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Calathea Sata
State War Academy
Posted - 2011.02.13 02:49:00 - [901]

Items being dragged do not follow the mouse cursor close enough. (Especially when "present interval immediate" in graphic settings. Is the game trying to detect the mouse location every millisecond or something? Isn't that bad for performance?)

Posted - 2011.02.13 03:06:00 - [902]

* I'd love it if I was able to tell exactly *which* of my mining lasers is targeting a specific roid, so that I can match it to my survey scanner results and stop the laser before the end of its cycle to minimise wasted time.
* In survey scanner results it'd be cool if there was an m3 column.
* In survey scanner results I should be able to target the roid with Ctrl.
* It'd be nice to be able to view charge info on a module in space.
* Now that we can remove waypoints on the autopilot route in space, why not be able to reorder them? Move left/move right would suffice. Also, showing the actual waypoints with a highlight would be cool.
* With other people, the loss of window size/position is a bummer. Especially the drones window, and the fleet window. I've sized them so they fit perfectly down the right side of my screen, including in-station, so why do they change?
* Be able to issue fleet dock, and fleet "approach and jump" commands.

Calathea Sata
State War Academy
Posted - 2011.02.13 03:07:00 - [903]

Fitting window "loading effect" on/off.

Spurius Ligustinus
Posted - 2011.02.13 03:49:00 - [904]

Edited by: Spurius Ligustinus on 13/02/2011 04:38:19
- Please, I want to see how much space is occupied by the items I have selected without having to stuff them in a container. This is trivial, come on!
- Let me make special contracts with damaged items. Itīs for my corpmates! It costs 0 (zero)! They donīt care is something is damaged, let me do it!
- I want to be able make courier corp contracts to POSs.
- Make BPOs different from BPCs! As of now, you canīt even filter out BPCs in contracts! I want to buy a BPO, BPO! I donīt want to have to triple check a contract every time I buy something so as not to get scammed!

PS: - I want to tag ships and modules with ownership status (maybe difficult to implement). That way corp mates could use and/or transport with a bunch of other stuff and still know itīs mine. Very useful for things in a corporate hangar array, ship maintenance array or corp hangar in station.

Posted - 2011.02.13 04:05:00 - [905]

Ooo I like this thread.

1. The rats breaking lock when they warp;
2. Drone UI needs a rework they need to be more like the weapons.
3. Blaster need to be fixed they still do less DPS and less range

1. Autopilot to 0 should of happened ages ago, all it does is create an unfair advantage for people who choose to use warping macros and increase the odds that people will choose to use one.
2. ECM should be reworked it's needs to be half the time and stack so if 3 f your 5 jams take effect the target will be jammed for 30 seconds up to possibly a maximum of 30 seconds
3. Dreads need to be reworked maybe remove siege and just make them weaker in EHP but more brutal in DPS.

1. Jump bridges need to be based off standings
2. Local in 0.0, it hinders pvp and causes mass blobs to be more needed also aids marco ratters.
3. Bombers need to be reworked again, they still fail to work at deterring blobs

Noun Verber
Posted - 2011.02.13 04:18:00 - [906]

*The ability to right click in space then warp to an escalation

Zia Aiz
Imperial Shipment
Posted - 2011.02.13 04:33:00 - [907]

Originally by: Midge Mo'yb
*i would like the old Capital Jump Effect back/redone (misses the portal of r ape :()the droplet effect currently is ****e.


*update or redo old cyno effects.

CCP, this has been promised years ago and there are multiple posts about it going with 100+ pages of support.

I would really like an answer as to why this hasn't been addressed yet. Get it done already.

Spurius Ligustinus
Posted - 2011.02.13 05:31:00 - [908]

Originally by: Venge Daveed
Edited by: Venge Daveed on 10/02/2011 18:55:22
New Feature request:
May sound odd, but I think it would be useful to allow a passenger(s) capability in the ships.

That would be awesome. I have felt the need for it several times. It changes game mechanic (a lot) but it should be done. Seems strange that you can put your entire ship in your friends carrier, but somehow your pod doesnīt fit...

Friendly Falcon
Posted - 2011.02.13 07:03:00 - [909]

Can you make it that the actuall bonus from fleet shows up in the augments tab of the character sheet?

Posted - 2011.02.13 08:22:00 - [910]

Make it so bookmarks can be trashed from cargoed instead of needing to install them painfully and delete them.

Apocalypse Now.
Posted - 2011.02.13 08:48:00 - [911]

Perhaps im missing something but i thought this thread was about minor annoyances and fiddling bits in the game that feel unco not giant balance changes and feature requests that would just add more load..

the hamsters don't need anymore pressure, they are fragile creatures you know

Malinae Jor
Posted - 2011.02.13 08:57:00 - [912]

Edited by: Malinae Jor on 13/02/2011 09:35:20
Originally by: Aessoroz
Make it so bookmarks can be trashed from cargoed instead of needing to install them painfully and delete them.

