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Posted - 2011.02.11 23:39:00 - [781]


- I want to be able to switch items in the corporate hanger to another division more easily

* I would like in tip of the day that when you are podkilled, your medical clone becomes expired when it saves your SP and you get the lowest clone my default and I went around in a worhole system for a month with the clone that only saves 900K SP with 22M SP because i thought my upgraded medical clone was still there

The Whitehound Corporation
Frontline Assembly Point
Posted - 2011.02.11 23:49:00 - [782]

Edited by: Whitehound on 11/02/2011 23:57:12
- Applying for a membership with an alliance as a corporation CEO should be easier than going over the full alliance rankings. Either by a right-click option when looking at the info to an alliance or by directly entering the alliance name in a box. Loading of the entire alliance rankings list seems a waste of resources and searching through this list is also not ideal.

- Alliance applications should be notified to the alliance in a similar way as with corporation member applications are being notified to the corporation CEO (mail notification).

Listra Letoille
Posted - 2011.02.11 23:50:00 - [783]

Not sure if this was mentioned already but i'd really like the ability to have the server load whole fleet when going through instead of 1 by 1 over the course of 5minutes

Constructive Influence
Northern Associates.
Posted - 2011.02.11 23:56:00 - [784]

Ok, you want the stuff - I'll bite.

Three changes that are very easyto implement - no complicated design decisions, no need to redesign subsystems and no hardcore programming needed.
They also affect everyone - they're not limited to particular group of players (jump clone users, or 0.0 station owners), everyone stumbles upon eventually.

I know that total UI overhaul is already planned for the future - these small changes are not meant to create super-efficient, modern ui, they're quick fixes that bring current UI from horrible to acceptable, industry standard level.

The general idea is to bring item management from Windows 3.11 (as people call it), to much more familiar (and thus acceptable and easy to adapt to) windows XP level.

Here we go, from easiest:
1. Rename "Set name..." to "Rename".
Everyone who uses Windows extensively (and that's >> 95% of EVE users) expects to find rename to change names of his stuff. It's so well written into our usage patterns, we always little confused with "why there is no rename option" when they try to rename their stuff. IT takes us a bit to find "set name..." every time, even if we are veteran players (it's because you normally deal with renaming stuff in Windows much more frequently, than you do in EVE) Also, pretty much everyone eventually renames his ship (you could make the case, that all those people who never renamed any ship they owned, simply didn't found the goddamn option) and everyone who uses containers renames on regular basis.

2. Doubleclick on window title bar should maxcimize it, another doubleclick brings it back to 'windowed' size.

Firstly, because that's how Windows does it and that's how all of your clients expect it to work.
Secondly, because it really, really makes sense in EVE. Most of time (aka. during normal use), we want our items, ships, cargo, etc. windows to remain small, so they do not cover precious screen space. Having 3/4 of our space view obstructed by Windows makes very unpleasant viewing experience (players want to see their ships space and all the beautiful art assets that are in game), it's highly immersion breaking (try flying with UI off - difference is just striking), but most importantly, due to way ship piloting works, it makes flying itself very hard and inconvenient. However, when we want to actually use those windows - due to way item management works - the bigger the window, the easier it is to manipulate and it's just extremely hard to manipulate, when only 3 items are into view in default view. Admit it - every time you want to do something with hangar items, you resize Items window, do your stuff, then resize it back. Imagine how cool it would be, if you could make as big as entire screen with one dblclick, and then make it exactly as it was before, with just one dblclick.
Yes, the current window is very cool, but horribly impractical. It would include some programming, but this change is really worth it.

3. (last one) Item selection - let us click on empty space and drag mouse cursor to create selection boxes.
This involves creating a tiny little bit of new functionality, but you have to admit that you want it.
Drag and select is most common, most used and the easiest way to select multiple items in Windows. Virtually everyone expects it to work in EVE It is effectively the biggest hurdle with item management in EVE and quite possibly most off-putting issue with item management for newbies. They instinctively want to drag-select and it doesn't work - this where the feeling how EVE UI being 'archaic', 'obsolete' and just hostile comes from.

