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Solstice Project
Posted - 2010.11.16 21:09:00 - [1]

Greetings. :)

I hope this is the place to go,
else please move the thread into the appropriate forums.
Thanks in advance. :)

My small corp (read: me and my corpmate) weren't that much active
in the last few weeks because of reallife issues in the first place,
and because we start to get bored of highsec or lowsec-complexes or
WormHole-Space, so i thought i'd give it a go and ask in forums about ...

... a spot in your territory in 0.0, where we can freely fly around ...
... (read: blue us, please) ...
... shoot b/s rats in belts in a rifter (that's me ... seriously) ...
... or run some lvl5s (where i speedtank in a rifter, yes, seriously :) ...
... explore complexes, wormholes and even defend space, if needed (yeah !) ...
... and meet some new friends and stuff (that's mostly his interest, i guess).

Please bear in mind, that the Corp of Free Men (that's us)
is not looking for participation in an alliance ...

(imagine if we did. After a year, we'd take everything from you ...
(... as mentioned in one of the latest trailers ....... j/k :)

... and will not take orders from anybody, but are ... of course ...
... willing to defend space if it's in our own interest ...
... which it definitly will be (and if we are online ... european time zone).

If preferred, we can buy ourselves into your space.
I am offering 250 Million ISK or equivalent in highsec-salvaged-parts,
mostly (in ISK-value) burned logic and tripped power circuits and plenty,
plenty of others. Not enough ? Well ... we're only two men, it's not that
we're either a threat or take away huge valuable space or something.

That's it ... thanks a lot for reading.
Please contact me here or in-game. :)

Fly dangerously. o/


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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