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Tek Handle
Biotronics Inc.
The Initiative.
Posted - 2011.02.13 13:31:00 - [931]

When you join a fleet and fleet window opens the the size of the folded out broadcast bar isn't considered, that is overlaps the windows below even if it's pinned. Whenever you join a fleet you have to resize the fricking fleet window. This has been issued since Incursion. Annoying!

Posted - 2011.02.13 14:49:00 - [932]

Selection of multiple BPO's BPC's for copy, invention manufacturing jobs. Especialy inventions.

The Bat Empire
Posted - 2011.02.13 15:24:00 - [933]

Clarify the Hurricane Description:
Where it reads: "Battlecruiser Skill Bonus: 5% increase in projectile weapons damage and Rate of Fire per level".
It should read: "Battlecruiser Skill Bonus: 5% increase in medium projectile weapons damage and Rate of Fire per level".

As it only gives bonus to medium projectile weapons and not ALL projectile weapons...

Akiba Penrose
The Praxis Initiative
Posted - 2011.02.13 15:32:00 - [934]

  • Tactical overlay - There should be a way to disable the spheres from popping up when you put your mouse pointer over a module. I know the ranges on all my modules and find them disturbing and annoying. Just a plain overlay with range rings would be much apprechiated

  • Autopilot - It should have its own dedicated window. Where you can plan a route, change settings and do all kinds of fonky stuff with it. Saving, loading, deleting, editing and transferring to gangmates and so on.

  • Whenever i jump into a system and want to see the information of other pilots in same system, i have to rightklick and "show info" on all in local. Downloading much more info then i need. Most of the time all i need is which corporation/alliance and sec status. A way of esctracting that and presenting it in a nice orderly text form would be brilliant.
    Maybe a new tab in the directional scanner with a editable filter for extracting only the information you want?

Brock Nelson
Posted - 2011.02.13 15:56:00 - [935]

-Research your blueprint without having it leaving the station hangar at your POS
-Copy your blueprint without having it leaving the station hangar at your POS
-Manufacture at your POS without having the blueprint leaving the station hangar at your POS

With the above 3 ability in this game that you can do, I would like to suggest making this possible.

-Manufacture at NPC station while blueprint is at a different station in the same system.

Currently it will give you an error saying that the blueprint must be in the same station as the manufacturing slot.

Reeno Coleman
Posted - 2011.02.13 16:08:00 - [936]

The own avatar in local should have an icon, the corp icon (white star on green square) should do fine.

I always find myself irritated, when scrolling through the local list and seeing myself as 'neutral' on first sight.

Sheena Tzash
Posted - 2011.02.13 16:39:00 - [937]

My 2c

1) Allow station hanger / items to have tabs

Allow items in a hanger to be split into 'tabs' or sections, much like corp hangers.

At the moment the only thing I can do is either use ships or station containers, but they won't allow me to move them or take materials to manufacture from them.

If the items hanger could be split into sections or tabs then it would allow players to better organise and control their items without risk of accidentally selling something they didn't mean to.

2) Default action on context menu

I would say that 99% of the time when I am selecting something from the right click context menu I want to either 'dock' or 'warp to 0' - so why do I have to waste time using another drop down to select the option that I ALWAYS select.

If we could have a default option on the first level menu of the right click content menu so if I click on a station it assumes I will dock; if its a point in space then 'warp to 0' or allow the user to define the default action. If they want to 'warp to x' then they can use the drop down to select that as an alternative.

3) Bookmarks on the first level context menu

I like to keep my bookmarks organised and put them into folders, but when I do add them into folders it means I need to go down another level on the drop down context menu to select the bookmark I want to use.

Similar to point 2 but it would also be nice if we had an option to say "Show on first level of menu" (or something like that) which would put the bookmark on the first level of the context menu and all users need to do is click. This would mean that bookmarks can be organised properly and while allowing users quicker access to important bookmarks (ie, safespots, stations, instas etc)

4) Keybind for 'deploy drones'

Pretty self explanatory; need a keybind to deploy drones. The less mouse movement & clicks the better

5) 'Orbit' and 'Keep at range' values based on ship fit

How many times have we jumped into a ship, clicked 'orbit' only to find its doing something stupid. Thats because our 'orbit' and 'keep at' range values are globally defined; but realistically they would differ between different ships and especially different fits.

So as a part of the fitting window you can have a 'default for ship' values for both 'orbit' and 'keep at range' and then you can have an override for each fit that you use. This means that the 'orbit' and 'keep at range' values are much more applicable for the ship & fit that your using without having to remember each of them.

