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Posted - 2011.02.14 03:34:00 - [961]

*Sec lv in assets next to system names.

captain foivos
Posted - 2011.02.14 04:08:00 - [962]

I can't activate my tractor beams on a wreck that doesn't belong to me, a member of my corporation, or a member of my fleet in 0.0 and lowsec.

That is dumb.

Wax Deteis
Babylon Knights
Posted - 2011.02.14 04:38:00 - [963]

Edited by: Wax Deteis on 14/02/2011 04:45:12
* BPO are blue color, BPC should be green, for example, but not blue.
* More than 5 tabs in the overview

Tiger Bite
Posted - 2011.02.14 05:58:00 - [964]

I have spent an entire day writing this. I am sorry its not categorized for easy reading. This list I consider very small, since there are so many other things I could add.

Make it so bookmarks can be trashed from cargo instead of needing to install them painfully and delete them.

Drag and drop Bookmarks into chat and fleet broadcast.

Allow Book Marks to be moved from Cans in space directly to the People & Places. (People in PODs need access also.)

Allow Book Marks to be dragged directly into Cans in space. (People in PODs need assistance to get their wreaks, most notable the newbies.)

Build waypoints mapping for flying around systems. (link with Book Marks and objects.)

Drag items Icons from Show Info, Market and Contract View to chat to link.

Show Info and Blueprints needs to allow drag and link items, skills and materials to chat Window.

Need to fix the contracts like adding do NOT include [Want to Buy]

Need an in game Item list to show all items (with usable short description column) in-game so we can find

them in contract for example. Do not want nor like having to click on all items to see what they are, If I need specs I can click. (make this list have right click to Contracts, Market, Loyalty Points store and Set Destination to closest LP store. Maybe even list of LP stores that carries the items.)

Make the LP store remotely accessible.

Easier moving of people in buddy list from large main folder to sub folders. Copy/CUT/Paste

Get rid of strobe light Suns.

Make EVE playable without PingPlotter running.

Add a link to Bug Reporting on the under support. (Get the Petition crew and the Bug Reporting crew collaborating.)(Bug crew needs access to petitions.)

Fleet Finder needs Option to allow anyone to find fleet including those out side of corp including neutrals and negatives for things like Incursions. Maybe a separate Incursion Fleet Finder.

FIX FIX FIX the random in game window size and location moving around.

* Be able to issue fleet dock, and fleet "approach and jump" commands.

how much space is occupied by the items, I have selected without having to stuff them in a container. (some items can not be put in a container like another container.)

Need to allow all Containers to be used in the Freighters like the Obelisk.

Need to allow Freighters to be able to carry unpackaged Ships.

Whatís the Drones Damage?!?

Fix Drone Groupings!

ADD switch Chars for same account char logging on without having to restart game.

Let me log on all chars on same account at same time. (Fast Switch between chars or split in-game screen.)

Restart the BPO lottery!! (if not get rid of the R&D agents Show Info clutter.)
Restart the BPO lottery!!(Or allow people to invent T1, T2 & T3 BPO's)

BPO's and BPC's need to look different. This would make Industry and Ganking easier.

Lets get these Planets and Moons actually orbiting the suns.

"Pin" Option needs to actually PIN the windows in place and not just be more transparent.

ADD functionally for using a Joystick for flying ships manually. (would make PVP a lot more fun.)

FIX private chats to better notify users rather than just pop up under another window un noticeable.

I would like to see ships with big drone bays actually be able to use more drones than the 5 limit. Maybe a ship bonus +1 drone per level.

Allow Jump Cloning more often. Maybe 2 to 4 hours to be reasonable since for most people that is a days play. I press for 2 Hours.

Allow for all time for people to change their portraits at any time.

Allow for buying, selling and Inventing clothes (really need better clothes selections), Eyeglasses (not just sunglasses), Handheld Weapons, Cyborg Enhancements, Hats/Helmets, Shorts, Pins, Patches, Tattoos, Gloves, etc.

Make this Forms not Break up my Copy/Paste sentences.

Tiger Bite
Posted - 2011.02.14 06:01:00 - [965]

FIX the portraits HAIR... maybe allow custom Hair. (give me the come and gel.)

Portraits need more color range for eyes, clothes, Clothing designs and logos, (which need to match up better with the top and bottom parts.)

Being able to visually see outside stations before undocking. (they can still be cloaked =P).

