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Sergeant Spot
Galactic Geographic BookMark Surveying Inc.
Posted - 2010.12.04 18:57:00 - [61]

When I remotely look at a BPO/BPC, any modified ME/PE is not shown (important when looking at build components).

Same thing for BPOs/BPCs in build and in labs, even if I am in the same station.

Alexas Kateiwa
Aikoku Inc.
Revival Of The Talocan Empire
Posted - 2010.12.04 19:19:00 - [62]

1. You can't add bookmarks to your "People & Places" directly from a can in space so it means you cant take a bookmark in a capsule.

2. You can't copy bookmarks easily.

Sader Rykane
The Dark Space Initiative
Revival Of The Talocan Empire
Posted - 2010.12.04 19:20:00 - [63]

I really wish there was a special targeting windows for people in fleet and people/npc's out of fleet.

Its annoying remote repping friends while do sleeper sites, but sometimes accidentally shooting them or repping sleepers because of the way target changes happen when NPC's die.

Its annoying not being able to tell specifically at a glance who on your target list is who because they're all just icons with red bars. Maybe they could make fleet bars purple or something.

Templar Dane
Amarrian Retribution
Posted - 2010.12.04 19:24:00 - [64]

Edited by: Templar Dane on 04/12/2010 19:26:59
I dislike that when a frequency crystal burns out, you have to do a manual reload(unless all the crystals magically burn out at the same time).

I dislike having to re-save an overview tab to keep/make changes.

I dislike the legion electronic subsystem, energy parasitic complex. No range bonus, uses valuable slots that could be used for more useful modules, is crap crap crap when compared to the equivalent loki/proteus subsystems that are more useful AND boost modules that are already fitted. Consider that loki/proteus already fits a web/scram, while a legion has to sacrifice gank/tank/mids to fit neuts/nos in order to benefit from the subsystem that only gives a 50% bonus to neut/nos amount. 22km scrams, 35km webs, or sacrifice a slot for a neut that drains 270 rather than 180...which would you choose?

I dislike the tier system, making so many ships obsolete. All ship classes should follow the example of the battleship class. Same total number of slots, just different stats/bonuses/cost.

I dislike the new mega pulse sound. The old one was far better.

I miss engine trails.

Destroyers need to be looked at. Only one is considered "good".

Motherships are too good, even after the fighterbomber nerf.

Fittings for top tier small/medium lasers are too harsh. Medium pulse/beam, and heavy pulse/beam are practically impossible to fit on most ships without multiple fitting mods, ignoring the fact that you can't fit anything else after you've fit the guns. The supposed "laser dps advantage" is non-existent when you consider that you are forced to fit a lower-tier weapon, and that a lot of ships have no damage/rof bonus at all.


Generic tech 1 ammo used
-Rifter fitting 3 highest tier small autocannons = 23.3% of powergrid (12.9% of cpu)consumed and 91 dps
-Punisher fitting 3 highest tier small pulse = 57.6% of powergrid (26.6% of cpu)consumed and 81 dps


AND CHANGE THE ****ING DAMAGED CRYSTAL CONTRACT RESTRICTION. It really ****es me off being unable to transfer ships with used crystals remotely.

Tres Farmer
Gallente Federation Intelligence Service
Posted - 2010.12.04 19:41:00 - [65]

Edited by: Tres Farmer on 04/12/2010 19:48:15
  • remove redundant buttons in stations.. what do I need the market or fittings button there?
  • station panel is too wide. Best would be to get rid of it completely and think of something else (put station services, guests, agents and corp offices in the neocom under a button). Corporation offices tab isn't needed any more. Guests for example could be accessed via local and filter options.
  • neocom alignment horizontal please (not just left/right) and if autohide is ON, please don't let it MOVE OTHER windows around when it expands!
  • current location information panel position free adjustable (I'd prefer right lower corner and less info)
  • give me vertical separated overview tabs, so that I can have an fixed area (x lines high) and don't need to switch all the time
  • option to give stuff in overview background colours as is possible for pilots
  • show session timer IN NUMBERS and not this animation I have to hover over to get the information I'm interested in
  • ability for shorter overview descriptions for planets/stations/stargates as it is possible for ships. For example stargates always show up as 'stargate (targetsystem)'.. I want to get rid of the 'stargate'-part please.
    Same for stations.
  • tactical overview needs a full 360deg sphere with markings around it, so I can really use it for NAVIGATION and TACTICAL assessments. I want to be able to fly to 260deg longitude and 50deg latitude please. Call it 0-360deg horizontal and +-90deg up/down if you must, but please give me a visible fine spherical grid I can use!
  • quickbar for contracts as we got in market
  • map option to remove all stars further out than x jumps from current selected system or route or not in the selected region/constellation
  • fitting screen option to have the fitting stats on the left instead of the right
  • camera option to keep it in relative orientation TO THE SHIP (if ship rolls camera rolls too, if ship turns camera turns)
  • mass-select + drag&drop of blueprints in the sci&indu-window/blueprints-tab
  • corporation window/wars tab confirmed losses/kills visible to ALL corpmembers or bound to some role like security officer or accountant
  • assets window, search tab, give us sort by jump range of found results
  • corporation bookmarks, nuff said

