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rekcuf bmuD
Posted - 2011.02.11 00:05:00 - [631]

POS's. Specifically, the anchoring/unanchoring onlining/offlining timers. When you want to set up or take down a POS, basically you need to commit 6+ hours of right clicking and waiting for timers if you have a decent amount of modules. It annoys me so much it makes me want to kill small animals. I've got 3 solutions to make setting up and tearing down POS's less of a pain:

1. Anchor/Online/Offline/unanchor que. Skill training used to be a major chore before the skill que was added, especially if you had a bunch of new skills. POS anchoring, etc. could use a process que (or whatever you want to call it), so that way if you want to set up a bunch of modules you can place them where you want, then choose the anchor option for each one, and if something is currently anchoring, the next module will automatically start to anchor once the current module is finished anchoring.

2. Shorten the anchor, etc. timers so you can set up a POS in a reasonable amount of time.

3. Add a skill, or repurpose an existing skill (say, like the skill "anchoring"?) to allow you to anchor, etc. more than one module at once. An example would be to add +1 module per skill level that you can anchor, etc.

In regards to anchoring modules, there's a couple things that bug me:
Arrow A visual indication of where you can and can't place POS modules would be much appreciated. For example, if the green cube would be red in places you can't anchor a module, say if you are too close to another module or too far or too close to the POS (for guns).
Arrow The green cube that represents the space where you intend on anchoring a POS module is positioned relative to your ship, instead of being positioned in an absolute position. So if you have the green cube just where you want it, and get bumped, or somehow you accidentally start moving your ship then the green cube follows with your ship and gets out of the absolute position you wanted the module to be in.

POS crymails. Very annoying but they are supposed to be. The thing that bugs me about them is that its not immediately clear which POS fuel is low. From experience, or from some calculations you can figure out which one is needed, or you have to physically go to the POS so you can use the POS management window to tell you which fuel is low. How about we include the time left for each POS fuel that we can see from the POS management window in the crymail.

Hole Diggers
United Front Alliance
Posted - 2011.02.11 00:05:00 - [632]

i ask only for one simple thing the science and industry tabs start and remember their settings.

ie installations tab for example remebers when you select entire constellation instead of defaulting back to solar system every time!

this applies to when you attempt to put a blue print in for manufacture/research etc and you have to select installation too. REMEMBER MY LAST SETTING FOR CHRIST SAKE
that will reduce many broken mice and RSI

Hemmo Paskiainen
Posted - 2011.02.11 00:16:00 - [633]

Edited by: Hemmo Paskiainen on 11/02/2011 00:17:09
if u are running a fleet pvp/pve i would like to see ewar that is goign to a enymie/npc and if it is working. Example Player A can see witch npc/target is getting x ewar from player b.

When doing pve wiht a fleet there is usualy a dedicated tanking ship. When u get a escalation it is random to who it go's (tank or dps'r) If would be nice if always the lfeet boss or sl could get the expedidtion or make it possible to let another ship warp to the escalation that is not the char that got the escalation but is in system

If would be nice to have a specific faction deep space probe that can only tell if there is a wormhole in system or what signature name it has. Maybe only make it possible to be launched by faction probe launcher. (revives pvp, less probe time more pvp time)

Oh dont forget this, it might be a bit oversized
Thank u

Sinister Dextor
Posted - 2011.02.11 00:21:00 - [634]

I'd like to be able to rename my drones.

Nika Dekaia
Posted - 2011.02.11 00:25:00 - [635]

When quitting an R&D agent with an offered (but not accepted) daily mission, you will lose corp standing. Known bug, seems to be still around. Linkage

Posted - 2011.02.11 00:29:00 - [636]

Originally by: Celebris Nexterra
Oh wow one last thing I forgot:

-PLEASE make BPC and BPO icons different ugh

For anyone who does alot of science and industry this has got to be right on top of the list.

Black Snake Syndicate
Posted - 2011.02.11 00:29:00 - [637]

Stations in Stain don't look anything remotely Sansha.

This is wrong.

