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Dierdra Vaal
Veto Corp
Posted - 2010.11.11 16:27:00 - [31]

Edited by: Dierdra Vaal on 11/11/2010 16:28:30
thanks CCP :D

I agree with what mynxee said: it's great to see CCP recognise that quality matters more than a release deadline, and that they're willing to apply polish when they see it is needed. I am very optimistic that this is a mentality change (for the better) within CCP and not a one-off event.

(also: in before chribba \o/)

Posted - 2010.11.11 16:27:00 - [32]

I am very happy that CCP has decided to polish things. HOwever, I was really looking forward to the Noctis coming out soon. Is there really need to 'polish' the new ship? If not I think releasing it with the November patch would keep people happy and hold us over until we get the full incursion release.

Caiden Baxter
Posted - 2010.11.11 16:27:00 - [33]

Originally by: Alekseyev Karrde

Thank you for taking a concrete step toward listening to the CSM and by extention the players. A staggerred roll out will allow a smoother deployment + correction of issues/problems post patch, and hopefully that extra time on the key feature will translate into the Excellence we all hope for.

Also much thanks for some of the low hanging fruit changes (rockets, T2 ammo, AB/MWD differentiation, POS gunner notices). I hope this approach to content and the process of its deployment are the successful first steps along a promising path.


/me tips his hat for CCP Very Happy

Draco Argen
Posted - 2010.11.11 16:27:00 - [34]

Edited by: Draco Argen on 11/11/2010 16:38:26

Good, get it right delay it for a reasonable time.
I agree with many of the above posts. A massive leap in the right direction in CCPs attitude and actions.
Please do keep us well updated on progress (Even if it's "hung over, not done much today")

(I'll bet CCP never expected community to be so happy to hear that an update is not being released, lol)

Douchie McNitpic: The devil is wearing a fluffy hat and mittens. Twisted Evil

Now can we PLEASE get the prototype back on SISI. Understand the 64 bit change was important but we are live now. Let us at the broken newbits.
Ignore this, just seen on the forms New build is up. Will download when I get home!!

One big boo thought, would have loved the Key shortcuts to be in November, but I COMPLETELY understand its one of the most risky and bug potential changes in the release. So I'll swallow my excitement.

p.s. I could 26 positive responses out of 34 posts before me.
That's an agree of 76%, It's the most coherant I've seen these forums in AGES

Katabrok First
Apukaray Security
Posted - 2010.11.11 16:28:00 - [35]

Edited by: Katabrok First on 11/11/2010 16:31:07
Congratulations CCP. You are taking the correct decision by only delivering what is done.

Ps.: Would it be possible to include the new ship (noctis) in the 30th november patch? I know I'm asking too much after news so great, but you only know the answer if you ask the question.

Fremen Sietch
Posted - 2010.11.11 16:30:00 - [36]

will the remap for plex make it to the first part?

Hrothgar Doran
Posted - 2010.11.11 16:31:00 - [37]

Definately a good direction CCP, incrementaly releasing smalelr features and updates, and putting more polish on the larger ones. Appeals to the pretty much the whole eve playerbase I think, and puts priority on proffesionalism and excelence, the way it should be.

Perhaps this is premature, but will Incursion in jan be the first virtualy bug free release? Shocked

Rees Noturana
Red Rock Mining Company
Posted - 2010.11.11 16:32:00 - [38]

I think this is an excellent decision. I'd rather see CCP take an agile approach to deliveries like they've done with software development. More frequent smaller releases as functionality is polished and ready for release would improve EVE faster. Waiting for major changes delay the just as important smaller changes.

SRS Industries
Posted - 2010.11.11 16:33:00 - [39]

Thank you CCP.

Given the choice between the arbitrary 2 expansion per year policy or the policy of excellence, I'm happy that you chose the latter. There's a reason most of the best game development companies have a policy of "it's done when it's done", CCP could certainly use a bit more of that at times as shown recently.


Catari Taga
Centre Of Attention
Middle of Nowhere
Posted - 2010.11.11 16:34:00 - [40]

Excellence is excellent!

Kajan Tormen
Blood Money Inc.
The Blood Money Cartel
Posted - 2010.11.11 16:35:00 - [41]

good move!
while obviously no one likes to wait and all of us would prefer new, epic features NOW - going live with the "much awaited fixes" in November and waiting with the "big features" until they actually deserve that name is definitely the best course of action.

No Mauk'Ob
Murientor Tribe
Posted - 2010.11.11 16:35:00 - [42]

I applaud CCP for taking the time to get things right before pushing out this expansion.

I will wait for Quality every single time

Hawk TT
Bulgarian Experienced Crackers
Posted - 2010.11.11 16:36:00 - [43]

Thumbs up CCP! Congratulations for the RIGHT DECISION! Very Happy

We all hope that you will be able to deliver a really polished product, because as we all know, "the devil is in the detail" Very Happy

Two important questions:
1. Any chance of including Noctis salvaging ship in November 2010 patch?
2. Any chance of having different icons for BPO / BPC, as part of the "Icons refactoring"?

Both "features" do not need too much of an effort / polish ;-)

P.S. There will be whiners & haters, but anyway, nobody could help them to overcome their mental misery Confused IGNORE THEM!