These three simple changes will make using EVE item UI much more efficient and more familiar. It will make old player's lives easier, while making game much easier for newbies, thereby reducing newbie churn. If there is one set of changes you can sell to management as a moneymaker, it's this one.

Posted - 2011.02.11 23:59:00 - [785]

Quit asking me 20 times if I want to send an EVEmail to a mailing list! If I didn't want to send to the list, then I wouldn't have clicked there in the first place!Rolling Eyes

Posted - 2011.02.12 00:06:00 - [786]

I've been keeping a list of bugs/quirks/nonsense in the EVE client for a few months now, and was wondering if this would be a good place to post all the items. I think there's 15-20 items on my list at this point, with full descriptions and reproduction steps (if not implicit).

Please respond and let me know if this would be a sufficient place to post them. I'm asking because the EVE devs are reading this thread specifically, and I don't know how to get attention to these problems otherwise.

rekcuf bmuD
Posted - 2011.02.12 00:15:00 - [787]

Originally by: Admiral Amarrian

hey this guy logged off 2 times after we got a point and atacked him with a group gate camping when he jumped in an obilisk, he was able to get away 2 times today after loggin and warping away
is there some sort of loophole to the 15 agro timer that he is getting??? can this be fixed so we can get our kill???

i dont like thinking that this can be used whenever a frieghter jumps into our low sec system and get away :( please fix this problem so we can get our kill failrly


I apologize for the late reply. Actually the 15-minute-PvP-Logout-Timer only takes effect if the target receives PvP-Action before disconnecting. If he disconnects before you were able to land a hit on him the ship will disappear after one minute, as happened here.

As a ship is not targetable after jumping through a gate for 30 seconds at maximum a player can always check if there is opposition on the other side an then log off before you will be able to hit him. This is part of the normal game mechanics and not an abuse of them.

Best Regards,
GM Ochlavita
The EVE Online Customer Support Team

as a gate camper and pvper/pirate we take extreme fun in taking players that are dumb enough to jump into our system with industrial ships without a proper escort or recon, it is very sad day for us to hear that a player can jump into a low sec system not doing the proper "real life" steps with a very expensive and profitable kill to just dissapear when there is a threat, this is not realistic and therefore i believe that this deffinatly a reasonable change that will make the game experience better for both the players on both sides of the gate... thanks for your consideration in solving this issue


Actually this is not a change but the way this works since the PvP-Logout-Timer has been introduced into the game all those years ago. If a player disconnects before he receives any form of PvP-Action the ship will vanish after one minute. If not you have 15 minutes to finish him off.

Best Regards,
GM Ochlavita
The EVE Online Customer Support Team

This is clearly an easy way for people to get away when they are dumb enough to jump into a system with out escort or at least doing some simple recon,this NEEDS to be changed because of it obvious lack in common sense! I know it sucks loosing an expensive ship but come on people take the necessary steps to avoid being jumped and you wont have to find dumb loopholes that ruin the game for a large majority of low-sec capsuleers!

Actually its not dumb since they are using game mechanics as intended. Protip: Have a good scanning pilot hop in a cov ops and equip an ECM burst. Scan out the freighter's Ewarp spot before it dissapears and have the covops sit there cloaked until he logs in again. Once he logs in and lands on grid, decloak and pulse the ECM burst, which doing so gives him a 15 minute agression timer like if you shot him, but without the need to lock him, etc. Warp in fleet and kill him. Your welcome.

Companion Qube
Electron Conservation Inc
Posted - 2011.02.12 00:22:00 - [788]

simple feature request:
remote stack all items

complicated feature request:
deliver all items of type A in corp deliveries in region B to character C
ex: deliver all rifters in corp delivery in region B to corp member C

bonus points if batch deliver also stacks the items...

Constructive Influence
Northern Associates.
Posted - 2011.02.12 00:23:00 - [789]

0 chars left, I'm felling so ::smug:: Smile.

Someone please quote that glorious wall-of-text, so our dear devs won't miss in flurry of overly specific ideas.

