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Posted - 2010.11.03 17:04:00 - [1]

Edited by: Fuzojix on 11/12/2010 19:09:49
Edited by: Fuzojix on 10/12/2010 05:50:42

Atlas Technologies is now recruiting!

We're a laid back, multi-interest corporation based in Northern Coalition space (Bff!).
As such, we are able to offer our members...

Security: We are in a fairly secure section of 0.0, under the watch of larger alliances, and with defense fleets of our own scrambled at the sight of any reds in our space.
PvP: We have both regular and impromptu PvP roams, as well as gate camps, POS bashing, and whatever gets you hard.
PvE: As a member, you'll be given access to our ratting systems, as well as our mining systems, along with both ratting and mining ops.
Mobility: With an extensive jump bridge network, you'll be able to run to high sec and back in as few jumps as possible.
A Community: With members in all timezones in our alliance (Wayfarer Sellar Initiative), you will literally never be alone. There will always be somebody online to play with.
Voice Communications: We currently have a Teamspeak server up and running for our alliance, and welcome you to make use of it.

But, enough about us, what about you? As a member of Atlas Technologies, we will expect...

Activity: We won't force you to be online, but we won't be impressed if you join our corp then take a month long vacation to Canada. Try to be online when you can, and tell us when you'll be gone for extended periods of time.
Discipline: If you're in our PvP fleets, we expect you to listen to our fleet commanders. "Hold on gate", doesn't mean "jump through and pewpew!"
No Douchebaggery: Asshats, while funny, are generally unwelcome.
Attitude: We will expect you to participate in the occasional fleet op or ratting operation, but, like activity, we will not force this upon you.
Entrance Requirements: Limited API will be required. If you don't have one for us, we will ask you to GTFO. Minimum SP of 2 million is asked, but if you fall below this, you are still welcome. Just be prepared to learn.

As a new member based in high sec, you will be assisted in getting your assets down to our space. Jump bridges are used for maximum security, along with haulers to bring your items down in one load. As a member in null sec, you will be escorted to our space if you fear you cannot make the run yourself.

Our New Focus
Alright people.
We've reached our first goal, went past 75 members, win.

But now, we're starting to really focus our efforts to become a self sufficient and generally badass corp.
SO! At the moment, we're recruiting miners and manufacturers, and PvP players.

If you have any questions or want to check out our corp before joining, join our public channel, Atlas Chatbox.

SO, if Atlas Technologies sounds like your kind of place, we will be more than happy to take you aboard.
If not, we hate you anyways, GTFO.

Basoriel Koramix
Posted - 2010.11.04 15:00:00 - [2]

Edited by: Basoriel Koramix on 04/11/2010 15:01:53
Shabam, recruitment bump, day 2.
Posted with an alt, apparently.
Oh well.

Larry C
Posted - 2010.11.04 15:41:00 - [3]

You guys got a public channel?

Terraprobe Dynamics
Posted - 2010.11.04 17:04:00 - [4]

Hmm, I'm looking for a new place to lay my hat and you guys sound like just what I was looking for, the guys I'm with right now were started by an IRL friend of mine but the corp has died a death and it is time for me to find more active players.
Any space for someone like myself in your group?

Can fly any frigate/cruiser/BC/BS/whatever including freighters, Orca, Rorqual and the Naglfar.
I used to lead a squad of bombers back when I was in IRON but frankly I'd rather avoid a leadership role these days, I'm not nearly so warlike these last few years.

Basoriel Koramix
Posted - 2010.11.04 18:41:00 - [5]

Edited by: Basoriel Koramix on 04/11/2010 18:42:49
Larry our public channel is Atlas Chatbox, I edited it into the post.

Also, 3 new recruits today, 4 if you join up Larry :D.
Things are steaming along quite well.

edit: RAGE, posted with my alt again, goddamn.

Posted - 2010.11.05 16:03:00 - [6]

We're still recruitmentating, so join up!
We'll even let you make up your own words, and be cool like me.

Larry C
Posted - 2010.11.05 16:10:00 - [7]

I will try to join your channel tonight and see what's going on.

Basoriel Koramix
Posted - 2010.11.05 16:15:00 - [8]

Edited by: Basoriel Koramix on 05/11/2010 16:17:32
Awesome, hopefully we can work something out :D.
Just don't be a spah.

