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Milla Jovobitch
Posted - 2011.02.12 06:45:00 - [811]

A lot of people here have complained about blinky icons on the screen: wallet, contracts, what such. Yes, it's super annoying that once you change the price of an item (and you are STILL in the wallet window), you have to click on the wallet icon, plus some tabs to reset the blinking. Many other alerts work the same way. The problem here, of course, is that people have different preferences to this issue.

Don't worry: your own Milla here has an answer to all of you!

How about making a mechanism to reset blinking icons without having to open the window itself and without having to click on the various tabs to switch the alert off?

How about if right-clicking a blinking wallet icon would reset it to non-blinky stage? That would, of course, reset all the tab alerts in the wallet too. Those who don't like this, could always switch this option off?

What say you? Did Milla save the day again?

Posted - 2011.02.12 07:05:00 - [812]

Originally by: Ai Shun
Originally by: 2259
This is why I say the default value in the EVE client should be "Collapse", because that's how it's been for years now, and that's what the majority of players are used to when double-clicking a window title bar. Changing this default for Windows players from "Collapse" to "Maximise" will absolutely **** off the majority of the player base.

I see where you are going - slight disconnect there. For existing installations, yes, it should be retained as it was. But, if somebody is creating a new account (And yes, the client knows if you're logging in for the very first time on account) it should behave like the most prevalent host OS for EVE gamers. So that new players will have the intuitive user interface they are used to.

That sounds reasonable, I agree. And for X/Linux users, it should probably just default to "Collapse" since the default varies from WM to WM. So yep, in agreement here, definitely should be a configuration option! :-)

Hakkar'al Gallente
Posted - 2011.02.12 07:19:00 - [813]

I'm sure it's in here somewhere in the tl;dr thread (have fun CCP), but on the off chance it's not:

Make an obvious visible difference between BPO and BPC (like you did for AB and MWD)

Jacquelin Ayalin
Posted - 2011.02.12 07:28:00 - [814]

Edited by: Jacquelin Ayalin on 12/02/2011 07:38:14
The big change I am looking for?

Id like to have the stacking bug fixed AND have an auto stack option added.

What do I mean?

Well, first, because I am backwards, an auto stack option would be simple - a user selectable option to combine items that are the same into one stack if possible automatically.

ex. - I drag a stack of ore from my cargo hold and put it into a container or the station item bay. Lets say its 2000 Veldspar in my ship cargo bay. In the container / ship item bay that I am dragging the ore to place into, I have an existing stack of 1000 Veldspar. Instead of ending up with 2 piles of Veldspar, one with the 1000 Veldspar (the stack that was already there) and a second pile (the I just dragged over with 2000 Veldspar), the client would automatically combine them together giving me one single pile of 3000 Veldspar (1000 ore that was already there + the 2000 I dragged over = 3000 Veldspar).

The stacking bug occurs when you have a full container and you try to stack items that are the same and the game simply will not let you (it tells you there isnt enough space even tho there is clearly enough room seeing as all the ore is in the container already).

ex. I have a Giant Secure Container (GSC) containing 2 stacks of Kernite - one stack is 3249 units of Kernite and a second stack is 1 unit (the GSC is completely full and can hold no more Kernite). Now, I right click on one of the stacks and in the context menu I left click on 'Stack All' at the bottom of the menu and the game will respond with an error stating "You can't add the Kernite as there simply isn't enough room for it to fit. It takes up 1.2 units of volume, and there are only 0.0 left.". This clearly is a bug because the container already everything in it so there is no reason I cant merge the two stacks into one stack of 3250 (btw, I understand the 'behind the scenes' reason why this bug exists but am now too drunk to clearly explain :)).

Of course, the above bug I described would not be an issue if the game just automatically combined the two stacks (because they are the same item), however, it would be a problem if I opted not to have the 'auto stack same items' option I mentioned at the top enabled and a dragged the 3249 Kernite into the GSC that already had 1 Kernite in it and then tried to 'Stack All'.