To make sure this post isn't totally content-less, here is additional, useful content:

You could also mess with skill planner a bit:
1. Add "pause training" to every skill, not just the one that's currently training (we normally need to pause training when doing something that doesn't involve currently trining skill).
2. In "training queue" window, allow us to use del key (in fact allow del key everywhere where applicable - deletion still pops up confirmation window, so it's ok).
3. For the love of god, when we remove skill that is prerequisite to something else on list, just pop notification about skills being removed, instead of spamming us with modal error box and forcing us to manually remove everything.

Unrelated, very cool thing on my personal wish-list:
5. Create 'shopping list' that uses built in fitting sets.
It's quite simple - select fittings you want to buy (which ones and how many) and then have market UI walk us through all the items (eg. it would open market details window on civilian mining laser, show me how much I need, and after I buy required quantity/ click next, it would switch to another item). If the items we bought are in different stations, offer to create autopilot route at end buying spree.
It's small bit of brand new functionality, but players will love you for it. They will build shrines for you. It will also make getting new ship so much less painful and thus improve dynamic of entire game.

Posted - 2011.02.12 00:43:00 - [790]

Edited by: 2259 on 12/02/2011 00:44:54
Originally by: Levitikon
2. Doubleclick on window title bar should maxcimize it, another doubleclick brings it back to 'windowed' size.

[i]Firstly, because that's how Windows does it and that's how all of your clients expect it to work.

The current behaviour when you double-click a window's title bar is to "collapse" the window (contents are hidden, leaving just the window title bar itself). What you want is to actually maximise the window (like in Microsoft Windows). Correct?

If so: you're not considering what happens in other operating systems like OS X and X (Linux) -- collapsing is the norm in those. Just because you're used to Microsoft Windows doesn't mean that should be how it's done everywhere. (And yes, I use Windows!) :-)

So instead of just changing the existing behaviour, I would strongly advocate making this a selectable setting in the "General Settings" section. Let players choose between "Maximise" and "Collapse" when double-clicking a window title bar. The default should be "Collapse" (to keep the client consistent with how it is today).

Ai Shun
Posted - 2011.02.12 00:44:00 - [791]

Edited by: Ai Shun on 12/02/2011 00:44:52
A hover over option for "View Market Details". Or perhaps an additional column for the best price (With an options screen) for "View Market Details". So, in essence, when I have a load of items in my cargo bay I could glance down that column and see the best price in region.

Oh. And remove the Calculator from Accessories. Replace with Spreadsheet.

Originally by: 2259
So instead of just changing the existing behaviour, I would strongly advocate making this a selectable setting in the "General Settings" section. Let players choose between "Minimise" and "Collapse" when double-clicking a window title bar. The default should be "Collapse" (to keep the client consistent with how it is today).

Agree on option.

Disagree strongly on default setting. It should behave like the OS most EVE players would be using.

Experiment H197
Posted - 2011.02.12 00:50:00 - [792]

Ooo Ooo I got an annoyance! :D ... when looking at something under Market->details tab and then I browse to a section under the browse tab, it switches from the details tab to the group tab automatically. Very very very annoying.

Posted - 2011.02.12 00:51:00 - [793]

Originally by: Ai Shun
Agree on option.

Disagree strongly on default setting. It should behave like the OS most EVE players would be using.

I've edited my post since -- individual was talking about maximise vs. collapse, not minimise. My bad.

As for what the default setting should be: sorry, I disagree, and your argument is evidence that you've never used Windows (Linux, etc.) before. Under X, the collapse vs. maximise feature is entirely dependent upon what window manager the user chooses (and there are literally hundreds of window managers), and all behave differently -- some don't minimise or collapse, some do things which are completely unique to that WM. A WM is literally a completely different UI. What I'm trying to say is that on X, there really is no standard, thus there is no effective default to choose in that environment.

This is why I say the default value in the EVE client should be "Collapse", because that's how it's been for years now, and that's what the majority of players are used to when double-clicking a window title bar. Changing this default for Windows players from "Collapse" to "Maximise" will absolutely **** off the majority of the player base.

