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Amaha Masane
Avalon Advanced Research and Development
Eclectic Collective
Posted - 2011.02.11 20:24:00 - [751]

*Whenever you click on a factory/ECU/launchpad make that context window immediately pop on top of all other PI windows
*make a link blink red when a change you made to an ECU is projected to go over its limit.
*add a menu to the command center that allows you to quickly focus on the various structures in the colony. The planets are pretty, but wheeling the mudball to get from one ECU to another in another hemisphere is a PITA.

*Allow me <relog> to switch <relog> between characters <relog> on the <relog> same account <relog> without having <relog> to re-enter <relog> my login <relog> information every <relog> SINGLE <relog> TIME!! It makes me feel like I'm being targeted by a phishing attack. It also makes doing PI/industry/Research take A LOT longer than it should. I entered it correctly once, I'm not gonna have a dissociative fugue and do evil things to my chars just cause I wanna switch.

Bat Country
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2011.02.11 20:31:00 - [752]

The autopilot icon is a light yellow circle...this makes it NOT completely unlike the light white circle of other gates.

Make the autopilot gate a different colour and Bold.

Lazarus 2010
Posted - 2011.02.11 20:40:00 - [753]

Please add the "Invite To..." submenu to the fleet members elements so we can invite members easily to a chat channel (wing/squad channels, etc.). Also an "Invite Members To..." would be nice as well. It wouldn't change game dynamics, but would make it much less work to sort out a large fleet.


Callic Veratar
Posted - 2011.02.11 20:53:00 - [754]

Reading through everything I've thought of some more things

- Vespas and Valkyries are never dropped in loot
- The Compare windows can only be accessed by Show Info for items/modules with variants
- The Machariel's collision radius is significantly smaller than the ship
- Personal Wallet divisions with automatic withdrawl/deposit controls
- Eve-mail message window disappears when you attempt to resize it (might be a bug, not sure...)
- Rigs disappear when pulled off a ship
* refund 50-80% of the material cost
- "Bug Report" option in the petitions
- Join FW without having to leave my corp/have the whole corp join FW
- Folders for items in Stations
* logical groupings, not physical like station containers
- Ammo Bays for all ships
- Courier Missions linking to Courier Contracts
* flag me as a FW target for 24 hours after mission complete
- Fix scrolling through hangars to not do the multiple item selection at random
- Fix repeated selling of items not change the selected item or have the 1 second delay

Posted - 2011.02.11 21:00:00 - [755]

I wish I was able to repackage loads of modules inside a corp hangar in a pos.

Currently the option to repackage is there but when I click it it doesn't work.

Callipygian Provocateur
Posted - 2011.02.11 21:01:00 - [756]

- Please fix opening right-click sub-menus.
* More specifically, please don't change the opened sub-menu until it has had sustained mouseover for several hundred milliseconds.

Renegade Serenity
Posted - 2011.02.11 21:02:00 - [757]

My papercut to eve - why is the default on contracts auction? Are't exchanges used 10 times more often?

Now for my axe cut - Kill the Dead Horse and implement it!

Pole Dancer
Posted - 2011.02.11 21:03:00 - [758]

Nice and simple request. I'd like an "export my settings" button that would produce a single file that I could move from computer to computer and re-import.

This file would contain all the channels I'm a member of, all my overview settings, my saved fittings, basically everything that's saved client-side.

I know you can move each of the files that control these settings by hand if you know where they are kept but it shouldn't need a degree in computer science to do something as simple as this.

Eschelius Hod
Posted - 2011.02.11 21:06:00 - [759]

Edited by: Eschelius Hod on 11/02/2011 21:07:37
- more options for the Watch List
* Drag and drop to order pilots not by who was added first but by who I want to have first in list
* Allow to add indicator to pilots in watch list (e.g. highlight pilot(s) in different colour or symbol behind the name)

Watch list is a nice feature that could be soooo much better. I can live with it being limited to 10 pilots.

