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Posted - 2011.02.12 16:52:00 - [871]

Please differentiate between BPOs and BPCs. Just a color or maybe a small C on the icon etc...

Not sure if this has already been listed

Apollo Gabriel
Etherium Cartel
Posted - 2011.02.12 17:02:00 - [872]

Originally by: BeelzaBuddha
Please differentiate between BPOs and BPCs. Just a color or maybe a small C on the icon etc...

Not sure if this has already been listed


Also, AF 4th bonus please ...
Retribution 2nd med slot please ... please? with Pirate tears on top? Carebear tears?

Posted - 2011.02.12 17:38:00 - [873]

Edited by: Jetena on 12/02/2011 18:16:09
Not sure if already posted, but CCP isn't re-rendering carbon portraits properly after server-side anti-aliasing.

Current Bugs: Face becomes longer from the bottom of the cheekbone to the chin, eyes lose their point of focus, shadows become poorly shaded, hair loses its proper position based on gravity, and artifacts tend to appear on the upper lip or in the place of any shadow that was *REALLY* subtle before the filtering. These issues seem to be involved only with the posing and picture taking process, after CCP applies their home brand filters to your license picture. IMO you should just let the automatic resizing from 512 to 256 resolve aliasing for you. Since avatars never anti-alias properly from 512 to any other size client-side anyway, fixing avatar compression and removing CCP re-rendering entirely will fix most of these symptoms. Only taking full size snapshots of characters after it's restored to functionality will be impacted by this, but anyone that determined to get a candid of someone in-game can remaster the photo him/herself.

EDIT: It seems like no re-rendering at all would be necessary if shadow filtering worked properly (the cause of all aliasing in my original portraits was from the lighting, which your side went overboard anti-aliasing out. I noticed this after seeing heavy aliasing on my Deimos's shadows after turning *UP* my antialiasing, while shadow filtering was always set to high.)

Rose Croix
Posted - 2011.02.12 18:04:00 - [874]

I get annoyed with needing to expand my drones groups in the window each time I undock. I have my drones in groups and I want to see the groups, both in-space and in the bay. Once a window is set, it should stay that way until I say otherwise.

Likewise with weapons groups. I should not need to regroup weapons every time I login.

And I know it's been said, but why do we need to logout completely if we are just changing alts on the same account? It should take us back to character selection, not login window.

I would also like more control over window size/presence. I shouldn't be forced to have a corp or local window if I don't want to chat in corp and/or local. I would like to be able to resize local so only the portraits are visible. I don't need to see what the idiots are chatting about, but I do want to see a red flashy portrait that's not showing in my overview!

Thanx for addressing these issues!

Mya Klingofer
Posted - 2011.02.12 18:11:00 - [875]

Edited by: Mya Klingofer on 12/02/2011 18:16:24
ExclamationExclamation*****Market changes******ExclamationExclamation

for people who have lots of buy/sell orders it would really nice to be able to have a function that simply allows you to refresh the orders all at once to prevent them running out, rather than having to do them one at a time.

So for instance, if you are still happy with the prices of your orders and simply want to stop them expiring you could just have a function that alters all selected orders say by .01 isk, all at once! That really would make life a lot easier.

Mother Fokker
Posted - 2011.02.12 18:48:00 - [876]

On Greek fonts the dot (.) on arithmetic keyboard does not work
Have Blueprint copies look diferent (color?) from originals.
New warp effects, ships, skill and random depentant.
Time on account remaining visible on character sheet.
Smileys in chats
Neuts NOS should not work in high sec or at least on on people who accepted missions to give them a fighting chance against griefer blobs.
a "Destroy all modules" option to make life on griefers even harder.
a HUD (Head up Display) that shows various info like tracking info for guns etc.
allow us to call for support from NPC in missions for LP.
Small dock undock vids instead of black screens. Think of Need for Speed cut in cinematics
Station rotate for ships back pls
Session changes like changing ships should have small videos of ship preparation cinematics
Jumbing through jumb gates in different sovereignity should be followed by a POP on video (small size) that welcomes pilots in faction space.
HUD for moire things like drone damages
Mouse pointer should be transparent Sci Fi looking with many forms to select from. It could be a small circle with Shield-armor- hull damage.
HUD on locked targets should have more-zoomable info.
Alow s to give commandos to alt (accoutn linking) without alt tabing.
Give us allong with autopiloting option an option to dock in station upon arrivel or warp to bookmark.

