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Tyranis Marcus
Posted - 2011.02.25 20:36:00 - [1231]

Let us right click on research agents in the journal and select a command to dock our ship at their station.

Let us enter distances into the directional scanner in au. Converting to km isn't all that difficult, but it would make life easier and scanning faster if the distance units on the overview matched the distance units on the scanner, especially for newer players.

Let me steer my ship with keyboard commands.

Tyranis Marcus
Posted - 2011.02.25 20:39:00 - [1232] more....CCP should open up the character creator and let people remake their appearance whenever and as often as they like. Your name is really your identity in Eve, as far as dealing with other players and the consequences of your actions, and that never changes. Having a portrait that you like the look of really improves the overall game experience, and with the new character creator there's room for endless tweaking to get it just right.

Posted - 2011.02.25 22:09:00 - [1233]

1. I wish I could autologin into my account (remember me) option, or at least have the option to include username and password in shortcut view -use my_name -pass my_pass etc.

2. I wish I could switch characters without logging out, as simple as "swap to" alt.

3. I wish I could see my ALT assets from my main account. (where did I leave that ship again?)

Akita T
Caldari Navy Volunteer Task Force
Posted - 2011.02.25 23:25:00 - [1234]

Wow, this little thread proved to be INSANELY popular... way to go, people !

Deep Navigation
Posted - 2011.02.26 00:17:00 - [1235]

Just thought of some other completely minor niggle, but boy does this one twist my rock.

When I right-click to change ammo the otherwise useful tooltip obscures the context menu so I have to wait a second or two before I can see my crystal choices and make a change. Usually at this point one second is a long time.

Canteen Charlie
Whiskey Shooters
Posted - 2011.02.26 00:30:00 - [1236]

This annoys me that cruiser size fighter drones can follow targets through warp but you have no idea if its still hitting its target or not. The targeted ship should go grey as it passes out of the carrier targeting range but so long as its being attacked by fighters and the damage indicators should continue to show as it is very plausible they could communicate this back to the carrier.

Its stupid you have to give people access to every pos hangar with the same number instead of being able to give more specific security level by pos.

Having multiple pos modules and not be able to name them for easier identification is a pain in the butt. We should be able to rename Pos Hangar Array 1 Array 2 Array 3, Artillery Battery 1, Battery 2, etc. instead of the system forcing us keep all their names the same and you have to look at them through the pos manager to figure out which is which, total pain.

- love that idea, its a pain in the butt to have to log out to go to an alt.

Dr Caymus
Applied Technologies Inc
Agents of Fortune
Posted - 2011.02.26 00:41:00 - [1237]

Originally by: mechtech
I want my buy and sell orders to be highlighted blue so they stand out.

^ This ^ is right in line with a suggestion I made in the Ideas forum several years ago that was not responded to or acted upon. I'd like to see open orders to buy and sell goods that I have placed on behalf of my corporation highlighted in a way to distinguish them from personal orders that I have placed on the market... perhaps in blue, like corporate purchases and sales are currently differentiated from personal purchases and sales in the transaction register.

Good one, mechtech.

Dr Caymus

Richard Aiel
Umbra Exitium
Order Of The Unforgiving
Posted - 2011.02.26 04:29:00 - [1238]

Originally by: Samuel Smith
Edited by: Samuel Smith on 26/02/2011 04:07:18
I have never been able to make anti missiles work.

Apparently, (what someone told me years ago) was that you had to find the incoming missile, get a lock on it, and then fire your defender. They also said that defender missiles were useless and that no one uses them. I now agree with that person, defenders are completely useless.

I see some of the rats use defenders. I'd like to be able to use them too.

Edited by: Samuel Smith on 26/02/2011 04:06:02
ooops, this was supposed to be posted in
The "THOUSAND PAPERCUTS" project, or all the little things that bother

Can someone please move this? (I also couldn't figure out how to delete this)



The Dark Horses.
Posted - 2011.02.26 04:35:00 - [1239]

Defenders that actually work would be nice...Still wouldn't use um but it would be nice. Also Id give my left arm for the old cyno effect back. It looked and sounded awesome...and provided that nice osh-! moment when someone got hotdropped.