Calathea Sata
State War Academy
Posted - 2011.02.12 01:09:00 - [794]

*Looks at the amount of paper cuts*

CCP you have got some serious work to do. Well, that's what you get for a poorly designed and architectured game. Many, many of these things should have been done even before 1999. I wonder why they were happy with such poorly structured... game/UI in the first place. I still think at some point in the future we will need to stop fixing the aged building and knock it down and build a new one that is better designed from day zero.

Posted - 2011.02.12 01:29:00 - [795]

*Stop changing my music every time I use an acceleration gate in a mission. I like killing rats while listening to "Gimme three steps".

*How can Scotty be at every station in the universe?

*I think there should be ship crew size info for all the ships. Someone has to clean the lou.

*When im flying in my mach it randomly does backflips, it was funny the first time, not the 100th.

*My ship shouldn't hump acceleration gates like a beached whale.

*Drone bay doors that open and release drones would be the coolest thing since quafe

*When firing missiles they should come out individually, not one giant ball of....explosive stuff.

*When doing missions in a fleet I normally have a salvager cleaning up space behind me. When i leave system to go turn in said mission my salvager suddenly cant tractor anything in even though it was in the mission and fleet from the beginning.

Thank you for reading my list of minor albeit highly aggravating annoyances.

Posted - 2011.02.12 02:17:00 - [796]

Why isn't warp-then-jump an option on stargates like warp-then-dock is available on stations?
(You can do this already with a destination set with warp then turn on autopilot, but that's just more clicks.)

An option to display security status of the destination system on a stargate name in the overview might be nice.

Can you let us zoom in just a bit further on the star map?

The music in the jukebox likes to change before the song is done, at least on the mac client.

I like the 3D control of scan probes, but can you make the arrows always face the camera, rather than just be aligned on their axis?

It also would be nice to prioritize button clicks like: moving a probe > resizing a scan radius > selecting something, rather than just whatever happens to be in front.

It also would be nice if there was some indication of a signature that's being rendered inside a probe's control box. (Like turn the box red if the radius of a signature is < 200% of the currently rendered size of the box.)

Posted - 2011.02.12 02:54:00 - [797]

Managing drones by right click menus and/or hotkeys is annoying. Something more easily manageable would be nice.

Adalara Tapten
Posted - 2011.02.12 03:00:00 - [798]

Info Overload, I want to probe with out the damn "you are here text" or a way to turn off everything on the map, So I can freaking see the GD Probes when im moving them around!.

Posted - 2011.02.12 03:14:00 - [799]

Left-upper corner: (world information, autopilot route, incursion profile)
must be replacable! Cool
And PLEASE, set the checkbox in options screen "DO NOT show space nebulas"

Posted - 2011.02.12 03:17:00 - [800]

Interesting thread. Sorry if this has already been mentioned.

Scan probes - right now when you resize your probes by holding shift down, it resizes them about their individual centers. Change this to resizing about the geometric center of all the active probes treated as a single entity. Alternatively let us hold down ctrl to move the probes toward or away from each other, i.e. move them all toward their geometric center or away from their geometric center (all active probes treated as a single entity).

Posted - 2011.02.12 03:46:00 - [801]

Edited by: Seruph on 12/02/2011 04:17:22
#10 Creating a fleet sets you as Fleet Commander instead of the much more commonly used Squad Commander

I think it might be nice if it set you to the highest rank you actually have skill for. Since my Orca pilot has Wing Commander but not Fleet Commander, he cannot boost when FC, only Wing or lower. It would be nice if he was set to Wing Commander when creating the fleet so I don't have to set him to WC then wait for the timer.