Posted - 2011.02.12 18:59:00 - [877]

- Current "pin" option renamed to "transparency"
- Be actually able to pin windows on top of others.
- Don't set focus on the window where you start to drag an item. (I want it like in Windows: open 2 crossing explorer windows and drag an item from the one which is below, the window won't be put on top.)
- Be able to set destination system from the main screen. I want to have a small box somewhere in the left top area, where one can manually enter autopilot destination (preferably with autocomplete).
- A hotkey to give mining drones command to start mining. Or, better, interpret the attack command for mining drones as a mining command.

Mother Fokker
Posted - 2011.02.12 19:09:00 - [878]

Have a warning displayed on a HUD mode when or if somoene else is mining on same asteroid.
Small visualbasicesque possibility for drones, to make them concentrate fire on ships that attack them or return to bay if aggroed.
Drone scrips, e.g better tracking. orbit. speed. dps. armor......
decoys, flares chafs,
Flank fire effect for capitals.
Have the possibility to see via camera outside of station like in X-Beyond.
POP up privste chats should appear more ermmmm apparently, maybe with some static noises, an anouncement or why not with a transparent image of the person that tries to talk to us on svreen for a small while till we selct it not to, close chat or start chatting in the new pop up chat.

Merch Industrial
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2011.02.12 19:10:00 - [879]

Edited by: Nobani on 12/02/2011 21:14:59
Edited by: Nobani on 12/02/2011 20:08:11
Edited by: Nobani on 12/02/2011 20:01:51
- Make setting up factories easier. The ideal for me would be place your factories as now. Select them all using drag box or ctrl-click. Select blueprint, the interface automatically switches "Create route" for the destination product, click on the destination. Select the source, and source product, click on "Create route", then hold down ctrl while clicking on the factory creates a route to the factory as now, but after setting amount returns to creating another route instead of having to reselect the product and reselect create route.
- Allow checking of prices in a region other than the current region. You can do this with contracts, why not the market?
- Make autopilot warp to 0.
- Add option to auto-abandon wrecks.
Edit: - Don't require pausing training when plugging implants or clone jumping.
- Keep POS password after session change.
- Decrease clone jump timer to 4-8h

Posted - 2011.02.12 19:13:00 - [880]

Originally by: Mother Fokker

a "Destroy all modules" option to make life on griefers even harder.

This already exists in the form of "self destruct".

Mother Fokker
Posted - 2011.02.12 19:18:00 - [881]

Originally by: Planatar
Originally by: Mother Fokker

a "Destroy all modules" option to make life on griefers even harder.

This already exists in the form of "self destruct".

Takes too freakign long, i mean by them being pulverisid upon ship destruction or instantly.

Verplante Juenger Hamburgs
Legion of Damnation
Posted - 2011.02.12 19:20:00 - [882]

Edited by: Ramingo on 12/02/2011 19:20:52
- The ability to rename ships without having to sit in each 1 would be great.

- When forming a fleet, rather than go to fleet commander position it would be great if the starting position were squad commander of squad 1.

- It would be awesome if one could choose to disable certain notifications. The most annoying one is the 1 you get when you get when you dock up at a station in a pod and are handed an Ibis. Another would be insurances for ships.

- For Faction War plexes, it would be a small improvement if plexes spawned equally throughout the day and not just after DT (and I say that as a former DT plexer).

- For Faction War, it would be great if the standings penalty for RRing an outlaw militia guy were fixed. Nowadays it requires a petition to a GM each time, so fixing this will both reduce annoyance for players and free up time for GMs to focus on other things.

- Increase the copy limit for bookmarks from 5 to at least 20.