Tyranis Marcus
Posted - 2011.02.26 05:22:00 - [1240]

Originally by: Pentinor
Defenders that actually work would be nice...Still wouldn't use um but it would be nice. Also Id give my left arm for the old cyno effect back. It looked and sounded awesome...and provided that nice osh-! moment when someone got hotdropped.

Amen. The old cyno effect rocked.

Yuko Tatsuyama
Posted - 2011.02.26 06:34:00 - [1241]

One thing immediately popped into mind when I read "* "The <location> turret position on the <shipname> model annoys me because <reason>".

WHY oh WHY is the pair of 7th turrets on a Harbinger on the top center, and then.........the bottom right front? wouldnt it make sense on a symetrical ship to have that 7th lower turret appear symmetrically in the middle of the bottom?

*whine whine*


Preci Soniarq
Posted - 2011.02.26 07:36:00 - [1242]

Please, please, please let a dev see this post, please!

Here are my totally excellent suggestions that should make the life of any capsuleer almost infinitely easier:

(And no, I didn't ready through the 42 pages of previous posts.)

- Manufacturing quote blocks rest of ui. This is just sadistic, plain and simple.

- Implement forward & back buttons on the market window, possibly even a history dropdown!

- Let me get item info on double click.

- Make the icons for BPOs and BPCs easily distinguishable

Show system security in station info.

- Drones
* Show drone damage when drone isn't deployed
* Launch damaged drones last

For extra points:

- Implement autocomplete for item searches/filters

- Eliminate need to log in to when using ingame browser (log in automatically)

Preci Soniarq
Posted - 2011.02.26 07:40:00 - [1243]


Preferably Ambient with really minimalistic electro beats. Thank you. Wink

Captain Greeneyes
Posted - 2011.02.26 07:48:00 - [1244]

Also, please add a different color to the waypoints that are AFTER the next waypoint. I tired of getting to a system, only to find that there are three yellow stargates because each one is used at some point in the total route, even though you only use one for the current waypoint... Maybe the next system in route should be a green stargate icon, and anything else is yellow.

I know that it says which system is next in the left pane, but to read it, comprehend it, and then find it by name in the overview is much more difficult than pinpointing it by a colored stargate icon -- especially when you are so accustomed to looking for the icon anyway...

plz fix this, thx!

Posted - 2011.02.26 07:50:00 - [1245]

Two things I would love to see:

-The augmentation screen should list what my implants do without me having to open up the info window for each implant.

-An ingame combat log with sort and filtering options

Lao Tsen
Posted - 2011.02.26 07:54:00 - [1246]

Edited by: Lao Tsen on 26/02/2011 07:54:47
-The combat music is neat, why cant I play that in the jukebox?

Posted - 2011.02.26 11:32:00 - [1247]

- Need ability to sell many different items at one click (ok, maybe up to 10, but not 3 clicks for every item when you have 600+ items to sell!)
- Need ability to "filter" items out (let's say I want to split my mission drops in to two or more groups - to be refined and to be sold. So I make a list or a sample container, or something like that, and it would be able to filter all items in that list.)
- Tractor beams, salvage beams, laser weapons, missiles, etc, shooting from an empty space. It should be using turet places to do that, like mining barges does with strip miners.
- Unable to jump thru gate or dock to station for 30 seconds after joining a fleet.
- Penalties of module/ammo should be highlited (oh let's say light red font).
- 4 hour waiting period to cancel unwanted agent mission. Sometimes agents are verry annoying and gives you like 10-15 worst possible missions. Then your day, or sometimes even a weak is ruined. Decrease it to 2 hours. Well, maybe 3. But 4 is too much...
- Jukebox starting a new track every time you use a acceleration gates when playing MY PLAYLIST! Do it with default one, no problem, but I don't want to switch to a new song just because I jumped to next mission room.

Leeloo Tchai
Posted - 2011.02.26 12:26:00 - [1248]

I should like to see a return to having folders in 'People and Places' particularly for people. It would make it easier to keep tabs on wartargets I think. Labels are OK but not as good as the old folder functionality.

De BuG2
Rise on Chaos
The Fendahlian Collective
Posted - 2011.02.26 12:59:00 - [1249]

I don't know if it's already been mentioned, but I don't like it that when your turret weapons miss, they look like they hit, it would be good if they deflected off in a random direction or just flew straight past the ship, I guess this could be a bad idea because it would cause more lag in fleet fights (I think?). Maybe they could give an option to turn this off?

