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RaVeN Revenge
Posted - 2010.11.30 01:39:00 - [1]

It would be awsome to have a ship class that accepts multiple players.

Lets say:
Pilot/Navigation Officer

Multi-player could be made optional, or mandatory.
Said ship would probably be larger than a BC.
Maybe a 2 man BS and 4 man Cap Ships.

Can anybody see this/get the concept?

And is it possible, technicly?

William Cooly
Sol Enterprises
Posted - 2010.11.30 01:40:00 - [2]


Posted - 2010.11.30 01:42:00 - [3]

i have often thought of this, and wondered the same

Janos Saal
Posted - 2010.11.30 01:52:00 - [4]

Last I heard CCP tried it once and the engine spat the code out.

If any of you have ever played Free Allegiance (think EVE but in microcosm, very fast paced, direct control, not persistent) there are multi-user ships in that game, and they're a *lot* of fun. I think the main ones are the bombers, which have a pilot who controls the main bombing weapon, and then gunners whos job it is to fight off smaller, faster ships as best they can. I like that there's that division of roles - gunners for small ships, pilot for big stuff.

I look forward to the day twenty years from now when this is possible in EVE Online: HoloDeck Edition.

Infinity Ziona
Posted - 2010.11.30 02:09:00 - [5]

They do it pretty effectively in Aces High (ww2 flight sim) with bombers. Sortof pointless in EvE since even the biggest ships are easily controlled by 1 person with only a few keypresses required.

EvE combat, in even the biggest ships in the game, is so simplistic that its really not required. Additional crew members would just get bored or be spectators.

Although it might be cool to be able to allow people to join your ship as a spectator, you could use it for many things, training new corpies, eve journalism, paid tours of fleet fights or other forms of pvp.

Space Perverts and Forum Warriors United
Monocle Overlords
Posted - 2010.11.30 07:27:00 - [6]

Originally by: Infinity Ziona
Although it might be cool to be able to allow people to join your ship as a spectator, you could use it for many things, training new corpies, eve journalism, paid tours of fleet fights or other forms of pvp.


a newbie
d o o m
Posted - 2010.11.30 07:49:00 - [7]

Well before a certain company I shall name without remorse, SoE, screwed up Star Wars Galaxies, you were able to fly and fight with the ship and crew. I loved it and it is the ONLY thing I miss about Galaxies. While EVE COULD do this, I think they should instead reserve it for maybe an addon feature to Dust514, such as massive aerial campaigns. The problem with Multiple Players is you would have to chose a compromise. Not only would a player as a gunner on board get VERY BORED firing a single missile every 14 seconds, the single piloted ship doesn't actually get very bored.

In order to combat this, the gunner would have to AIM at the target to get a lock, and even then it's still 'one' weapon. I could only see Gunner/Pilot being effective UNLESS you were to instead operate a CLONE FERRY service.

You would introduce at a very minor level a ship that can transport a player from station to station.

Imagine for a minute, your a pilot of a cruise liner. You start in one station, depart, and travel to another. Your scheduled stop takes you by specific views and astral phenomena that your passengers paid for. Now two problems come to mind. Hostage taking, and impatient travelers.

So here are two possibilities.

Hostage: You hired a pilot as one of many being transported from Jita to Amarr, instead you find yourself in lowsec. You are given the option to lighten your wallet and potentially not be a frozen public safety ad, or them killing you anyhow (make this ship orca scale or higher so suiciding it would deter hostage situations but for targeted affairs). Well jokes on him! You had him sign a liability waver that covered the isk cost of your clone as part of the contract!

Impatient/Conn Loss: You have decided to undock at the next station, so you can issue "departure orders" and whether or not you are online, when the pilot docks in specified station, your clone is stored at station as normal. If you disconnect, standing orders will be previous departure orders. The clones themselves could be held hostage but then the pilot is violating the contract and not delivering you by the promised time and date, and you are in turn able to collect.