- And finally: Fix Faction War please so that occupancy has a meaning!

Bryg Philomena
Don't Taze Me Bro
Posted - 2011.02.12 20:17:00 - [883]

Originally by: Mother Fokker
Originally by: Planatar
Originally by: Mother Fokker

a "Destroy all modules" option to make life on griefers even harder.

This already exists in the form of "self destruct".

Takes too freakign long, i mean by them being pulverisid upon ship destruction or instantly.

Really? if this were the case what is the point of pvp?

No. This is a horrible idea. We pvpers, greifers, or whatever you want to call us can play the game how WE want too.

Kizzy Weatherwax
Posted - 2011.02.12 20:55:00 - [884]

Sorry, It's me again.

1) Can we get a 'Close' button on the little Drone Dialogue Box containing the settings for 'Agressive/Passive' please.

2) When an on-screen icon (brackets) is eclipsed by another object, can it be slightly greyed out a bit. Just to give you a quick indicator the wreck your charging after is BEHIND the asteroid, too late, bumped into it and am now stuck...

Or the ship your going to join up with is 'behind' the station, not in front. I feel it would give me a visual clue that something is infront of, or behind of the something or another.

3) Here is a quick one that I would love to see enabled, Dropping a bookmark into Fleet Chat. Meet your there in five minutes.

4) Talking of Fleets, Please can we enable a fleet command 'Align to', so that all ships in the sphere in the phleet can align at the same time to the same point. That way we wont go to five different points while the Orca is left stranded at the gate (oops).

and finally...

5) When I am putting up something for sale, I would love it if when looking at the Regional Market screen, having put my goodies up for a few Isks lower than another player, my items should appear yellow, or blue to me so that I can see if I made a mistake, or if someone has gone under or over my price.. Nit picking I know, but I know you SQL wizards love db tricks that you use all the time and didn't know would be a good idea to share cos its easy and you didnt know no one else knew!

And the busy timer thingy, showing a small icon with the seconds counting down when Scotty is being a Pita.. Would be really good.

Love and hugs


Kizzy Weatherwax
Posted - 2011.02.12 21:09:00 - [885]

Edited by: Kizzy Weatherwax on 12/02/2011 21:10:57
Here is an idea for the Future!

Each race, initially, can only read the typed conversations of members of the same race. Gallente reads and speaks to other Galenteans ok, but the Amarr fella comes up with Xhg74$lkjxs<8&bf instead...
Same for all the races.
However. . .

Reading 'Languages' gives me the ability to read and type in 'clear' to one other race, level 2 gives two races, etc to level 5 whereupon I can communicate to all races.

Ok, thats a bit of a poke in the eye for many who love it as it is. Global communications.

Extend the simple idea a bit.

Until you have the Social 'languages' and the needed ambassadorial skills, setting foot in anothers space would automatically flag you RED for 'Fair game and free for all to have a go at'. Is that a bit harsh, But Alliances between nations should be ok and recognised, not just corps and alliances, but races too. Lets have some pride in our races.

I have been here too long and will put my keyboard away in a moment, I love Eve for the never ending change of priorities and micro management it teaches players so in that vein, could the Vendors in Jita or other capitals, only display the offers of goods for sale for your race. Until You learn one of the Other Races, you simply won't see their goods on offer, their contracts or anything else. (and make that skill loseable if your standings drop and you 'forget' how to talk in gibberish).

All the above may be a bit too much to contermplate for some, but it is just a tweak idea for something in the future.



Perkuno Sunus
Unicorn Enterprise
Posted - 2011.02.12 21:16:00 - [886]

Edited by: Perkuno Sunus on 12/02/2011 21:17:44
* Would be nice if the trade window remembered it's last size and position like any other normal window does.

* Opened station containers would remain opened after re-docking. (Like the items or ships windows do)

* "Alt" button is currently mapped to "Look At", and I can't find any way to change this shortcut. I would like this key to be customizable. (More similar keys should be customizable too, IMO)
It gets really annoying when you prepare to alt tab, but suddenly change your mind, and release "Alt". I always end up "Looking At" various salvage or enemy ships.

