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S0utherN Comfort
Imperial 0rder
Posted - 2010.11.14 16:57:00 - [1]

Edited by: Luciolla on 14/11/2010 16:59:27
I have been playing Eve for several years now.
I am looking for a well established corp to continue on with.
Current Corp kind've just died out due to inactivity.

About my Character:

75mil SP
100% pure Amarr with no industry (cant even fly other race frigates :)

Carrier ready
-carrier 5
-support skills 5
Dread Ready
almost titan ready

Near perfect Laser skills
ETC... Check out my skill sheet to see all

here is a link to my Battleclinic kill stats
Note: I havent pvped as much as I would have liked because I have always been managing a corp or alliance


Here is a link to my character skillsheet

Skill Sheet

Attia Wyn
Mindstar Technology
Executive Outcomes
Posted - 2010.11.14 17:24:00 - [2]

Hi Luciolla,

Looks like we match! Certainly the opposite of "inactivity" going on in Mindstar Technology! :)

Check out our recruitment thread!


Caldari Elite Force
Apocalypse Now.
Posted - 2010.11.14 17:47:00 - [3]


CEFO corp is a well established corp looking for experienced players to boost its ranks. A pilot like yourself would feel right at home with CEFO and would have enormous oppoortunities for PvP, and if you so desire places to both park and use your caps.

We are very much into PvP and have regular (daily 2-3 sometimes) fleets. We do have an indy focus as well, but a lot of it is part of the alliance's need. ANy good corp or alliance needs to have all aspects of EvE to thrive, but we won't force anyone to do anything they dont like.

CEFO is part of a rebuilding alliance and is looking to grow again and re-establish itself among its allies. You would be adequately placed to see this through and in doing so making apoc and CEFO your home.

Check out the alliance thread for more info about us!

Deep Space Expedition.
Posted - 2010.11.14 18:07:00 - [4]

Interested in rich and prosporous wormhole life?

Check out Apolitical
We PVP and make lots of ISK.


Roland Knighthawk
Nephite Rangers
Zero Hour Alliance
Posted - 2010.11.14 19:00:00 - [5]

Hi ... The Nephite Tribe is close to having our lowsec system secure, but we need more experienced pilots to help solidify the security. We've got to make the system safe for our miners. We have pilots in both eu and us tz, and were a pretty good bunch of guys.

Please contact me in-game. we'd love to have you on board.

S0utherN Comfort
Imperial 0rder
Posted - 2010.11.15 03:38:00 - [6]

Still lookingShocked

Light Darkness
Mercenaries of Andosia
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2010.11.15 08:27:00 - [7]

Hiho Luciolla....

Maybe we are something for you.
We are a small scale pvp corporation with a high active counter in a small pvp alliance.
If you like to fly in a team then look our recruitment thread!

MoA Recruitment

Or you look on our KB for our activitys:

Alliance Killboard


S0utherN Comfort
Imperial 0rder
Posted - 2010.11.15 12:27:00 - [8]


Comrad stagz
Posted - 2010.11.15 21:46:00 - [9]

what timezone are you mate?
check us out here

S0utherN Comfort
Imperial 0rder
Posted - 2010.11.15 21:53:00 - [10]


The Hull Miners Union
Posted - 2010.11.15 21:56:00 - [11]

Well we maybe what you are looking for. Pure PVP US tz corp with some EU as well. Living in NPC 0.0 so no uber blob fleets.

recruitment thread

contact MukkBarovian, Bipster, or KingRizen

North Eastern Swat
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2010.11.16 13:31:00 - [12]

Cosmic Fusion is looking for new pvpers. convo me in game luciolla and we can talk Cool

Sylvia Frost
Immortal Shadow Seekers
Posted - 2010.11.16 14:09:00 - [13]

We're a small elite PvP corporation situated in deep Deklein 0.0 territory. We pride
ourselves in showing good turnouts to alliance and coalition CTA's and aiming
towards the top of the alliance killboard. Our members are helpful, polite and
always willing to lend a hand. Not to mention as bloodthirsty as hell YARRRR!!

What we offer:
- Active PvP alliance / PLENTY of action !!
- Multiple alliance owned outposts
- Upgraded systems
- Close proximity to 0.0 NPC space
- Access to a LARGE number of jump-bridge networks
- Access to all Northern Coalition outposts
- Experienced FC's
- Sub-cap, cap & supercap ops
- Ops going on almost 23/7
- Lots of hostiles to kill
- Alliance reimbursement program
- Killboard

Pilot requirements:
- Minimum 25M SP
- Ability to field a T2 subcap, HAC/HIC/DIC/LOGI/INTY
- Good (preferably elite) pvp'er, minimum 70% effectiveness
- Active participation in PvP fleets
- Immaculate fleet etiquette
- Ability to listen on TS2/TS3/Vent/Mumble
- Live in 0.0 with corp & alliance
- Good conduct
- Sense of humor

Full API key will be required during formal application.

Contact: "Sylvia Frost" or join "ISHDW" channel

Snuff Box
Posted - 2010.11.16 14:55:00 - [14]

Check out our recruitment thread if a life of piracy sounds appealing :)

SNUFD recruitment thread

Caldari Elite Force
Apocalypse Now.
Posted - 2010.11.16 22:39:00 - [15]

Want to try something new and different? Why not join CEFO, a well established 0.0/lo sec corp within a great alliance. Everything you need and more is right here! Check out our alliance thread for more info or join APOC DIPLO to find out more in-game!

S0utherN Comfort
Imperial 0rder
Posted - 2010.11.17 00:05:00 - [16]


Longtime Luver
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2010.11.17 06:36:00 - [17]

If you have a sense of humor and like to pvp check out The.Usual.Suspects!


recruit post


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