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Posted - 2010.12.28 14:16:00 - [241]

I'm dont care if you have to be on facebook to vote, I woud joust like someone from CCP to post a coment were they coud say what all the delays are from and when we can finaly vote on the ships as this is stil not posible even if it shoud have been since 22nd of December.
There is absolutly no way to vote for any ships on facebook as they arent there Confused

Forsaken Empyreal
The Ancients.
Posted - 2010.12.28 16:57:00 - [242]

I don't think there is any need to get all upset about the delay. The vote will likely happen, just not as intended (date-wise). With any company and the holiday span of Christmas to New Years, I can from experience say; they are probably at half staff at best. I know we are and I work for a hospital. It is probable that the issues of actual game bugs and fixes are taking priority at this time.

After re-reading the rules and thinking of alternate perceptions of how they might be taken; it is possible we will not see the voting selection until the 8th of January. While this could be wrong, I am not going to rule it out. Yes, I submitted works for consideration and heck ya I would like to win; but things are going to play out as they will. At least this time some slob from dA is not voting on how 'pretty' your background is.

Take it for what it is worth, a second opportunity.

Nosferatu Zodd
Posted - 2010.12.28 18:24:00 - [243]

Facebook is a worldwide information collection tool for the CIA.
Howard Cox, one of the people behind Facebook is also one of the board members of In-Q-Tel. In-Q-Tel is an investment fund of venture capital of the CIA. Their target is to develop technologies for the CIA. And they have invested large amounts of money in Visible Technologies, a software company specializing in monitoring of social media, read "social media sites as one of the primary targets".

I dropped my account three years ago, two years before I heard of this information. I knew there was something terribly wrong with that thing. Before you even worry about your social security number I'd worry about all the personal information you supply there.
They'll even know what type of ship you'd like to fly in your preferred game. I know that's not what we should be worried about.

I won't vote on Evil or Very Madbook

Nosferatu Zodd
Posted - 2010.12.28 18:29:00 - [244]

Edited by: Nosferatu Zodd on 28/12/2010 18:36:40
Isn't it possible to add a page of all the preselected submissions, give every submission a number and vote on the forum with a poll?
Even creating a voting system on the site shouldn't be that hard.

Anyway I'm sure that the main reason to put the voting on facebook is to make publicity for the game.
Nice idea but I don't really like it.

Kamilla Vermillion
Posted - 2010.12.28 19:13:00 - [245]

Edited by: Kamilla Vermillion on 28/12/2010 19:17:01
i wrote to, to
i contacted CSM

still nothing

people, if you want any progress, please use any influence you have
maybe mass appeal will cause some attention

Lyn Farel
Knighthood of the Merciful Crown
Posted - 2010.12.28 23:59:00 - [246]

Will see in January, after the new year and the vacations. No need to hurry at the moment, I will get worried later if still nothing.

Dierdra Vaal
Veto Corp
Posted - 2010.12.29 01:21:00 - [247]

We (the CSM) are poking the relevant CCP guys on this. So far however the response has not been very productive. We'll let you guys know as soon as we can.

Akroma Wrathbringer
Posted - 2010.12.29 03:25:00 - [248]

Originally by: Dierdra Vaal
We (the CSM) are poking the relevant CCP guys on this. So far however the response has not been very productive. We'll let you guys know as soon as we can.

Thank you!

Posted - 2010.12.29 06:29:00 - [249]

U should do more fishing, it supports having patience.

But a smal comment from CCP would be also good.

Posted - 2010.12.29 07:05:00 - [250]

check her out :L and i dont know if she was uploaded or not couldnt see her :(
but tell me if you like its a sansha stealth battlecruiser :)¤t=gangley.jpg

Kamilla Vermillion
Posted - 2010.12.29 07:22:00 - [251]

Edited by: Kamilla Vermillion on 29/12/2010 07:23:10
Broanan, resolution is too low to formulate a definite opinion
also, shape may be good, but some details (that i cant see clear because of resolution) look creepy

Posted - 2010.12.29 09:56:00 - [252]

heh ya i realise its not the original size. The original picture was 4504x2256 and the details where easy to see but because of photobucket website the images was altered :/

Posted - 2010.12.29 10:08:00 - [253]

try this

Posted - 2010.12.29 10:12:00 - [254]

just click the download button wait a minute so it loads then one image should fit your whole screen :) then u can scroll to see all the images

Noro Aelkiota
Posted - 2010.12.29 17:06:00 - [255]

Really liking how you toned down the translucence for your Sansha cloaker, would love to see the U/Vs though. This is a Gurista/Caldari Surgical Stealth Ship. A ship class idea I was proposing in Suggestions two years or so ago. Everything relevant is in the file, couldn't get any responses in a thread I had created for a compilation of all our entries.

Posted - 2010.12.29 21:16:00 - [256]

I found out about this finalvote thing the day of the deadline, so I only had time to make some small modifications and slap a quick layer of paint over my entry from the DA fiasco:
If I had known about this earlier I would have modeled one of my other sketches, probably sketch 'F':

Akroma Wrathbringer
Posted - 2010.12.30 01:33:00 - [257]

Originally by: Burhtun

If I had known about this earlier I would have modeled one of my other sketches, probably sketch 'F':

B and C are amazing!

