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Posted - 2011.02.15 20:44:00 - [1081]

Edited by: Cresalle on 15/02/2011 20:47:14
-POS are in desperate need of a massive overhaul. You are aware of this. Please do something.
-Corp roles also. The existing system is so archaic I feel like I should be entering the data on punch-cards.
-Renaming a ship, especially in space, often doesn't take on the first attempt.
-Targeting an invulnerable ship should be streamlined. Someone suggested that if a ship is invul then the targetting system should display "Pending" or something until the state changes and then start the targetting normally. This is a very good idea.
-When an NPC attempts to target you and then you activate a cloak before they lock it would seem that their targeting counter does not reset to zero. When you decloak again you will sometimes be insta-locked. This is especially bothersome for stealth bombers and when cycling cloaks near a POS.
-Warp graphic still displays sideways sometimes. This is immersion breaking and can be very disorienting.
-Target painter effects sometimes shoot the user in the eye instead of shooting the target ship. This is against the rules listed on the laser's safety label.
-Options are needed to disable blink on some icons on the menu bar, especially the journal and the character sheet.
-When jumping through a gate the menu bar resizes temporarily, often causing misclicks.
-Sometimes if you resize a window during the epilepsy involved in jumping a gate or when the window in question is not yet fully loaded the size limits are not taken into account, allowing the window to be set to negative size and rendered unreachable. New windows should not be displayed until these constraints are loaded and active. Persisting windows should not be reloading data. In other words, the UI should not need to reload itself during a system-jump. This suggests a problem with the underlaying structure of the UI itself that is likely causing many other problems as well.
-Show-info windows are once again defaulting to origin instead of last used position. Please pay attention to this bug in the future when releasing patches. It's annoying to see it crop up in every other patch/update.
-The acceleration curve during warp is not steep enough. This negates the purpose of higher warp speeds in any warp less than about 30 AU. It's also very annoying to spend the vast majority of any warp in the curve rather than at speed.
-The filthy Amarr own a disproportionately large portion of empire, causing large areas of underused hisec and being innately unfair to people with poor Amarr standings such as Matari/Gallente militia members.
-When landing on a gate the jump command will not be accepted until the game decides you are out of warp, which can sometimes take up to 3 days. If you are in jump range then the command should be queued to trigger after the warp 'finishes'.
-Stargate use is prevented while cloaked. The ship should drop cloak, pause for 1 second and then jump.
-Docking command is prevented while cloaked. Since docking range is smaller than decloak range the dock command should function normally since the ship will move into decloak range before making the actual docking attempt.
-Killmails are a joke. Damage amounts for a km should be the sum of the damage done by the player, not the damage done by the last mod that player activated. This is especially disturbing since it suggests that the damage count in incursions may be using a similar system and thereby discounting damage caused by ships which are also using ewar mods. Additionally a player leaving a system even moments before the kill will be excluded from the mail. The damage data should be associated with the aggression state of the victim, not with the star system.
-Killmails should not be associated only with the victim/final blow. This is extremely annoying and leads to no end of pointless tomfoolery. Killmails should be stored centrally and simply linked to all involved parties via their kill logs.

More later as I come across things.

Val Amora
Orcses and Goblinz
Posted - 2011.02.15 21:02:00 - [1082]

Originally by: Grek Forto
Originally by: Calathea Sata
New sound engine (from scratch)
- all sound effects remade/resampled/re-recorded, more realistic sounds that actually sound like giant explosions with deep low frequency waves. HIRE THE MOVIE PEOPLE TO DO IT FFS
- no more shuttering/stopping/skipping/delay
- no more sound stacking (overlay, not additive, if you know what I mean)(no more "grouped weapons = clipping")
- reverberation/other effects
- able to pick listen-from-camera/listen-from-ship
- etc etc



Posted - 2011.02.15 21:07:00 - [1083]

Edited by: Cresalle on 15/02/2011 21:09:47
Oh, almost forgot.