If you are active in the clone that is being transported, you are simply in a small bunk room as would be present on station but this one more like a simple train passenger car with a bunk etc. This would allow players to enjoy both the role-play aspect of inter-stellar space travel, have socials, etc, on environments different then just a station. That and think of the exciting news broadcasts when some pirate gang assassinates a bunch passengers of a cruise liner, clones of a local conglomerate of businesses that are not paying ransom.

Lorelei Lee
Posted - 2010.11.30 09:21:00 - [8]

I like the idea in general, and here's one way it can work.

Core Concept:

1. Ships get a new slot type: crew. Most ships have only one crew slot; some have more. One crewman is always sufficient to control the ship.
2. The primary benefit of sharing a ship is the merging of skill sets: the ship performs as if piloted by one person with all the skills of all the crew members. (It uses the highest level of any skill attained by any member.) Same can apply to implants and boosters.
3. Even if only one person can actually give commands to the ship, the others get the secondary benefit of being there without bothering to pilot. In fleet actions, not everything is about controlling ships. Someone has to probe, plan, command, perhaps parlay. Such a person may as well be a passenger in one of the combat or scout ships.

For the complete teamwork experience, optional Bells and Whistles:

4. Locked targets belong to the ship, but each crewman has his own overview settings. They can be looking at different aspects of the action around them.
5. If multiple crew members can control the ship, the control of any system is not exclusive. That means multiple crewmen can be allowed to click "fire", tell the ship to "go that way", etc., and if they get in each other's way, they need to improve their teamwork.
6. There can be a complex system of permissions and roles (with presets etc.) that a Captain can use for allowing others to board his ship and then to control certain systems.

The nitty gritty of Game Mechanics:

7. The person who boards an empty ship becomes its Captain. Captain decides who else may board the ship and which systems they may use.
8. Assuming permission is given, other players can enter and leave the ship the usual way, with the Board Ship and the Eject commands, respectively. In station, they can enter someone else's ship through the Trade window, but only if the owner is already in it.
9. If Captain ejects, someone else becomes Captain (depending on permissions in effect, default is the first person who boarded after the old Captain).
10. If a crewman disconnects, as far as the game is concerned, he is still sitting in the ship, doing nothing.
10a. If the last person with the Pilot role (permission to tell the ship where to go) disconnects, the ship executes its normal disconnect maneuver of warping off and hanging there.
11. When a multiply crewed ship docks, the ship parks in Captain's hangar, but the other crew members are still in it. They can leave by activating one of their other ships or their pod.
12. Perhaps a pod, like any module, has fitting requirements (PG and CPU). That means bringing in extra crew should be balanced against fitting heavier guns, etc. However, Captain should be able to put a pod Off Line, freeing the resources at the expense of turning a crewman into a passenger, whose only possible action is to eject.

Jint Hikaru
OffWorld Exploration Inc
Posted - 2010.11.30 09:24:00 - [9]

Would you trust anyone in Eve enough to allow them gunnar rights on a ship you are piloting and maybe own?

I can see a new form of corp infiltration, getting trusted enough to be a gunnar and then getting the ship Concorded.

Posted - 2010.11.30 10:03:00 - [10]

I don't think this will work in EVE.

I want (and maybe I'm selfish in this) full control over my ship.

The only reason I'd want gunners, is if they actually could do a better job then I can. However, considering EVE isn't a point-n-shoot game, it hardly has any benefit.

-1, I appreciate the effort, but i don't think it's gonna work.

shady trader
Posted - 2010.11.30 20:12:00 - [11]

CCP tried this when they first looked at introducing Titans which were at that time mobile stations. However the code did not work with the way the database is set up.

Basically a player owns a object (in this case a ship) when you place another player inside that object it causes a loop that crashes the database.

There are a number of threads on this idea going all the way back to the time Titans were introduced, in some the Devs explain it in detail.


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