* I would like to be able to see when my planetary extractors will finish their programs in the Science and Industry window. I can see which planets I have, but not when their processes will finish.
* Some kind of API for Planetary Interaction (which planets I have, what processes are running, storage status, that sort of thing).
* Fix the bug when "ghost" objects appear in a ship's corp hangar. Sometimes when mining ice, I'll have these "ghost blocks" come into existance that aren't actually there. Moving them causes a "You no longer have access to that object." (or something) error message and the blocks aren't used to calculate how much storage I'm actually using (I guess it's a client side bug?). They also only appear on the Orca pilot's client. All of the other corp members do not see those blocks and see the correct amount of space available. My orca pilot has seen 50km3/40km3 full and larger before.
* Remember starbase forcefield passwords. Why must I enter the password every time for each POS every time I enter system?
* Configurable POS fuel mails. I have 5 or so characters in my corp, each one really doesn't have to get the mail, can I ignore it on some?
* Ability to see POS fuel status while docked/elsewhere. Why can I see the status of my planets from light years away but have to actually be near the POS to see it's fuel levels? It seems to me that despite the bandwidth restrictions of FTL communication, sending fuel levels should be well within those limits.
* Ah the sideways warp. Could we get a dev blog about why it's so difficult for ships to warp come out of warp facing the right way?
* Why is the hit box of Blue Ice so huge?
* Ability to save graphics settings per account.
* Ability to save window placement server-side.
* Overview settings saved server-side.
* Import overview settings from any drive/folder on your machine.
* Import overview settings from URL?
* Ability to reset window positions.
* Ability to experiment with fits without having the ships or items, ala EFT but in-game.
* On one of my very low-end Mobility Radeon 4225s, the engine exhaust effect disappears if I move my camera a little ways away from my ship.
* Multiple undocking points per station. Several stations have lots of docking points but we only ever see ships undocking from one. Also, it would be *really* awesome if there was a better effect for a ship docking than just disappearing.
* Right click context menus should update to the relevant context even when they're open.

Posted - 2011.02.12 03:47:00 - [802]

one thing that irked me about this game would be how the STRATEGIC cruisers are set up. it's annoying how it's impossible to change sub systems at a pos. there is nothing strategic about them when your stuck with one set up that you can't change at a moments notice.

is this to big to be considered?

Wings of Redemption
Black Flag Alliance
Posted - 2011.02.12 04:00:00 - [803]

Edited by: Hippo117 on 12/02/2011 04:00:15
Why should we have to scroll down in people and places to search for solarsystems? Nobody uses resolutions where this is an inconveniently large drop down, in face it is more effort to scroll. (Also, you can't make people and places very small any more either).

Picture poorly made in paint for those who like pictures.


Roving Guns Inc.
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2011.02.12 04:55:00 - [804]

there are some changes I'd like to see in the skill que

limiting us to a 24hr. window to start new skills is quite restricting, what if I'm going out of town for the weekend and would like several skills to roll or if I'm going on holliday and won't be in a position to swap skills for 2-3 weeks, the que would be far more beneficial if we could set up either a 30 day que or a a 20 skill limit

injection of skills should be made possible if the prerequisite has been entered into the skill que, the skills required for the training of that skill should lock into the skillque so they can't be mucked about with after you've commited to the injection of the skill ... for example I'm going on a holliday (as per previous paragraph)and when I get back I want to be able to use Large T2 beam lasers but I can't even use the small ones before I leave, wouldn't it be nice to be able to que up small lasers lvl5 and lock it in by injecting small beam spec which I then que up to lvl4 which I lock in by injecting medium beam spec which I ect. ect.

when jump cloning or plugging in implants or unplugging them it's a tedious thing to have to open your char sheet, find current skill, pause current skill, do the thingie, restarting the skill .... I realise that this originates because the server needs to recalculate training speed if/when there's a change in the affecting attributes but surely it can't be a big deal to change the function from -clonejump- to -pauseskill-clonejump-startskill- and I can't imagine it being taxing on the server to auto do something that the user is guaranteed to do anyway, infact I'd imagine it'd lower the server workload

also formation flight would be cool ... and an extremely valuable tool for FC's

Posted - 2011.02.12 05:04:00 - [805]

When right clicking to auto-link an item in the chat type area allow the pop-up window to remain completely viewable on the screen. Often times when I right click on something to link it the option I wish to select is below the bottom of the game client window, and as such, it can not be selected. (So I then reposition the window slightly higher, right click again,, link the item,,, hit enter,,,, put the window back where it was,,,,, resume chatting,,,,,,) I hope I'm describing this well enough. I don't know if this happens much to other people. Thank you.

