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Ze'ev Sinraali
Ataraxia Pharmacies
Posted - 2010.12.08 22:05:00 - [31]

I'm still unsure what exactly you're going to be doing with this project, but from the sounds of it at least the first portion will be largely concerned with mining PF info from the chrons and items and news and wikifying it for easy reference. This is something I can get behind wholeheartedly.

But when it comes to coming up with all those new things, I'd ask that you please try to avoid overspecifying. We've come up with a lot of background on our own, and to have it all obliterated one day by a wiki article that says, "This is the way it is, and nothing else happens," would be double plus un-fun. The cluster is big enough that "This is one of the important ways it is" would be accurate enough.

P.S. Please return Tierijev to its rightful place as the Cold War Berlin of EVE. :)

Onnen Mentar
Murientor Tribe
Posted - 2010.12.08 22:10:00 - [32]

Sad to see the frequent chronicles go.. But it's awesome you'll be working on making the backstory more consistent and more easily accessible. Cool Good luck!

Posted - 2010.12.08 23:02:00 - [33]

Yay! This is extremely cool - and long-yearned for by this player.

Might this further mean that

- celestial bodies' (and systems', constellations' and regions')info tabs will actually contain some interesting information about what you're looking at?

- different regions of space would actually get different flavours besides their sovereignty label?

- individual systems will have individual peculiarities that have gameplay relevant effects (such as local/regional economics, i.e. populations and industry with supply and demand)?

- story events may also have temporary or permanent gameplay effects?

- players may interact with and influence these effects or - better - the ongoing story events in a meaningful way?

- NPC stations will finally "make sense" as trade ports for the planets they orbit, even if it means you need to modify, add or even move stations?

- we will finally be present with a convincing illusion that there is (semi-)intelligent life in the cluster aside from (often less than semi-intelligent) capsuleers.

Posted - 2010.12.08 23:27:00 - [34]

I like this, alot. I'm sad to see regular chronicles go, but this'll be nice.

Hell, I'm liking alot of recent actions by CCP.

Also, inb4 the ccp/csm conspiracy theorist guy.

Merouk Baas
Posted - 2010.12.09 00:00:00 - [35]

Good luck Abraxas in your undertaking of this, sounds like a cool project. A lot of work, but cool.

I think I understand the need for it (CCP is trying to position itself as a provider of all manner of sci-fi games, and there's a need to have a universe for said games). I also think it'll be treated as lol-lore (i.e. not appreciated) until you tie it right back into EVE (and all other games), and that'll involve replacing all the generic missions with themed missions. No longer Angel Extravaganza, instead, a specific prime-fiction Angel leader invading for a lore-related bonus.

You're moving towards lore and WoW-like quest text (they seem to have done a nice job with the hilarity of the quests in this last expansion). SWTOR story-based MMO experience, too, I guess. I think it's awesome.

You're also moving towards the world being shaped by the lore. Like, you can completely re-arrange the whole star map based on the progress of the story. Which is also awesome.

So, question: Prophecy of Macapher and all related stuff, will you explain / wiki that?

Reclamation Industries
Posted - 2010.12.09 00:05:00 - [36]

It will be sad to see the chronicles go for awhile, however am I the only person who went to check out lesbianism in erotica after seeing the pic? Embarassed

The Scope
Posted - 2010.12.09 00:09:00 - [37]

I never had that problem with wikipedia...

However, is a completely different story, now that site is facinating me to stay up for long nights just reading and clicking new links and then reading some more, and getting side tracked again (repeat infinitum) XD

Aeo IV
Xomic OmniCorporation
Posted - 2010.12.09 01:01:00 - [38]

I think this is ultimately a bad move.

CCP has a rather fortunate history of, as you note, inconsistency with it's fiction. Part of the problem is that we've seen this sort of thing happen before. Does anyone else remember EA? The story build up to that expansion was really neat, and then... nothing.

I hope this does not occur in this case, but I suspect it will. Every MMO talks immersion, but immersion is really, really hard and time consuming.

Grady Eltoren
Aviation Professionals for EVE
Posted - 2010.12.09 01:12:00 - [39]

Originally by: Manfred Rickenbocker
This is good stuff! Videogames have needed this sort of thing for years, and while several have tried it it is extremely daunting as the amount of content is soooo huge. I can see how this might be problematic to EVE since there are so many locations to actually go to that are simply passed over by the majority of capsuleers (i.e. planets, moons, belts, stars) in their lazy autopilot between Jita and the outskirts.

Quick question: will this also include that effort to reconn a bunch of stuff that was similarly mothballed due to its size?

PS. Dont murder Dropbear until after he finishes the Sleeper mystery, otherwise we wont figure it out!