-Drones window needs to be reworked. Not only do stored drones need damage indicators (Aren't you getting tired of hearing this? Fix it!) but the window itself is buggy. When launching a flight of packaged drones when no other drones are in the bay the drone window will vanish for a moment, resetting the state of the folders (annoying as hell). This also sometimes happens after undocking or entering a new system even if the drones are no longer packaged.
-On a related note, I have my 'selected item' snapped to the upper-right corner, my overview snapped below that, and my drone window snapped below that. When I'm in a ship with no drones I (naturally) expand the overview to near the bottom of the screen, where the little 'edge' thingy is at that lines them all up nicely at the bottom but leaves a gap large enough to see minimized windows. When I get back into a ship with drones after that all hell breaks loose and the drone window often ends up snapped to the bottom of 'selected item' with the overview snapped to the bottom of the drone window. Sometimes both the overview and the drones window get snapped to the bottom of the SI window, leaving them fully overlapped. Additionally the 'selected item' window gets compacted so that the smaller (ugly) icons appear, and the drone window gets compacted so that I can't see a set of 5 without scrolling. The whole snapping mechanic needs some thought and a rework here, but I'd really prefer that in situations like that the overview window would be the one compacted and the windows would retain a more sensible location set.

Posted - 2011.02.15 22:13:00 - [1084]

A way to clear chat window, think Clear screen from DOS days (CLS). All chat is removed, just like when you just logged in.

Otherwise I keep reading the same things all over again, a hundred times (especially when I'm in lowsec), thinking someone has typed something new. Drives me insane.

Ohfor Godsake
Posted - 2011.02.15 23:14:00 - [1085]

When adding a bookmark, make the text in the bookmark field (currently "Spot in the xxxxx solar system" highlighted by default, so that when you start typing it immediately replaces and does not append.

Fix Lag
Posted - 2011.02.15 23:17:00 - [1086]

Originally by: Calathea Sata
New sound engine (from scratch)
- all sound effects remade/resampled/re-recorded, more realistic sounds that actually sound like giant explosions with deep low frequency waves. HIRE THE MOVIE PEOPLE TO DO IT FFS
- no more shuttering/stopping/skipping/delay
- no more sound stacking (overlay, not additive, if you know what I mean)(no more "grouped weapons = clipping")
- reverberation/other effects
- able to pick listen-from-camera/listen-from-ship
- etc etc

Not empty quoting.

Nuada Steel
Posted - 2011.02.15 23:47:00 - [1087]

Edited by: Nuada Steel on 16/02/2011 02:54:48
I wish it would be X-mas & I would like to have...

1. industry / science / invention: the situation is grim but not without hope...

Invention & production as it stays is a horrible I-flood-hangars/containers-till-they-burst'N'show-info'N'click'N'select'N'click'N'scroll-to-death-festival! That is because of
(1.) neither bpc nor bpo of same items & same attributes can be stacked as normal items,
(2.) the icons of bpc & bpo can't be distinguished by eye (btw: I dont want to use the "search" function if there would be a way do the same without)
(3.) the production-, copy-, invention, reverse engineering-interface don't remember anything & uses defaults that arn't helpful to a producer (who btw is the one using that interfaces most),
(4.) some bp's look the same & have the same two lines of description (small/medium/large projectile ... ambit/collision/burst/locus),
(5.) the "order by type" function dont works on bp's and mixes ammo-, T2-component-, rig-, ships-bp's with T1-, T2-bp's of items,