Calypso Carnai
Posted - 2011.02.11 00:30:00 - [638]

The single most tear-inducing minor thing I would like to see in the UI is the ability to add a regional filter to the 'asset search' tab in the Assets UI.

My marketing toon would be infinitely grateful if that little region dropdown list that we have in the region tab could just be added to the search tab EVEN if it was just a tick that said 'current region only'...

It would allow him to find all assets of a given type IN THE CURRENT REGION and sell them on the market. At the moment, for simple logistical purposes, he has to either only buy items of a given type per region (so that finding all items of that type also lets him sell them all) OR go to each region and open up all station asset lists and scroll, scroll, scrolllll.....

<3 in advance

Kivrin Trinli
Posted - 2011.02.11 00:32:00 - [639]

When optimizing a route would take too long (e.g., with 12+ waypoints), give an option to compute an approximate solution. This could be limited either by the number of jumps to within opt (e.g., at most k jumps above opt) or by the amount of time (e.g., best solution after 1 minute). Alternatively, give a way to cancel the optimization process if it is taking too long, rather than forcing the user to restart Eve.

Miss CJB
In White Suits
Posted - 2011.02.11 00:37:00 - [640]

# massively increase the aggression timer
# make RR give aggression (ie stop them docking)
# have which orders are mine, highlighted on the market
# have the install manufacting jobs dialog tell me Ive run out of slots before Ive configured the job.
# people salvaging/ moving/taking from a wreck i created (ie blowing someone else up) become flashie to me.
# time for autopiolet to warp to zero.
# one click warp to zero.
# if not implementing above point, a way to cancel a hotkey wtz command.
# separate market tabs for sell & buy orders.
# wallet/market not lagout when orders are filling.
# allow me to config local to only show war targets.

True Sight
Deep Freeze Industries
Posted - 2011.02.11 00:59:00 - [641]

The 'type' drop down list in the People&Places search box has a scroll bar, it could EASILY fit every single option with just a longer list, which would cut out that annoying extra time needed to scroll between the various options.

Awesome Possum
Original Sin.
Posted - 2011.02.11 00:59:00 - [642]

1. Eve-O forum app, or at least clean it up so it doesn't look like crap on cell phones.

2. Continue fixing the LP Store window, its alot better than it was, but still needs tweaking (can't describe exactly what atm).

3. Implants that affect drones

leave RR/salvage alone.

Debitum Naturae
Drop the Hammer
Posted - 2011.02.11 01:13:00 - [643]

- Bring the old Jump Graphics for Capital/BO ships back.
- Bring back engine trails would be awesome, even if it might effect performance, allow users to turn it on/off like drone models.
- it would be nice if when you repair modules that they would automatically turn back on, they currently stay offline which is annoying when you undock and your guns are offline.
- Warping to 0 on the stargate dosn't always quite work, like for freighters and pods its usually a problem.

-Autopolot GUI displaying the number of systems via colored squares:
This one bugs me, the new GUI for the number of systems you need to travel for autopilot is inconveniently placed. It is now a horizontal setup as opposed to the old vertical one. Now I know I and other 0.0 pilots play with their local windows open and expanded vertical, and mine is always on the left by default, which now completely covers this GUI. The old GUI you could move it over 20 or so pixels and you could see the number of systems you had left to travel.
**Solution: offer the old GUI and the new GUI so that players can just choose what is more convenient for them.

Posted - 2011.02.11 01:16:00 - [644]

Edited by: Sturmwolke on 11/02/2011 01:24:31
PI Interface
* ECU info window show the avg extraction & any other critical info - instead of having to bloody go into the graphs & scan.
* STOP the double-click planet view auto-center (for umpteenth time being mentioned already)
* Implement the use of arrow/cursor keys to navigate the planet view.
* Implement a "Next Planet" in planet view without having player to resort to going back & forth the S&I Planets tab.
* Persistent zoom level that remembers last the setting when going into planet view.
* Persistent info window that does not auto-contract each time, making you bloody click on it yet again to view the details.
* Where's the overview window that details the general setup critical info?
* Different icons for AIF, BIF and HTPP - these are currently way too similar.
* The current trend (after Incursion) spreads the facilities across the whole planet, making it tedious to hunt down your own facilities - wherever they are on the planet. Work it out.
* ECU heads - I don't know which head I'm moving corresponds to which quality output.
* Extraction area size bar - dear god, please fix this! You know what I mean.
* ECU/Scan heat map - auto calibrate this to the so the highest concentration of the material I'm scanning shows as white at least for the initial scan. Having to play with it each time you scan for different materials is tedious.
* .... and many other issues, if I keep writing, it'll probably eat up all the character limit.

