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Posted - 2011.02.11 03:39:00 - [661]

Character sheet bug. I don't like having to relog the client to grab killmails.

Nata Asphyxia
Posted - 2011.02.11 04:12:00 - [662]

Selected item window after using jump bridge bug, which has been here for quite a while.

Details: sometimes after using jump bridges selected item window gets bugged and doesn't refresh the distance to object, so such buttons like jump through gate remain grayed out even when you get within 0m from the gate. Re-selecting the gate (any object) refreshes the distance ONCE, enables you to jump, but you have to re-select the object every time you want the distance updated. Overview window remains intact btw.
This gets cured by relogging or dock-undock procedure, but is annoying as hell and has been here for ages.

Auraine Night
Posted - 2011.02.11 04:24:00 - [663]

to have the fleets window keep the same size even when locked. Sometimes (most of the time) it will go under windows when a new fleet is formed even when it starts out locked.

Posted - 2011.02.11 04:28:00 - [664]

Two new ones with the latest expansion:

While holding down Ctrl (Which freezes the overview in place while you try to target things), new objects on the grid used to appear at the bottom of the list, as they should. They now appear in their normal sorted position, causing everything else to move and you to target the wrong thing.

Also while holding Ctrl, if you furiously click on something trying to lock (as it comes out of warp invulnerability for example), you'll start flying towards it, which is rarely your intention. Double-click-to-fly-towards should only happen when you're not in ctrl+click locking mode.

L e e
Posted - 2011.02.11 04:56:00 - [665]

Artillery guns shooting graphics look like a car that has backfired

Merciless Reckoning
Executive Solution
Posted - 2011.02.11 05:03:00 - [666]

Originally by: Daneel Trevize
* The fact that updating the test server takes huge download every time
Use the SisiLauncher tool, it'll just do the difference for you. ugh

Doesn't work for Mac.

Nolana Kane
Posted - 2011.02.11 05:06:00 - [667]

Edited by: Nolana Kane on 11/02/2011 08:48:22
Please, please, please:

- open Market Overview from item Info (right click the icon or something). I have to first switch to variants and then right click the one to get to the market info. Very annoying, especially if there are no variants! Maybe I'm missing something, but this always bugged me.

- We can do the most amazing futuristic things, but copying a bookmark (which is merely 3 coordinates and a name) from a container or transmitting it or e-mailing it is close to impossible. Heck, 1994 I was able to FTP to servers, but I can't deal with bookmarks in the far future? Come on, guys!

- The same is true for collecting stuff from containers. I can salvage a frickin ship and the stuff gets transported in my bay, but the salvager just won't touch the stuff in the container. Weird.

- And please, please, double-please: consistently display numbers (esp ISK) with , and . Example: 123,512,111.23 is much easier to read than 123512111.23

Black Mesa Mavericks
Posted - 2011.02.11 05:11:00 - [668]

Edited by: Demyen on 11/02/2011 05:12:29
A couple of immersion-boosting ideas. Not sure if these technically count as papercuts, but they're pretty minor and as the devs are listening, I'm posting here anyway.

-Please let us "lock camera drone position" relative to our ships when in space. Right now the camera follows your ship (or whatever you're looking at), but its angle and rotation stay static relative to the outside world. In other words, your ship rotates around within your field of view while the background nebulae and static objects don't move much until you use your mouse to adjust the camera.
It would be a HUGE boost to immersion, at least for me, if one could set the camera so the opposite is true: your camera stays pointed at exactly the same spot on your ship (until you move it) while all of that beautiful background twists and tumbles around you. See for a decent example of what I mean.

Remember that docking sequence? Yeah. I want that. One should be able to turn it on and off, of course. But it's little things like being able to watch my ship coast in and come to rest over a docking pad while the neocom loads that really make me feel like I'm there, like this is real.

-Come to think of it, an optional neocom loading sequence on undocking would also be really cool.

These are small things, but as this thread has clearly demonstrated, it's the little things that make the Cluster go 'round. Thanks Santa, CCP.

Merciless Reckoning
Executive Solution
Posted - 2011.02.11 05:15:00 - [669]

  • CTRL+L_CLICK no longer locks a target in the Overview and cannot be made to do so.