Anyways, sorry for the verbosity, just want to be real clear with the bug so that hopefully it gets fixed and maybe the feature to auto stack will be added :).

Lan Staz
Posted - 2011.02.12 07:51:00 - [815]

I'd like to have a hotkey for "select next 5 bookmarks".

This doesn't affect the limitation on only copying 5 at a time (for which presumably there is a good? reason) but it does mean less risk of me losing track of where I was in the list, which is quite important when copying sets of 30 or so (such as a large wormhole chain).

Rhok Relztem
CGMA Synergist Syndicate
Posted - 2011.02.12 08:12:00 - [816]

Edited by: Rhok Relztem on 12/02/2011 08:15:49
My list of annoyances (some very small, some not so small)Ö
  • First and foremost Ė NO AVATAR because I and many others still cannot access the Character Creator. Give us a random Avatar suitable to our bloodline until either there is a fix, until we can upgrade our system or buy a new one, or until Incarna launches.

  • Every time I enter login or dock, my hangar defaults to the ships tab in the Station Panel. It used to default to the last open tab. This is very annoying.

  • Claiming a Certificate flashes the Character tab even when you are STILL IN THE CERTIFICATE WINDOW. This is ridiculous. I just claimed it. I donít need to be notified that I did so. Instead, flash the Character tab when there is a certificate available. THAT would be useful.

  • Flashing the Wallet and the Wallet Tab, the Orders Tab, and the Transactions Tab every time I purchase or sell something WITH THE WALLET OPEN is also ridiculous. When the Wallet is open, just flash the main tab and then turn it off. I already know that thereís a change.

  • The timer to switch ships needs to be shortened.

  • Warping to zero at a gate sometimes leaves you sitting just short of jump range. This is not only annoying but can get you destroyed in certain circumstances.

  • Why can AutoPilot NOT warp to zero? Who would design something like that? At least if it wonít/canít jump to zero, have AutoPilot automatically use afterburners (if fitted of course) or have an option to use/not use if for some reason you donít want to have the AB kick in.

  • MORE FONTS (see how slyly I slipped that in there?)

  • Why do I have to be asked for every single item whether I really want to repackage it? What difference does it make? For ships, the warning is appropriate, but not for other items. Allow us to turn off the warning for items other than ships. It's time-consuming as hell if you're repackaging multiple items and a real PITA.

  • On the subject of repackaging, why canít we select multiple items to be repackaged (excluding ships)?

  • Give some way to distinguish our buy & sell orders in the Market window. Flash them, or add an icon, asterisk, star, ANYTHING so that you can see at a glance which are yours.

  • Having to restart the client to LOGOUT and SWITCH Characters (Yeah, I know this isnít a minor issue but itís still annoying as Hell). There should be four options:
    1. Logout to Character Select Ė On the same account.

    2. Logout to Account Select - A new screen that keeps the client loaded but allows switching accounts. (Idk if this is possible but it sure would be nice.)

    3. Restart the Client - Same as the current Logout but used to fix bugs, reset something thatís broken, etc.

    4. Quit the Game Ė Obvious

  • Different classes of stars should have different light.

  • Allow the Queuing of new skills IF the prerequisite skill(s) are already ahead of it in the Queue. Should the prerequisite skill(s) be removed, the new skill is automatically removed from the Queue too. Simple.

  • When an action requires training to be paused, automatically pause it and restart when the action is complete. Having to switch to training and pause it manually, then restart it manually is just plain, well, annoying.

  • Allow the training on another character on the same account to be paused/resumed without having to switch to that character. The Training window could have all active characters on the account listed at the top. The character actively training should be indicated and an option for each character to pause or to resume training should be available. (If a characterís queue is empty, that should be indicated too, perhaps by graying-out that character).

