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Silas Vitalia
Khanid Provincial Vanguard
Vanguard Imperium
Posted - 2010.12.08 06:36:00 - [1]

The heathen Nation attemped to attack us this very morning, in Kihtaled, not more than 2 hours prior.

Loyal warriors of God, fighting for His Glory and that of Our beloved King Khanid II, utterly routed them.

Not a -single- report of Nation dropships making away with any civilians.

Our ground forces the finest, and our faith unwavering, they were all sent back into the void whence they came.

Our thanks to all those who answered the call and assisted in repelling the invaders.

Glory to the Kingdom! Hail Khanid!

The Concilium Enterprises
Spectrum Alliance
Posted - 2010.12.08 06:59:00 - [2]

May the warriors of God be ever victorious.

Herzog Wolfhammer
Sigma Special Tactics Group
Posted - 2010.12.08 07:57:00 - [3]

Where can I get some of that armor of faith? I hear it works most of the time.

Aodha Khan
Posted - 2010.12.08 10:32:00 - [4]

Congratulations. Smile

Raze Valadeus
Knighthood of the Merciful Crown
Posted - 2010.12.08 11:07:00 - [5]

It is pleasing to hear that our brothers and sisters in the Kingdom held firm against this Sansha threat and God has blessed your efforts. I regret I was not able to be there to assist, the attack occurred during my down time.

May God continue to judge you rightly by His will and the strength of your faith continue to shield you against your enemies.

Spiritus Draconis
Posted - 2010.12.08 11:50:00 - [6]

Although I question how much your "god" had to do with it, I extend my congratulations and whole-hearted thanks to you and your fellow pilots on this great day. This is only the beginning of many more victories to come.

Fleet Coordination Command
Fleet Coordination Coalition
Posted - 2010.12.08 13:03:00 - [7]

FCORD was more than happy to help. Those Cyber-Knights really know how to send them running with their tails between their legs.

We hope to keep seeing Black Inquisition helping with the defence of the rest of the cluster as well.

Kayin Rastavos
Posted - 2010.12.08 13:45:00 - [8]

Edited by: Kayin Rastavos on 08/12/2010 13:45:32
Hmmm... Interesting

Math'ra Hiede
Trinity's Vanguard
Posted - 2010.12.08 13:52:00 - [9]

My thanks to all the pilots who joined the fray against the Sansha menace today, Kihtaled is my home system and holds a special place in my heart and to see Capsuleers from all corners of the Cluster rally to defend it was inspiring and envigorating.

It is true that the CyberKnights are some of the best and most effective ground forces around, but the assistence provided cannot be overlooked nor discounted.

I must even give grudging thanks to CONCORD, specifically Mr. Dorgiers for their response to the incursion.
My the Lord provide for the souls of the fallen who died to protect the civilians of these planets.

Now as for the Black Inquisition, I cant speak for them officially but we will offer our assistence wherever feasibly possible, our current commitments to the Kingdom and its defences are our immediate priority.

Syn Callibri
21st Eridani Lighthorse
Posted - 2010.12.08 15:03:00 - [10]

Congratulations to all the warriors that defended Kihtaled from the threat of Nation.

We regret that the 21st could not assist, our fleet was unavoidably entangled in other matters and were unable to disengage when the call went out.

Ghost Festival
Posted - 2010.12.08 20:33:00 - [11]

Amarr Victor!

Posted - 2010.12.08 21:10:00 - [12]

Excellent news from the Black Inquisition.

Twibb Hanther
Urist Mining LLC
Posted - 2010.12.08 21:45:00 - [13]

excellent work!

Rodj Blake
PIE Inc.
Posted - 2010.12.08 21:59:00 - [14]

So that I may keep my own records up to date, who commanded the Nation forces during this incursion?

Caviar Liberta
Posted - 2010.12.08 22:58:00 - [15]

With the return of Sansha nation we are seeing that pilots of every background has chosen to defend his fellow no matter where they might be.

Life and liberty for all

Aldrith Shutaq
Knighthood of the Merciful Crown
Posted - 2010.12.08 23:53:00 - [16]

Admiral, I have been informed that it was slave Tama01 that commanded the Nation forces that day.

Do not let down your guard, there is a strong possibility they will attack again, as they often have when met with failure.

Posted - 2010.12.09 04:08:00 - [17]

Well done Brothers, Well done indeed. May the Blessings of God fill your household

Silas Vitalia
Khanid Provincial Vanguard
Vanguard Imperium
Posted - 2010.12.12 21:27:00 - [18]

We are pleased to report a 2nd Kingdom Invasion has been reuplsed, with extreme prejudice. Simultaneous attacks on multiple planets were fought back by an impressive showing on such short notice.

Although the Heathen Astur claimed to have left the surface with nearly 97,000 individuals (after extremely heavy surface resistance), we managed to close the wormhole soon after. It is unknown how many dropships were prevented from leaving at this time.

Nevertheless considering the astronomical adduction totals at many of the other Incursions in other regions, we still consider this a minor victory, and will endeavor to respond even faster in the future.

Hail Khanid!

MMZ Laboratories LLC
Posted - 2010.12.13 05:57:00 - [19]

Excellent news.

Our security division will keep ships on standby so that we can add to the security of the Kingdom in case of any further attacks.

Elendria Sun'khar
Revenent Defence Corperation
Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive
Posted - 2010.12.13 13:10:00 - [20]

Glorious victory to the Kingdom!

Hail Khanid!


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