Why I think to know what I'm speaking of? Let me give you some examples of what happens if you own a decent number of bp's to run invention/production:
  • inventing an item takes between 7 & 14 clicks (most times 10) without the delivery-clicks (4-5 more) multiplied by 10 inventions slots yields (every 2h if you have the time to play)
    100 clicks for 10 inventions --> only 10 inventions/day need 700 clicks/week and approximatly 21.000 clicks/month (even more if you add clicks of the delivery)...
    I would say the old planetary interaction interface was harmless compaired with that
  • I'm unable to store the stock of my ammo-bpc into a singhle container - not because of their size but because of their numbers (same holds for rig- & all other item-bpc I own)
  • to store the invention related stuff in a useful way, I need 15 containers (4x items: sorted by race, 2x rig, 2x ammo, 1x ships, 1x named T1 modules, 1x bpo, 1x decryptor & datacores, 1x T1-bpc for production, 1x reminder: what to copy, 1x mixed: T2-copies, T1-items, components, ...)
  • I need to count bpc over & over again to see how many of a single type is left before/after an invention (more than annoying: some bp's have the same icon & description)
  • inventing items remotely, I'm forced to flood my corphangar with countless bpc of the same type, datacores, decryptors & named T1-items for each item I want to invent
  • if the invention was successful (or T1-copies are delivered) my hangar is flooded with T2(T1)-bpc's of the same type
  • copying a bpo into the same location always ends in a "show-info-festival" as original and copy can not be distinguished by eye, but on the other hand to copy into a different location is inconvinient as well as it could face you with the problem of an unsecured part of the corp hangar or even if that's not problematic the bpc's will end up between highslot modules or within the loot section of your corp hangar, because it screws your production plan if delivered to the production section
  • inventing the same ship/rig with different decryptors I need to "show info" one by one of the T2-bpc to get the information of its attributes before the production

Nuada Steel
Posted - 2011.02.15 23:50:00 - [1088]

Edited by: Nuada Steel on 16/02/2011 03:33:46
What's the solution to that problems?
On the ground of how most invention & production takes place, that is with owned bp's, researched to a certain level (constant hereafter) & copied with the same value of "licensed runs" (maxed out for invention), I propose the following:
  1. STACK bpc & bpo with same attributes (inventors & producers scrolling themselves to death in their overloaded hangars!!!) and install a REMOTE STACK option
  2. enable invention/production/copying to start from a container I can access, with materials/decryptors/datacores located elsewhere and delivered to a container if I whant to
  3. icons & sorting of bp's
    • different color for bpo icons or a little mark in one of their icons corners - distinguish them from bpc's by eye - where is the problem Eve team??? YES, U CAN! Laughing
    • T2-bpc invented with decryptors should show an decryptor mark (4 different types for each decryptor or simply the ME level)
    • all bp-icons should show the same informations as the item (slot, size, ...) - icons of rigs & their bp's should show a "S / M / L" size-symbol &
    • sorted "by type" bp's should have the same ordering as the items themselves

  4. decryptors & invention interface - only show decryptors of the correct racial type regarding the item that is invented & give more informations on the outcome related to the decryptor
  5. remember function of invention/production/bp-copy interface (use next free line, specified values of input/output location, max out runs & copies) or
  6. user customizable default values of invention/production/copy interface - i.e. I want maximum production runs left as default for production of bpc & a copy-interface with maxed out values of licensed runs & copies and
  7. "batch-installation" of multiple jobs for a group of same bpc's with same job values and outcome

Nuada Steel
Posted - 2011.02.15 23:53:00 - [1089]

2. UI related: (please dont forget the export/import option for all the new settings)
  1. customizable "overview settings" of hangars/containers (think of it as file explorer)
    • user customizable "tree-like" structure (sub-folders) for hangars/containers (or at least smt like the tabs in the overview window in-space)
      Dont get me wrong - the "search function" within hangars & containers is great, but most times I dont search for only one specific item, 2nd anytime I want to search smt, I need to enter its name again & again, and 3rd a "search" should only be the last resort but never the only choice. The solution could be a user customizable sub-folder-like overlayer of the hangar windows somewhat similar to the "overview settings" that customizes our in-space world view.