6) 'Set as destination' when mission is in another system

This one caught me out a little when I was new to the game, but if I didn't fully read the mission and realise it was in another system, when I undocked, right clicked the option to warp to the encounter was missing.

My suggestion would be to change that to a simple option that says "Set as destination" which would set the mission location as your autopilot destination so that new players don't get confused.

Thats it from me! Hope they help :D

Kale Eledar
Mining and Industrial Services
Partners of Industrial Service and Salvage
Posted - 2011.02.13 17:31:00 - [938]

I have a few minor qualms: As an astronomy buff, I enjoy Eve because the devs strive to create a technically rich and immersive space environment. However, there are several inaccuracies in the game that are hard to ignore and require quite a bit more suspension of disbelief.
-Multiple temperate or ocean planets in the same system...these planets are demonstratiively quite rare. A system like this would be one in a few trillion, yet there are several in the Eve universe,
-planet orbit having seemingly no correlation with temperature. I have found temperate planets very far from stars weaker than our Sun, and planets whose temperature is oddly high, even considering their host star and distance from it. Alternately, some planets right next to their host star aren't even that hot.
- star sizes only affecting brightness. A red giant's diameter is several should not just appear brighter, because then there is no point in calling it a giant.
-Every system in Eve is conveniently located in a luminous nebula. If this is another galaxy, not every system will be inside a nebula. I find them pretty, but it seems unrealistic. On that note, it would be nice if each region or constellation had its own unique background, and not just a color change of the default background.
-Binary systems would be very cool, and hopefully not too hard to make. In reality they are far more common than single star systems. It would freshen up Eve and add to the overall ambience. It might be hard to explain how stars appeared from nowhere, though.
Gameplay suggestions:
-certain stations are a major pain to warp from. On that note, some collision boxes are too large. Occasionally, the station is between me and my destination, and my ship bounces around, colliding with the station exit, trying to align. The effect is silly and frustrating.
-I too find it unnecessary to pause skill training in order to jump clone. Jump cloning is instantaneous...and I'm probably not the only one who has forgotten to resume training a skill, which is quite frustrating to find out. Keeping this in the game almost seems like a deliberate oversight, unless there are complex programming issues associated with it.
- The information window for modules, turrets in particular, is very hard to read. If the data was compiled in a table, it might be easier to find what one is looking for. I don't like how one has to scroll down to view the meta level of items each time I open a new info window.
-Modules should be sorted by meta level in the variations menu and not just by tier. It's annoying to have to open each one to find the meta 4 variation. Until I can use T2 modules, this is the only way to check.
-Rigs are a pain in the butt. They are already expensive, but the fact you can't remove them without destroying them is pretty lame.
-new music would be nice. Some tracks that are a bit more energetic and less ambient would be nice. Akat Mountains is a great track CCP has made that I'm baffled hasn't been included in the game.
-font choices
-I would like the font size to stay the same, even in new windows. It's annoying when I get a chat window that has microscopic writing.
-removal of insurance payouts on suicided ganking ships.
-A warning when you are about to purchase from a neutral or negative standing area in null sec.
- The option to remove the churchy choir noises and gibberish in station audio.
-If you are going to make PLEX losable, at least don't make it lootable. I have no problem with piracy...but PLEX is tied with real money, and if I spent hard earned money on game time, and some tool can suicide gank me in high sec, steal my items I bought with that real money, and then get an insurance payout? That's just urinating in my face, and will lose CCP a customer. At some point, being so hardcore about gameplay becomes just for principle and comes off as a bit too harsh....making EVERYTHING gankable isn't innovative, it's deterrent.

Posted - 2011.02.13 17:40:00 - [939]

* I dont like that joining a fleet give's you smack talk at gate's and stations
* I dont like that Jump Bridges Use fule when there under power from a pos
* i dont like that when u clone jump you haf to pause training
* I dont like that the Retribution is the only assult Frig with only 1 Mid slot
* I dont like that Carriers cant use drones in triash mode
* I dont like that 0.0 ice belt's only have one type of isotopes per area
* I dont like that Drone Region officers or commander's have no Meta Drop's

Nyce Bacemeunt
Posted - 2011.02.13 17:45:00 - [940]

Expiring Insurance

You don't know that your insurance has expired until you happen to open the insurance window. Then you'll receive notifications of all your ships that have expired.

YOU DON'T KNOW UNTIL YOU DO THAT. I've lost many ships that I thought I had insured and have received Uninsured compensation.

When boarding a ship, can I please be notified that my insurance policy has relapsed BEFORE I lose the ship.