- Bookmarks are saved on server but please allow Folders to be saved on the server as well
(Changed computer and had to rearrange over 1000 bookmarks to folders... painstakingly)

Posted - 2011.02.11 21:12:00 - [760]

Edited by: Heathrow on 11/02/2011 21:14:27
*Anytime you can open up a context menu for a single item you should be able to add that item to the market quickbar (i.e. A quickbar option for linked items from chat, items in your orders tab of the wallet, items in the marketplace anywhere but the Browse or Search bar).

*Likewise, Anytime you open up a context menu on a location all the mapping, destination and bookmarking locations should be available. Specifically, when you look at all the stations in a corp's Settled Systems you feel like you should be able to right click and set destination or bookmark but instead you have to open up map browser and search for the system manually. I haven't noticed this problem anywhere else specifically but it's probably annoying everywhere it shows up.

*And, in that vein, dragging a system name from Map search or Settled Systems into the chat box should auto create a link (like it does when you drag an agent name into the chatbox).

This is a great thread, hope you make EVE even better in ways that people will hopefully never think about again :D

Edit: Come to think of it. Being able to drag items from your wallet orders into chatbox to link them would be handy too ^^

Allya Modrane
Posted - 2011.02.11 21:13:00 - [761]

Edited by: Allya Modrane on 11/02/2011 21:15:04
Allow me to rename all the elements of a POS, including the guns.

Better POS management. Some of my corpmates like to run their own POSes. I'm happy to allow this, but what it means is that everyone who does has to have the "config starbase equipment" role in order to mess around with their own POS. And that leaves it open for them to mess around with every other corpmate's POS. Why can't I give individual access to different POSes?

It's been mentioned before, but an easier way to online everything when setting up a new POS would be great. It takes many hours of manually setting up every component of a POS to get it fully fleshed out, and only one person can work on it at a time.

Join FW without having to leave my corp/have the whole corp join FW

This, too.

Why can't the watch list tell me what is being done to my corpmates? (Scrammed, neuted, etc).

The Green Cross
Controlled Chaos
Posted - 2011.02.11 21:21:00 - [762]

* Would be good if the window shortcuts worked as toggle - when pressed for the second time the corresponding window would close.

Drone 16
Posted - 2011.02.11 21:37:00 - [763]

Apologies if this has been posted before:

1- Ability to open cans inside of a corporate hangar, as far as I know, right now you need to put the can into cargo, open it get what you need and put the can back. With so many people living out of POS's during sov wars and the wormhole entrepeneurs who make thier living copletely out of a POS, I think this would be a helpful little change.

Malinae Jor
Posted - 2011.02.11 21:45:00 - [764]

Originally by: Plutonian
Would love the ability to have items in jetcans already pre-selected (so the whole group can be moved without right-clicking and choosing "Select All").

The "Select All" feels like a wasted, useless action the player is being punished with. It's bad enough when salvaging a mission... but really awful when attempting to scoop loot before your victim's buddies drop on you.

A "Move contents to Cargo," option in the right-click would be acceptable IMHO, and more useful than having everything auto-selected.

If there's no room, just a warning that says "Scotty the Docking Manager would be very angry if he found all this cargo blocking the halls on his next inspection. You'll have to move xxx.x m3 of cargo out of the halls before a crew member trips and breaks their neck."

Posted - 2011.02.11 21:53:00 - [765]

Add the possibility to auto link an ALLIANCE

count sporkula
Posted - 2011.02.11 22:14:00 - [766]

3 things.

first, when going through the same system multiple times could we possibly make the first jump in the series a different color? like your next jump is green but all subsequent jumps are yellow? not a consistent occurrence, but would be nice non the less.

Second, in certain missions the anomalies hurt my eyes with how bright they are. and i have to fly into them to get rid of the rats to move on (worlds collide if i remember right). i don't want the effect gone but it would be nice if there was a way to tone it down a bit.

and this one probably isn't as easy. but...

when you in the fitting window it would be really nice if there was a button to "simulate" the activation of certain modules such as hardeners, sensor boosters, ECCM, and the like so i don't have to un-dock or open a fitting program to see the changes that the module would make.