  • Cannot combine keyboard + mouse keys for shortcuts (see above)

  • Cannot 'pause' the Overview for easier targetting

  • When your current target is destroyed, the first locked target is selected. This causes us to do aggressive actions against allies if we turn-on an aggressive module as the ship is destroyed

  • Logging out to switch characters on the same account restarts the client

  • Opening the Map (at least the first time) takes too long to load

  • EVE Gate - Voice does not remember my channels (just "Corp") that I joined while in game

  • EVE Gate still has no in-game text chat

  • Cannot use BPOs in personal hangar even with POS permissions

  • Corporation management is horrendous, please make it less confusing and obfuscated

  • POS management is horrendous, please make it less confusing and obfuscated

  • Corporate bookmarks (like Corporate Fittings)

  • Covert Ops Cloak should take skills/ship bonuses into account before fitting (as it is, the Fitting window shows I don't have enough CPU to fit, until I do fit, then I have plenty of CPU)

Furnulum pani nolo
Posted - 2011.02.11 05:26:00 - [670]

Edited by: galphi on 13/02/2011 02:09:43
  • Railgun and artillery sounds are weak, especially the battleship sized ones. Bass it up!

  • Artillery visuals are weak, put more fire and explosion into them.

  • Warp acceleration is a slow speed buildup, then a complete stop before warping up again. It'd be visually more pleasing if when finally hitting warp speed the ship continues on from the 'breakaway' point (2/3 speed, whatever that translates to in m/s) instead of stopping. Same with deceleration.

  • Getting to top warp speed and decelerating to drop out of warp should take far less time; consider a 'punch' effect to take you on/off grid practically instantly.

  • Targeting crosshairs used by the broadcast system should be bright green, and possibly animated so it sticks out from the grey-on-grey of the rest of the overview.

  • Nebulas and clouds in complexes and missions obscure foreground effects like engine exhausts and weapon effects.

  • Sensor booster and eccm effects are far too overpowering and need to be scaled back in intensity.

  • Create a client-side limit option so the player can select the total number of effects showable, so that you don't have to go for a all-or-nothing approach when in massive fleets.

Dr Pflaume
Posted - 2011.02.11 05:35:00 - [671]

- to cancel a research from an r&d agent one first have to show the offered (per eve-mail) mission and decline it to avoid standing loss Evil or Very Mad
please change the behavior of the "cancel research" button to:
show a warning about declining the mission and loosing some RP (show how many datacores you will get and how many RP you loose)
if "yes" then auto-decline offered mission, buy as many datacores as possible and cancel research

Huan CK
Garoun Investment Bank
Posted - 2011.02.11 05:41:00 - [672]

  • EVE-Audio is anything but up to date. The quality is horrible, and the sounds don't match well with the animations (especially for guns, etc). You've improved the graphics a dozen times now, and the sound got left behind. There's a big gap between the looks and the hears ;) Please close it.

  • On the market, please highlight own buy and sell orders for easy checking.

  • On the market, make it possible to right-click own buy and sell orders direktly in the market overview for easy access (Opening market + wallet to adjust buy and sell orders is aweful!).

  • Give us more options to move the UI and costumize the UI. After all, EVE is a browser game with nice graphics in the background ;) Give us more ways to optimize this, please.

  • When pushing the "targeting" button (e.g. 'CTRL'), freeze the overview, so we don't accidentally target the wrong player/ship/structure.

Game Balance:
  • But some love into blasters, please^^

Character selection:
  • Make it accessable from ingame without having to relog for easy/fast character swapping.

  • You made a shortcut to set focus to the chat window. PLEASE give us a shortcut to deselect the chat window, too!!!!

Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2011.02.11 06:23:00 - [673]

-I want to be able to group anything and everything, make my own groups, so I can click once to turn my MWD on, my scram, web, guns and neut. I want to be able to click once to activate all my strip miners, and not have to individually load crystals into each. I want to be able to click once to activate all my shield hardeners.
-I want a "empty container" option, so I don't have to repackage my many many GSC and then assemble them again to empty the ore out while hauling.
-I want to be able to double click on a module in my hangar/cargo to fit it to my ship.
-I want to be able to put drones in my friggen drone bay whilst in space, without needing a SMA or a carrier or something like that.
-MWD and AB use the same amount of energy no matter how fast you'r going. I'd like to be able to adjust the power, since sometimes half the MWD power would be enough - I'd like it to take less power in such a case.
-I'd love some sort of T2 rorq that had an asteroid tractor beam on it, so I could tractor roids into a huge blob and just nom them.

St Mio
Imperial Academy
Posted - 2011.02.11 06:30:00 - [674]

- Hotkey for Scanner Window's Analyze button.

- World Map Control Panel always opens when opening Map. Option to "Always open minimized" or remember last position properly.

Red Federation
RvB - RED Federation
Posted - 2011.02.11 06:39:00 - [675]

I'd like my overview Layout and Settings saved to the cloud.

