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Akrea Xun
Posted - 2010.11.17 07:16:00 - [1]

Hey guys

I switched from win to linux. The hardest part (besides syncing an iPhone with evolution) is to get EVE running... I already posted my problem in

Description from Bugzilla:
When I first installed EVE Online I could not read the licence agreement on the first login. So I went to following the instructions under "Configuring Wine to work with EVE" - without the registry changes. My predifined virtual desktop-size (1400x1050) gets reduced to something like 100x100 (don't know the exact size). In there I cannot do anything but reading the center part of the licence agreement (left and right side are cut).

In the meantime I also applied the reg changes with the result, that the window stays the size I entered but the EULA still is in the top left corner with a size of about 100x100 pixels. Moreover I never see the login screen in the back it seems to hang, at the splash scree "Tyrannis"...

Does anybody have an idea how to solve this? (usin wine 1.3.7)


Archron Dusyfe Industries
Posted - 2010.11.17 09:14:00 - [2]

A) What distribution?
B) Have you installed the corefonts using winetricks?
C) What graphics card are you using
D) Can i have your stuff™

Posted - 2010.11.17 10:09:00 - [3]


from bugzilla

I use no proprietary graphic card driver. My system:
Ubuntu 10.04 GNOME (installed with Ubunutu provided packages from the
Synaptic-Package manager)

So you using an ATI Mobility Card, which doesnt work well without the fglrx drivers. I do not use ubuntu, but someone should be able to help you in that.

As far as I see you've done everything else right so far.

Keep up the good work.

Akrea Xun
Posted - 2010.11.17 14:17:00 - [4]

Yea Miraqu

That's right. It seems that another thread ( has had a similar problem though not exactly the same. Well, the next step I'd do is installing the fglrx driver (currently I use radeon provided by ubuntu). My problem is, that I do not know how to install the fglrx drive while currently using the radeon. Last time I installed fglrx and then uninstalled radeon (with the package manager) - restart then = crash (I did not even get to the login screen of linux).

So if somebody could provide some information how to change graphics driver I'd be glad to listen. On I could not find a manual for such a case...


Akrea Xun
Posted - 2010.11.18 07:04:00 - [5]

hey guys

I just got informed, that fglrx does not support the X1400 I have in my T60. So no chance to change driver. Would be great is somebody could help me out - otherwise I will have to stop playing - which I do not want!


Posted - 2010.11.22 10:25:00 - [6]

Well I do not think that your X 1400 isnt supported. You should just try it. If it doesnt work, use a kernel in maintenance mode and you'll be able to change drivers

As to how to install on ubuntu:

Sry I have absolutely no clue, on debian it would be a simple apt-get install fglrx and writing an xorg.conf but I was told ubuntu has a menuitem "additional drivers" or similiar to handle that.

Since its an ubuntu matter you should maybe open another thread about installing on ubuntuforums, or like.

The Revenge of Auntie Freeze
Posted - 2010.11.24 19:16:00 - [7]

I dont use an ATI card, but I am familiar with your problem.

The issue could be with what size you are giving your virtual desktop. For example, I have 2 launcher icons. One of them makes the desktop to a smaller size which easily fits within the screen space with area left all around. The other fits exactly in my screen, leaving just enough room for the taskbar.

The one that launches and has room around it, always launches with no issues.

The one that is set to take up the exact size of the screen, will do what you describe quite often. It will go to a 100X100 small window. The solution I have is I just always log off leaving my game on the "display and graphics" tab. If for whatever reason it launches in 100X100 it will be on the tab you were on when you last logged off, so I simply select the right resolution, and hit tab 3 times and then enter. The desktop then poofs back to full screen.

I think this issue is caused by sizing your virtual desktop not considering the window borders, so the actual window space when it launches is larger than the screen, it gets confused and compacts it.

Nicky's Tomb
Posted - 2010.11.27 11:19:00 - [8]

A tip for any budding Linux users I suppose is to avoid ATI graphics cards. Yes they work. Yes they are fast. If you already have one, go for it, but No, they are not trouble free and yes they are a constant source of pain.

NVidia generally just drops in and works. The only pain is if you upgrade either your kernel or video driver libs you need to remember to do the other as both must match.


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