HillAnt Corp
Posted - 2011.02.11 22:18:00 - [767]

Edited by: HillAnt on 11/02/2011 22:19:36
- make new chat channels take on the same settings as my other chat windows (font size 8, not 11 and text only without icons)

Vakasho Umi
Posted - 2011.02.11 22:26:00 - [768]

The notes in the notepad...: let us sort them alphabetically at least.
(By date of creation would be a nice addition too.)

Kyra Felann
The Scope
Posted - 2011.02.11 22:33:00 - [769]

Edited by: Kyra Felann on 11/02/2011 22:37:38
It'd be nice if people restricted ideas to those that aren't already implemented...

Originally by: Huan CK
You made a shortcut to set focus to the chat window. PLEASE give us a shortcut to deselect the chat window, too!!!!

You mean like ALT+SPACE, which sets focus on the overview? After you do this, you can also select things on the overview with the cursor keys now. Yay for mouseless navigation and combat finally!

Originally by: Plutonian
Would love the ability to have items in jetcans already pre-selected (so the whole group can be moved without right-clicking and choosing "Select All").

CTRL+A works in virtually all programs with a GUI, including EVE. This has been pretty much the standard shortcut for "select all" since about Windows 3.1 if I remember correctly.

Also, someone said they should add meta-level to a column in your hangar. I'm pretty sure this was added at some point in Incursion.

Phill Alutan
The Spire Collective
Posted - 2011.02.11 22:37:00 - [770]

Edited by: Phill Alutan on 11/02/2011 22:54:53
In bulk and as they come out of my mind (sorry for my bad english):

* No more bumps on gates when warping at 0, sending your freighter/ship 25 km away at 300+ m/s
* Overview/UI font size and police adjustable
* Locked for so long time after joining a fleet
* Changing role in fleet takes so long time to display
* Option to turn off sound in station (very annoying)
* Matching the warp indicator index position to the remaining time before warp (especially after undocking)
* Easy way to re-position the locked targets display
* If an asteroid depletes, stop the mining cycle as soon as it is depleted
* Hit boxes of asteroids not matching their visual size
* Even if I am not given the roles by my corp, I want to have full access to all the tabs of my Orca/Rorqual/carrier/etc (it is MY ship...)
* Possibility to have the name of my Orca/Rorqual/carrier's tabs different than my corp's tabs (It is MY ship...)
* Background luminosity in many systems/mission places is too bright
* Text at the end of a sentence in a resized chat getting covered by the text of the next line
* Auto stack of items/ore/etc as soon as dropped into a container/cargo/etc... (do not auto stack the 1 unit of ore intentionally left in a jetcan to prevent it to "pop")
* Mining drones not docking when ordered to (they come back and simply orbit, sitting ducks and preventing fighting drones to be deployed)
* Having to enter the same forcefield password every time after a move
* The trade window doesn't keep its size and position

Posted - 2011.02.11 22:38:00 - [771]

OK, here's an issue that has been annoying me to no end.

There is a warning window that appears when you are about to enter lowsec. However, there is no warning window when you are about to enter highsec with a low sec status.

In other words, if I have -2.3 sec status, I should get a warning when attempting to jump into a 1.0 system (since the faction police will attack me).

This is kinda a big deal - many people try to enter highsec with -1.97 sec status or similar, and get killed since the faction police often see the numbers differently than the client shows them. The warning is very important for this reason alone.

