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Mikail Assimov
Posted - 2010.11.12 20:45:00 - [271]

defineately want the additions polished.more than williing to wait for a good working addition.And hopefully a little love to the P.I. partsExclamationExclamationVery Happy

Posted - 2010.11.12 21:48:00 - [272]

I'll admit I was stoked for the November release, but I echo the sentiments of the community. An iron-clad, polished product over the rushed undead, Bondo and duct-tape Frankenstein, please!

Isaac Apylon
Lobster Adoption Agency
Posted - 2010.11.12 22:50:00 - [273]

Bravo, CCP! I was very much looking forward to some fun this November, but as many others have said, it's much better to get things polished than on a tight schedule. Glad CCP is recognizing that.

Posted - 2010.11.12 22:56:00 - [274]

being in the mining only part of eve these expansions means nothing.will never be interested in pvp/pve.can we get to the more realistic things like nav thrusters on all ships/warpin thru planets,mooons and stations/real time orbits around all moons and planets/more realistic earth type planets/terraforming desert planets using ice asteriods/player design mining ships and space stations.expansions change nothing but creativity does.well back to mining for me.never saw an ice I did not like.

Posted - 2010.11.12 23:20:00 - [275]

Edited by: Chruker on 12/11/2010 23:22:31
Why not call the january one for Incursion, after all it is named after what Sansha's will do by that time.

Then you can just make the nov/dec patch Tyrannis 1.3

Also what about the simplified PI interface? Will that be the december patch?

And finally the Noctis ship. Despite it havent been available on sisi yet, it is only using existing features so that should be possible for the november patch.

The Silence of Thunder
Posted - 2010.11.13 00:51:00 - [276]

Well, I was originally going to reply "**** you CCP, stop being slowpokes. I like my halfassed expansions.".

Then I stopped by Sisi.

Goddamn it CCP, just throw caution to the wind and release this next summer or something when you can actually make it not suck so horribly badly. Seriously.

Obsidian Hawk
RONA Corporation
RONA Directorate
Posted - 2010.11.13 02:15:00 - [277]

I would like to remind people that the test server is TESTING, and is not the final product. ALSO I would like to remind people that what is on the test server is all 3 parts, not just part 1. So now you can see why they are releasing it in parts than just one huge thing.

now lets all be civil about this, wait what on yeah eve-o forums. Ok so what we should concentrate on now is, taking off parts 2 and 3 of incursion on the next server next week and just having only part 1 on it. no char creater, no incursion sites, just what is going to be in part 1.

Rhok Relztem
CGMA Synergist Syndicate
Posted - 2010.11.13 05:03:00 - [278]

CCP, you have restored a huge hunk of my faith in you. After all of the outcry for 'excellence over quantity' and over the 18-month crap, you have done an about-face and are doing exactly what we have asked for. You are providing fixes and updates and postponing an expansion until it is ready! That takes a lot of ballz. Kudos! Very HappyVery Happy

Alexis Sapphire
Posted - 2010.11.13 11:32:00 - [279]

PLEX for remap?

Look, I know this is a tremendously controversial topic. I don't care about the pros or the cons regarding this. I'm just curious if this IS indeed coming in Incursion (I ask since it is such a controversial thing...) and if so, which of the three parts is it coming in?

The Graduates
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2010.11.13 12:53:00 - [280]

Good Blog and good thinking. Take the time; get it right but make sure you hit those deadlines you have created.

Mimidae Risk Solutions
Posted - 2010.11.13 14:37:00 - [281]

Ok... I love you guys up in Iceland, but really...

Explain the first option on your "November Expansion" possibilities...

We have a few options for contained changes we can put out in a beefy mini-expansion in November that may include (but are not limited to):
80 new story line courier missions


Like, for real, how many different ways can you complete a Courier mission? How many different things can you have us move?

80 of them? How about 20 missions? Like L4 combat missions? Or Exploration sites? Or... 80 Courier missions?


Eraggan Sadarr
Comply Or Die
Posted - 2010.11.13 15:30:00 - [282]

Wait with release until the product is ready!!!

YES! That's the way to go. And i really like the fact that you intend to release some much requested balancing and features before the expansion, so any bugs here can be reported before Incursion. Congrats on growing up :P

Damarn Price
Posted - 2010.11.13 23:42:00 - [283]

I am less than 8 months old in the game so far, and I still love it. I think all given the marvel of we all playing on a single server, we are doing very good not to experience more problems daily. CCP can be commended for that. I was here for the Tyrannis Expansion, and I had a few problems, but it may have been partially my doing. But since then I have had few problems. Thanks for choosing quality. But it would be great to have the Noctis, early rather than late. And I heard the noctis would not have any means of defense. Please give it a sensible drone bay or something,guns, lasers, popguns, slingshots or anything! Just don't make it another neutered industrial ship.

Posted - 2010.11.14 00:27:00 - [284]

Originally by: Mynxee
Edited by: Mynxee on 11/11/2010 16:19:33
I applaud CCP for choosing to focus on Excellence rather than publish stuff that isn't ready for prime time. CSM has advocated repeatedly that players will accept delays cheerfully if it means a better product. I'm sure it wasn't easy for CCP to "break form" so to speak, but this is a very commendable step in the right direction.