Basoriel Koramix
Posted - 2010.11.06 15:35:00 - [9]

Recruitment bump SHABAM!!!

Lost a miner that just joined up with us, turned out null sec wasn't his cup-o-tea.
So we need a replacement!

Posted - 2010.11.07 22:15:00 - [10]


Still going, need moar playerz.

Posted - 2010.11.08 18:48:00 - [11]

Recruitment is still open.

Basoriel Koramix
Posted - 2010.11.09 16:16:00 - [12]

Recruitment is still open ya'll, corp is still pulling in new recruits daily.
Hop on the popularity bandwagon, or all the other kids will make fun of you.

Basoriel Koramix
Posted - 2010.11.10 19:20:00 - [13]


Posted - 2010.11.11 15:04:00 - [14]

TLDR: Recruitment is still open.

This just in, Atlas Technologies has opened their doors toooooo...

If you've ever wanted to join a corporation only to be a faceless spy, now is your chance!
Send an application with the phrase "Mr.Chucklefeather said you'd be expecting a man in a lab coat, can you offer him biscuits?", and only I will know you're a spy!

Basoriel Koramix
Posted - 2010.11.12 14:01:00 - [15]

I'm disappointed with ya'll, no corporate spies yet.
Change that ASAP.

Dex Zalente
Posted - 2010.11.12 14:07:00 - [16]

What TZ's do you have in your corp. UK here.

Posted - 2010.11.12 18:51:00 - [17]

As I said, we've got timezone coverage all over the place in our alliance, I've never seen an empty channel or controlled system.
As for our specific corp, we're mostly concentrated in the US TZ (who seem to play either midday or late night), though we have several UK players, a South African player, and 4 or so Australian players, so pretty much whenever you choose to play, SOMEBODY will be online.

Posted - 2010.11.13 14:35:00 - [18]

Hey you guys sound like a good bunch. Just wondering if you provide both transport and safety for High-sec players moving you to your neck of the woods.

Posted - 2010.11.13 15:25:00 - [19]

Indeed we can :D.
We always escort new players to our neck of the woods for their first run down.

Posted - 2010.11.14 15:14:00 - [20]

Cried a little today, one of our newest recruits got a 10/10 complex on his first day up here, sent ISK meant for somebody else to me (about 315 mil), then I had to send it back to the guy it was meant for.

Hate this place, but recruitment is still open!

Posted - 2010.11.14 15:54:00 - [21]

apllication sent...

Posted - 2010.11.15 18:02:00 - [22]

Recruits, now.

Posted - 2010.11.16 17:51:00 - [23]

Recruitment bump, we're still looking for new people.

Basoriel Koramix
Posted - 2010.11.18 13:54:00 - [24]

Still need people, the ghost of recruits yet to come says Atlas Technologies is a great corp!

Basoriel Koramix
Posted - 2010.11.19 13:27:00 - [25]

Early recruitment bump because I got called into work today.
Jackhammers outside all night, and my boss is all "LOLOL I NEED JOO MAING!!!!"

Yeah, now you know a bit about me.
I'll tell you my favorite flower in the next bump :O.

Xkallzor INC
DUST Conglomerate
Posted - 2010.11.19 13:32:00 - [26]


Posted - 2010.11.20 15:58:00 - [27]

Recruitment is still going ya'll, NEED MORE PEOPLE!

Also, orchids.
Now you know a bit more about me... favorite sex position tomorrow :O!

Basoriel Koramix
Posted - 2010.11.21 21:05:00 - [28]

As you probably guessed, we're still recruiting.
Really, does anyone ever bump their thread to tell new recruits to GTFO?

Anywho, girl on top.

Posted - 2010.11.22 15:26:00 - [29]

We've been exploding lately (in a good way), our numbers have grown up past 65 :D.
And we still need more! Help us reach 75.

Basoriel Koramix
Posted - 2010.11.24 15:00:00 - [30]

HOT DAMN, one of our corpies (bless his heart, he shall remain unnamed) brought in a bunch of his old corpies in, just boosted our numbers by 5 players :D.
Got a lot of new experienced individuals in here, along with some experienced PvP players. Looks like we'll be able to start running corp PvP roams without the help of our alliance.

Hop on board soon!

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