  • Add a checkbox to mute audio element in the Options Panel so the sliders can be left at your preferred settings (especially the music).

Jacquelin Ayalin
Posted - 2011.02.12 08:15:00 - [817]

Folders in the station item bay so that we can organize our inventory (in my case, nearly 200 items).

Renna Sargosy
Posted - 2011.02.12 08:35:00 - [818]

Is it possible to show which turret is locked on a target? For example in the "Locked Targets" shown in the main Eve Game Play window maybe have the turret number appear as a superscript by the small turret icon that is displayed next to the locked target. I think this help when I'm out mining from multiple asteroids and need to disengage a laser on an asteroid that is nearly depleted.

Yvone Byrars
Odd Shadows Inc
Posted - 2011.02.12 08:39:00 - [819]

Edited by: Yvone Byrars on 12/02/2011 08:40:13
It might already be here I scanned the thread looking for these items and did not see them:

  • The Overview

    1. Sort order reverts to reverse order at random

    2. Sort order is not preserved 'per-tab'

    3. The distances represented by the overview are not an accurate representation of the distance of objects on grid

  • Inventory

    1. personal search does not look inside of containers or ships for items. It should be easy to say "yes you have 3 of those in the ship X in station Y".

    2. corporate search does not look inside of containers or ships for items. Again this is very annoying for those of us that like to keep things neat with station containers and carriers.

Nina Wolf
Posted - 2011.02.12 08:54:00 - [820]

I would like to see little add-on on 'Corporation: Information'-window In the 'Agents' tab.

Would be awesome to get distance information straight from the 'Agents' tab listing, Location info should be the same with the ASSETS window's 'All Items'. location - station - distance in jumps.
that way I wouldn't have to start convo and click set destination and then check the distance to find next suitable agent

Posted - 2011.02.12 09:00:00 - [821]

Please fix Faction Warefare. Here are some improvement proposals which should be easy to implement:

  1. If non-faction member enter a plex or the bunker, then give the following warning every 10 seconds: 'You entered a military zone, you have 30/20/10/0 seconds to leave this area! Staying here any longer is a criminal action!' After 30 seconds (4 messages) the non-faction pilot is marked as GCC for the usual 15 minutes. This will solve the problem of neutrals doing FW-plex etc.

  2. Faction rats in plexes should switch targets if they notice that they can't kill the current target after some period of time. Non-faction members are treated as hostile faction members if they are GCCed. This resolves the lame strategy of simply running a lvl 4 plex with just two frigs, one speed tanker and the other doing the damage.

  3. Faction pilots are not allowed to dock in stations which are in occupied systems of the hostile faction or which are in hostile factions high-sec. This will make occupations having a meaning, since people will defend the right of being able to dock in their favourite systems.

  4. Allow cloaking in enemy factions high-sec, this sounds fair for me if the above change is implemented. And it brings some more fun because of possible stealthy operations.

Jacquelin Ayalin
Posted - 2011.02.12 09:24:00 - [822]

Edited by: Jacquelin Ayalin on 12/02/2011 09:45:38
Edited by: Jacquelin Ayalin on 12/02/2011 09:39:14
Thought of more :)

Add the option to Remove a Location from bookmarked locations in the right click context menu when clicking in space and hovering over a bookmarked locations.

Allow me to warp to bookmarked locations, Asteroid Belts, Planets, Stargates, or Stations even if I am right clicking on an object in space. When I undock, the station is so huge that I have to zoom out extremely far away to right click into an empty area of space - otherwise, the game thinks I am right clicking on the station and does not have the locations I mentioned above in the menu.

Bigger fonts for ALL text in the game.

An option to make last targeted item also become the selected item.

An option to disable auto looking when hovering the mouse over an item in either the overview or locked targets.

A way to incorporate the Survey Scanner results with the Overview window so that only one window is used (I use the survey scanner and any ore within its range would show the ore count in the overview window instead of having a separate window).