Science and Industry Interface
* I'll keep this one brief, the whole S&I needs an expansion at least to fix to functional UI level and perhaps another expansion to iron out the kinks from it. I have just one thing to say - create an item, say a Pipboy™ and let me download BPOs (and/or even BPCs) into it. The upload/download both creates/destroys the BPO from your inventory. The process is reversible.

Now I don't have to deal with the bazillions BPOs in my MULTIPLE hangars like searching for a needle in a haystack. With the Pipboy™, all I need to do is either pull up a simple list or do a filter search.

General UI
* Overview - need single-click quick reset to default set profiles for the active tab. This was once possible a long long time ago, but it was sadly deemed a bug.
* Overview - ship icon squares, celestials etc. etc. Isn't it about time proper icons are created for these?
* Station - Guest list. Try doing a trade to someone on that list in Jita. I would suggest implementing the std Ctrl to freeze the list, but it's not really an elegant solution.
* Ship tractor beam - it's way too easy to get 2 tractors to pull on something (which ends up not moving) by activating them in quick succession on a target. This is more of a bugfix.
* Ship in space - moving when it's not supposed to. Happens EVERYTIME when you misdouble-click in space OR do a Ctrl lock on the overview. Add a small "Anchor" notch just below the cap status circle, above the Speed bar semi-circle.
* Ship auto-fitting - first implementation was (surprisingly) fine despite some minor faults. Then it was changed so that it unfits then refits every single mod on it for a minor change in let's say hardener settings - which completely screws the weapons grouping. I don't use it as often as I did before.
* Overheat - click on that inny-bitty narrow green bits? This isn't a mouse precision contest.
* Ship in space - persistent (uniquely coloured) bracket for MY ship ONLY so that I don't have to hold-down Alt for extended period to find out wtf is my ship when I'm all zoomed out.
* Calculator - double the size and include scientific functions e.g. squareroot, logs etc etc.
* Wallet - the rounding off needs fixing. I have a few wallets which it is impossible to empty to complete zero as the rounding is probably running at 0.009 ... which is impossible to enter with the current interface.
* Drones - going wayward. Chain the AI like (player) fleet hierarchy by default. Follow the drone FC.

Idicious Lightbane
Percussive Diplomacy
Posted - 2011.02.11 01:26:00 - [645]

Don't know if this has been posted here already but please make it so repping militia outlaws doesn't make you loose faction standing, really annoying for logi's in FW (ea generally they don't rep outlaws)

Nypheas Azurai
Posted - 2011.02.11 01:34:00 - [646]

Allow us to create courier contracts to/from planetary customs offices

Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2011.02.11 01:34:00 - [647]

I'm not sure if this has been posted, but I would like to see a return of the eve client torrent downloading option. There are times when it would be extremely useful (such as when a new expansion is released).

Blood Covenant
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2011.02.11 01:36:00 - [648]

1) Opening a character/corporation's standings tab causes the client to hard lock for a few seconds while it loads. Might be nice if it didn't do that.

2) When you double click someone in your fleet watch list it opens their show info page. This is REALLY annoying and completely useless.

3) Anchorable bubbles show the corp and alliance tickers of who owns them on overview and on the selected item text in space, but there's no way of seeing the owner on the show info page. Could this be changed to work the same way as anchorable cans?

4) If an implant doesn't affect attributes why do we need to pause training to plug it in?

5) The ability to do bulk purchases from the LP store would be nice. Clicking Accept a dozen times is irritating.