Yes please.

Originally by: Tessen
Incursions in null sec dont need to be easier.
They need to be a real threat.

If an abandonned incursion destroy POS, outposts, stargates and sov, pilots of 0.0 will find an interest making them.
including Titans BPOs.

This will give some virgin territory (aka no outpost)to new player in 0.0.

Finnaly this will give to 0.0 fleets some challenge where 100% drake fleets are useless.

1) They are. The penalties of an Incursion hamper the usefulness of a system in 0.0 more than in high-sec because the potential for ISK and usefulness in 0.0 is greater than in high sec.

2) Anybody who has a Titan BPO in a conquerable location is either a) Has balls the size of small moons, or b) Needs to have their head checked. That thing stays locked up and gets copied.

3) No. Destroy POS's? Sure, if they want to come back tomorrow and put it through structure... Sounds pretty silly to me. Outposts? Only if they can anchor SBU's... Which they can't. Stargates? Are you stupid?

4) Doesn't change the startup costs of 0.0 life which go into the billions with ease, nor does it change who your next door neighbors are. I'm told they want to kill you.

5) Drake blobs would still work... In fact, they would probably work FINE. get 75 of the things with a shield transporter in the high slot on each? Oh yeah.

Sorry, I must disagree with your assessment of 0.0 Incursions. -1.

Originally by: Kizzy Weatherwax
Edited by: Kizzy Weatherwax on 12/02/2011 21:10:57
Here is an idea for the Future!

Each race, initially, can only read the typed conversations of members of the same race. Gallente reads and speaks to other Galenteans ok, but the Amarr fella comes up with Xhg74$Ģlkjxs<8&bf instead...
Same for all the races.
However. . .

However, I'm pretty sure we've got entire ships wired to our brains as capsuleers. If they don't have the Google Translate API, we're in trouble on whole new levels. This idea would obfuscate communication on so many levels to make the game nearly unplayable for large alliances talking in corp/alliance chat if you can only understand (statistically) 1/4 of them unless you took skill training. They would become mandatory skills like Learning once was, and eventually be removed when peope got fed up with it.

Although would be interesting, I'll give you that. But only for about 5 minutes until I had to spend time to train skills to get over it. Sorry, but -1.

Originally by: Variety Curveball
Edited by: Variety Curveball on 13/02/2011 00:12:24
- Old CynoEffect for Capitals please (dont change it for JBs or Gates or WH)

-->> Make it easier to find YOU in the Fleet (ColourEffect?)

- Icon that indicates AFK of players in corp and fleet chat

- People who get online shows as neuts in station but blue in system Evil or Very Mad

- Fleet Formation Warp
-->> Huge Improvement for Cloaky Fleets

- Let fighters return to owner if player gets disconnect, not stay in belt
-->> Reconnect to drones / fighters if you havent left system or after disconnect (5-10min timer)

- Change overview settings in station

- In chat windows when you have the text set not to display portrait, text ALWAYS gets cut off.


- Blueprint originals dark blue // blueprint copys light blue

- Engine trails
-->> switch on / switch off

- More log files added to anything!!!!!

I like these. +1's all around. I think formations would be awesome, even if you weren't in warp... The option to "join/leave formation" with your squad/wing/fleet would be awesome. You don't HAVE to, be in it, but if you are, you'll follow your squad/wing/fleet commander or designated formation leader.

Dvorak Telemnar
Griffin Capsuleers
Posted - 2011.02.13 09:33:00 - [913]

Edited by: Dvorak Telemnar on 13/02/2011 09:35:48
Seen before in the thread but some are new :
* The all or nothing approach to POS towers and resources, research etc (EG If you can install a job you can also cancel)
* Allow for POS specific roles(EG Fuel tech either for POS XX ,YY or all POS's)
* Ability to start a POS research job from your personal station hangar and have it returned there when delivered (Delivering to corp hangar and then having to move it to corp member is a PITA and theft/mis-delivery risk)
* POS Corp Hangars PLEASE to function the same as station corp hangars (eg same corp roles & access and PLEASE allow containers (GSC) to be opened and accessed in POS corp hangar without having to move it to cargo first)
* POS Module for ship repairs or even advance ship maintenance array that can repair (ISK charge to corp :) )
* Being able to anchor GSC's within POS force field for the corp/alliance who owns the tower. Maybe allow for a limited number of clusters (EG 6 cans together form a cluster and allow X clusters per tower size)

River Ely
Posted - 2011.02.13 10:00:00 - [914]

Hi Papercut team.

Just a short idea that can bug me somedays.

When right clicking menus evoke sub selections, and more sub selection choices, the list migrates further and further away from the curser, until the edge of the screen is reached and then the drop down migrates to the left...

Could drop down selection choices resulting from right clicked menus, open offset from the mouse pointer rather than the end of the line please???