    • attache a sidebar to the hangar/container-explorer-window, which can be hidden/unhidden by a button & has a customizable tab-structure like:
      -"show info" of the item clicked on
      -show all containers/sub-folders contained in the hangar (detail or icon view)
      -tree-like view of types contained in the hangar & jump to 1st item of that type if clicked
      -tree-like view of tags for items/types (if you 'taged' an item/type [new right click option], you will jump to that item icon by pressing the item tag in the sidebar) = fast navigation in heavily loaded hangars without scrolling yourself to death

    • user customization of "sort by type" function - let the user decide what type he wants to see in which ordering

    • user customizable preview function - hovering the mouse over a container could display a zoomed out preview of its content

    • mouse controled zoom function, that allows to zoom out/in focused on the position the mouse is pointing (no scrolling, no new click window, no change of window size):
      enables for a short overwiev of the content of heavily loaded windows or to search for an item by eye - scrolling a window, the eye always looses track of the position as well as the
      ability to read more but fragments of an items description

  2. user customizable mouse double click (DC) functions with an ability for "multi-functions", for instance
    • DC an item icon brings up "show info" or market window of the item
    • DC an item in the market tab "my orders / corporders" opens the market detail tab of that item & the "change order interface" [multi-function]
    • DC a bpc opens the invention / reverse engineering tab & the "change installation" interface, whereas DC a bpo could open the copy & "change installation" interface
    • most players have a mouse with more than 3 buttons - let us customize & use them with DC
    • DC an empty region (icon view of hangar / container) performes a zoom out/in (cf. 2a) between defaults like max zoom out <-> max zoom in
    • The ESC-shortcut-menu could need an overhaul again - display the connected mouse & keyboard layout together with the choosen command bindings (combinations with ALT+CTRL+... could be displayed in different colors or shaded or...)

  3. user customizable, iconized mouse interface function when docked in stations (like the in-space click'N'hold functions)
    • the most common commands of the right-click menu should be available by an iconized menu (like in space), for instance: show info, view market detail, select all, stack, refine, ...
      I would be happy as well with easy mouse gestures that do these things (or mult-functions cf. 2b) when started on a specific item icon

    • iconize the right-click menu as well & give each option its own small icon, whereby the "trash item" icon could have a red warning color or smt like this & similar things could be grouped by similar colors - user customization would be great

    • Everybody is yelling about the right-click menu regarding "damn I allmost trashed my XX billion item, when I whanted to show its info". The answer is to install an iconized version of the "in space mouse functions" & 2nd to give the right-click menu options the same litte icons. It would be great if we could customize & rearange that icons (like the drag'N'drop of weapons in-space) as well as the right-click menus by our own.

Nuada Steel
Posted - 2011.02.15 23:56:00 - [1090]

Edited by: Nuada Steel on 16/02/2011 04:30:06
3. market & wallet:
  1. user customizable market/wallet window overview settings (color, background color, blinking, special icons, ordering of column, ...) for instance
    • I want to sort my columns in a different order as the default (at best by simply drag'N'drop the column's name) & some colomns I dont wanna see at all
    • monitoring of "hostile" market orders by special colors/blinking/icons/tags
    • special color/blinking/icons for a buy/sell order with a quantity below a specific value, that I entered during the buy/sell order interface (maybe measured in % of starting quantity)
    • connect the market colors/blinking/icons with that of transactions in the wallet
    • btw corp wallet: "show only sell/buy" of corp wallet with more than 1 division in use is not showing the correct results of sells/buys
    • I want to install buy orders with a range of 6, 7, 8, 9 jumps

  2. market orders, detail tab & "go back to previous market item"
    • sell and buy window of "my orders" is jumping up & down if I change a single order or someone buys an item of one of the types I have open orders
      some DEV, try have 200 active orders open in jita and adjust prices a sunday evening.. it's near impossible, and if you at all manage to finally click the correct row and get the window open to adjust prices, the order has changed and it refuses to "take" the new price

    • I would like to see a "previous/next" function for the market "detail tab" like we have for stacked "show info" windows
    • using the mouse wheel always changes orders by 0.01 isk - if I click the mouse in the middle of the number I want to have the number changed by the correct power of 10th due to the wheel

  3. adjustment of market history graph by draggin the axis or a zoom function (cf. 2a)
    fast, easy & comfortable adjustment of the time-, price- & quantity-axis without the clumsy selection by "5d, 10d, month, 3month ..." via a new click-select-click window (the latter if all should be buttonized below the time axis & shown one by one (6 small buttons) as some sort of defaults. I really see no need of a price axis for Tritanium that goes up to 600isk & shows nothing of an up- & down-information at all.