6) You can't drag stuff directly from your corp hanger to a trade window. Similarly, you can't board a ship that's in your corp hanger. In both cases you need to drag stuff to your personal hanger first before you can use it.

7) Now that using GCC to CONCORD high sec RR fleets is fixed can the GCC mechanics be changed so that assisting an outlaw only gives you a GCC if the person being assisted already has one? With the current mechanics you'll often end up with the logistics being the only ships in the fleet with a GCC.

Q aa's Vassal
Posted - 2011.02.11 01:37:00 - [649]

* Change the font so we can read O-0 S-5 correctly!
* add an option to set current 1st target as intrest *camera*
* make it easy to copy lines from the chat
* give us the option to remove the station sounds when we are docked
* add the function for us to change the order in playlists we created in the jukebox
* separate the peoples and places window so we can go to people more easily
* "I'd love if the timer for switching between ships was shorter than 30 seconds"
* i'd love it if i could make the windows smaller than the current minimum size of everything... windows are to big for my laptop screen
* add autospin when we're docked in a station
* save the jb/pos password i used most recent til i log off/change it
* it would be great if you could stack energy neuts
* make weapons hit on different spots on the ship intead of always hitting at the exact same one, missiles is what im mainly thinkin of

Ronin Shogan
Posted - 2011.02.11 01:38:00 - [650]

Sure would be nice if we could select All Regions for Market searches.

Posted - 2011.02.11 01:51:00 - [651]

My nitpicks:
1) Overview settings should work like saved fittings, hence you can have a personal setup and a corp setup. It would stop a lot of headache when on fleet ops.
2) Remove ability to dock in a station while war targets are in the system.
3) Show meta level, CPU and power usage of items in your hangar/cargohold.
4) Create a better interface for selling multiple items at the same time.
5) Can we auto-hide some windows, then show them when we mouse over.

rekcuf bmuD
Posted - 2011.02.11 02:06:00 - [652]

Originally by: RuairiEVE
My nitpicks:
1) Overview settings should work like saved fittings, hence you can have a personal setup and a corp setup. It would stop a lot of headache when on fleet ops.

You can save as many overview settings as you want. Right click the overview triangle and hopefully you can figure it out youreslf...Rolling Eyes

2) Remove ability to dock in a station while war targets are in the system.

Terrible idea.

3) Show meta level, CPU and power usage of items in your hangar/cargohold.

Right click -> show info

4) Create a better interface for selling multiple items at the same time.

There is no interface for selling multiple types of items at the same time, so before you create a better one, they should create one. But the problem with mass selling is you run the risk of selling stuff for really low prices if there's really low buy orders.

Slade Trillgon
Endless Possibilities Inc.
Posted - 2011.02.11 02:13:00 - [653]

Edited by: Slade Trillgon on 11/02/2011 02:15:15

I will throw out one paper-cut after all these pages.

Having to make another click to accept the market change I just double checked to make sure that it was correct.

Originally by: rekcuf bmuD

Your name. It made me laugh and made me post a paper-cut complaint Very Happy


Posted - 2011.02.11 02:24:00 - [654]

Edited by: Malena on 11/02/2011 02:26:20
I would love to see an indicator of how many factory/research slots I have actually used, rather than just the total number my skills allow.

I would love to have more t2 salvage

I would love to be able to tractor lost drones.

I SHOULD be able to tractor the wrecks of people who are red to my alliance.

I would LOVE to have the anchoring skill actually do something. It's bad enough that it doesn't do anything at all, but to have level 5 be required for starbase defense manager is just...asinine. Just give it like a 3% reduction in onlining or anchoring time.

Robert Hudson
Posted - 2011.02.11 02:43:00 - [655]

1) When boarding a shield buffered ships from Ship Maintenance Arrays the shields should be fully charged just like when you undock the same ship from a station.

2) When shield bonuses are applied to a fleet the ships recieving the bonus should have those extra hp of shields charged rather than showing as slight shield damage. Armor bonuses dont show armor damage to your ship why should shields.

