed by 24 hours.

Posted - 2010.12.14 15:24:00 - [80]

Disappointed the patch was pushed back 24 hours...

Rip Minner
ARMITAGE Logistics Salvage and Industries
Posted - 2010.12.14 16:15:00 - [81]

Originally by: Sassums
Disappointed the patch was pushed back 24 hours...

A pushed back patch is much better then a fracked up one people. This is what we have been asking for. Keep Up The Good Work CCP!

And thx U for fixing what ever problem you found at the last moment firstugh

Naga Tokiba
Posted - 2010.12.14 16:38:00 - [82]

Sorry CCP, yet another totally borring Incursion patch.

No fix to PI Click-sink, No system wide belts, no nothing.
Just a few fixes.

January patch better bring some delayed x-mas fun.

Posted - 2010.12.14 19:15:00 - [83]

Originally by: Naga Tokiba
Sorry CCP, yet another totally borring Incursion patch.

No fix to PI Click-sink, No system wide belts, no nothing.
Just a few fixes.

January patch better bring some delayed x-mas fun.

u mad?

Cesar Menage
Posted - 2010.12.14 22:01:00 - [84]

Originally by: Ifly Uwalk
"◦ĽNeural Remap window overhaul
◦Our UI designers and programmers were in holiday mood, and overhauled the Neural Remap window, making it much more intuitive. Why not check it out and see if any other gifts await you there!

Oooo PLEASE CCP santa give us what we want :) Remap I been a good eve member :P 5 yrs and counting Twisted Evil

Alternate AFK
Posted - 2010.12.15 00:20:00 - [85]

Does this mean we now have until Jan 4th to log in and claim our unique stocking stuffer ship?

The Scope
Posted - 2010.12.15 02:15:00 - [86]

What's so important with a remap, you guys? Remap is a transient bonus, the 1.4 attribute points we've lost with this patch is permanent. I'm hoping that's what the "gift" is - one or two extra remappable point.

It sucks only being able to remap to 32 Perception, rather than 33.

Posted - 2010.12.15 03:09:00 - [87]

Delayed for another 24 hours? CCP you have ruined my christmas!!
I demand 100,000 sp for every hour you delay in addition to my learning skill refund.
Please do not be a christmas killer Sad

Mayham Jack
Posted - 2010.12.15 06:21:00 - [88]

Well lets all hope everything goes smoothly and this patch will stay on schedule.. and i am glad that CCP is getting rid of learning skills, but then again disappointed due to all that time i spent on training the learning skills to 5/5 on all 9 accounts that i play with

Lord Rapture
Ministry of War
Posted - 2010.12.15 06:27:00 - [89]

so do we get a remap?

Posted - 2010.12.15 08:18:00 - [90]

Originally by: Lord Rapture
so do we get a remap?


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