Annoying the crap out of me having to pause training when Jump cloning or plugging in implants.

Make exploding ships have an area affect like Bombs. (lets get realistic here.)

Fleet align to...

Fix in Fleet Chat when you link a mission through the drag and drop from the journal that any fleet member can warp to mission site.

Allow mission site to be active when you accept mission, before you get there.

Make the Fleet View Hierarchy by default to help newbies and what not.

Make creating Fleets have a customizable default setting so you can create as a squad commander, wing commander or Fleet commander.

OH PLEASE OH PLEASE give us Better FONTS to make reading easier, MUCH easier. (note: current fonts are one of the reasons many newbies leave game.)

OH PLEASE OH PLEASE allow us to select default settings for all window options like no icons in new chat windows.

Lets get a TOOL/Utility that can repair Cache files or change the way Cache files are done like with another database for locally saved information.

I have a very large database of ship fittings which can not export to .xml due to some weird chars in file names among other things I can not figure out. I still have not recovered from our lost of ship fittings from a year ago =\

Why can I not simply issue a "pause other characters training" command from the alt?

Should Be able to check POSes Fuel levels and other POS items like weapons hanger directly from the Corporate interface whether in space or in any station in any region.

Allow POSes to have multiple customizable default scripts for on/off-line all Mods.

Overloading Mods - not responsive - clumsy repair mod feature. Need to be able to drag and drop paste on mods to repair. Maybe even right click paste and repair all.

**** There arenít enough research/copying stations/slots in high sec and they're -always- full.

Need to increase number of Research/copying in POS mods.
Need to increase space in POS hangers. All of them.

**** Increase POS real estate - Allow POSes to be anchored in 8.0, 9.0.

**** Increase POS real estate - Allow POSes to be anchored in other places than a Moon. (Deep Space)

Which Buy/sell orders are mine from the Market view?

Increase range of all Assault weapons. Double it.

Fix the Rockets to be more useful.

Saved fittings NEED to save grouped weapons.

Make skill training Queue longer than 24 hours.

Need a long term training plan option for skill queue to auto install skills.

AFK or auto reply options for incoming chats.

GET RID of docking TIMER.

Make default customizable Window resolutions and window placements and which video card each account starts with.

Customize multi account auto startup for one click startup of multi accounts.

Assets Search. Sort by jump.

BPO/BPC whatís the ME/PE at first glance without Show Info.

I find it odd that Contracts can be viewed for any region but Market can not.

Add LP stores to the Market.

** ability to "strip rack" so u can strip off all the high slots, mid slots or low slots, both not the whole ship

Posted - 2011.02.14 06:02:00 - [966]

i hate turret visuals.. well, mainly rails.

It's not fair, everyone has a cool looking gun except for me.

fix some small effects, it's not that big of a deal. I need more immersion

Rim Collection RC
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2011.02.14 06:27:00 - [967]

* Jumpclones Time down to 12h. (if i jump at the end of my timezone i want to jump back at the beginning of my timezone -- so in fact once a day)

* Store the Forcefield-Passwords. (Don't want to retype the Password after every jump. It's fine to enter it once after logon.)

Posted - 2011.02.14 07:03:00 - [968]

On ships with guns you can see the guns, but when fitted with missile launcher, you can't see them and the missile flings out of the center of the ship wich is kinda cheap.

Please let missiles come out of the missile launcher's hardpoint that is graphically invisible right now. And also please draw launchers on to the ships when fitted with a launcher.

Colonel Plissken
Darkness Of Absolution
Army Of Darkness.
Posted - 2011.02.14 07:11:00 - [969]

Edited by: Colonel Plissken on 14/02/2011 07:27:19
Make it easy to switch to another toon on the same account. I hate having to log off and back on just to switch to another toon that is on the same account. How about a tab that has all your toons that are on the same accout so you just click and it switchs to the other toon. And dont mess this idea up by making it where you have to be in a station to switch to another toon because some people live out of a POS like me.

Let auto pilot warp to "0". It takes twice as long to go somewhere on auto pilot than it does just to warp around yourself.

Jump clone time limit. How about we cut that down to like 2-6 hrs. I cant tell you how many times I just quit playing for the day to let the time run down so I can jump clone back. 24 hrs is way to long.