3) Ship Maintenance Arrays should have at least 4 tabs in them. Corp hangars get 7 so why not.

4) Ship Maintenance Arrays when right clicked offer the option to "Name" them. This function does not work and should be fixed.

5) My entire alliance lives in POS as there are no stations where we live. Security is a big problem its kind of an all or none on access to POS hangars. POS need a major revamp for security.
a) LOGS to show who took what so that ‘if’ something is taken without permission at least you can see who did it.
b) More options for different levels of security
c) Ability to assign different members higher levels of access to specific POS without giving them the same access to ALL POS in the corp.
d)Ability to save at least one starbase forcefield pw so you don’t have to reenter it ever time you log in and out or jump in and out of a system.

6) Corporate bookmarks. I can save ship fittings so the whole corp can see it but not a bookmark? Theoretically all it is, is a set of coordinates in space. I can call my wife and tell her my global coordinates then she can use here GPS to get to where I am but thousands of years in the future the only way to convey this information is to drop a physical copy of the information and the someone else can pick it up?
a) A role that allows members to alter a list of bookmarks which are available to every member of the corp – at least 50 but more would be better.
b) drag and drop bookmarks. I can drag a system name from the top of the screen into a chat box then others can right click “set destination” How about dragging bookmarks to the chat window and them others can right click “save bookmark”

Cyber Cyn
Posted - 2011.02.11 02:47:00 - [656]

Originally by: Nypheas Azurai
Allow us to create courier contracts to/from planetary customs offices

+1,000,000. At least allow other members of a fleet or something to be able to access customs offices. Sometimes we like to use our player minions. and not do the leg work our selves. =D

Durance Macabre
Executive Intervention
Controlled Chaos
Posted - 2011.02.11 02:53:00 - [657]

Edited by: Durance Macabre on 11/02/2011 02:54:06
When you hover the mouse over a weapon or module, have the tooltip show that weapon or module's current optimal range & falloff. I'm aware that the tactical overlay already does this if you have it enabled, but a note in the popup would be handy, especially for newer players who are still learning the ranges of the various turret/ammo combinations.

Posted - 2011.02.11 02:58:00 - [658]

I'd really like it if the system scanner would pick up anomalies within 14AU, the same as the directional scan. There's really no reason for a scan that takes 30 seconds to be so much worse than dropping a core probe and waiting 6 seconds.

This is especially pertinent with the changes to nullsec - small gangs always need a scout with core probes to catch ratters, since no one rats in belts anymore.

Arrakis Shai
Deja Vu Holding
Posted - 2011.02.11 03:03:00 - [659]

Not sure if these have been covered, but what the hey:

* Being forced to log out of the game to switch chars on one account.
* I use station containters to sort my mission loot. but to sell you have to move items from the container back into the main items tab.
* Having to open my Personal stuff station container every time i dock. why cant it just stay open like the items tab?
* The Noise for the gates has been changed to a quieter 'pshew' type noise from the original BOOM of shockwaves hitting the hull of your ship. Id have thought geneterating Exawatts of energy to maintain a multidimentional link between two points in space then forcing 'regular' matter into that link and protecting it from being torn apart would make a hell of a noise.
* drones that require more controlling than psychopathic gremlins on meth. I swear they ALWAYS head for the wave trigger after their last kill unless told otherwise.
* The camera resetting back to the ship so close yuo can see one of your crewmen on the head through the window after you end a 'look at' thing.

Im sure theres more, ill add it later if i remember

Riapsed Alvilla
Posted - 2011.02.11 03:30:00 - [660]

Edited by: Riapsed Alvilla on 11/02/2011 03:32:51
I hate that there are a lot of great idea's on how to fix bounties on these very forums and yet they are still not being used. We could have a great feature in game but being a bounty hunter and collecting bounties are still not a viable option. I especially liked the idea where you got to look up bounty hunters and supply them with a bounty contract which would allow you to choose who got to collect the bounty. That way you decided who would collect your cash and it also let you see how many bounty contracts they actually completed. Fix the Bounty system!!!

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