I jump around from computer to computer to internet cafe to wherever, typically to computers I've never used before and where my settings are not saved. Thus, I have to reset and adjust alllll my overview settings again and again, which is extremely irritating.

It would be great if all this could be saved and automatically applied when I connect from a new computer.


Also, selling items. I wish I could select all my items in a station, select "sell all" and have a window pop-up with all my items I'm selling, with name, sell value, how many I'm selling, etc. etc. just a quick list to skim over and make sure things are good to go and that I can check and un-check if I want to sell any particular item in the list, then hit the sell button and have it all sell.

This would save hours of my life. I hate going one by one after I've run a bunch of missions. I know what I want and don't want to sell.

Posted - 2011.02.11 06:59:00 - [676]

Edited by: Zarlis on 11/02/2011 07:00:03
-When a wreak is salvaged while you are looting the container closes. It should stay open.

-Being able to turn on auto stack and/or auto sort in your cargo hold would be great.

And the really annoying one:
-When I try and trade with my alt in station and click on their portrait in corp or fleet the trade option is often missing and I have to tab to the alt and try and start a trade with them. This issue seems to be related to who entered the station last.

Dark Reignz
Posted - 2011.02.11 07:03:00 - [677]

Might as well add my two pence to this topic being as CCP are keeping and eye out for ideas:

1. New server logging architecture and proceedure to avoid the ole "our logs show nothing" and "our strict guidlines prevent us from..."

2. Skill management & corp functionality added to Eve-Gate.

3. Corp logo system upgraded to allow our own unique designs and maybe automated (possibly tied in with alliance stuff), maybe even reduced requirements.

4. A fully incorporated and upgraded corp text editor to allow colored fonts and an increase in the corp info editor box size itself which is currently a pain.

5. More convenient payment methods such as a direct payment format (for those of us with banking/ Ccard issues). This one is probably a small inconvenience to alot of people but a huge one for me personally. Paying for eve could be as easy as topping up a moblie phone :) (I dream all the time of this, even enquired about it to CCP)

6. Auto stacking in cargo.

7. Identical Module grouping.

8. Torpedo's to regain there range advantage over the others while keeping the damage nerf to smaller or faster ships.

9. Baring in mind eve's booming population and the staleness of 0.0, more soveriegnty abled systems to be added.

Those will do for now :)

Fan Shu
Posted - 2011.02.11 07:21:00 - [678]

The thing I hate most is:
Clicking a Neocom button opens something, but doesn't close it.

Make all windows work like the "Fittings" button/window.

Jess Tantalus
Posted - 2011.02.11 07:25:00 - [679]

When you leave a planet with edits a dialog pops up asking whether you want to *leave* the planet and discard changes or want to *stay* on the planet.

please add a *submit changes and leave* button.

Posted - 2011.02.11 08:03:00 - [680]

Edited by: phhire on 11/02/2011 08:06:16
How about fixing the audio bugs that never ever ever ever get fixed. Stargate sounds that repeat until you log off, rat sound loops that never turn off until you log off. And the many other audio problems. And the gfx efx seem to be going backwards not forwards whats up with that.

Posted - 2011.02.11 08:09:00 - [681]

Edited by: Flashrain on 11/02/2011 09:25:23

Jet cans
-Jettisoned containers auto rename to expiration time. It is inconvenient to rename each one just to track expiration times.
-Jet can capacity given visual cue: nearly empty> half > near full = steady red > yellow> blue glows
-Full/nearly full jet cans should have a flashing (very slowly - don't want any epileptic attacks) green/blue beacon as a visual cue to haulers during mining.


- Allow reconnect to lost drones on grid, much like reconnect to probes. It is inconvenient to slow boat from drone to drone for retrieval.
- Allow reconnect to lost fighters in system.
- On deployment, make drones automatically engage current target if exist. It is inconvenient to access the drone menu twice to deploy and engage.

- Allow vertical camera offset. Its absence is inconvenient for vertical multiple monitor arrangements.

Warp - On main context menu, add item "warp to next belt". It is inconvenient to navigate through the sub-menus just to reach the next belt.

Scroll wheel
-on mouse over speed indicator, allow scroll wheel to change speed.
-within any container(cargo, ship array, Planetary interactions), allow scroll wheel to navigate through items. Move mouse to item when scrolling stops. Move scroll bar to match scroll wheel when moving past visible portion of list.
-within overview window, allow scroll wheel to navigator through item list. Move mouse to item when scrolling stops. Move scroll bar to match when scroll wheel moves past the visible portion.
-within targeted items list, allow scroll wheel to navigate through items. Move mouse to item when scrolling stops.
-allow shift + scroll wheel to perform multiple (de)selections.