  4. user customizable, floating/pinable toolbars, navigation panels & buttons, "display on top" function
    Let the user decide which toolbars are needed & where they need to be docked/pined. Get rid of the right click-select-click options & give us some little buttons. I would like to have a button at each order in the "my orders section" that allows me to simultanious open the "detail tab" of that order and the "change order interface". I would like to decide, which windows stay always on top (e.g. the change order window, that gets hidden anytime I'm docking).
    BTW: To "pin a window" do not mean to make it more transparent as we see it when pining down the chat or "show info" - smt is wrong there.

  5. more informations in the market history graph - for instance min/mean/max daily/weekly/monthly quantity

Nuada Steel
Posted - 2011.02.16 00:27:00 - [1091]

Edited by: Nuada Steel on 16/02/2011 00:27:21
delete pls

Posted - 2011.02.16 01:23:00 - [1092]

Originally by: Ohfor Godsake
When adding a bookmark, make the text in the bookmark field (currently "Spot in the xxxxx solar system" highlighted by default, so that when you start typing it immediately replaces and does not append.

I have to add something here that is REALLY annoying. Not being able to interact with the game while creating a Bookmark. Why is this so?

Dissonance Corp
Posted - 2011.02.16 02:14:00 - [1093]

Meh... to CCP, if ya want to employ someone to read this ish for ya i'm up for it.Wink

Captain Greeneyes
Posted - 2011.02.16 02:26:00 - [1094]

Edited by: Captain Greeneyes on 16/02/2011 02:29:50
For crying out loud, PLEASE add a short half-second delay to submenu activation. What do I mean? Do it like Firefox does book mark folder: if you over over an in-space submenu and then quickly move your mouse to the submenu, IT SHOULD NOT ACTIVATE ANOTHER SUBMENU. You should have to hold the cursor a little more than INSTANT for it to activate. Can't tell you how frustrating it is to try three times to get the right belt or whatever...

EDIT; Holy hell people, this is a little annoyances thread. Talk about your new sound engine and POS overhaul somewhere else. These things aren't 'little' by any stretch of the means.

Captain Greeneyes
Posted - 2011.02.16 02:32:00 - [1095]

Originally by: Tarasina
A way to clear chat window, think Clear screen from DOS days (CLS). All chat is removed, just like when you just logged in.

Otherwise I keep reading the same things all over again, a hundred times (especially when I'm in lowsec), thinking someone has typed something new. Drives me insane.

That's what the blinky tab is for... >_>

Miss Misses
Posted - 2011.02.16 03:45:00 - [1096]

Originally by: Chip Packer

6. Filling containers. Some containers, cargoholds, hangars, jet cans etc, such as the Orca's corporate hangar require you to calculate the exact amount to fill it. Others will tell you how much you can load and let you do that. Make it like the latter.

if u hold shift while dragging to the corp hangar it will automatically add the maximum amount it can hold (or at least for my orca)

Phoenix Benu
Center for Advanced Studies
Posted - 2011.02.16 04:49:00 - [1097]

* Cargohold Optimization Rigs use the wrong icon(an afterburner/thruster type) instead of a unique icon type. Give them there own unique icon please!

Tres Farmer
Gallente Federation Intelligence Service
Posted - 2011.02.16 05:01:00 - [1098]

just one, a Feature&Idea Tracker

Rhok Relztem
CGMA Synergist Syndicate
Posted - 2011.02.16 05:18:00 - [1099]

Are you all trying to drive the devs away from this thread? How many of you actually read the OP? This thread is for SMALL/MINOR ANNOYANCES, NOT major issues and new ideas! Good Lord. smh Rolling Eyes

TeaEarlGray HOT
Posted - 2011.02.16 05:21:00 - [1100]


Sable Blitzmann
Massively Dynamic
Posted - 2011.02.16 05:24:00 - [1101]

Please, instead of stargates being named "Stargate (<system>)" have them display as just "<system>". Everyone will know it's a stargate via the icon. Alternativly, name it "<system> Stargate".