Posted - 2011.02.14 07:14:00 - [970]

Edited by: ErrorS on 14/02/2011 07:15:19
Ok, I guess the small things..

I'm doing a mission, I right click to go to my agent home base and I get a 6 inch long line with the station name I have to keep my mouse on to move down the menu so I can dock. It's still quicker and easier than other methods, but it's a challenge and it's frustrating.

When I launch drones, the menu should open automatically. Just that one extra click..

I know it's not exactly minor, but it is only a minor annoyance? My guns firing twice visually when I only fired one shot off. My guns firing once visually when I fire two shots off.
My smartbomb just exploded a second time, I freaked out and clicked it again only to reactivate it.. my drones got hurt

looting is annoying as can be. Tractor beams make it nice, but let us just loot a container. There are much, MUCH more fun things to be doing than endlessly ctrl+a and drag. Dragging loot to your own hold just doesn't feel good, even in a Noctis that one bit can make it not fun (Love the noctis by the way)

tactical overlay range for missiles, why not? I swear it use to exist, but I may be wrong. If it didn't exist, why? we all know tactical overlay needs some work, but this one, i just don't get it. I feel like I'm missing something.

and some of the named item names bother me. They don't feel current with the game.. you know, I joined in 04' and still accidently fit named ABs in place of MWDs. I wish named items followed more of a pattern or didn't have such complicated, hard to remember names.

Mina Sulva'r
Posted - 2011.02.14 07:46:00 - [971]

I dont if its been said yet.
But put the security level where I dont have to go digging 3 to 4 or is it 5 windows to find it.

You know like on the market screen, it should have a column for sec status, same with agents, same with assets.
Its such a critical aspect of this game, and its buried to the point of inconvenience. (actually its not inconvenient, its pretty f'n annoying)

The Defenders of Pen Island
Posted - 2011.02.14 08:12:00 - [972]

very simple and should be easy to implend:

  • make a possibility to view security status of surrounding systems. Simply right click and then:


    coloured would be lovley too!

makes roaming in new losec systems way easier and hectic jumps dont lead to the wrong place.

Posted - 2011.02.14 08:17:00 - [973]

Some of my all time faves...

  1. Hangar / container windows. Especially in list view they're so buggy you might aswell call em glith-view. Highlighting things you didn't select is especially useful when selecting a lot of stuff... not.

  2. Overview config. Yeah... it does what its supposed to do but the UI just sucks in my opinion. It needs some work to make it less of a headache to set it up.

  3. Orca handling. Interacting with the corp hangar in space is a pain the arse. Using the ship maintenance bay... don't even get me started on that Mad

  4. Fitting screen. Performane should be better. Also when selecting "fit to active ship" on stacked items it should prompt you to either fit one or all of them.

  5. Camera handling. There should be more options for better perspectives in the advanced cam menu.

  6. Sound. Needs some major work. Sometimes when you fire turrets you don't hear them at all. Then you flip the cam around and suddenly the turrets blow away your speakers.

Sharon Anne
Posted - 2011.02.14 08:19:00 - [974]


Bounty Hunters

Have players with 0.9 sec standing become bounty hunters.

  • only 0.9 char. can collect an bounty

  • when a 0.9 shoots at a char with bounty concord will not interfere

  • will not take a sec hit

Nominh Ehre
Posted - 2011.02.14 08:52:00 - [975]

The UI is just getting worserer and worserer. So many windows open just to be able to do something as easy as running an anomaly. Scanner window, drone window, overview, chats, blinking here and there and people annoying me on TS, ingame browser does not show pron correctly.. Its Hell out there!

Really, the UI feels like a dinosaur. Big,clumsy and old. Very old.Ancient.

Overview tabs. When you created those, did you intentionally make it as frustrating as possible to get a decent tab? I mean, i tried and tried to get a tab with hostile drones only. I had to stop when i felt like throwing the pc at my basement cat.

Fix the UI plz

Posted - 2011.02.14 09:24:00 - [976]

Oh little inconvenience... i know one... well its rather a damn big pain in the ... for our whole alliance and pretty much every corp in w-space i guess.

W-space still lacks a major "fix" to THE BOOKMARK SYSTEM

Please give us something like corp and/or alliance bookmarks. Just a little folder or tab in the people and places window which can be managed by someone with proper roles or if thats easier for you just by anyone in the alliance.