-Double click to lock/unlock items in secure containers.
-Double click on targeted item to fire all offensive modules from high/mid slots. It is inconvenient to mash all those buttons every single time.
-Double click again on same item to cease fire.
-Double click on unselected item in wreck to move to ship cargo container.
-Double click on selections of items in wreck to move to ship cargo container.
-Double click drone group in drone window to deploy drones.
-Double click anywhere in drone window to deploy first x drones up to skill limit.
-Double click again anywhere in drone window to recall all drones.

-Double click grouped weapons to overheat. Double click again to cease.
-Double click capacitor status to overheat all modules. Double click again to cease.

-double click probe launcher to launch all probes at once, up to skill limit.
-in solar system map mode, allow drag and drop probes onto celestial objects to relocate probe to object.
-on mouse over probe scan spheres, allow scroll wheel to change probe scan range in solar system map view.
-Double click on scanned item to recenter probes on the item.


-Fleet/wing leaders can right click on subordinate group leads and issue warp command to gates, planets, or stations. This conveniently allows warping different wings/squads to different gates quickly. Currently only allow fleet warp.
-On watch list, fleet/wing leaders can warp each subordinate groups to a different pilot. Currently only allows fleet warp.
-Allow broadcast targets to float to top of overview list.
-Or add new column "Broadcast Tag", and sort overview by this.

Defender Missiles
-It is inconvenient currently to counter against "recent" advances such as grouped weapons and focus fire from multiple vectors. Needs to vastly increase damage and/or firing rate to compensate. Volume needs to also vastly decrease to accommodate pve.
-Alternatively, allow any launcher to have a defender mode. It must have 400% or faster rate of fire bonus to counter focus fire missiles.
-It is inconvenient to have no gunnery equival

Posted - 2011.02.11 08:34:00 - [682]

- Probing
* Ctrl + Shift + drag sphere Border makes all probes dynamically move towards the center of all active probes
Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.
* according to their proximity to each other they might even change the sphere size smartly

Noun Verber
Posted - 2011.02.11 08:45:00 - [683]

*The Omen is purported to be a gunship, but can't fit 5 Heavy Pulse or Heavy Beam guns (without other modules present)

Posted - 2011.02.11 08:47:00 - [684]

Putting items into unlocked containers kept in a station, sometimes randomly locks the items and the container.

You have to manually unlock it again.

Jowen Datloran
Science and Trade Institute
Posted - 2011.02.11 08:49:00 - [685]

I would like POS reactors to have some kind of indicator showing the current processing cycle. Like PI processing plants have.

Posted - 2011.02.11 08:49:00 - [686]

If you are scrammed when you dock, sometimes the effect remains after an undock.

It takes a number of dock/undock routines or a long logoff to cure.

Malinae Jor
Posted - 2011.02.11 08:54:00 - [687]

Originally by: Demyen
Edited by: Demyen on 11/02/2011 05:12:29

-Come to think of it, an optional neocom loading sequence on undocking would also be really cool.

A docking sequence would be cool, but ultimately a little silly. If there is one, it should be on a toggle. I -wouldn't- mind a little bit of flare for UI elements changing between station/space though, that would be one of those 'little touches.'...

Perhaps a more entertaining loading screen than just a bar when docking/undocking, if anything? Even if it's just a stock video of our ship gliding up to the undock point under the watchful eye of Scotty the Docking Manager. Perhaps with Incarna?

Jupiter Force
Posted - 2011.02.11 09:09:00 - [688]

I would love a way to view every public contract a character currently have.

The Pegasus Project
Posted - 2011.02.11 09:25:00 - [689]

Too many pages to read through....

Has anyone mentioned reconnecting to lost drones? and npc's blowing them up while your disconnected?

Nothing more annoying than logging back on to find your drones destroyed or having to chase down any survivors to scoop them back into your drone bay....

Posted - 2011.02.11 09:33:00 - [690]

Hello my CCPīlers.

Game Balance:

In a fight every ship has 15 minutes aggression countdown. So itīs possible to shoot down the ship when the player log off when the timer is still running and i log off.

Every ship can be scanned in this time. Is it not usefull when capitals have a increased time from 20minīs ? Itīs bigger ;)

2nd case: When a Capital is in the siege mode it should not be possible to selfdestroy the ship in this time.When the selfdestroy is activated it should also not possible to activated the siege modus.

When you have a long fight against a fleet and they all run but they capital is catched they should give me the killmail and not selfdestroy in this time.

We had very often this case and itīs not funny after a good fight.

Best regards

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