* Another thing with the "Look At" function. After you stop "Looking At" stuff, you end up looking at your ship up close, and that's usually not how I fly, so I have to readjust the distance of the camera from my ship. Would be nice if the camera remembered my ship viewing preferences.

* Can't shift-drag while trading (Worked fine before incursion). Now I have to use the split function for that. Annoying!

Pantorus Necraliss
Posted - 2011.02.12 21:18:00 - [887]

* In fleet watchlist : we can see Shield, Armor, Structure. Pls add the Capacitor in more, at least for capitals ships...

Posted - 2011.02.12 21:35:00 - [888]

Edited by: LethalGeek on 17/02/2011 23:16:30
Echoing: the mark BPOs & BPCs in most views; Highlight personal orders on the Market; Remote Stack All.

-When running S&I jobs I constantly have to keep picking Entire Region in the Range drop down when Picking Installations. Have it retain my last choice please.

-I know it's not a nitpick but S&I security at a POS is utterly lacking. Separating the security for creating & canceling jobs would go a long way or creating a security function that lets members only manipulate their jobs. Ultimately I'd love there to be a whitelist for all arrays but that doesn't seem like it's in the cards.

-Mark orders in my Wallet that are "on behalf of the Corporation". Preferably by coloring the orders themselves & separating them out from the Sell/Buy Order Total readouts.

mjed mazga
Strange Energy
Gentlemen's Agreement
Posted - 2011.02.12 21:45:00 - [889]

Edited by: mjed mazga on 12/02/2011 21:47:24

1. You can remove labels on the solar system map for literally everything EXCEPT unstable wormholes and "you are here." This gets super annoying, esp if you live IN a wormhole and regularly have 2-3 wormholes in your wormhole (yo dawg i heard you like wormholes in your wormhole so I gave you some wormholes).

Seriously, I see why it's there, for noobs who get lost and need a fast way to find their exit because they forgot to bookmark it, but for the rest of us, please let us customize it by removing that label if we want. It gets in the way of visibility while you are sorting through the 32 signatures in system.

Also, I already KNOW WHERE I AM. I'm playing this game FFS. No need to shove it in my face.

2. How come every time I open up the solar system map through the on-board scanner, the "World Map Control Panel" has to pop up, too? ESPECIALLY SINCE I FREAKIN' MINIMIZE IT IMMEDIATELY EVERY FREAKIN' TIME.

Please allow this window to remember its last state, or something, for the love of space jesus. Otherwise we're stuck with the lag of the window opening AND the extra click it takes to minmize it, OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER LIKE A THOUSAND FLIPPIN' PAPERCUTS

3. Probes, when you recover them, show up in your cargohold as unstacked, individual items. This means that in order to reload your probe launcher, you have to STACK ALL and then reload. ARGHURBLARGER!

Seriously, make the probe launcher reload any that it can fit of the like item in your cargohold, stacked or unstacked, OR make recovered probes auto-stack once they hit your cargohold.

mjed mazga
Strange Energy
Gentlemen's Agreement
Posted - 2011.02.12 22:24:00 - [890]

Originally by: Tessen
Quoting CCP Soundwave Dev blog that refer to this tread.
Speaking of the influence bar, it pretty quickly became apparent that the low-sec and zero-sec ones needed adjustment. Sansha influence rate of regain in both those security bands have been minimized, meaning they'll be a lot easier to do.
Incursions in null sec dont need to be easier.
They need to be a real threat.

If an abandonned incursion destroy POS, outposts, stargates and sov, pilots of 0.0 will find an interest making them.
Please CCP cease using carrots and beggin to use staff, 0.0 is something you must deserve : a place where the risk to lose everything is permanent, including Titans BPOs.
And this threat dont have to be only from other players.

If an alliance cannot manage incursions on his territory, this mean this territory is to large and this alliance have to abandon it.
This will give some virgin territory (aka no outpost)to new player in 0.0.
Finnaly this will give to 0.0 fleets some challenge where 100% drake fleets are useless.
Null sec pilots, could learn real small gang fighting and something else than blob war.