Kary Tamona
Crom Demons
Posted - 2010.11.11 16:37:00 - [44]

Thanks CCP for listening to us and our representatives. Thanks to the CSM are in order too. Eve is a monster of a game and updates and new content will always take time, so better delayed and more polished than sooner and buggier.

By the way, the November changes/updates/corrections look good on their own. Would be nice to know how many of those were proposed by the CSM.

Looking forward to both, the November patch and the new content of January.

Victor Valka
The Kairos Syndicate
Transmission Lost
Posted - 2010.11.11 16:37:00 - [45]

In Sansha EVE, the Nation schedules you!

Miner Tech
Posted - 2010.11.11 16:37:00 - [46]

Originally by: Mynxee
I applaud CCP for choosing to focus on Excellence rather than publish stuff that isn't ready for prime time. CSM has advocated repeatedly that players will accept delays cheerfully if it means a better product.

Totally agreeing!

That is THE RIGHT MOVE. Releasing half-done, half-broken stuff is bad. Quality must be ALWAYS the first and foremost concern.

So, very good.

I am curious though what all the devs did during summer, didn't seem to be that much after all Razz

Reliables Inc
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2010.11.11 16:38:00 - [47]

I don't have any beef with the overall strategic decision; I think it's wise.

However, I think the quantity of tweaks/fixes/minor improvements is really pathetic, particularly in light of how trivial many of them are. The CSM prioritized 168 proposals into 3 different categories, and CCP chose something like 7 of the smallest/easiest items to incorporate after getting a lot of bad press. Changing icons? Altering some database values for rocket stats? Give me a break.

I'll believe that the extra time allows them to release an expansion that isn't full of bugs when I see it, cuz right now it just sounds like they're missing deadlines left and right and are asking for an extension to turn in the same crap they've been doing since Apocrypha.

THORN Syndicate
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2010.11.11 16:42:00 - [48]

Originally by: dev blog

On top of that, we want to make sure our quality assurance department gets plenty of time with the more polished, final versions.

A remaining challenge is that until the extended QA effort results in meaningful improvements to what is clearly a flawed's just hot air.

Durnin Stormbrow
Posted - 2010.11.11 16:42:00 - [49]

Originally by: LegendaryFrog
Originally by: RutilusUnus
Take all the time you need. I'd rather it be amazing than rushed.

I support this. A polished product is leaps and bounds better than an on-time product, especially with an mmo like this.

Agreed. You're showing us that you learned from Tyranis.

Complete, functioning, polished features delivered late are better than junk delivered on time.

Jamus Gorrelius
Macabre Votum
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2010.11.11 16:42:00 - [50]

We will also have some stuff you have been working on to combat lag in there aswell or is that in december or january?

Paradox Collective
Posted - 2010.11.11 16:44:00 - [51]

I'd rather it be delayed and awesome than ontime and sucky.

good job CCP. keep it up.

Hel O'Ween
Men On A Mission
EVE Trade Consortium
Posted - 2010.11.11 16:44:00 - [52]

I applaud CCP for this decision. I personally don't need two (content) expansions a year. One is more than good for me.

The couple one major content release + one major patch (fixing all/most known bugs, add little improvements and such) release would be something I'll be really happy with, if that will become the new plan.

Posted - 2010.11.11 16:48:00 - [53]


I'm impressed that CCP takes this step but I'm more then happy to wait as long as "excellence" is the result.

Congratulations are in place here and I also would like to thank the CSM because I wonder if this discussion was taken without the input from the CSM.

Hrothgar Doran
Posted - 2010.11.11 16:51:00 - [54]

Originally by: Hel O'Ween
The couple one major content release + one major patch (fixing all/most known bugs, add little improvements and such) release would be something I'll be really happy with, if that will become the new plan.


Daedalus II
Helios Research
Posted - 2010.11.11 16:52:00 - [55]

Too bad we have to wait longer, but much rather that and get quality than to get it now full of bugs.

The DirtDiver
Posted - 2010.11.11 16:56:00 - [56]

Originally by: RutilusUnus
Take all the time you need. I'd rather it be amazing than rushed.


Way to to go, CCP. Cool

Durnin Stormbrow
Posted - 2010.11.11 16:56:00 - [57]

Originally by: Indeterminacy
A remaining challenge is that until the extended QA effort results in meaningful improvements to what is clearly a flawed's just hot air.

I hear what you're saying there, but at least senior management is starting to show us that they value quality product over on-time delivery.

They still have internal process improvements to make (what company doesn't?), but to this customer CCP has taken a big step in the right direction.

Aperture Harmonics
Posted - 2010.11.11 16:58:00 - [58]

Who are you and what have you done with CCP?

Please allow me a celebratory injection of a little color:


Obsidian Hawk
RONA Corporation
RONA Directorate
Posted - 2010.11.11 16:58:00 - [59]


Who's leg at ccp do i get to hump now, for the longest time i had been saying that expansions should be released in small sets and not 1 big expansion to avoid major problems. now it's being done! Woot Woot! Thank you CCP, this might be the smoothest release yet!

Axe Coldon
Posted - 2010.11.11 16:59:00 - [60]

Delay is fine.

When in those 3 expansions will the new Salvaging ship be released?

When in those 3 expansions will the Incursions start?

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