Tres Farmer
Gallente Federation Intelligence Service
Posted - 2010.12.04 19:47:00 - [66]

Originally by: Sergeant Spot
When I remotely look at a BPO/BPC, any modified ME/PE is not shown (important when looking at build components).

Same thing for BPOs/BPCs in build and in labs, even if I am in the same station.

Sci&Indu window.. blueprint tab

Posted - 2010.12.04 20:37:00 - [67]

- drones window, every un/dock one have to open the "drones in space"-tab, again...
- all drones should aggro back if one of them is attacked, not just the one beeing agressed (if set to agressive)
- it would be nice to see in which state (agressive / passive) the drones are without to open the settings
- focus fire doesnt always work
- they dont respond to commands fast enough
- miningdrones have to be given the command "back to dronehangar" twice if they have ore with them (first command only return them into orbit)

- there should be a visual difference if a weapongroup has 2 or 7 launchers, i.e. spreading out and then focusing the target
- launching missiles from the center of the ship doest look right
- the last few meters befor impact the speeding up of the missile doesnt look right ether

- visally they always hit, even if they dont
- they alway hit the same few spots of a ship

- the corporation hangar closes if you un/dock, why? the ore-hangar from the orca stays open...
- be able to set the region in which i make a pricecheck
i know that a eve-wide check would probably kill performance, but do i have to log in my alt just for looking at the market in a divveren region?
- 24h cyle for jumpclones is too long, need to be half that time to be usefull for me
- decrease the brightness from some nebulas in missions, they hurt my eyes...
- be able to turn off the humm in stations
- save the resolution and selected monitor for the fixed windwow per account
at least implement a commandlineoption like "eve.exe -screen 1 -res 1920x1200" pretty please Rolling Eyes

i like this thread, i hope some of the mentioned things get fixed Wink
oh, and a big "hank you ccp!" for developing such a great game!

Posted - 2010.12.04 20:47:00 - [68]

Please, can crystals be exempt from the whole you cannot contract damaged items.

Merouk Baas
Posted - 2010.12.04 20:54:00 - [69]

Why engage in pointless behavior?

Frecator Dementa
Posted - 2010.12.04 21:21:00 - [70]

Edited by: Frecator Dementa on 04/12/2010 21:21:10

#16 You have to be in a pod in order to clonejump
#17 You have to wait 30 seconds after exiting your ship before you can clonejump
#18 After waiting 30 seconds you remember you also have to pause your training before you can clonejump
#19 After a clonejump, skill training does not automatically start back up again
#20 After being podded, please automatically open the Medical services if I am in a station with a med bay
#21 When selecting a new clone, highlight clones that can/cannot support my current SP amount
#22 When I am disconnected, please have my drones return to the drone bay while the ship aligns for warp-out
#23 The 30 second session timer is very annoying, dialing it down to 20 would be a lot less irritating
#24 When I accept a courier mission, place the mission items in my active ship's cargo (if they fit) instead of my item hangar
#25 For each kill mission, add a link to its counterpart on

Xovoni Directorate
Posted - 2010.12.04 21:30:00 - [71]

**an ability to "strip rack" so u can strip off all the high slots, mid slots or low slots, both not the whole ship
**an ability to put a divider on the overview at a certain range so I can see that everything above that line is within range

Posted - 2010.12.04 21:37:00 - [72]

New papercuts:

* "Why do I have to logoff before an agent will give me a mission after?
* "Why don't combat logs show the damage that my drones deal?"
* "Why can't I boot someone from a corp when they are not docked? They can be accepted into a new corp, but cannot be forced out of their current corp while in space."
* "Why don't remote reps and other such modules stop if the target's GCC status changes? Rep'ing a criminal gives a warning; rep'ing a neutral does not; rep'ing a neutral that becomes a criminal does not prompt with the warning."