Aideron Robotics
The Aideron Collective
Posted - 2011.02.12 05:38:00 - [806]

+add more hair styles.. specialy for mans.. look at my avatar, i tried to make it like myself.. but i have long hair!!!
+Station panel minimizeable like general one at left. That brings a lot of space, still allowing use.
+Agents of station panel, grouped by user. That way i don't need to see the ugly ones too.
+Ships list in station, add a "only small icons" option.
+Ships list in station, add "sort by size". (titan,bs,cmd ships, bc, cruicers, etc) Also could be "sort by tech" (faction first).
+"sort by tech" in hangars and any container.
+search fleets being in one.

Roving Guns Inc.
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2011.02.12 06:04:00 - [807]

being able to create hangar filters/tabs would be nice so you can have for example items/ships/blueprints/modules

differentiating beetween blueprint copys and originals in your hangar with different icons (also would be nice if the api could state original/copy) ... if a blueprint hangar is implemented it'd be cool if that also listed runs/materialefficiency

if a modules hangar is implemented it'd be cool to be able to sort by slot type and by meta level in addition to the regular ones

some alliance role functionality would be cool ... for example being able to assign alliance wide pos-gunnery roles, station management roles ect. this would probably be best implemented by ceo/director nominates members for roles and executor corp ceo/director then accepts/declines ... also I'm sure there's many alliances that'd benefit from having an alliance wallet and the ability to issue bills to corps

pos silos should be accessible via the api like the fuel bay

gang bonus to shields isn't what it should be today ... would be better if we actually got the bonus when we session-change instead of just getting the maximum raised (for example fleet boosted by leviathan allways drops approx 25% of their shields when jumping if they were @ 100% before jumping)

creating a fleet jump option so that when in a fleet members can select "ready to jump" in addition to the regular "jump" and command positions would get "jump fleet/wing/squad" which would execute the jump for all those who've declared their readiness (don't know how this would be best implemented for capital ships that need a cyno rather than a gate but you're clever fellows and I'm sure you can come up with something better than I)

pos processes should be better setup so that it's easyer for those that operate them to see the flow of materials and reactions

onlining pos modules should be que-able or onlining time of silos drasticly reduced or even eliminated

Ai Shun
Posted - 2011.02.12 06:09:00 - [808]

Originally by: 2259
This is why I say the default value in the EVE client should be "Collapse", because that's how it's been for years now, and that's what the majority of players are used to when double-clicking a window title bar. Changing this default for Windows players from "Collapse" to "Maximise" will absolutely **** off the majority of the player base.

I see where you are going - slight disconnect there. For existing installations, yes, it should be retained as it was. But, if somebody is creating a new account (And yes, the client knows if you're logging in for the very first time on account) it should behave like the most prevalent host OS for EVE gamers. So that new players will have the intuitive user interface they are used to.

Illwill Bill
Svea Crusaders
Posted - 2011.02.12 06:33:00 - [809]

One common skybox for all systems; make system-to-system transistion show. Having identical nebulas for all systems is boring, and makes people think they should be removed.

Make it possible to opt out of loading player portraits, by implementing the click-to-load functionality again. While I am on a fast connection, I fail to see the point of loading the portrait of every player in Jita local. Also, the new portraits are awesome!

Make the star gates send the ships to their destination. Something like the old JB effect where ships are devoured whole, and then spit out on the other side.

While we're at it: Cyno effect. Now. Please.

The Ferox needs a rebalance. This awesome-looking ship is currently more useful with autocannons than with the weapons it has bonuses for. Alternately, just swap the hybrid bonus for a projectile bonus! >:)

Zulu People
Posted - 2011.02.12 06:43:00 - [810]

Edited by: Rollaz on 12/02/2011 07:12:13
Here's one.

If I'm looking at a contract with just one item, I'd like to be able to select that item and "find in contracts" and/or "View market details" from that view. Just like i can from a contract with multiple items.

Also when viewing "contents" of a ship, would also like to get the same as above.... Like when pricing out the value of a ship would really be helpful.

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