Thanks a ton. Now feel free to tell me why this doesnt belong here and where it is written already and whatnot.. : )

Posted - 2011.02.14 09:30:00 - [977]

  • Sound. Needs some major work. Sometimes when you fire turrets you don't hear them at all. Then you flip the cam around and suddenly the turrets blow away your speakers.

  • [/list=1]

    Laser turret sounds volume not decreasing when zooming out. It's highly annoying and even more annoying when you rely on sounds for other purposes like "watching" gates on other clients...

    Cara Azurite
    Posted - 2011.02.14 09:36:00 - [978]

    When in-game, to be able to "log-out" and go to the page where all 3 toons are displayed ready to log into a new alt rather than have to exit the whole game and resign in on the same account again if wanting to switch alts would be nice.

    Apocalypse Now.
    Posted - 2011.02.14 09:37:00 - [979]

    Can we have more abuse agent responses from declines and failures of missions? I know it's not very politically correct.. but something better than 'Too bad. I guess I'll just have to find someone else for that mission.' like for example

    • 'You make me sick'

    • 'You are the dumbest person i've ever met. And I'm not even real'

    • 'I'd like to see you fly that with two broken arms'

    • '***et'

    • 'As i was leaving your mothers house last night i tripped over the gnome on the porch. True story.

    • 'If you decline the next mission im going to defecate in your pod'

    Posted - 2011.02.14 09:37:00 - [980]

    Hi there Capsuleers & Devs,

    Sorry if it's a double post, couldn't be bothered to read through 33 pages. In the contextual menu of the IHUB the put offline is RIGHT BELOW the use (open ihub management or w/e) function which makes it pretty annoying if your hand slips and you accidentally turn off the IHUB for an hour instead of looking at the indices (yes, directors can make mistakes too :P)


    Cara Azurite
    Posted - 2011.02.14 09:42:00 - [981]

    Oh...speaking of sounds...a sound on/off option instead of/including the blink when a person starts typing in chat channels, sometimes when missioning or whatever, someone appears in chat and don't see them until they've logged out and you've just lost an opportunity to buy a friends ship for a really good price or an offer of cyber to "get ur boobs out" in return for 1billion isk (ok so i can dream can't I?)

    1 other thing i'd like to see...tho nothing to do with in-game is an Eve MOVIE !! when o when will the creator of Clear Skies put something to the big screen (clearly with Mark Wahlberg as chief of Caldari Navy and Johnny Depp as the head Minmatar rebellion against the Amarr ruled by Empress Nicole Kidman)

    Jericho DeVyshaan
    Posted - 2011.02.14 09:51:00 - [982]

    Some kind of expandable menu which categorises assets in hangars menu for skillbooks, t1 assets, t2 assets, faction items, etc etc. I know u could put in containers similarly but they just dont seem to hold vast quantities that some capsuleers carry. would make sorting thru assets a heck of a lot easier and less time consuming.

    In reference to the movie, please do not make a movie, it will end up with Matt Damon or that girl from Twilight in it for sure and the movie companies will turn it inside out. If you must make a movie, the producers should be a group of capsuleers from every country who gives input so that it rules and is true to the life we love so much in-game. I for 1 would love to volunteer because i will personally kill any creators who make a right balls-up of such a movie. People handpicked who are passionate about the game will make the best producers or give the best input.

    Naamah Fox
    Posted - 2011.02.14 10:01:00 - [983]

    I agree with the visuals of turrets looking bad for autocannons more so than railguns, especially on the smaller frigates the gun size ratio to ship is "ugly". also some other immersion based visuals so that can see where the rockets/missiles fire from other than just outside the ship. If u can make guns visual, why not launchers on turret slots? One other thing i've not come to terms with is wheres the "cockpit" on some ships ?? cant we make it clear like show the inside to some extent ? hell even just a clear window would be great instead of a solid painted window. And higher detail on ships ..i love the ships to look their best what can i say. some ships have great detail, others look like their "panels" etc are painted on. Maybe this will slow play down in which case forget what i just said lol.

    gunnar aztek
    Posted - 2011.02.14 11:05:00 - [984]

    Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.

    yes yes YES YES...

    also support SO MANY points in this thread!

    Calathea Sata
    State War Academy
    Posted - 2011.02.14 11:13:00 - [985]

    Originally by: gunnar aztek
    Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.

    yes yes YES YES...

    also support SO MANY points in this thread!