Posted - 2011.02.26 18:32:00 - [1250]

Edited by: Sylvous on 26/02/2011 19:09:38
Edited by: Sylvous on 26/02/2011 18:41:38
Edited by: Sylvous on 26/02/2011 18:34:28
* Certain graphics of in space objects (barren asteroid, 'those rocks that look like snakes' (not sure on name there), they look terrible in among all the amazing that is EVE, could use a redo on their graphics

* Missile explosions are outdated, they look kind of lame now. I would like to see missiles not all hitting the same part of the ship (turreted weapons seem to be able to "hit" a few places on a ship)
**Torpedo explosions in particular suck!

*could we make the turrets on the ships look somewhat similar to the turret icons for the items themselves (this is all ready the case for some of the guns)

*Remove the missile launcher that appears to be on the Ragnarok... or, give it one missile launcher in high slot.

Posted - 2011.02.26 21:37:00 - [1251]

Edited by: Cresalle on 26/02/2011 21:38:29
*Trying to view two fits works unless they're the same ship type. Makes it difficult to compare.
*When you hover over a star in the star map a menu appears, but it's very difficult to use because when you move the mouse toward it the menu detects that the cursor is no longer on the star and closes the menu. Please build a 1/2 second delay into the menu's disposal check or something. (While I'm on the subject, the star map is horrible and could do with a redesign.)
*Missile range on tactical overlay. Come on now.
*It is impossible to create a contract if you have no assets in any station. Pain in the butt when an alt somewhere wants to send a 'please give this much money' contract to my main.
*Divorce ui processing from environment rendering already. The ui lag during drawing is ****ing ******ed as ****.
*Escape angle brackets so we can use them in text. (Why the hell are you using html anyway?)
*Line breaks in text editing behave poorly.
*ANYWHERE that you can show-info on an item you should be able to view market details. ANYWHERE. FFS, there are places where you can search for contracts but not view market details.
*When you look at the 'variations' tab on an item PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD list them in meta order.
*F-keys don't work when middle-mouse is down. Annoying as hell when I'm trying to fight since I use middle-mouse as push-to-talk.

The New Era
Posted - 2011.02.26 23:55:00 - [1252]

I don't know if this has been said already, but here's my wishlist

* Multiple personal wallet divisions

This is so I don't accidently spend all my ISK. I can keep the bulk of it in a separate division and transfer it to my main spending division when I need to.

* Offlining PI structures.

Sometimes I'll have a massive backlog of minerals I'll want to process. Being able to remove some extractor heads and online a factory would be a nice way to process the surplus material. Once that is done I can then offline the factory, and place more extractor heads down.

* Buying modules based on a saved ship fit.

Being able to sit in Jita, open up a ship fitting and click a button that says "Buy this gear" would be awesome. Manually searching the market for each item is a bit tedious. Also, instead of just buying it outright, it should present an itemized invoice for each module that it will buy, giving you the option to confirm the purchase.

* Being able to wrap up a group of items.

Currently if you want to group items together in your cargo hold you need to either put them in a can, or mess about with courier contracts.

Being able to select and right click on a group of items would give you an option to package them in one bundle. This bundle then could be placed inside a General Freight Container or straight into the cargo hold to be hauled about.

Being able to name the package would also be helpful when you are carrying around multiple packages.

When you want to get your stuff back you can just right click on the package and break it open.

Kathen Darkmoore
Swallows And Amazons
Posted - 2011.02.27 00:30:00 - [1253]

Edited by: Kathen Darkmoore on 27/02/2011 00:34:02
Edited by: Kathen Darkmoore on 27/02/2011 00:31:21
After recently starting a corp myself I have one suggestion. Forgive me if its been said in last 40+ pages.

Setting roles for members is just plain annoying, we need more info on what each role does. For example, you have Hanger access (Headquarters), Hanger access (Based at) and Hanger access (other). Took me a while to figure out what each of those did and that's only a small part of the whole thing.

The corp access/roles section and Title management need a general clean up and make it more intuitive with more info on what gives access to what.