I find it annoying that many system names get cut off because of the unchanging "Stargate" prefix.

Posted - 2011.02.16 06:02:00 - [1102]

I agree that menus must be highlights for a short time before becoming selected, its annoying having to move your mouse perfectly horizontal to preserve selection and slows you down, especially in a panic trying to escape or something.

Also, double clicking next to a button in the selected items menu shouldnt minimize, e.g. you try to click the warp button, and you misclick, and end up minimizing the tab, and your pod dies because you werent spamming warp.

In addition, please be consistent with session change. Ill explain below.

What im talking about is jumping out of a fight in my pod. If i click jump in my abaddon, i want to be in my abaddon on the other side, not my pod. If i got killed, thus changing ships to my pod, i would have session change and would not be able to jump. If i could jump, it implies i lived. Pick one.

Also, if i were to die, it is unfair i cannot warp away in my pod before someone locks me unless i spam the warp button. How do they lock my pod before i even get control? please use the same system for docking and jumping for dying: you should be invulnerable until you have control of your ship, either that, or we should be able to instapop people on stations before they load, either way is fine.

Another thing: occasionally if you right click and dock, say after you jump into system, youll warp to station and approach it, but not dock. this is annoying! if i have to go, i want to be sure im not going to die to a glitch, so i must babysit my ship to the station. please fix this!

Finally, was the 400m dock range arbitrary? its inconsistent with other distances and confuses many people. I suggest 0, or 2.5k.

Thanks :)

Also, why dont you add common acronyms and eve ship names to the forum spell check? Makes sense...

Richard Aiel
Umbra Exitium
Order Of The Unforgiving
Posted - 2011.02.16 06:18:00 - [1103]

Edited by: Richard Aiel on 16/02/2011 06:21:05
Edited by: Richard Aiel on 16/02/2011 06:20:45
there is something wrong with this:

There was a battle in Uemon yesterday between RUS and NC. 22 titans were fielded, 110+ supers, plus carriers, dreads, etc. OVER 100 SUPERS. They LOST 12 titans in the battle.

I dunno if its like inflation or botting or what but that is a metric ****load of stuff to lose, JUST with the Titans... Last time I was actively playing was around T20 and the BoB vs everyone 0.0 stuff, and whenm they started losing Titans they were big losses. Now, it seems like losing a Titan is just losing another ship and thats just nutty lol

Cresalle looks like my character from Fallen Earth¤t=Finger-1.jpg

Re-Awakened Technologies Inc
Posted - 2011.02.16 07:34:00 - [1104]

List stations in natural order in assets and corporation assets deliveries.
Not like this: But like this:

Posted - 2011.02.16 07:38:00 - [1105]

12) If accidentally targeting someone, easily done as the overview modifies, make it so [shift]+[ctrl]+{click}, or something like that, cancel the targeting process immediately, and if already targeted, unlocks the target.

13) When mining on a roid which has 10k arkonor, which takes quite some time to deplete and fills up a lot of cans, the roid is still TINY when you look at it. Then compare it to a veld roid which could be almost the size of a station, and a hulk chew through that veld roid in 3-4 cycles and that huge roid doesn't even fill one can. How about resizing roids after content in m3, not after units of ore or whatever it is atm?

14) This game needs a better control panel, with a LOT more options available.

15) Being based not so far from a tutorial system, i can tell that most new players are having trouble finding anything except veldspar. Make it default to new players that all types of ore you can find, at least in highsec, is visible in their overview.

16) At least 50% of all exhumers/barges in highsec seem to be macros, and in ice belts it seems to be over 95%. Macros are annoying, they destroy the value of minerals, and they make it harder for real players to make a decent income from mining. Yet, some of the macros i petitioned a year ago are still in game, they are still ovbious macros, but ccp don't seem to care (much enough), this is extremely annoying. Something drastic must be done to remove them, FAST, and it must be a TOP priority.
a) Add a CAPTCHA or similar, randomly positioned on screen, and which you must fill in every 5th-10th time a ship fitted with stripminers is about to undock, and if you fail this captcha 3 times, the player gets flagged for macro investigation and can't leave station until the correct code is entered.
b) Hide the majority of belts from the overview, and once a belt is mined out, spawn another at some random location, so you have to scan them out.
c) same thing with ice belts. Make them last no longer than the regular ore-belts, then spawn new ones in random locations as soon one gets depleted, so that macros can't find them.
d) add an additional and specific high-slot on all barges/exhumers/orcas/rorquals, and make that slot useful only for core launchers, so that miners can find hidden belts.