It seems absurd that in the age of technology, my mining lasers dont stop when either my cargohold would be full or when the asteroid pops...

Constructive Influence
Northern Associates.
Posted - 2011.02.12 09:24:00 - [823]

Originally by: 2259
Originally by: Ai Shun
Agree on option.

Disagree strongly on default setting. It should behave like the OS most EVE players would be using.

I've edited my post since -- individual was talking about maximise vs. collapse, not minimise. My bad.

As for what the default setting should be: sorry, I disagree, and your argument is evidence that you've never used Windows (Linux, etc.) before. Under X, the collapse vs. maximise feature is entirely dependent upon what window manager the user chooses (and there are literally hundreds of window managers), and all behave differently -- some don't minimise or collapse, some do things which are completely unique to that WM. A WM is literally a completely different UI. What I'm trying to say is that on X, there really is no standard, thus there is no effective default to choose in that environment.

This is why I say the default value in the EVE client should be "Collapse", because that's how it's been for years now, and that's what the majority of players are used to when double-clicking a window title bar. Changing this default for Windows players from "Collapse" to "Maximise" will absolutely **** off the majority of the player base.

You're making an issue of something, that is absolutely not an issue. Effectively creating false sense of controversy, where there is none.

Of course we do leave old functionality as choice, you shouldn't remove working code. (it will also serve to validate my idea).

You need to change default behavior, mostly because it's a real efficiency improvement over old one, and because of newbies.

You make interesting claim about Linux.
The whole point, however is that is not even supported by EVE and vast majority (considering how many people use linux/mac to play, I'm tempted to say everyone) of EVE players use Windows on day-to-day basis. They're used to Windows much more, than they are used to EVE's quirky behavior.

You also have to admit, that due to way EVE shows and manages items, the change would be straight out improvement over existing functionality. It's not just matter of choice, it's case of UI becoming better and more efficient.

The last issue, is issue of newbies and while not critical (marketing and management will strongly disagree) it's important enough to put final final nail into coffin of your case. Newbies don't have prior experience with EVE, they expect the ui to behave just as rest of computer they already use, on basis of familiarity (familiarity is one of most important forces in user friendly ui design).

FLINX 0220
The Night Crew
Posted - 2011.02.12 09:34:00 - [824]

Edited by: FLINX 0220 on 12/02/2011 09:37:55
In the far future the only way to share bookmarks is to jettison a piece of paper into a container?

Circle's End
Posted - 2011.02.12 09:59:00 - [825]

It bugs me to no end that the Science & Industry window doesn't load jobs automatically.

Tairon Usaro
The X-Trading Company
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2011.02.12 10:02:00 - [826]

Overview-Export, which has the complete "general setting" i.e. priority in appearance tab, etc.

Phoibe Enterprises
Posted - 2011.02.12 10:07:00 - [827]

Make (copy) and (original) on contracts searchable, they already appear on the contract names.

Dinta Zembo
Posted - 2011.02.12 10:16:00 - [828]

Originally by: Rhok Relztem
ēAllow the Queuing of new skills IF the prerequisite skill(s) are already ahead of it in the Queue. Should the prerequisite skill(s) be removed, the new skill is automatically removed from the Queue too. Simple.

I think the problem with this is that you have to inject a skill to add it to the queue, and a skill can't be injected without having the prerequisites trained.

Brain Boy
Posted - 2011.02.12 10:41:00 - [829]

1: Longer ship names. Surely another 18 - 20 characters can't be THAT lag inducing.

2: XL faction ammo to return.

3: Rep. fleet faction missiles to return (and an explanation as to why they disappeared without a trace in the first place).

4: Have an actual human to sit down and go through the various corps LP stores. Some corps dont have their own stuff (implants aso.) because of whatever ruleset was used to setup the stores.

5: Additional undock ramps on jita 4-4. No need to spew ships in every direction, just have a couple of adjacent ones.