Finnaly, this allow CCP to reduce this HUGE ammount of useless assets and destroy all these billions which destabilize the market.

umad bro? Show us on the doll where the NC touched you.

Or maybe it was your grammar teacher in grade school and that is why your post is so entirely unreadable.

Posted - 2011.02.12 22:41:00 - [891]

Edited by: Zirio on 13/02/2011 01:17:11
Edited by: Zirio on 13/02/2011 01:15:56
Edited by: Zirio on 13/02/2011 01:14:37
-Double click in an item in the hangar or cargohold,etc does nothing, it could open the Info window
-Minning is boring in long periods, would be nice that the game has mini-games, to waste time while minning or jumping like 34 jumps,etc., something like "Intergalactic Texas Hol'em Poker", or "Bejeweled", etc.
-Nice shadows projections, sometimes they are just like giant pixels.
-Take a look inside the stations while docked, some stuff has giant pixels, like in Gallentean stations, the round thing where the ships float has some bad pixeled stuff.
-I would love to see other character's ships inside the stations, moving, docking or undocking, it'll give a more realistic feeling.

(As a major change, sometimes I feel like the inside of the station while docked, it's bigger than the outside structure
also for what i've seen, there are just 4 types of "inside stations" designs for docked ships, more variety would be nice)

Posted - 2011.02.12 22:50:00 - [892]

Edited by: Zirio on 13/02/2011 06:23:53
Edited by: Zirio on 13/02/2011 02:04:16
Edited by: Zirio on 12/02/2011 23:12:05
almost forgot

-Enhanced in-game web-browser: would be nice that it has the latest Adobe Flashplayer, Adobe Shockwave, Java, etc. plugins and some way to see videos in Youtube.
-Check the bouncing in structures when you warp out, sometimes it's ok, you hit the structure, but other times you bounce in empty space or when you use an acceleration gate, when I try to activate the gate my ships hits an invisible wall in empty space and I can see that ships are away enough of the actual structure to make the warp but it still bouncing in nothing.
-The bottom of the character portrait in the character sheet looks incomplete, it lacks of the bottom white line, if it was moved up just a few pixels, it'll look good.
-I don't know if there are specialized hacking and analyzing ships, but if there aren't there should be, maybe 2 more ships of the noctis's design series or maybe 2 new designs.
-The specialized cargohold of the Primae for planetary stuff is just too small, 1600m3 to transport Command centers and 1000m3 to transport planetary resources, just too small, maybe 3000m3 for Command centers and 5000m3 for planetary resources should be enough.

See ya !

Ken Kyoukan
Beyond The Gates
Posted - 2011.02.12 23:23:00 - [893]

Re the OP's
* "I'd like it if when I create a fleet I'd be made squad commander by default"

I'd prefer this:
When creating a Fleet for it to check your fleet control skills and rank you accordingly.

Fleet Command skill = Fleet Leader.
Wing Command skill = Wing Leader.
Neither of the above = Squad Leader.


Variety Curveball
Posted - 2011.02.13 00:10:00 - [894]

Edited by: Variety Curveball on 13/02/2011 00:12:24
So where do we get started?

- Old CynoEffect for Capitals please (dont change it for JBs or Gates or WH)

- make "fixed window" moveable
-->> adjust the size! (2 eve windows on one screen)

- "right click menu" customizeable
-->> Players can add what they like in the "right click"

- Improments to the Fleet Window
-->> Make it easier to find YOU in the Fleet (ColourEffect?)
-->> Make it possible to see the Booster easier and what Boosters are effective!

- Increase the speed of Web / Scram Drones to catch Interceptors

- Icon that indicates AFK of players in corp and fleet chat

- People who get online shows as neuts in station but blue in system Evil or Very Mad

- Not being able to put skills into the skill queue if the prerequisites aren't finished, even if the prerequisites are on the queue before the skills in mention.
-->> Inject Skillbook needs to be possible for all Skills you want. But they have to remain at Level 0!