Deperem Mac
Amarr Space Purification
Posted - 2010.12.30 02:30:00 - [258]

1. Some truly amazing ships entered into the contest. And others, beyond amazing. I drool at the thought of being able to fly them, (or blow them up).Cool
2. I'd have to have a facebook account to vote, and that's just not going to happen. I had Facebook. My account was hacked. I got hit with massive targeted spam. I quit Facebook, and I'm not going back. Sad
3. Warning, Nerdrage time. What happened to Eve Gate? Wasn't it supposed to be a Facebook for EVE? Aren't all EVE players already a part of it? (Even if we don't want to be.)Exclamation Isn't this contest exactly one of the things Eve Gate was supposed to be for? Have the devs completely written it off, or have they forgotten about it already? (Like that would surprise anyone).
And lastly, am I the only non Facebook fan here who feels like this is a huge slap in the face?Mad

Center for Advanced Studies
Posted - 2010.12.30 02:41:00 - [259]

Being Facebook voting, its purely going to be a popularity contest anyway. I was a little too busy / distracted to layout the UV's and paint the panels / details on. But I entered twice.

Sansha Cyno Hull to go with your fancy pants new Sansha Carrier.

Interbus Atlas Blockade Runner for those with piles of Interbus LP, and nothing to spend it on.

Paramount Commerce
Posted - 2010.12.30 05:51:00 - [260]

Voting is up and yes you have to have a facebook account. Lots of great looking shipsLaughing

Posted - 2010.12.30 07:18:00 - [261]

I'm surprised that Caldari "lambcatcher" didn't make it in there. Maybe they felt it was too similar to the Drake. There are some good designs in there though. Its going to be tough to choose my 3 favorites.

Dammit I wish I knew about this earlier so I could have built another ship. Crying or Very sad Ah well. Can build them for fun anyway.

Oh, and some of the ships give a 404 when you try to view the full size pic.

Kamilla Vermillion
Posted - 2010.12.30 09:41:00 - [262]

Edited by: Kamilla Vermillion on 30/12/2010 09:49:05
Edited by: Kamilla Vermillion on 30/12/2010 09:45:52
so, where is my work?
i cant find it there
really, this and this better than my work?
and yeah, this thingie totally rocks

you know, **ck you guys!

and, yes, some "view original size" links dont work

Merin Ryskin
Peregrine Industries
Posted - 2010.12.30 10:09:00 - [263]

Edited by: Merin Ryskin on 30/12/2010 10:56:22
Yeah, this is just weird. My Whirlwind destroyer is posted just fine, but my Sansha battlecruiser (IMO, a better design) is missing. Same overall presentation, submitted well before the deadline (with confirmation page), and very clearly a design that is appropriate for EVE. So why is one ship there, and the other one missing?

For reference:

Posted just fine: Whirlwind

Not there at all: Hellhound

Also, since the voting page re-sizes the image to fit the (small) maximum horizontal size of the popup window, my horizontally-arranged image gets shrunk down to a point where you can't see any of the details. On the other hand, vertically-arranged images seem to be shrunk by a much lower percentage, making those small details a lot more visible. I'd be fine with this if they'd told us the dimensions of the viewing page (so we could optimize our layouts to fit), but not a word was said about this.

Kamilla Vermillion
Posted - 2010.12.30 10:33:00 - [264]

to resume:
this contest is organized the worst way it could be organized
devil-may-care attitude towards entrants and this forum thread is not what i expected from CCP
and i dont think that some christian holidays may be an excuse

Guy Ferox
Posted - 2010.12.30 11:06:00 - [265]

Edited by: Guy Ferox on 30/12/2010 11:07:40
im glad i spent 45+ hrs of my freetime; learning a cad system, thinking of an original concept, and revising for this contest to not even have my work displayed.

but hey dont worry this guys mimitar shuttle made it

this amarr thorax must better also

Mister Hig
Posted - 2010.12.30 11:36:00 - [266]

Hi all, i've no facebook account (facebook suck definitly) but i vote for Alexey M and his Battlecruiser Mentor

very great design and the Strix frigate is great too.

The Mentor is close to the Amarr design spirit and Amarr is the best, everybody know that :)

Jagga Spikes
Spikes Chop Shop
Posted - 2010.12.30 12:08:00 - [267]

no cookies for my cruiser :(

Lyn Farel
Knighthood of the Merciful Crown
Posted - 2010.12.30 12:58:00 - [268]

Not any of mine were selected either (Immortalis & Ananke). Well, maybe they just wanted conventionnal races (or not, there is a Jove ship and an interbus ship). I also spent 50++ hours on those, but it is the very nature of a contest that you might be disappointed in a way or another, heh.

My real issue is more with all the mess we had in the last days when I submitted my work. None of my designs were visible on the page and since they have still not been. So I even have no clue at all if my work was actually recieved by CCP : I mean, I do not know if I was not selected or if the work was lost in the submitting process. :(

NB : and yes, facebook voting is fail. Selected or not, I would never have created an account for that, thank you very much.

Center for Advanced Studies
Posted - 2010.12.30 13:13:00 - [269]

The contest was, and has always been this. Everyone enters, CCP internally chooses semi finalists, public vote for top 20, CCP art team votes final 5 winners.

Besides the fact the top 20 is more of a "who has most friends that will click through awkward system to find friends entry". Not everyone's entries fit the critera, and the page was not updated with the entries.

It would be nice to have a page with all the ones that got voted out, at least that would show the actual number of entries they all went through to get down to this 40+.

Daisuke Iyejasu
Posted - 2010.12.30 13:38:00 - [270]

I don´t understand why submitted CCP more of one Work from the same Artist(3+) for the Top20+ Final Vote.
I think so gives CCP no chance for another good Designs from various Artists.

I see like Déjà-vu from the last Devianart contest

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