This! REALLY like the idea of integrating lore into the game. It will add a ton of depth and increased playability to PVE, etc. Dropbear must live and disclose the secret of the sleepers or the Dev's need to make some sort of supersecret way for us to find it otherwise I will go crazy! :) TY

Omega Wing
Snatch Victory
Posted - 2010.12.09 01:16:00 - [40]

Edited by: Frug on 09/12/2010 01:17:12

About time.

I've never understood why, or even how, you could continue to put out so many bits of story and worldbuilding here and there, for years, without ever properly assembling it all. After all, eve is more 'world-building' than can be done by authors writing without a physical (okay, digital) world to reflect the building.

It's why I've always called BS when CCP devs said things like "we care about immersion and roleplay". If the company did, this initiative would have happened already (because someone would have wanted desperately to do it and been given permission to take it over).

All the constant chronicles have looked, to me, like ****ing in the wind without proper integration with some centralized world-building body that also influenced the game itself. Otherwise it's just fanfiction, which is fine to write I guess, but not something I'm inclined to read.

So now, how about addressing the 'science of eve' articles too. Because there are lingering issues with those and the game itself (hi binary star systems, where are you?).

Reddx Panther
Posted - 2010.12.09 01:36:00 - [41]

I have read and enjoyed the Chronicles and the novels and will miss them. But I'm sure I will appreciate your work as I hope it will lead to a more engaging and consistent background story (+game mechanics!).

On a side note I have to add tho that I had trouble finishing reading 'Burning Life'. For my taste the story drives the main character all to forcefully through a lot of EVE background story. The background itself is described masterfully.

Posted - 2010.12.09 01:41:00 - [42]

Edited by: AnakieNine on 09/12/2010 01:52:24
I hope the right decision was made. Removing something proven to work well in meeting the content needs of players is dangerous even for a short time. It had the net effect of keeping and introducing people to the site. "A nicely managed feed of information that players loved." Probably the only real evolving immersion rich content on the site that is visible to everyone at the same time. If your removing them i would suggest picking up a few older ones that semi relate to now and republish them in their places. keep people interested as most players wont have read all of them.

Lets hope the temporary loss of the chronicles is out weighed by the potential gains. Its a risky proposition, Do players have the extra time to get lost in link after link for hours and hours.

Reading a chronicle every couple of weeks satisfied my appetite and left me wanting more. I'm sure I learnt and thought more than I ever would have if I had burnt myself out reading link after link.

Sure, I like the idea of an in depth information learning system. Civilization I was great for this. Eve may not be real life but the chronicles had a way of making people think. Generally keeping people interested far longer than simply the time required to read the article. Thats what made them a hit. Please make sure that some of the in game content continues some of these thought provoking dilemmas. People play complex games to keep their minds busy just as much as the immediate fun factor. If you can bring the chronicles style into the game it should allow players to leave eve and continue contemplating the question of, say "life"? It's 42 btw unless you have plans to change it. Lets face it, it's outdated. :P

I found it strange that CCP removed the old pirate logs from drops. I really do miss those. I had a great time collecting them. A type of lore in itself. A lore of locations. They gave players reasons to go looking for something else in eve. Still kept it a sandbox game but encourage a reason to go on a crusade or explore. Please bring something like those back. Give us reasons to explore, I prefer to find a piece of lore and work out the information over looking on the map to visit each unique location which for ease has already been marked on the map. Yes, scanning lets us find things but what site we exactly find is 100% luck. Let me use my brain and work out where and how to find things. Just like a particular sun you already visit to find the complex.

Content is a good thing, even in a sandbox game. For years CCP seem to have been pushing the game towards larger and larger groups. Forcing team work. Also remember that there are a lot of players that like to play by themselves. They play MMO's to chat to others but to them they have single person "goals". They play online simply because the content expands each year and the fact that they are competing with real players and not "bots". Content gives them reasons for continuing and to keep busy and amused.

Fleet battle can be satisfing and great for marketing, however unless your running the event it's nothing like the satisfaction gained by a player when they meet their own personal goals. The ones that average players have. I hope this is a step towards that, towards exploration, both content and knowledge wise. Exploration and reasons to do it is probably what a lot of new players come to eve expecting.

I miss the old "star" that appeared simultaneously in every system simultaneously. So much lore theories and exploration was done by the player base trying to work out what it was. All because of a few small pixels. In the end I think it was just a bug. :(

Ehan Cho
Posted - 2010.12.09 02:31:00 - [43]

Originally by: Vikarion
Edited by: Vikarion on 08/12/2010 17:36:24
Crossposting from Backstage:

I'm going to rain on the parade here.