Posted - 2011.02.27 01:49:00 - [1254]

* When you hover over the green check in fleet box, it tells you the total bonuses you are getting.
* Assign your drones to attack by distance, size, or ships affecting you.
* Modify menu boxes so we can choose what we want in them and what line they go in.
* A warning sound when drones have been targeted.
Just a few things I would like to see.

Posted - 2011.02.27 09:12:00 - [1255]

Edited by: Zirio on 27/02/2011 09:28:16
Edited by: Zirio on 27/02/2011 09:16:40
Edited by: Zirio on 27/02/2011 09:14:55
I already posted a few things before but I have something that bugs me so much: the petition system

It's really good but some times I just can't find the right category to make a petition or simply it feels to slow.
So I would love that there was a kind of "24 hour live chat" in the website or the game to communicate directly to a GM, "maintenance guy", etc.
Could be good to solve those "last minute emergencies" that need immediate assistance and cannot wait too long.

Now an idea I had while playing Dead Space 2 (a future BIG add-on), Someone said the Ishimura "Planetcracker class vessel" and it came to me:
Minning ops are already big, some of them huge, and moon harvesting it's big too.
But maybe, if there was, not a "Planetcracker", but some ship like "Gigantic-roid-cracker" or "Comet-cracker".

Add spots with one gigantic roid and a few smaller roids around it to make it more realistic and a new ship that is like 2 to 3 times bigger than the Rorqual that has minning capabilities, maybe even processing capabilities.

Or add comets, only detectable using probes, ice comets, veldspar, etc., and a ship to mine them just like the one I just said.
You train some "gravity skill" to anchor yourself to the comet and start to mine it.
You get HUGE quantities per cycle.
Someone else comes and tries to kill you and mine the comet, so you will need escorts.
Also, we don't want to get the ore market unbalanced so there could be just 1 or 2 Comet spawns PER region that lasts within 2 to 3 hours, after they dissapear, another will spawn anywhere after -5+ hours.

Could be an awesome type of minning op, more adventurous, exciting but risky (maybe minnig rats with escorts could Warp-in at any time, Sanshas minning ships trying to get resources for the Incursions? hehe, ).

C ya !

Judician Nar
Posted - 2011.02.27 12:35:00 - [1256]

Originally by: Chainsaw Plankton

... but now I seem to resize my windows on accident and things get moved all around. I almost wish we didn't have it

You can pin & lock all windows which prevents them from resizing & moving until unlocked/pinned.

Judician Nar
Posted - 2011.02.27 13:47:00 - [1257]

Edited by: Judician Nar on 27/02/2011 16:13:26
Edited by: Judician Nar on 27/02/2011 14:20:07
* All packaged items should stack by default when dropped into a can/cargo/hangar
* There should be an option somewhere to turn on/off the default stacking of packaged items when dropped into a can/cargo/hangar
* I'd like a right click option on items to 'select all of this type'
* The outrider engines on the Purifier, Sacrilege and Impel look silly. Please remove them.
* Why is the training queue interface added as a separate window? Surely it would have made more sense to integrate it into the existing skills pane.
* Item descriptions should be consistent. For example all 'bonuses' should be described as a 'modifier'. A negative bonus is a contradiction in terms.
* The Planetary Interaction pane in the Science & Industry window… hardly worth the effort, there's really very little worthwhile information here. I'd like to see a list of all my planetary installations and their current status/production/output.
* The jukebox on the Mac client is *still* broken.
* The asset interfaces for corp and personal assets are not consistent. Either in terms of the columns and filtering options or the search. I want to do the same things in both interfaces but I can't. A filter/column for system security would be a very useful addition.
* You can publish/view/search contracts universe wide but you can only accept within a region. Seriously, why not??
* There are no statistics for sales of items via contracts. Would be useful to see.
* A POS control tower is a massive, state of the art piece of machinery. But it can only handle onlining/offlining one module at a time. Manually. Ö_ö
*The entire POS system - the models, connectivity and interfaces needs to be reviewed. I've seen some great suggestions on the forums, it's about time they were noted and implemented.
* Drone attributes for shield/armour/hull resistances aren't grouped like they are with ships. Please make things consistent and bring them inline with ship attributes.
* Why can't I see the damage level of drones when in my drone bay?
* Why are there no small and medium webber drones??
* Collision detection is extremely poor. If I set a course to a remote object and there's a 'roid/structure in the way please fly around it in good time instead of bumping & getting stuck.
* Current mission AI rats are extremely dull. Please implement the Sleeper AI for all mission rats.
* I'd like to be able to import EFT fits into the in game fittings management pane
* I'd like to see options for multiple tasks in Science & Industry - i.e. select multiple BP's for invention, configure once for all items, install.
* You can 'to hangar and refine' minerals but you can't 'to hangar and reprocess' modules.
* When orbiting and activating an AB/MWD why does my ship make a sudden course alteration?
* When making an orbit command for a distance further than the current distance from the object the ship practically stops and does a U-turn in order to make the new course. Thus dropping transversal to a dangerously low level. The course should adjust smoothly outwards to the new orbit.
* Add the option to 'tag' or otherwise annotate clones so I know exactly what is where at a glance instead of browsing through all the implants to try to work out what each clone is for.