Galactic Rangers
Posted - 2011.02.11 22:41:00 - [772]

- Complete Sound Overhaul
*needs to be more violent and Heavyer Sounds the Larger the class of weapon, my giga beams should not sound like my medium focused
*need a larger noticeable sound difference between LArge artillery and Large AutoCannon, they currantly sound the same
* fixes to sound engine so i can hear ALL sounds so that sounds dont stop mid way through or dissapear entirely
* execution of annoying choir boys from amarr stations and replaced with something else... ANYTHING ELSE!!!
* sound notification of yourself being warp scrambled, there is only so much i can keep track of on the screen at one time, and in the middle of a dozzen or so damage messages comign in at once, the occasional warp scrambled message tends to get missed
* new launcher sounds depending on launcher type and size

-Graphical changes
* Capitals need to be bigger, MUCH bigger as well as battleships, battlecruisers need to be slightly bigger also and cruisers need to be smaller and frigs ALOT smaller
*jungle cammo on navy ships needs to be replaced with something else, anything else
* Tactical overlay needs a major makeover, im thinking BSG style here
* missiles need to leave the tubes, not the random center of the ship, bring back exodus style missiles


Cory Sopapilla
Kiroshi Group
Posted - 2011.02.11 22:49:00 - [773]

Edited by: Cory Sopapilla on 11/02/2011 22:53:02
* Right-click -> orbit planet. You can't do that with a planet. Um, we were doing that in 1957.
* Can't orbit a planet, but you can hide inside one without taking damage or being shot out.
* Outdated descriptions such as what research agents actually do and that T2 BPOs aren't in a lottery.
* Window positions aren't really sticky when you deal with the market and have open cargo bins.
* Either have a different icon for blueprint copies or give me a big fat warning when I accidentally put the original I'm copying up for contract.
* More granular API access (well this one isn't really a "papercut" issue)
* Can't see who's outside station. On-board scanners being at least functional while docked would help somewhere here.
* Local as instant intel
* Engine trails
* Old cyno effect
* 10 minute cyno timer - A skill to lower the time or an option to just yank the power cord and do damage to it would be nice.
* Still no alliance/corp market options other than contracts.
* Can't modify contract prices
* HUD UI could use a major overhaul. Truly transparent local list without a preset window height, movable icons (all of them), more info about highlighted target (trajectory, traversal, etc) without needing a 500 pixel wide overview, unresponsive 'docking request accepted', default hidden session timers, 1 item at a time damage indicators you couldn't possibly keep up with, etc.
* Trying to dock just after you are blown up and clicking it more than once starts a new 30 second timer session.
* Can't pause skills to start a new one on another acct AND can't relog without restarting the whole client. One or the other would be nice and the game seems to be evil and have a login queue after pausing a training skill quite often.
* Selecting a single item (trit for example) and right clicking to 'stack all' shouldn't stack EVERYTHING, only that item type.
* API recognition of research lvls of prints
* Why do rats love asteroid belts so much? Do they hate miners?
* Why does the universe spawn belts in exactly the same place every time?
* Exit points requiring a jump gate or cyno bridge makes sense. The other end should be a point of our choosing though even if it limits you to stations, belts, planets, or whatever only. We're warping, not being beamed over.
* Salvaging someone elses wreck is fine, but Concord killing you for taking action is just weird. More explosions = good and the salvager still gets to pick the ship to use in the fight knowing what the target has ahead of time if they sneak in & look.
* Probing to find stuff should be a profession, not a right-click warp-to option for everyone.
* Insurance payouts for Concord related deaths still needs more work.
* Only RPers care if everyone in the corp has high *insert faction name here* standings. POS anchoring should be doable as a corp player using their own standings. This is another potential profession killed in the sandbox.
* Can't kick someone from the corp if they're in space.
* Static moon goo that never depletes/respawns new types just keeps the map too static.
* Can't perform advanced reactions with moon goo in empire space. I can understand mining the moon goo, but a lab is a lab, a refinery is a refinery, and they shouldn't care what it's orbiting.
* Non destructable outposts. This is like getting into a market in WoW where you sell an item that people only need ONCE (like bags) that they won't need again - ever. I don't like WoW. I like neverending market demand and regional market separation.
* A special jump freighter cyno for empire space that no other ship can lock onto would be more fun than flying those fat, slow turning cows for 2 hrs to reach your destination.
* Icons blink too much. Most of the time it's something you already looked at 5 seconds ago and it just realized you weren't told about it yet.
* Scaling is tricky, but everyone not on top of you is just a pixel with a square around them. I wanna SEE ship types.

