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Cpt SpyOnYou
Posted - 2010.12.15 13:18:00 - [361]

First I would like to say that I am glad you removed the learning skills. You have also added much needed fixes. With that said I am not for moving forward when things still need to be fixed. Sonii(sp) played that game with us never fixing older bugs. I am Caldari an have been playing since 2003, I WANT LAUNCHER GRAPHICS RETURNED, you all get gun/turret graphics. So why have you not fixed this yet, and do not say it affects rate of fire or something because if that is the case the you should just add bonus to Caldari ships for rate of fire. Do something please ok Nuff said.

PS I also think eve map gives out way to much Intell, maybe if you have Sov. in that area you should be able to get that information.Rolling Eyes

Posted - 2010.12.21 11:04:00 - [362]

Posted - 2010.12.22 17:59:00 - [363]

Originally by: wizard87
Originally by: Gil Danastre
I think a good yearly release schedule going forward would look something like this;

- 1 substantial expansion a year, released fall/winter.

- During the intervening months, release regular bug/balance patches. No more waiting 6 months for a major imbalance to get "looked at"

- Toss in small content patches throughout. Got a new model for X ship done? Toss it in!

I think ultimately this underscores that the 2 expansions a year thing is starting to hit it's limit. There's so much to EVE now just adding a little thing can break dozens of others. Plus, I think they're starting to run out of content ideas to put in there, hence the steadily decreasing "Wow" factor of all content updates. I mean, just going off of Wikipedias listing of the EVE expansions, we've got;

- Castor
- Tech 2 ships
- Conquerable Outposts in 0.0
- The agent mission running system
- Research Agents

- Exodus
- Deadspace areas
- POS's
- More ships
- Sov claiming

- Cold War
- Level 4 agents
- COSMOS constellations
- Freighters/Dreadnaughts
- Better pirate factions
- Player buildable stations

- New bloodlines
- 23 new T2 ships
- Carriers/Titans/Moms

- Rev I
- Scan probes
- Exploration
- Contracts
- T2 Invention
- The drone regions
- New player experience
- Better galaxy map
- Rigs and boosters
- EVE voice

- Rev II
- Overheating
- Bombs
- Level 5 agents
- updating sov/starbases/outposts
- Better tutorials

- Trinity
- totally overhauled graphics engine
- 20 new ships

- EA
- Faction warfare
- black rise

- QR
- certs and medals
- The Orca
- indy ship rebalances
- weapon grouping

- Apocrypha
- Tech 3 ships with 3 of 5 subsystem variations (still waiting on the fifth!)
- wormhole space, ~2200 new systems
- sleepers
- epic arcs
- rig sizes

- Dominion
- major sov changes
- pirate epic arcs
- faction ship rebalances

- Tyrannis
- planetary interaction
- landmarks?
- new scorpion model
- alienware lights?

- Incursion
- Sansha incursions
- new character creator
- new ships (Noctis, sansha SC)

I mean I know Tyrannis has been stated as "what not to do", when you're bullet pointing a single ship model and color coded lights as major features you should rethink what you're doing. 1 expansion a year at the least would put some oomph back into the content side of things.

Best post yet, shows just exactly how (with the exception of Apocrypha) CCP have failed to deliver to their original high standards, and with more CCP employees it is getting worse.

To be fair, a couple things were missed:

*analysis of lag
*significant work into optimizations of code to decrease lag
*converting to 64-bit item ID code (or w/e it is)

I R comp sci student. Admittedly I do not have a HUGE amount of experience in it, but I have figured out one thing:

Creating something new is comparatively easy. You build it, make sure it works, maybe do some optimizations of it to make it run faster, and release it.

Making changes to something that was made by someone else (especially broad, involved changes like these) is significantly harder. You have to read and learn someone else's code, figure out what exactly is being done, and get the same output... but better (faster, more detailed, etc).

Doing this to a codebase which has grown and evolved for years is even harder; Part A relies on part B which relies on part C which gets info from part D, but part D primarily does something completely different; it just happens to have a function for the info C needs. Imagine going in and trying to optimize part D; you see this function that nothing in D uses, implementing it with the other changes you're making is MUCH harder, so you prune it out. Suddenly A, B, and C all don't work, and you have to figure out why.

Doing it to a program with near-100% uptime with users who aren't terribly forgiving of bugs is masochistic.

Posted - 2011.01.14 15:08:00 - [364]

Originally by: Berikath
Doing it to a program with near-100% uptime with users who aren't terribly forgiving of bugs is masochistic.

We are NOT just "users" (and I mean in the traditional computer network sense), we are CUSTOMERS who PAY for a SUBSCRIPTION of software.

E.g. if you subscribed to the New York Times and saw a whole lot of words mispelled and sentences that were grammatically wrong, pictures connected with the wrong text, erroneous quotes, etc. would you still subscribe to that newspaper?

Anyways, NOT being a critic to your subscribed material WILL ultimately result in you stopping your subscription. It's just a matter of time before the material is no longer what you expect. This is why you SHOULD stick your two cents into the discussion!

Also, subscriptions are by design a nice medium to maintain quality for YOU! However, by being silent, the publisher will ultimately do what THEY want or what they THINK you want.

Just MY two cents!

Posted - 2011.01.15 14:18:00 - [365]

Maybe you guys at CCP could actually fix some things before moving on to another expantion, you know some of those things you guys give a low priority to, Like Killmails. I would like to see one that is correct, I mean really if you can't get a little thing like that right what else are you missing.

Posted - 2011.01.18 15:49:00 - [366]

Stop changing things. People play Eve....or do anything for that matter, because of the way it is, not for the way it might be. Every time something is good, people want to meddle with it, tweak it, in an attempt to make it better, or to appease some whining malcontent. All that ever happens is it gets ruined. I have played a number of online games, that start out popular, and are fun to play. They are flawed, but that is part of the fun. After endless tweaking, the challenges are all eliminated, everything is exactly fair, even and balanced; people are bored to death and move on.
I play Eve because of how it is, am not interested in how it might be. Instead of changing this game, make a new one, with all of the upcoming changes, hopefully all of the unhappy people will go there.

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