- Share BMs with people near you

- Fleet Formation Warp
-->> Huge Improvement for Cloaky Fleets

- Only Target painters should be able to prevent people from cloaking, not targeting!
-->> Huge Improvement to Cloaky Ships

- Let fighters return to owner if player gets disconnect, not stay in belt
-->> Reconnect to drones / fighters if you havent left system or after disconnect (5-10min timer)

- Change overview settings in station

- In chat windows when you have the text set not to display portrait, text ALWAYS gets cut off.

- POS self destruct button for all installtions is needed.
-->> This must be done through a "Type in Security CODE" which only the CEO can see
-->> Initiation can only be performed by CEO or Directors
-->> CODE has to be giving randomly by CCP, dont let players set this by their own)


- Blueprint originals dark blue // blueprint copys light blue

- personal inventory tab at a hangar array.
-->> directors can see all / access all / move all

personal ship tab at a maintenance array.
-->> directors can see all / access all / move all

- sometimes fighter drones dont attack if carrier is attacked unless you tell them to attack

- sometimes only a few fighters start attacking, attack as group (focused fire) doesnot work
-->> everythings fine if you do that manually

- Engine trails
-->> switch on / switch off

- More log files added to anything!!!!!


PVP Improments:
- Add Gas Clouds / Nebulas in the system, which effect the players who fly through them.
-->> Gatecamps will be a lot better if you can choose at which gate you wanna do them, because you get better Bonuses or have disadvantages.
-->> Shield Boost +5% / Overview limited / No MWD / Speed reduced / Targeting increased-slowed / etc.


Players can dock / undock anytime they want with Frigs / Cruisers / Battleships
Mothership can cyno jump with docked players
Mothership can use cyno jump / warp around
Mothership cant log off
Mothership cant dock
Mothership can use a lot of Drones / no Fighters
Mothership is immun to electronic warfare
Mothership has great Remote shield / repair abilitys + huge range
If Pilot of Mothership logs off the Mothership stays where it is
Other Pilots can not fly the Mothership, only the "Owner"

-->> Ship functions as an operation base
-->> works same as a cyno bridge from titan

Posted - 2011.02.13 00:22:00 - [895]

* Fixed window - want to move it (some hotkey + mouse preferably)
* When you got a pos tower online and all the modules anchored, you can't just click 'online all' and it'd automatically online one module after another, but you have to actually be there and do it manually.
* The time delay after a session change (jump, undock, opening starmap) before you are able to r-click in space
* Docking animation such as in the racial station videos. Don't just blackout from whatever direction you happen to warp in. Change ship timer could start at the beginning of the animation. Make it optional to play the animation.
* Cannot use chat windows while undocking (screen fading to black)
* *Would like to buy add to cart option for market orders, perhaps with an option to create presets for ship fittings and such. I like this idea especially when putting a ship together, especially with rigs, subsystems, etc. Selecting a preset and having it automatically add up the available lowest prices in range and being able to set it to hisec only or not would be great. Maybe link it to the saved fittings window.
* Add bookmarks to the overview, either a tab, or split up the overview. I'd like to see the overview split up in 3 sections visible at once. 1 for players only, 1 for everything else, stations, planets, etc, and one for bookmarks. It would make it much easier and less error-prone. It would actually give you a decent "overview" and alleviate sorting problems (some players at the top, others at the bottom even when sorting by icon type), and coloring bugs etc.
* Better "pathfinding" so that my ship doesn't get stuck on POS structures/asteroids, etc
* Change clone jump timer to either 12 hours, or just twice within 24-hours - would encourage more people to jump into an empty clone for pvp and back for skill training
* More font options, bigger and clearer. Not everyone has great eyesight. Being able to adjust chat is good, but more options for the overall settings I've always wanted.
* Email/note etc editor screws up the entire layout if you resize the window to the point where you have to start over because you have no idea what's there and where and what order.
* Some way to indicate that you're afk, perhaps even with a timer (corp/alliance chat timed and manual, player channels manual setting).
* the clouds and nebulas that are so brigt you can't see anythign and hurts you're eyes (such as in worlds collide by the guristas gate)
* make drones go after closest targets when they are on auto, if you start them off on frigate size ships, make it so they stay on frigates that are actually agressing/within range and not run off to the farthest battleship and die in the useless process
* Remember resolution settings and monitor for each account. I'd like to run one client on my 28" and another on the 22" but I'm not going to change the settings every freaking time and then redo the window positioning etc too.
* Changing ships between crane and bustard both ships sometimes stay visible in station. I've seen it with other ships too, like the bustard in the middle of the orca etc.
* make it so ships and pos etc are actually more than visual skins for the little square. when shooting a pos, don't let the missiles and drones etc fly through the forcefield to attack the tower, make it hit the shield and create an effect for that, same on ships, don't make it all about the squares, give the eye something - you say eve is beautiful and it is in a way but in other ways it's so far behind on anything else
* don't let missiles come from the center of the ship out of nowhere - need visible launchers as with turrets
* extend autopilot to allow waypoints to warp to stations/pos/belt/bookmarks etc in the same manner
* give blueprints earmarks or different icons to distinguish bpo from bpc without having to click info
* Being able to see drone health when it isn't in space
* orca corporation hangar closes if you un/dock, the ore and cargo bays stay open
more >>>>>>