6: The named strip, deep core and ice miners we were promised in RMR.

7: Shortcut key for "Open Jet Can"

8: A rewording of the "you succesfully salvage nothing" message. Something like "A search of the wreck caused it to disentegrate completely. Nothing could be salvaged".

9: Changes to scanning and other game mechanics has made extreme range rail platforms all but redundant. Please look at rail's again and maybe hybrids in general.

10: Hire some analyst firm(s) to figure out what that idio.. *cough*... less than optimal ESRB ratings crap is actually costing you. Basing both a sales strategy and ingame content on some outmoded American (ffs ccp) ratings system at the very least requires that you ascertain whether its costing you money or not. If you already did this please let us know.

Jerad Korargh
Posted - 2011.02.12 11:17:00 - [830]

The only thing that really makes me pause during game play is the 'drone control icons' why are they not displayed all the time, as a gallent it would make combat flow a more smoothly.

You know 'one click drone control' would be cool

Now I have found this site I may add more at a later date THX

Posted - 2011.02.12 11:18:00 - [831]

Please do not make wallet icon flash after a 0.00 isk transaction like player to player trading of only items.

Posted - 2011.02.12 11:24:00 - [832]

here is one:
how about you fix the ice mining laserss so we arent loosing sheets or cycles to whatever does it

Vampir Draken
Posted - 2011.02.12 11:29:00 - [833]

My 2 biggest bugbears (not carebear related):)
Let us return to the character screen without logging out. Reducing the number of signins a day must surely help account security as well as the player.
Make it possible to resize all windows in the game according to players preference.

Kizzy Weatherwax
Posted - 2011.02.12 11:31:00 - [834]

Hi There Papercuts Team...

My annoyance is the message that tells me to 'wait 1 second', or three seconds, or 7 seconds, or 30 seconds.

Can I have a small Timer Icon counting down, with a small button to quit waiting marked 'Quit Waiting'.

If I do nothing, the timer will count down and the action will execute (Such as waiting for P.I. to catch up, or Smack Talk to finish).

If I click on the 'Quit Waiting' Button, the Timer icon disappears and I am back to a waiting status but can do sometyhing else.


Mac Creagors
Posted - 2011.02.12 11:33:00 - [835]

In character creator you could dress your character as you wish before your update.

Now your are forced to have a T-shirt or a TOP.
it's like forcing people wear 'burka'

Do re make the Character creator so you arent forced to have a TOP or T-shirt on your character.

Do make it possible for those poor people who was forced to have a TOP or T-shirt to remake there character from the state they where made.

Make it possible to save the character settings so you can start a new character from the settings you have on another just like we can save you fittings on your ships

Kizzy Weatherwax
Posted - 2011.02.12 11:33:00 - [836]

Hi Again, its me....

In the Forum here, can we have another button near to the 'Report' icon, called 'Bookmark this topic' so that in one click I can book mark the topics that are my best favourites?



Posted - 2011.02.12 11:36:00 - [837]

*****It would be awesome if Concord acted like real Police and chase after players. Would add a much more level of appreciation to Gank and Run
*Would be awesome if you could re-close tabs in market that have already been opened
*would be cool if you could place folders within folders for bookmarks


Posted - 2011.02.12 11:40:00 - [838]

Edited by: Darkblad on 12/02/2011 11:48:23
People & Places
- On session change, the contacts/watch list window switches from my currently selected folder to the topmost one. Very annoying when I want to track the online state of WTs while traveling. Damn those forgetful refreshes
- The numbers for total contacts in a category (labels, standings) are nice, but a number for players currently online in that category, like 15/34 would actually be of more use

Character Sheet
- Is there any sort order for kill rights entries? Doesn't appear to be by name or date the kill rights expire

- The blinking of several Neocom buttons has been repeatedly mentioned above. To make this feature even more helpful, a tooltip explaining the change that caused that button to blink would be ... um, I guess more than just a fix for a little annoyance

Originally by: Renna Sargosy
Is it possible to show which turret is locked on a target? For example in the "Locked Targets" shown in the main Eve Game Play window maybe have the turret number appear as a superscript by the small turret icon that is displayed next to the locked target. I think this help when I'm out mining from multiple asteroids and need to disengage a laser on an asteroid that is nearly depleted.