It would be realy neat and professional if you could sort this minor inconsistency.


The Cadre
Posted - 2011.02.13 10:04:00 - [915]

*Would like a search field in the LP store, like we have in items/containers

Kizzy Weatherwax
Posted - 2011.02.13 10:10:00 - [916]

Originally by: Malinae Jor

Although would be interesting, I'll give you that. But only for about 5 minutes until I had to spend time to train skills to get over it. Sorry, but -1.

Erm, Nice of you to decide my ideas were worth Minus One, but who are you?

Hope your day is filled with glee and a small amount of originality, like mine :D



Posted - 2011.02.13 10:11:00 - [917]

I suggested this already to Features and Ideas twice, but seems CCP doesn't read those... so here we go;

Employment History tab (and similar tabs) should be changed to show last 5 or 10, with an option to expand for showing more. In many cases where employment history is long, client can freeze for even a minute communicating with server to get this info!

Viziam Billboard
Posted - 2011.02.13 11:06:00 - [918]

Edited by: Viziam Billboard on 13/02/2011 11:10:44
1. "Copy"-button in fitting-window (fast way to get the active fitting into the clipboard = in other tools i.e. EFT)

2. the window showing the active fitting (after clicked the "Save"-button in fitting-window) could get a export-pimp, exporting ONLY the active fitting (rather than deactivate like 100 of fittings i actually don't want to export in this export-task related to the "Browse Fittings"-button) / "Export"-button in fitting-window, that only exports the active fitting

Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2011.02.13 11:22:00 - [919]

Reduce the jump clone timer by distance so those of us in 0.0 don't have to leave the front for 24 hours at a time when we want to do some +4/+5 learning. A JC in the next system should have a 1 hour limit extending out the farther you go. It's simply ridiculous to have Empire player fly around in their full +4/+5 clones unafraid of being podded and subsequently learning faster than nullsec players who make up the 'new-player-enticing' part of the game. It is a small, but significant way nullsec players are punished for not living in Empire.

Please address the jump clone timer problem!

Posted - 2011.02.13 11:28:00 - [920]

could we please go back to the old two colour bleuprints one for copies and one for originals
it so sucks that u have to trawl thru each one to find the originals small gripe but takes a hell of alot of time when using hangers on pos's

Mr Katsumoto
Posted - 2011.02.13 11:30:00 - [921]

When at a warpgate to a mission all to often I get stuck at the gate due to distance. It is easy to move up or down a bit but on the other hand its freaking annoying. Fixing this doesn't seem that hard.

Posted - 2011.02.13 11:33:00 - [922]

Originally by: Mr Katsumoto
When at a warpgate to a mission all to often I get stuck at the gate due to distance. It is easy to move up or down a bit but on the other hand its freaking annoying. Fixing this doesn't seem that hard.

yup round off the model collision

Annie Hamalia
Squadron of Angels
Posted - 2011.02.13 11:54:00 - [923]

Добавьте прибыльную возможность войны против Sansha в одиночку.

Awesome Possum
Original Sin.
Posted - 2011.02.13 12:01:00 - [924]

Originally by: Annie Hamalia
Добавьте прибыльную возможность войны против Sansha в одиночку.

what he said

also, fix drones

Posted - 2011.02.13 12:03:00 - [925]

when installing a job in a pos (lab or assembly) please remember the last used lab/assembly! There is no reason why it always changes the range back to "Current Blueprint Loaction" ! This could save 2 clicks per job! one for choosing the range an other one for the lab/assembly!

Light Style
Posted - 2011.02.13 12:10:00 - [926]

Originally by: Awesome Possum
Originally by: Annie Hamalia
Добавьте прибыльную возможность войны против Sansha в одиночку.

what he said

also, fix drones

He asks to add profitable solo war vs Sansha

Sari Ajantes
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2011.02.13 12:21:00 - [927]

Originally by: Annie Hamalia
Добавьте прибыльную возможность войны против Sansha в одиночку.


So you can farm it! haha!

The Green Cross
Controlled Chaos
Posted - 2011.02.13 12:27:00 - [928]

* Would be good if in 'employment history' tab alliances were shown alongside corps.

Zimmy Zeta
Posted - 2011.02.13 12:43:00 - [929]

Originally by: BeelzaBuddha
Please differentiate between BPOs and BPCs. Just a color or maybe a small C on the icon etc...

Not sure if this has already been listed


Also I would really like if the actual percentage chance was shown when you start an invention.

Legion of The Damned.
Posted - 2011.02.13 12:58:00 - [930]

Change Gallente recon damp bonus to 10% from 5% to level. Since the damp nerf I believe that a buff to the Gallente recon bonus was genuinely forgotten.

It would be a small and easy change to make that would probably see damps given more use.

Sadly, I believe this may get overlooked because of the fear that EWAR makes the game boring. But Caldari will somehow maintain their OP EWAR (compared to other races).

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