Repeats and rewordings of previously stated papercuts:

* "Why do I have to stop training a skill when I clonejump, can't it pause and resume automatically?"
* "I'd like to be able to resize the science & industry window to be even smaller."
* "Warp needs to accelerate and decelerate much, much, much faster."
* "Have to quit EVE for logging into alt on same account"
* "Creating a fleet sets you as Fleet Commander instead of the much more commonly used Squad Commander"
* "Why don't drones always focus fire when I have the focus fire option selected?"
* "Why can't I create a contract with damaged items? Display the damage in the contract, but please allow a contract to be created."

Possible bandaids for existing papercuts:

* make "fixed window" moveable (for multiple screen setup)
You can select which monitor the "Fixed Window" is assigned to using the Dislpay Adapter drop down directly above the drop down where you select "Fixed Window"

* Inability to use PLEX for activating account that has ran out of sub
Store a backup PLEX in your redeemable items, and this is not an issue, but that requires having a PLEX sitting idle on the account. Even still it would be nice to be able to transfer PLEX's from once account's redeemable items to another, either with or without the option to exchange ISK in the processes.

Ava Starfire
Teraa Matar
Posted - 2010.12.04 21:42:00 - [73]

Windows moving themselves around.

My overview tabs periodically deciding that they want to reset themselves (usually after the server hiccups)

Move the "destroy" a little farther from "make active" please. I havent made a boo-boo with this yet, but have come puckeringly close a few times.

Also, I demand toilet paper and soap for all restrooms on Minmatar stations. I also demand restrooms...

Games Inc.
Posted - 2010.12.04 21:45:00 - [74]

When setting up a contract, you enter the item name and click ADD, and a window opens where you select the exact item and click OK, but the item is not added. The name appears in the field and you need to click the ADD button a 2nd time.

Chainsaw Plankton
Posted - 2010.12.04 21:59:00 - [75]

Originally by: Akita T
* "I'd like it if when I create a fleet I'd be made squad commander by default"

I stopped reading at this cuz it made me cry Crying or Very sad

whenever I make a gang its 99% of the time 10 people or less Evil or Very Mad
I wish we had the old gang system back.
have to manually add everyone in the squad to watch list.
when I disco/crash I would love it if it kept my gang. all the reinvites and accepts get annoying.
also whenever I disco/crash I usually end up losing all my drones

I guess my other complaint is the complete lack of keyboard shortcuts, but that is supposedly getting fixed soon™

Posted - 2010.12.04 22:24:00 - [76]

Edited by: Tarasina on 05/12/2010 16:53:48
Edited by: Tarasina on 04/12/2010 22:26:33
1. 30 secs for ship change

2. I somehow manage to target acceleration gates all the time, even without holding down CTRL, I don't know how it happens but it is annoying.

3. Too bright clouds/sun

4. The targeting sound, wish it lasted 2 secs max.

5. When mission is done or when I accept a mission or receive mission rewards (lp/isk), the Journal tab is highlighted, annoying. For the first thing I mentioned it is OK, for the rest...naa.

6. Red crosses. Get rid of them in space but keep them in Overview.

7. When I launch drones, I have to "expand" the "in space"-tab or whatever it's called to see my drones health.

8. The Fleet UI. Takes way too long to move around people. I move from FC to Squad Commander and it takes up to a minute, way too long. Same if I want to change squad booster. Theres only me and my alt in fleet, what takes a minute to calculate? In every other game, it is instant, buffs or no buffs. Plus the added session change timer.

9. Can not change skills out-of-game.

10. Can not change Overview settings while in station.

11. When setting a waypoint, I can see what system, what constellation but I CAN'T SEE FACTION!. Big problem since I am Kill On Sight with Amarr.