    Fremen Sietch
    Posted - 2011.02.14 11:24:00 - [986]

    Edited by: Faffywaffy on 14/02/2011 11:27:40
    I made a list of issues I update once in a while. Of course it's far from complete.

    Currently it has:

    0. The terrible, game breaking, lag
    1. Preset values for "Keep at range" are useless. Make it 500m, 5km, 10km, 20km, 50km, 100km. Even better - make the list editable, and likewise for orbit ranges.
    2. The slots on the slider for selecting scan angle (on the directional scanner) should be equidistant. It would make "15deg" much easier to select and there is no real reason for the spacing to be proportional to the angle.
    3. Commonly used items on menus should not disappear when unavailable, but become disabled (grayed-out). For example, when in warp, the "warp to" and "align to" items in the right-click menu should be disabled, and become enabled as soon as you exit warp.
    4. Fix all the overview bugs. For years I have seen ships appear twice, items appearing in the wrong order, red-background gates and belts (after a red ship warped off or otherwise went off the overview), red-boxed ships who are not actually aggressing, and many, many other glitches.
    5. Daredevil description and picture background are wrong. It's a Serpentis ship (sold from the Serpentis LP-store) and has Gallente sensors (Megnetometric).
    6. Fix the character sheet becoming blank and sometimes stuck.
    7. In chat, the last line of a message often overlaps the first line of the next message (became much more frequent in Tyrannis).
    8. Gate activation animations randomly decide not to show themselves (introduced in Tyrannis).
    9. Wrong session change that the client reports (without actually showing the timer) when attempting to jump a gate. The jump animation is displayed, the ship disappears and 30 seconds later you are actually allowed to jump (the jump animation is played again at that point).
    10. The new window switcher is unusable. In the old one, you could switch quickly to the right window because all of their names were displayed. In the new one, you just get a bunch of identical icons and you have to go through them one at a time to find the right one.
    11. Warping to 0 to a gate sometimes lands you just outside jump range. This is especially likely to happen for capsules.
    12. When dragging multiple t2 items, only the first icon has the t2 tag on it.
    13. Anchored and unanchored bubbles don't always show as such if you are present at the moment of anchoring/unanchoring.
    14. The standings tag displayed in a station's guests list seems to be almost completely random (blues showing as neutral, alliance members showing as blue "plus" etc.)
    15. Agents in the station are sorted using a random number generator.
    16. The address book (contacts now) will randomly show online people as offline and vice versa. Sometimes, re-adding the character fixes it; sometimes not.
    17. Ships whose name was set outside a station tend to revert to their previous name.
    18. A double-click event should not be recognized when the mouse is moved (a significant distance) between the two clicks.

    Some of these may have already been fixed. I haven't updated the list in a while.

    Spc One
    Posted - 2011.02.14 11:26:00 - [987]

    Edited by: Spc One on 14/02/2011 11:26:50
    Ability to repair damaged laser crystals ?
    Honestly i don't get it why they can't be repaired.
    Every item in eve is repairable, just not crystals, even turrets.

    Posted - 2011.02.14 11:32:00 - [988]

    *I want back the old Jump Drive Effect when you jump with a capital on a Cynofield.

    Big Dieslow
    Rules of Acquisition
    Acquisition Of Empire
    Posted - 2011.02.14 11:35:00 - [989]

    *The Corp/Alliance permissions system is jacked. This is supposed to be the future, but it is entirely primitive.

    *It is impossible to link characters or solar systems in the Calendar. A small bug, but annoying nonetheless.

    Stefan Sidor
    Posted - 2011.02.14 11:37:00 - [990]

    Edited by: Stefan Sidor on 14/02/2011 11:38:04
    - Fix the overview, its bugged atm. Blues are shown as neuts sometimes. Whorst case!
    - Fix the fleet booster issue, you have to unset and set the fleet booster after every sys jump, sometimes it works, sometimes not.
    - Make the visuals for BPO and BPC different
    - Any idea for an easy activation of the modules overload functionality is welcome.
    - Access to my alts without restarting the client.
    - That question "Do you really want to abandon your wrecks..." should be deactivatable.

    and again:
    4. Fix all the overview bugs. For years I have seen ships appear twice, items appearing in the wrong order, red-background gates and belts (after a red ship warped off or otherwise went off the overview), red-boxed ships who are not actually aggressing, and many, many other glitches.

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