Posted - 2011.02.13 00:24:00 - [896]

* allow booting from corp while the member is in space
* ability to lock windows into position so they can't be dragged by accident
* let me close the squad watch list instead of having to remove everyone to make it disappear
* let me change overview settings while not in space
* when using probes below the horizontal plane the shadow that's there makes the arrows really hard to see, PLEASE fix that, remove the shadow or whatever but fix it asap - also the dots were easier to see than the new icon thingy
* POS setup should allow for multiple people with the skills and roles to do 1 structure at the same time - if i have 3 people available to anchor and online stuff, they should each be able to do one at a time instead of just 1 person taking hours to do mostly waiting. Also reduce how long it takes.

There is tons more but these are some I agree with or added myself. There is lots more. Long past due that you focus on these things. Glad you are doing it.

ehhh and allow more characters in a post and reduce the post delay to less than 2 minutes... I considered not posting this part because of the stupid delay

Atomic Geese
Posted - 2011.02.13 01:01:00 - [897]

Edited by: AnonyTerrorNinja on 13/02/2011 01:09:43
I am still still waiting to get my hair back.

The time I have to be portraitless is running out, and I refuse to use any of the hairstyles currently available for a vherokior male, as not one of them suits the image I have for my character in my mind, and frankly, the majority of them look simply ridiculous. Example; why, towards the very right of the selections, is there that ridiculous Gallente-esque hairstyle choice available for Minmatar males?

If this keeps up I'm going to have to use an avatarless portrait and become a true ninja.

*edit* Scrap that, can't figure out how to create an avatarless portrait either, and thinking about it I'll still have to walk around in stations using hair I don't like. I'm very particular about my hair.

Light Style
Posted - 2011.02.13 01:47:00 - [898]

Dear CCP (Santa Claus)

We are simple people from little planet. Sometimes our life lacks of positive and bright moments. Because you are so big, you should be all can.
Could you please make for us little-big present of such wonderfully useful feature like chat statuses?

Thank you very much.
P.S. We hope you exists.

Calathea Sata
State War Academy
Posted - 2011.02.13 02:07:00 - [899]

Calathea Sata
State War Academy
Posted - 2011.02.13 02:32:00 - [900]

New sound engine (from scratch)
- all sound effects remade/resampled/re-recorded, more realistic sounds that actually sound like giant explosions with deep low frequency waves. HIRE THE MOVIE PEOPLE TO DO IT FFS
- no more shuttering/stopping/skipping/delay
- no more sound stacking (overlay, not additive, if you know what I mean)(no more "grouped weapons = clipping")
- reverberation/other effects
- able to pick listen-from-camera/listen-from-ship
- etc etc

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