Edward Teague
Posted - 2011.02.11 22:49:00 - [774]

Edited by: Edward Teague on 11/02/2011 22:50:21
Originally by: Alexas Kateiwa
1. You can't add bookmarks to your "People & Places" directly from a can in space so it means you cant take a bookmark in a capsule.

2. You can't copy bookmarks easily.

you can copy bookmarks easily. hold shift and drag them to your cargohold, item hangar, whatever

(same shortcut you use when splitting stacks of items)

my niggle

I have craptacular vision.. I want to be able to adjust text/font size, and not just in the chat windows, but context menus and such as well. Please?

Dolmite Cornerstone
Posted - 2011.02.11 23:08:00 - [775]

After 10 pages, here are the ones I want to second and add my voice too: (mostly I copied-pasted)
*Why can I not log out of my account directly back to the character selection screen?
*Why is there no bulk contract creator?
*I'd like to be able to drag items from market to chat to autolink it.
*I don't like it how the explosions of missiles don't shape themselves according to where they hit
*I don't like it how missiles rubber-band-zig-zag a bit before hitting
*I'd prefer it if energy neuts effects worked like a giant, bright zap, then nothing until the cycle repeats
*I liked the older acceleration gates which shot tractor-beam like things at you. They still functioned exactly the same.
*There needs to be a flash of light/something flashy when going into warp.
*If I do a courier mission and click undock without what I'm supposed to deliver in cargo, please warn me.
*Sharing bookmarks amongst characters on same account.
*'Show info' is showing useless values
*'Show info' rows not in a logical sequence
*'Show info' Resistances take up too much space
*Cannot use chat windows while undocking (screen fading to black) (didn't we used to be able to do this?)
*You have to be in a pod in order to clonejump
*After being podded, please automatically open the Medical services if I am in a station with a med bay
*When I am disconnected, please have my drones return to the drone bay while the ship aligns for warp-out
For T2 ships, remove the "per-level" bonuses for skills that are required at L5 and turn them into Role bonuses
*Loot and other items don't automatically stack when I drop them into my cargo hold.
*Mining lasers munching on empty rocks until the end of their cycle.
*Not being able to put skills into the skill queue if the prerequisites aren't finished, even if the prerequisites are on the queue before the skills in mention.
*Remotely accept missions once they've been offered.
*Being able to see the amount of damage to a drone when it isn't in space, see above.
*map option to remove all stars further out than x jumps from current selected system or route or not in the selected region/constellation
*drones window, every un/dock one have to open the "drones in space"-tab, again...
*all drones should aggro back if one of them is attacked, not just the one beeing agressed (if set to agressive)
*it would be nice to see in which state (agressive / passive) the drones are without to open the settings
*Can not change Overview settings while in station.
*An option to turn off ALL blinking of Eve mail and journal, just like Wallet already is. If I just insured my ship, I don't need a mail 2 secs later that I insured my ship. I know already, I was there!
*Buttons for drone commands on the drone bar.
*icons on the overview for nos/neut effect (similar to ECM/warp scram/web)
*Loot All button
*If a module isnt fitted to a ship and it isnt damaged then repackage it.
*dual 150mm rail guns use 1x medium charge instead of 2x small chargers.(interesting, Chainsaw!!)
*When starting a conversation with an agent to turn in a mission, and the first thing they say is "Hey, hurry up with that mission I gave you." That's why I'm talking to you!
*You can't right-click the icon of whoever logged on in the bottom right corner
* Add a 'days left until insurance runs out' in the insurance window.
* When attempting to repackage a large list of items and one of them is damaged, the repackage process stops completely at the first damaged item. It should repackage ALL viable items and notify me that some items could not be repackaged because they are damaged.
* Expired insurance mails do not get sent until I go to the insurance window. Then I get them all at once.
*When I jump trough a gate and try to lock something, I want it to cancel my gate cloak instead of telling me I can't do it.
*Drones being shot should blink red like people in your watch list do.
*Packaged containers should be smaller than assembled containers.