Reeno Coleman
Posted - 2011.02.13 18:00:00 - [941]

auto-re-enable modules like hardeners after jumping.

save the forcefield password while jumping. Or implement a passsword keychain.

Posted - 2011.02.13 18:01:00 - [942]

  • The assets tab lets you search by distance.

(This ll coming up soon as i read on incursionspage and was glad)

But where is this feature on assets ?

  • The assets tab lets you search by region.

  • The assets tab lets you search by High Sec. (1.0-0.5), Low Sec. (0.4-0.1), 0.0".

  • - The assets tab lets you search by a combination on both.

This features i miss since i start a couple month ago as "remote trader".
At least i still missing some other filter-options on assets, but this two above i'm missing more than others.

It would be nice when they find the way into a "The (very) Small Thing - Patch" coming soon. Smile

Fortuna Cournot
Whiskey Loners
Whiskey Loners Alliance
Posted - 2011.02.13 19:42:00 - [943]

- Fix auto log out in forum. When timeout occurs while writing a posting, the message vanishes after the login pompt. You have to type the whole message again

Fortuna Cournot
Whiskey Loners
Whiskey Loners Alliance
Posted - 2011.02.13 19:53:00 - [944]

stolen goods: When a ship is popped by a CONCORDOKKENABLE action (by gankers), mark all goods as "stolen", similar to drugs and slaves.

Prevent stolen goods from being sold in high-sec by market or contract. No repair, no reprocessing.

Zulu People
Posted - 2011.02.13 20:03:00 - [945]

Ok, why have a 50 configuration limit on Corporation for Fittings???

I can see that per char, but seriously 50 is way to small for the corp, and I'd like to see Alliance Fittings as well.

Zulu People
Posted - 2011.02.13 20:06:00 - [946]

Sometimes I'll mark a message as read, and leave the game and the same message will come back as unread for months, AAAAAAAAAAA, have to delete the message to make it stop.

Fortuna Cournot
Whiskey Loners
Whiskey Loners Alliance
Posted - 2011.02.13 20:16:00 - [947]

Fleet ganking: Make duelling an option when creating a fleet. People should see if it is turned on/off before accepting the fleet invitation.

Fortuna Cournot
Whiskey Loners
Whiskey Loners Alliance
Posted - 2011.02.13 20:36:00 - [948]

Reduce or remove station timers: Docking, switching ships, ...

Grim Determination
Nulli Secunda
Posted - 2011.02.13 20:45:00 - [949]

A few things I've thought of...

1) Independent Overview Tab Sorting.
- So that my default tab can be sorted by Icon, and my tab for mining can be sorted by distance.

2) A hotkey to deploy drones
- self explanatory

3) Multiple defalt orbit distances
- right clicking the orbit button will show all the distances you've set.
- after reading Sheena Tzash's post, perhaps multiple default orbit distances per ship/fit. That'd be really nice.

Mindware Industries
Posted - 2011.02.13 21:31:00 - [950]

* Add a BPC icon to BPC, kinda like the faction/pirate/t2/t3 icons for ships and modules.
* Let us log off back to the character select screen or alternatively let us merge our accounts so we can choose from ALL of our characters under the 1 global username or something.
* Let us resize the science and industry window to make it even smaller, I run eve on 2x 24" 16:10's and I love everything in tiny windows not everything BUT the science and industry window.
* random ginormous balls of white light instead of models arent sexy, nor are they practical. granted its probably a gfx glitch but it still needs to be fixed, seeing a rifter in space that has a 30km ball of light attached to it blinds the hell outta me. please help keep my space and my room darker.
* a double click to untarget locked targets would be awesome! i hate having to RSI click my way out of locked targets thus distracting me from my real task and wasting time to pew pew the right internet spaceships.
* change the pulse laser sound so it doesnt sound like CONE CONE CONE!!! (yeah u guys know what I mean lol)
*pause skill training on other characters on the account when you wish to train a skill on the current one without having to log out/back in.
* add a concord billboard style news feed to stations or better yet the sidebar! (people like to know whats going on without having to find a gate with a billboard or cover their eve window with a web browser)
* add the camera offset to the login screen. having the username and password split down the middle between 2 monitors sucks ass!
* make the damn overload buttons bigger or redo the modules and their layout on the UI so that we can EASILLY toggle overloading without having to pray we didnt just deactivate them.
* nerf tengus, they're imba in comparison to every t3 out there. (gonna get flamed hard for that one heh) why buy a loki when u can get a tengu? why bother with ANY of the other races t3's when u can get a tengu. see the problem?
* I like the idea of having the missiles spray out like a shotgun rather than just being epic balls of light depending on how many missiles are in the stack.
* fix chat where it overlaps multiple sentences and the only way to fix it is to manually resize the window.
* make player names in chat a different colour to the text. ie: more easilly distinguishable.
Just my personal thoughts and grievances.

