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GeeShizzle MacCloud
Posted - 2010.12.06 15:07:00 - [1]

hey all... been thinking bout a change in the bounties system for a while and seen a few proposals come and go. there are problems with the current system, abuse of the dynamics which tend to discourage the system being used entirely.

here's my proposal as to how to change it... all criticism is more than welcome!! ;)

Bounties to be part of contracts - allow Kill Contracts!!

Main bullet points:

  • Creation of kill contracts allowed in all systems lower then 0.5 for any player against any other player

  • Creation of kill contracts allowed in hisec faction systems where the target has a -5 standing or lower towards that faction.

  • Failure to adhire to these conditions when setting up incurrs a -2 standing hit to the faction who has sovereignty in the system where the Original contract issuer issued the kill contract, and a concord criminal tag due to it being an attempted illegal action.

  • Automatic cancellation of contract if station owner is part of systems sovereign faction corporation list (this means kill contracts in high sec space allowable but restricted to Non NPC faction corp stations aka independent NPC stations).

  • Kill contracts can be searched for using contracts menu.

  • Conditions for payment is recent ship kill with last blow to contract acceptee within the last 24 Hours.

  • Bounties no longer shown on profile but names can be used as search criteria in contracts menu in Kill tab.

  • Bounties button in station still applies but sends you to a top 10 highest bounty payout outstanding for:
    1)Station docked in
    2)Stations Owning Corporation
    3)Sovereign Faction in the system

  • Cancelling the creation of a Kill Contract means no contract submitted and no standings hit.

  • Unlike agent missions kill contracts arent accepted but have remaining time to cancellation, and an acceptance relying on conditions.

***this is where it gets interesting guys ;)*** Shocked

  • NPC kill contracts against capsuleers can be found in specific low sector NPC and pirate faction stations. issued on enemies of the pirate factions (only players with -10 standings to that specific pirate faction).

  • Any player with a -10 standing that changes to -9.9 or higher still has a bounty on them for 30 Days since the change occured. Contract shows remaining time left on contracts with time restraint.

  • Accepting kill contracts requires to be in station where contract was issued. remote acceptance of contracts requires standings towards station owner where contract was created. +5 or higher standings towards station owner allows acceptance in the same constellation. +10 standings towards station owner allows same region acceptance of contracts. this allows some npc low sec kill contracts to be accepted in remote hisec areas, in space and docked up.

  • Factional Warfare Kill Contracts automatically generated on top 10 Players with highest ship kill per hisec faction. Kill Contracts to be issued by NPC factions against best players of rival factions.

  • 30 day countdown on kill contracts for Faction warfare targets applies if target leaves faction warfare either as an individual or part of a corp or alliance.

  • Kill contracts issued by players have a lifetime of 6 months unless circumstances of the target change, then subject to either instant cancellation or 30 day grace period.

  • NPC created kill contracts are continuous unless targets circumstances change.

ive opted against saying or giving any idea on NPC pricing, tax etc... an as i believe this is something CCP would know how to balance better.
i do believe if the kill contract expires then the bounty prize is payed to the corporation that owns the station.

would be interesting to see NPC Kill contracts offer differing rewards including LP and standings increases, but that would only be subject to whether this system is too open to the same abuse as the current one!


GeeShizzle MacCloud
Posted - 2010.12.06 21:43:00 - [2]

omg! 50 views and not one thought on it? is the depth and scope a bit overwhelming or something?

:S c'mon guys and gurls, friendly banter is most welcome! :)

Ice Fire Warriors
Posted - 2010.12.06 22:24:00 - [3]

I think the question on everyone's mind is: how does this fix the current system where you clone jump into a naked clone and have your alt pod you for the bounty?

If it doesn't address this issue then your proposal is merely a lateral move from the current system (only with harsher penalties than before).

GeeShizzle MacCloud
Posted - 2010.12.07 00:30:00 - [4]

well one of the conditions to be met to accept a contract and claim the bounty could be that you have to hold a +5 with the corporation who's station was used to create the contract, NPC or not.

theres enough NPC corps that arent widely used for mission running in each faction space that itd require any1 trying to claim it to have to build up standings. and i do mean Corp standings not faction standings.

it makes sense cause if you're handing over wads of cash and others you'd want to know that the person checks out.

plus the remosval of the bounty advert from capsuleer info would help with reducing the number of alt claiming alone.

Posted - 2010.12.07 02:07:00 - [5]

I like your general concept but it can be made a lot simpler and fix the "have a buddy kill you for the bounty" issue. You put the contract up with a isk value attached to it. Up to the amount given in the contract every time the player is killed by whoever claims the contract they get no insurance and the bounty hunter receives isk in the amount they would have gotten. Also accepting a bounty contract should provide reciprocal kill rights on both the target and the hunter. So for an easy example, bounty on playe X is issued for 1 million isk. Player Y accepts the contract and pops player X. Player X's insurance payout should be 500k, but he gets nothing. Player Y gets 500k isk. Bounty on contract is now 500k. Player Y can kill player X again if he'd like. And so on. Bounties actual work as intended, they hurt. It provides an isk sink. And before the "no insurance isn't fair" BS miners have been getting ****d by the insurance system in hulkageddon for a while now. I don't care about it but if its good for the goose its good for the gander. Love your idea about state issued bounty contracts. I'd say one gets issued at random for -10 players and for everytime an enemy of a faction enters their space with a cap of once per day, one contract at a time.


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