Dolmite Cornerstone
Posted - 2011.02.11 23:13:00 - [776]

*Dragging a packaged and stacked bunch of modules to the fitting window will pull only one item off that stack, unpackage it, and fit that one module to the ship. Fitting my Omen with all five lasers from a stack of five involves dragging the pile to the fitting window five times.
*Not being able to directly move a fitted one-only module (e.g. DCII) to a different slot without unfitting it first.
*If some chat window was minimized when you logged out, it should stay minimized when you log back in.
*Digit grouping in in-game calculator.
*Having to open People & Places to do bookmarks in space.
*When you press the 'fitting' button on the left of your screen, the fittings window appears. When you press it again, it disappears. This is a great feature. Why is this small bit of programming not incorporated into the rest of the buttons? Srsly you guys.
*You can't cancel a targeting order until after the object is targeted
*EVE-mail: can't we make the notifications just new maps in the EVE-mail like inbox, sent items? Two seperate tabs are kind of unnceccessary;
*Why does my character button light up when I went to the certifacte planner to retrieve my certifactes, saying that I have retrieved my certifactes...I know I just retrieved them. In order to get rid of the light I have to close and open the character window.
*Free warping--either by (X,Y,Z) or direction-start-stop.
*Stacking item in a full container fails because there is not enough room to stack the items that already exists in there.
*When moving certain of the same things on top of each other, you get a “you cannot stack” error and the move is canceled, instead of it just adding below the item.
*“Contracts” icon in the neocom should light up when you are assigned a contract and you are offline.
Racial/shipclass/flavor HUD

a blend of many peoples' and my own
*Camera repositioning when undocking or jumping through gates.
*Journal only needs to flash when a mission finishes. I know I accepted a mission, I just hit the button!
*If nothing substantial has been done, let me 'undo' my clone jump. (Sucks to jump to hi-sec to mission, and only minutes later there is a fleet of reds on the way to your friends and you can't go back to help.)

And just to register a 'no': I read the dev blogs on lag & missiles, so I say no to all the missile requests except for visible launchers.
Along a similar line: I understand the mutli-coloured chat requests, but I would like this to be optional--I do like to keep some things seperate, like corp chat from private RL friend chat from regional intel.

AJ DeCesare
Posted - 2011.02.11 23:16:00 - [777]

Better damage fx are needed.

A ship taking shield damage should show as one fx, i.e. the shields buckling.
The ship then takes armor damage and should use a different fx as the armor melts
Lastly when the ships takes hull damage the third type of fx kicks in.

Different sound fx could be tied in with the visual fx too.

I know ships can actually catch on fire but in most fights this isn't seen unless the ship survives by the skin of it's teeth. This visual effect above(using different colours) should be visable to anyone wathing the fight even from a distance.

A ship taking damage should be the most impressive visual sequence in eve, and yet all we have now is the same old fx from the first scratch of the shield until it blows. If the ship survives without dipping into hull it doesn't even look like it has been in a fight at all. I'm sure even mission runners would like it to look like their ship is taking damage when they are running a hard mission.

This is so easy to do as well, I just don't get why it hasn't been done already unless it's cpu/memory hungry.

Posted - 2011.02.11 23:16:00 - [778]

I didn't read all of the responses so forgive me if I'm repeating things.... but here are my top 10 "paper-cut" issues in no particular order:

1) I would like to be able to bookmark my present position with a short-cut instead of having to open the places screen every time

2) If I have a station container in *my own hangar* why do I (a) need to configure it not to lock stuff before I use it and (b) why can't I repackage and/or trash it when I darned well want to! Nobody else has access to it anyway.... Oo

3) I would like it if the mouse over of a module told me the optimal range with the ammo I have loaded in the pop up.

4) I wish the box on the center of your ship remained visible when the directional scanner is open.

5) It would be wonderful if the "delete key" bug in the in game editors was fixed. It's a constant reminder that I fail as a typist.