17) Autopilot routes. We can avoid systems where poddings occurred, and jita is per default on everyones avoidance list, but we can't (yet) avoid incursion systems. I hope incursion-system avoidance comes available very soon.

18) Keep at range, these values are too small. Remove the smallest values and add 1000m, 1500m and 2500m to it, or .. even better, allow the player to insert own distances to it.

19) Right-clicking on player names in local to block scammers, it's quite difficult as you must hit the TEXT exactly on the pixel to get that menu. If clicking between two letters in the name or clicking only one pixel outside a letter, you get the wrong menu, and in jita where local scroll as fast it does, it's annoying to have to chase a name up the chatlist several times before finally being able to get the menu which has a block option in it.

20) Clicking on contracts linked in local or any other chatbox, same problem as in #19, if clicking on anything that has the background color, even if it's in the middle of a letter, like an "o", nothing happens. Slightly annoying.

21) When declining one mission, and then accepting the next, the 4-hour timer should reset, so that you can decline every second mission.

22) When declining missions agains empire factions; amarr, caldari, minmatar, gallente, there shouldn't be a 4-hour timer at all, these missions should always be possible to decline. Not even sure if these missions at all should exist, as they don't do anything except damage the players standing with other empire factions.

Ohfor Godsake
Posted - 2011.02.16 07:43:00 - [1106]

Originally by: Tarasina
Originally by: Ohfor Godsake
When adding a bookmark, make the text in the bookmark field (currently "Spot in the xxxxx solar system" highlighted by default, so that when you start typing it immediately replaces and does not append.

I have to add something here that is REALLY annoying. Not being able to interact with the game while creating a Bookmark. Why is this so?

They chose to use a modal dialog box. Still a good point. So for bookmarks:

1) Make it so that the dialog isn't modal
2) Make the text in the bookmark field (currently "Spot in the xxxxx solar system" highlighted by default, so that when you start typing it immediately replaces and does not append.

Nypheas Azurai
Posted - 2011.02.16 07:52:00 - [1107]

Modifying your BIO in-game has quirky results with EVE-Gate. Often the BIO in EVE-Gate overrides the in-game, and vice-versa, but since only in-game supports colours and such, it makes it impossible to update your pre-existing bio!

Posted - 2011.02.16 08:30:00 - [1108]

23) There's only ONE asteroid belt in TROSSERE and it's always depleted. It's the ONLY tutorial system i've seen where new players are having such troubles finding something to mine, and a few hours later, the neighbor system is often mined out too. Spawn a few more belts in Trossere.

24) Is it REALLY necessary to be able to fit a mining laser to an industrial? I vote for the removal of the turret slot on all industrials. OK to fit a tractor, remote rep, smartbomb and any other such high-slot modules, but no turrets. It's just sad to see 50 industrials slowly chewing on roids in tutorial systems, cause new players don't know better, and i also wonder how many macros that mine this way while skilling for retriever.

25) When mining, i want to see which laser that points to which roid, so that i can switch the correct laser off when i know the roid will deplete during the middle of the cycle.

26) Make baiting in TUTORIAL systems a bannable offense, just like baiting in STARTER systems already is, AND announce this on beacons in the system, just like you've done on the singularity server. A lot of players don't know which systems that are starter systems and tutorial systems. The best would be if it's outright impossible to jettison anything on the same grid as stations, gates and belts in these systems.

27) In the tutorials, WARN new players better about the risks with jetcan mining and advice them NOT to mine that way unless they have a hauler in fleet.