Judician Nar
Posted - 2011.02.27 14:12:00 - [1258]

Edited by: Judician Nar on 27/02/2011 16:14:25
* Why do NPC customs/navy ships orbit gates, especially the battleships?? Just make them sit in a holding pattern.
* Why do I have to log into a char to stop the skill queue when I'm logged into an alt on the same account and want to start training?
* BPO's and BPC's should have different icons or some other marking to clearly differentiate them - how about a big red diagonal [COPY] stamp ?
* The chat pane should have an option to set the default font size for all all chats, including new ones
* Chat channels should stay in the order I put them in. Always.
* In the universe map why can't I have the option to see only the current region instead of the whole universe?
* Why does the agents pane have no sorting/filtering/grouping options?? - Sorting/grouping/filtering by level or division, region, agents level, quality etc. The following columns should be added: No. jumps, system, sys security, agents division, level, region etc. Then add the same personal labels function as you have on the contacts pane.
* Stop adding agents to my list just because I might have talked to them out of curiousity. It should be opt in, not opt out.
* R&D agents should be able to request and complete all missions remotely. In fact this goes for ALL agents - this game is set so far in the future and yet we still have to fly over and sign a piece of paper!?!?!
* Option to 'add to/remove from bracket' instead of only 'add to/remove from overview' then having to mess around with resaving overviews/brackets.
* Stop having dialogue windows / panes that lock out the rest of the UI.
* It should not be possible to fire through solid objects - stations, roids, structures etc. This would add more depth to the game in terms of making use of cover and strategic maneuvering.

Golden rule
* make things consistent & logical.

Dead's Prostitutes
White Angels.
Posted - 2011.02.27 18:32:00 - [1259]

Edited by: Mctana on 27/02/2011 18:36:07
I am new to Eve and I realize I need to try and distinguish between what is annoying versus just how this game is intended to be. But, these annoy or baffle me:

  1. Not being able to sell multiple items at once.

    The UI font is too small for me to read. As far as I can tell, I can only adjust the chat font size.

    The combat sounds are **way** to dynamic. I can't even hear them half the time, then if I pan past an asteroid it's suddently 10,000X louder and it wakes everyone in the house.

    Why can't we customize our ship colors and appearance? I'd take this without hesitation over a cabin for my toon to walk around.

    Missiles and projectiles don't atually fire from the hookpoints on the ships.

    If I click on a targeted object (not in the overview), I cannot use the hotkeys to approach, align, etc. I end up having to click twice on the overview to use this most the time. Annoying.

    I will left click on an inventory item, then right click on it to sell it. Many times the highlight jumps to a different item and I'm selling something entirely different.

    Can we get a pop up asking us if we really want to leave our drones behind before using an acceleration gate? I forget my drones more often than I remember them.

    Can we get different columns to view on different overview settings? I hate that if I want to see a ship's velocity or transversal velocity in combat, I have to view those columns on every overview profile.

    I have not found a way to adjust volumes of individual users in the voice comm

dutch viper squadron
Posted - 2011.02.27 22:30:00 - [1260]

Edited by: FOXX IS on 27/02/2011 22:35:26
Fix killmails, they are still broken
Incorporate killboard in game, a major part of the game is pvp. Why should we need to run a killboard on a dedicated sever and get through the hassle of constantly posting killmails.
Improve in game voice. You don't have much choice for keys to push to talk.
The in-game voice needs normalisation and noise cancelling support.

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