The list of potential changes in the November release is nice. Given what I saw on SiSi related to the new character creator, a delay that (one hopes) promises a more user-friendly, content-rich experience there would be most welcome. If that also includes CCP taking into consideration more feedback from players to refine the Sansha Incursions, even better.

Based on discussions we had with CCP on the matter, I would have liked to see this announcement come out sooner but better late than never.

Every time there's an issue I give a rat's bum about Mynxee seems to be the one saying what I'm thinking. I'm voting for you from now on, Minmatar girl.

Avenger Mercenaries
VOID Intergalactic Forces
Posted - 2010.11.14 04:51:00 - [285]

could we atleast get in the PI update this month that was promised in the expansion, thats what i was hoping for so i can do more with my planets and not click some 120 times per planet for 6 planets

Posted - 2010.11.14 11:19:00 - [286]

80 ne courier missions was easy for the slimmed down content team to put together and remember ccp doesnt do content variance to well its very defined and narrow and unoriginal i would have expected 30 to be made a song and dance 80 is really pushing their imaginations

Angst IronShard
Sense of Serendipity
Echoes of Nowhere
Posted - 2010.11.14 14:25:00 - [287]

Edited by: Angst IronShard on 14/11/2010 14:25:12
and what"s about the ability to refit T3 subs on POS ?

Spiritus Draconis
Posted - 2010.11.14 22:53:00 - [288]

Originally by: HeliosGal
80 ne courier missions was easy for the slimmed down content team to put together and remember ccp doesnt do content variance to well its very defined and narrow and unoriginal i would have expected 30 to be made a song and dance 80 is really pushing their imaginations

Can you re-post that with some commas and periods thrown in there? Wink

Unleashed' Fury
Posted - 2010.11.15 12:31:00 - [289]

Just hope those mobs have the ability to change target and multitask has sleepers in C4-5 Wh.

Wellcomme ladies and gentlemen Laughing

Floydd Heywood
Posted - 2010.11.15 13:08:00 - [290]

At what stage will the remapping-for-PLEX-feature be introduced?

Vanishing Point.
The Initiative.
Posted - 2010.11.15 19:12:00 - [291]

Originally by: Floydd Heywood
At what stage will the remapping-for-PLEX-feature be introduced?

Hopefully never.

Alexis Sapphire
Posted - 2010.11.15 19:29:00 - [292]

Originally by: Malcanis
Originally by: Floydd Heywood
At what stage will the remapping-for-PLEX-feature be introduced?

Hopefully never.

And that's a completely valid opinion. I asked the same question above. I'm not looking to debate the issue amongst those against, and the few in favor of this, but can we get a CCP answer on this one? I'm sure people on both sides are curious about this.

For instance, has the player reaction (seemingly a majority view this dimly...) caused CCP to rethink this at all? Or is this full steam ahead and we'll see it in part 1, 2, or 3?

Mr Xanatos
Posted - 2010.11.15 19:38:00 - [293]

Meta numbers eh, are we going to be able to "sort" be meta number in our hanger?

Floydd Heywood
Posted - 2010.11.16 08:39:00 - [294]

If CCP were to reverse their plans on the remapping-for-PLEX-feature, they would completely ruin my skill plans for the next year, because I used my normal remapping with the new feature in mind. I'm aware that most forum warriors would just love that, but CCP shouldn't. I know I'm absolutely not the only one who has used his remapping assuming that the next one will not be 12 months away.

Posted - 2010.11.16 09:37:00 - [295]

I must say that I am disappointed over what I read here. I was really looking forward to an expansion that could make me come back and play.
For the last 8 months I just been paying and skill training, and thatís it. Luckily Iím one of those WOW dumbasses so I at least have something
to look forward to. A really shame though that I still have to pay and no play. But I if itís so bad, why donít just wait with the whole thing?
And, will the January half take the spring/summer expansionís place?
Crying or Very sad

Duolith Systems
Knights of the Rising Phoenix
Posted - 2010.11.16 10:07:00 - [296]

Wow, lots of emotions.

I agree with CSM and prefer quality over speed anyday (that why I fly Gallente)

But I'd like a CCP answer on how the prolonged delivery of the winter expansion will affect the spring/summer expansion! Delayed? Cancelled?

And for the love of Jove, make a new icon for BPOs or BPCs so I can tell them apart. THAT can't be a major development issue, now can it?

Posted - 2010.11.16 11:07:00 - [297]

well by delaying incursions it would seem to me that this is also indicating that dust might be behind schedule. CCP dont want to leave the game to slowly deveoped or rapid games going ahead elsewhere will suck hte player base out

Cid SilverWing
The Scope
Posted - 2010.11.16 11:46:00 - [298]

So when will we have an actual release date for the expansion?

Inanna NiKunni
Posted - 2010.11.16 19:14:00 - [299]

i approve this change in strategy - small incremental changes, based on user feedback, you are doing it right CCP.

Posted - 2010.11.17 06:14:00 - [300]

let em delay it more they are putting all their limited resources into something useless

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