28) Star gates; color them according to the security level of the system you are jumping into, so that gates to null are red, gate to 1.0 are blue, and so on, and instead switch background color on the route gates. While doing this, FIX it so that we no longer seem to have an asteroid belt in fleet and a stargate in corp.. things on the overview often take the wrong color atm.

29) A lot of people seem to have issues with the session changes related to stations and docking, and i agree on most of it. How about starting the timer when you dock, and then you can freely and immediately switch ships, form fleet and whatever you like, as often and quickly you want to while in station, but you can't undock until 30 sec after you docked. Think that would solve most problems people are having with this.

30) I want to buy a Rattlesnake BPC, so i place a WTB contract, but then it turns out i'm actually asking for a BPO(!!) and that BPO simply doesn't exist in the game, so the contract will never complete. Why can't i WTB the BPC for such ships and modules? and why is it possible to WTB something that doesn't exist?

31) Some time ago i once again saw a market buy-order for two supercarriers, and the most hilarious thing with it was that the order was in jita and ranged to station. Why is it even possible to put up buy orders for ships you can't dock? and even worse; limit these orders to stations in highsec. It's just ridiculous.

32) Return all drones to bay when the client disconnects.

33) Highsec systems isolated behind one or more lowsec systems, systems you can't reach without going through lowsec, exclude them if you've set market window to not show lowsec orders, and make this the default for new players.

34) When i set up a buy-order, it would be VERY nice to be able to exclude all lowsec/nullsec systems and higsec systems isolated behind them.

35) Downtime dialog boxes, remove them. Instead, tint the clock in bottom left corner red, make it more and more red the closer to downtime one gets, and make it really glow red 5 minutes before server shutdown. keep the 5-minute countdown notification text on screen as it is today.

36) Give isk to another player. That window is modal, imo it shouldn't be.

Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2011.02.16 08:47:00 - [1109]

Edited by: Ganthrithor on 16/02/2011 09:02:49
Fix whatever you did to CTRL clicking on the overview-- once upon a time it used to be that holding control and rapidly clicking a ship on your overview would simultaneously cause your ship to start attempting to lock the target and "approach" the target (Ctrl click was lock, your first action, and following it up with two more clicks would make you approach). Now it seems that instead of doing either thing, Ctrl clicking an overview item usually performs neither action for the first few seconds, after which your ship will begin doing one thing (either approaching or begin targeting) but subsequent ctrl clicking / ctrl doubleclicking does nothing at all. This usually results in your ship approaching but being unable to lock things, or your ship sitting still while trying to lock the target, which is making it extremely frustrating to try and decloak things on gates.

e: on a similar note, if there's anything that can be done about the lagtime between decloaking a ship and it becoming targetable, that would own as well, since rapidly decloaking, locking, and scrambling is literally the only way to catch nullifier fit T3 cruisers. The fact that even when you successfully decloak them before they enter warp you can almost never manage to target them is incredibly annoying.

Posted - 2011.02.16 09:25:00 - [1110]

Edited by: Lagune on 16/02/2011 10:32:48
Edited by: Lagune on 16/02/2011 10:28:30
Edited by: Lagune on 16/02/2011 09:28:14
Edited by: Lagune on 16/02/2011 09:26:51
37) fix the "session changing" timer bug (the icon dissapears but still unable to jump through the gate)
38) can local please include alliance logo or name on people there, it annoys me I have to set an alliance orange to see at once which people are in local for this alliance
39) assets, can it made possible to delete (thrash) all shuttles (or whatever item) from all locations at once?
40) the overview bugs, annoys the heck out of me, if you tick/untick certain stuff it fixes them again
41) as mentioned before fix the sound system, also bring back "you are unable to warp coz you're warp scrambled" + introduce "you are unable to warp coz you're warp disrupted" ;-)
42) targetting drones, very ****ty if you have a big cloud of drones on you, can we have Attack all drones near ship?

43) And FFS fix the EVE Font, waiting already for years for this, my eyes dudes Sad also it would be nice if we can switch the UI of the eve online site/forums etc to white bacground with black letters (when reading the forums for a while I look at something else and I still stee white lines)

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