I don't think this is a good thing. I think this is CCP redirecting time and money from something that can be objectively measured (1 Chron every two weeks) to something that can't (we're adding fiction in different places). CCP hasn't exactly been known for a burning desire to maintain continuity or consistency across their universe (witness the in-game information on corporations or factions and the persons in them, as well as TEA, Ruthless, Theodicy...etc), and I think this is just an extension of that attitude into the Chronicles: "well, not many people read them, so why bother?".

And CCP's record hasn't been exactly brilliant when it comes to implementation of content that requires extended, consistent effort. Witness COSMOS, the FW storyline, other storylines, etc. Thus, I don't think that we're going to see a bunch of new content showing up in game because expecting that would be expecting CCP to break out of their normal pattern of behavior, which, I think I must note for the optimists here, is considered their normal pattern of behavior based on all the previous times we thought they were going to do something awesome with the storyline or prime fiction.

I liked the Chronicles because I knew that, every two weeks, I'd get something new and interesting that I could mine for Eve info. Now, I expect that we'll get a few evelopedia articles, and then CCP will find other uses for their time.

And that's if they are sincere about this. Part of me just suspects that they're tired of paying people to write things and want to save the money, so their planning on simply updating a few item descriptions and calling it good.

The cynic in me thinks your on to something. Whatever the case I will miss the chronicles.

Posted - 2010.12.09 03:07:00 - [44]

Edited by: mkmin on 09/12/2010 03:19:12
That's all fantastic and everything, but can we at least start with the 'search' box in the help (F12) window search the wiki, not the abandoned knowledge base?

Khaine Beralt
Wolves Of Legend
Posted - 2010.12.09 03:58:00 - [45]

Edited by: Khaine Beralt on 09/12/2010 03:59:04
Edited by: Khaine Beralt on 09/12/2010 03:58:52

Every day I fret and panic over the gameplay in EVE, ISK, stats, politics, staying alive, and every day I have a moment when realize I've just zoned out in station or at a star just looking at the starscape or reading the news with the dir scan hanging open. Without the fiction and fluff EVE is just a fun spreadsheet.

I've always been disappointed at how skimpy all the background articles in Evelopedia are. More on the ancient races plz.

Nathan Jameson
Talocan Vanguard
Talocan United
Posted - 2010.12.09 04:15:00 - [46]

I would have to see how they plan to implement this before I have a final opinion, but I can see this turning out completely wrong.

EVE has always been about the capsuleers and about the stories we weave and create together. BoB, North vs. South, T4U, etc--this is what EVE is really all about. I loved the Chronicles because they were subtle and in the background, just like the material they were dealing with. They weren't in your face, but they were easily accessible and immersive for those interested with an entire world experience.

I'm concerned that now these sorts of subtle details will be thrown in our faces like a two-year-old that has just discovered confetti. The chronicles and the "back"story of EVE were most interested when they were subtle and had to be sought out. Not bolded links that scream for attention, or whatever.

Still, by all means keep up the project. It's not so much the concept as the execution I'm worried about.

Daan Sai
Posted - 2010.12.09 04:37:00 - [47]

Thanks for the steady stream of chronicles Abraxas et al, awesome effort and much appreciated.

I best liked that they were small snippets and every couple of weeks or so, very manageable and sustainable. I hope escalating to the new direction/project plans doesn't overload the folks working on it and having all grind to a halt. More people might not help, as I think having a small number of like minded writers keeps the vision crystal clear - if it gets too diffuse it will lose impact.


Huang Yinglong
Posted - 2010.12.09 04:43:00 - [48]

Originally by: CCP Abraxas

Originally by: MotherMoon
me and my finance love reading your stories. We read them out loud to each other whenever they come out.

Hey, awesome - I do the same with mine! Very Happy Except not with my own stories. Because that would be just a little creepy.

hey actully.. you know what else we do sometimes? just sit around and listen to audio books... any chance of getting our lovely Aura some extra work? do a couple short reads? would be awesome to fill the gap between now and the new fiction. :P

Shadowfire Enterprises
Posted - 2010.12.09 08:01:00 - [49]

Originally by: MotherMoon
Originally by: CCP Abraxas

Originally by: MotherMoon
me and my finance love reading your stories. We read them out loud to each other whenever they come out.

Hey, awesome - I do the same with mine! Very Happy Except not with my own stories. Because that would be just a little creepy.

hey actully.. you know what else we do sometimes? just sit around and listen to audio books... any chance of getting our lovely Aura some extra work? do a couple short reads? would be awesome to fill the gap between now and the new fiction. :P

A couple short reads!?!?! Should have her do the entire chronicle series Very Happy

The Hunt Club
Posted - 2010.12.09 09:35:00 - [50]

Edited by: Pesets on 09/12/2010 09:36:15
I, for one, am glad you are doing this. Having some sort of "universe bible" should be greatly beneficial for both readers and writers themselves, as it should result in both better internal consistency in the lore, and better understanding of it by the players.