6) It's irritating beyond belief that the security in the ship maintenance array in POS's can't be configured properly. At the very least I would like the option to "lock" a ship in the array with a password so I don't "donate" too many ships to people whose sole occupation is stealing from ship maintenance arrays.

7)It would be nice if the icons for "Fitting" and "Market" in the neocom looked very different or had very different colours. I'm severely colour blind so I don't see *any* difference in colour (if there even is one) as they are now and I click on the wrong one about 30% of the time.

8)I wish the assets search would look in cans.

9) You can't rename a ship unless you're IN it? Oo

10) It would be fantastic if you could "plastic wrap" courier contracts, even if it cost some isk to do so. That way when it gets delivered it, it would remain in the crate until you "unwrapped" it. It would be SO *incredibly* handy to be able to courier ships from A to B in a crate together with all the modules it uses and leave it boxed up until you needed it. Just imagine how nice it would be to *finally* stay organised without all of the time spent sorting through heaps of stuff you sent out to 0.0 trying to figure out what goes with what. For keeping corp hangars organized (for various reasons) this would be a dream come true.


tomino sama
Posted - 2011.02.11 23:29:00 - [779]

This suggestion is not a problem, i just think its an easy addition which would enhance the look of the game in combat.

*ability to lock camera angle relative to the ship

Then when i am in combat/space the environment will move around but the ship appears to stays at that angle if I turn the camera lock on.

could be a new right click menu option for the advanced camera controls set.

You would see this in many other flight-sim / space sim games, except you usually stare at an engine effect. I like the free camera in EVE so i dont want that changed at all. I use the keyboard controls a lot since incursion and find it easier to leave the mouse alone now ::)

I like to see where i'm going in warp. If there was a camera lock option somewhere, i could set the the camera behind and slightly to one side of the ship.

It looks awesome, when the backdrop of stars flyby behind my amarr assault ship or as it turns in orbit. BUT i gotta move the camera myself to get those cinematic angles.

I do like spinning ::D but it would look cool if you could also stop the ship spinning, having it follow the ships movement.

Admiral Amarrian
Posted - 2011.02.11 23:31:00 - [780]

hey this guy logged off 2 times after we got a point and atacked him with a group gate camping when he jumped in an obilisk, he was able to get away 2 times today after loggin and warping away
is there some sort of loophole to the 15 agro timer that he is getting??? can this be fixed so we can get our kill???

i dont like thinking that this can be used whenever a frieghter jumps into our low sec system and get away :( please fix this problem so we can get our kill failrly


I apologize for the late reply. Actually the 15-minute-PvP-Logout-Timer only takes effect if the target receives PvP-Action before disconnecting. If he disconnects before you were able to land a hit on him the ship will disappear after one minute, as happened here.

As a ship is not targetable after jumping through a gate for 30 seconds at maximum a player can always check if there is opposition on the other side an then log off before you will be able to hit him. This is part of the normal game mechanics and not an abuse of them.

Best Regards,
GM Ochlavita
The EVE Online Customer Support Team

as a gate camper and pvper/pirate we take extreme fun in taking players that are dumb enough to jump into our system with industrial ships without a proper escort or recon, it is very sad day for us to hear that a player can jump into a low sec system not doing the proper "real life" steps with a very expensive and profitable kill to just dissapear when there is a threat, this is not realistic and therefore i believe that this deffinatly a reasonable change that will make the game experience better for both the players on both sides of the gate... thanks for your consideration in solving this issue


Actually this is not a change but the way this works since the PvP-Logout-Timer has been introduced into the game all those years ago. If a player disconnects before he receives any form of PvP-Action the ship will vanish after one minute. If not you have 15 minutes to finish him off.

Best Regards,
GM Ochlavita
The EVE Online Customer Support Team

This is clearly an easy way for people to get away when they are dumb enough to jump into a system with out escort or at least doing some simple recon,this NEEDS to be changed because of it obvious lack in common sense! I know it sucks loosing an expensive ship but come on people take the necessary steps to avoid being jumped and you wont have to find dumb loopholes that ruin the game for a large majority of low-sec capsuleers!

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