A Workaround would be to left click on the turret symbol next to the locked target. that'll stop the cycle and you can start the module on a different target.
This certainly won't help much when you wish to stop the cycle only once it's complete, but is ok when you check the roids with a survey scanner.

Random ideas

- Yay, checking Kizzy's post above regarding those "hey, not so fast, wait for us to ... do stuff" messages:
When there are actions currently prohibited due to some timer running (PI change submission, Customs office import/export) add the spinning session timer circle right on the button, or just a countdown with numbers. Oh and this ...
- Make the session timer display the actual seconds left, not a spinning circle that gives us no idea about the time left (unless hovered upon with the mouse). The circle lacks a hamster anyway

Posted - 2011.02.12 11:40:00 - [839]

Edited by: Hathrul on 12/02/2011 11:44:41
Edited by: Hathrul on 12/02/2011 11:41:46
-Repackage items in Corp Hangar Arrays. after living in those for a few weeks this turns into a total mess
-If i try to repackage stuff and for some reason not everything can be repackaged, tell me after all the other items are repackaged, dont stop the entire line for 1 item
-Remotely move stuff from ships or containers
-Search for items in ships and containers
-A search button in the mail would be nice
-Give me an option to get full shields on a ship launched from a ship maintenance bay. My pvp shield ships start with 30% shields and take an hour to load up to full shields. i understand this gives options for abuse during pvp, but there has to be some way?
-Can i have Pithum B-type items? please?
-Hangars in Ship maintenance bay. 7, Just like the corp hangars please
-Can i have a Ship Maintenance Bay in corp offices as well?
-Different Icons for BPC and BPO (did anyone not ask for this yet?)
-Make tekst in the chat box selecteble so i can copy what someone said instead of the char name in front of it
-Drag and drop items from market to chatbox for linked items
-Stop resetting the R&D screen every time i close it. for each copy i make i have to set the settings back for range, its annoying.
-Corp Bookmarks please! Alliance bookmarks as well i suppose, but im not in an alliance
-Log out and swap toons without restarting clients and having to log in
-Want to buy contract shouldnt be limited to the station where it was made. just make it at least region wide like normal contracts, and universe wide if its personal. would like an option to only buy in stations with a highsec route though.
-Fix broadcasted targets. still too often stargates or stations show up as targets.
-When making a fleet, start as squad commander as default.
-When making a fleet, ask me if i want a fleet ad. if i say yes, let me set up one straight away.
-Speed up pos anchoring. let me queue, let anchoring shorten the amound of time needed to set up modules. now it takes 6 hours of absolute boredom.
-If an asteroid is mined clean, stop all miners of the ships mining it.
-If in R&D screen i set owner of the job to "me", can it also list the ones i started on behalf of the corp. give them a nice colour?
-Not overloaded is dark green, overloaded is light green.....little bit more difference please

when using the compare screen, let me hold Shift for a new one, not always add to the same screen. and please bring it back on top when stuff is added. half the time i have no idea where the screen is

thats all i can think of right now :)

Mike Molnar
Posted - 2011.02.12 11:46:00 - [840]

I've got a perfect one:

When you're looting, if you empty a can and you have multiple wreck windows stacked, the empty wreck stays in the stack for a second or two. If you're too fast and switch to the next wreck and try to drag the loot to cargo, it drags the window instead (I assume because you selected the loot just as the other wreck disappeared from the stack). This kinda stops the "flow" of salvaging, as you have to put the window back where it was and Ctrl-A again. Just a little annoyance.

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