Arx Eladios
Dark Solar Empire
Posted - 2010.12.04 22:38:00 - [77]

*Pod squishing sound of old was removed. I want it back Sad

Chainsaw Plankton
Posted - 2010.12.04 22:47:00 - [78]

when you crash/disconnect in a freighter the emergency warp is a PITA
auto lock default setting is 1 Evil or Very Mad

the UI isn't anywhere as near customizable as it should be
now that I can resize my windows, I am very happy for this option but now I seem to resize my windows on accident and things get moved all around. I almost wish we didn't have it

kano donn
New Path
Posted - 2010.12.04 23:01:00 - [79]

1. When i open the map, that stupid universe menu pops up in front of everything and i can not close it.
2. no indication of crystal health.
3. invisible barriers that ships in space bump into.
4. the system for controlling POS structures
5. science at a POS.
6. Corp roles
7. No true indication while in a fleet of who has rat aggo/ who is being shot at and by whom.

djan go
Majesta Empire
Posted - 2010.12.04 23:05:00 - [80]

- I'd love the build quote window (last window before accepting that lists materials needed/missing) to be non-modal.
- I wish the "enter quantity" window (that appears when moving stacks) remembered its position.
- I'd like to be notified at every log in that a contract is assigned to me.
- Perhaps the login screen could remember my password?

Already mentioned:
- Clone jumping takes way too many steps.

Great thread :)

Posted - 2010.12.04 23:13:00 - [81]

Originally by: RensPriceChecker2
* fix the issue that while missioning the camera sometimes pans off into a random direction, stays there for 1-2 seconds and then turns back.

Maybe you are referring to the camera panning when you have mouse over enemy ships icon? It takes a few secs before it happens

Lord Wamphyri
Starside Lost
Posted - 2010.12.04 23:18:00 - [82]

Using CTRL to freeze the overview doesn't help when you're trying to select a Stargate and end up targeting it! Would much prefer CTRL+Click = Select / CTRL+Doubleclick = Target

Lion Around
Posted - 2010.12.04 23:24:00 - [83]

My biggest gripe that will never go away: TINY FRIGGING FONT IN OVERVIEW AND THE REST OF THE UI. Yeah you can make the chat font nice and big, but how bout making the UI font bigger? Hard as hell to read as is.

Sergeant Spot
Galactic Geographic BookMark Surveying Inc.
Posted - 2010.12.05 00:11:00 - [84]

Originally by: Tres Farmer
Originally by: Sergeant Spot
When I remotely look at a BPO/BPC, any modified ME/PE is not shown (important when looking at build components).

Same thing for BPOs/BPCs in build and in labs, even if I am in the same station.

Sci&Indu window.. blueprint tab

Nope, just re-checked a running job. BPOs are ME:200, but when I info them from Science and Industry, they show as ME: 0.

As for BPOs and BPCs in hangars, yes, those can be looked at remotely with ME info correctly displayed, but ONLY in same region (which is half my core issue....)

Daneel Trevize
Posted - 2010.12.05 00:24:00 - [85]

Originally by: Chainsaw Plankton
when I disco/crash I would love it if it kept my gang. all the reinvites and accepts get annoying.
Pretty sure now someone else will get boss if you were when you disco, and possibly you'll even get auto-invited back if you log back in quick. If not, the new boss just needs to advertise fleet and you can join and be made squad commander/booster again.

Posted - 2010.12.05 03:03:00 - [86]

Originally by: Tarasina
6. Red crosses. Get rid of them in space but keep them in Overview.
This is already possible. You just need to configure an overview filter that hides NPC's, apply that filter as the bracket filter and set your regular filter as the overview filter.

Aquana Abyss
Posted - 2010.12.05 03:11:00 - [87]

I wish the cursor focus would stay in the same chat window after docking instead of going to my station asset search filter.

Really getting annoyed typing a long sentence to find half is in the filter.

Imbecile MIiss Managment and Disasters
Intergalactic Interstellar Interns
Posted - 2010.12.05 05:10:00 - [88]

Ship contrails bring them back now ... I want to fly a rax again.

Vaal Erit
Science and Trade Institute
Posted - 2010.12.05 05:27:00 - [89]

Originally by: Akita T
Edited by: Akita T on 04/12/2010 14:42:19

I honestly have no idea where to put this, so I decided to put it (for now) in EGD.
I hope the mods will see fit to leave it in EGD.

EGD? This is implying there is another GD in existence which is completely false as every good pod pilot knows. Visiting another GD is heresy and if you do such a thing may Chribba have mercy on your poor, wayward damned soul.

Dethmourne Silvermane
Black Legion.
Posted - 2010.12.05 06:25:00 - [90]

current location information panel position free adjustable (I'd prefer right lower corner and less info)

Please, this, especially now that multi-monitoring is easier.

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