Revii Lagoon
The Foreign Legion
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2011.02.13 22:47:00 - [951]

I really wish there was more than 5 tabs for your overview.

I really wish there wasn't a 30 second timer when you join fleets, all other instances of the session change seem reasonable.

I wish you could export an xml file that included all your shortcuts so you don't have to redo them every reinstall / test server copy.

I wish the wallet load instantly when you open it or switch parameters of what to show.

Zimmy Zeta
Posted - 2011.02.13 23:06:00 - [952]

oh..another stupid idea...
with the new character editor we can take 4 different pictures of our avatar and then select one single picture. It would be very nice if we were able to select this one picture but with the option to cycle between the different pictures... some sort of reaction images for the chat.

River Ely
Posted - 2011.02.13 23:08:00 - [953]

Like many, I have multiple accounts within Eve. I can mine and haul from the same PC on two accounts.

Account Bank
Please can you configure an 'Account Bank' option for multiple account holders to enable transfer of material, and for material resource sharing within my account. This would eliminate the need to log in and out, and out and in and then out and in and in and out again...

The account bank would be hidden from other Fleet/Friend/Corp/Alliance members.

A template for this idea, if I am not describing it well, could be as in Aion, a MMORPG that was released a couple years ago(But is way different to Eve and has unique qualities that tend to keep it in a genre of its own).

I think you are a great dev team as you are willing to give players rank and file a chance to express their ideas for the good of the oomunity.

'Are you sure'
I know most people never consider playing eve after imbibing a few alcoholic beverages, but just for fun, could an an algorythm be used to detect suspect innebriated players, like the ones who shoot up a concodre pilot for seemingly no reason, and losing a tech three ship, then comming back with a Myrm, then a Firetail, and then a Drake, or two and losing the lot. Partially quitting in rage and then , finding several hours later, the big ugli bear has not only done weird things to his clothes, but also destroyed what took many months to accumulate when it could have been avoided...

I know a 'Are you sure' button would maybe not be the best thing, but a forced quit with a three hour wait would have saved the day and provided all with a glee story and a ship or two still in a hanger...

Not for me of course, for I would never play while under the influence of anything other that sugar(Twinkie) and soda pop.

be Safe


Harvey Star
Posted - 2011.02.13 23:25:00 - [954]


not nerf
At least buff the other T3 ships (amongst other ships that are useless now).

I am somewhat sick of the nerf whine. people most ships are useless enough without maxed skills and implants.

Please just buff ships
After all it makes no sense that ships of such size and power be so effing useless.

Posted - 2011.02.13 23:25:00 - [955]

I would like to be able to create folders and subfolders for organizing my bookmarks in the web browser also I would love subfolders for use in organizing my People & Places. that's My wish list and pet peeves.

Pyre leFay
Posted - 2011.02.14 00:17:00 - [956]

PI: When changing the ECU product to harvest, cycle to routing menu after program starts as it does when changing a Processors schematics.

Zulu People
Posted - 2011.02.14 01:10:00 - [957]

I hate that SOMETIMES I'll cut and paste something in eve and the "selection text" is correctly selected, but the highlighted area doesn't really match the copied text so if I'm wanting to paste to get a link, it won't work. "orp: AirHogs" was pasted instead of "Corp: Airhogs" sometimes it'll miss one character other times more, and sometimes it works fine. SO irritating.

ALSO. Would love to have the names, corp and alliance names linked in the kill mails...

ALSO, why the heck can't we link an alliance name in the AutoLink option, SOOO irritating.

Cryptonym Sleepers
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2011.02.14 01:55:00 - [958]

Edited by: Bubanni on 14/02/2011 01:55:48
I have one...

Could you fix that? (to make locking targets on multiple clients easier)

dr cisco
Posted - 2011.02.14 02:10:00 - [959]

I hate it when your hold is full, but you do not know what is taking up so much room.
can we please have the ability to sort by volume?

Lezx Stab
Hounds Of War
Talos Coalition
Posted - 2011.02.14 03:34:00 - [960]

Would be nice to have Corp and Alliance Bulletins in there respective tabs accessible from ingame Eve mail just beside notifications and make it blink when its changed.

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