It is unfortunate that there will be longer breaks in the chronicles, but it's something that should arguably be done before any new stories are written anyways (to ensure they don't introduce inconsistencies and confusion into canon), and dedicating all resources to it will hopefully mean shorter time before it's done. And we have a lot to look forward to once it's finished.

TL;DR - lore corification ftw!

I do hope, however, that you will design the wiki with some categorization in mind, rather than relying exclusively on frantic clicking for navigation.

Che Biko
Humanitarian Communists
Posted - 2010.12.09 10:29:00 - [51]

I'm not a big reader, but one of the few things I regularly read are the chronicles. I'll miss them, but what worries me more is that no more RP news will be published? That sounds to me like the universe is ground to a halt, and kind of an odd timing, considering the Sansha storyline.

Anyway, Abraxas: I just wanted to let you know that I don't get Jita 4-4. I just don't, and no-one has been able to explain it to me why it's so brilliant, so I will just have to disagree with them. Hope that makes you feel a bit better and not so thirsty for Dropbear's blood.

Ryan Easte
Posted - 2010.12.09 11:17:00 - [52]

Wow. Essentially an internet inside eve if im correct? I really love the idea of this.. Me now sees how CCP is planning on removing isk from in the game by feeding those of us with curiosity information to keeps us from undocking! very clever and much loved idea. :)


Dirk Smacker
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Posted - 2010.12.09 11:49:00 - [53]

I really like the idea of adding in a lot of background information that a pilot should know about New Eden. Chronicles have usually been about things we should not normally know in-game.

What would be cool is if after a lot of the essential information gets added in, CCP adds in sort of a personal chronicles feature to the game ala Warhammer Online's "Tome of Knowledge". Basically, you would unlock stories and/or information by doing stuff in-game through exploration, achievements, or specific missions. Even though PvE in WAR was mediocre at best, that feature was wildly addictive and the lore you unlocked was fun to read.

OneTimeAt BannedSpank
Trillionaire High-Rollers Suicidal Bassoon Orkesta
Posted - 2010.12.09 12:37:00 - [54]

I love the Chronicles and of course it is sad to hear they are to be published less frequently. Just promise you WILL keep publishing them thankyou.

It would also be nice if you could finally publish the chronicles that have only been printed in EON magazine alongside the online chronicles. I feel the chronicles are a part of the EVE experience and don't much like that some of that is locked down to those that pay an additional sum for the magazine. At the very least consider it as compensation for this disruption to the reqular chronicles Wink

AkJon Ferguson
JC Ferguson and Son Ltd
Ferguson Alliance
Posted - 2010.12.09 13:41:00 - [55]

EVE fiction worst fiction. A fictional wikipedia? Meh. If CCP wants to switch resources from one low-value task to another low-value task, okay.

Emanuelle Jasmine
Posted - 2010.12.09 15:17:00 - [56]

What I got from this is finding a way from Tacoma Narrows Bridge to Wet-T-Shirt contest on wikipedia...

By the way its
Tacoma Narrows Bridge->United States->Culture of the United States->Fashion in the United States->T-Shirt->Wet T-Shirt Contest

anyone find a better route?

Veto Corp
Posted - 2010.12.09 15:53:00 - [57]

Edited by: Mynxee on 09/12/2010 15:53:43
Well with all that browsing and clicking, people will have something to do in Incarna, eh? Will probably hardly even notice that they haven't undocked in weeks, months, or maybe ever. Wink /sarcasm off

I do think it is a good idea to start to fill in the gaps and answer all the unanswered questions about EVE's history and even "current" lore. I also hope there is room for "new discoveries" to be introduced that will support future game play--such as, for example, engaging in PvP in stations with a clone activation mechanism if you get killed.

I've also often wished for the Chronicles to be available in audio format. I know several players have talked about and maybe even done some of it on their own in podcasts and such, but it would be nice to see it done in a consistently professional manner with trained voice actors. Who knows, maybe you could sell them via and maybe create yet another income stream and channel of awareness about the game. Actually, Abraxas, I'd like to see your book available professionally narrated. I have a lot more opportunities to listen to books than read them in a Kindle app or on paper.

Genki SG
Posted - 2010.12.09 16:08:00 - [58]

So is this a new way to fight lag - confining us to stations reading tidits of info about various stuff?Laughing

Ikserak tai
Posted - 2010.12.09 18:28:00 - [59]

I volunteer to help with this project.

Nomzi Nomnialli
Steel Heart Industries
Posted - 2010.12.09 18:42:00 - [60]

Edited by: Nomzi Nomnialli on 09/12/2010 18:42:55
I do offer up my one story I did to the site if desired. Will do more too.

Hope they continue though, a lot of good stories here.

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