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Abbot Laarkin
Order Of Mystical Mountain Monks
Posted - 2010.11.02 19:27:00 - [61]

The main problem I have with OP's post is this..

I've been playing Eve for approx 4 years. In that time I have carefully focused my training in certain directions in order to a) gain an advantage in certain PvP scenarios over those with less SP, and b) reduce the advantage older players have over me when fighting with certain ships.

Within the ship classes I usually fly in PvP I have maxed ship, weapon, tank and support skills. It has taken me 4 years to get here, and each extra skill to hit lvl 5 was a milestone in the journey.

Under a system like that proposed by the OP, that time/ journey could be seen as a complete waste. Any new player (or older player with new alt) who has a decent RL income can instantly negate any advantage my 4 years of careful skilling may of given me.
Now it's fair to say that along with 4 years of SP I also have the advantage of 4 years XP, however it's not that hard to learn to fly certain ships well if you are willing to do the research.

And it would certainly not be "optional" for most people. The only chance to maintain an SP advantage would be to buy SP myself.Something which I would be utterly loath to do.Sad

A system like the OP's would almost certainly see me leave Eve for good. The skill training system, with it's focus on lack of grinding, is one of the major selling points of this game imho.

Would not have any major issues with an "across-the-board" increase in training speed however.


Posted - 2010.11.03 10:23:00 - [62]

Why we care about other characters than our own?

Simple answer: Eve is a pvp oriented game. PvP means that we care alot if some git out there with lots of money can buy isk (through plexes) and get a pvp god character in two days.

carebear one
Posted - 2010.11.03 11:53:00 - [63]

Edited by: carebear one on 03/11/2010 12:03:12
So basically you suggest we should allow following:

14 day old noobs wandering around whining and moaning about there hyper-fitted raven being shooted down because they dont have the experience to create a proper fitting, to balance the differenct effects of moduls even dont have the experience to use the thousands of moduls right?


They skill-times are complitly in order ... they force you to learn and get experience

How many noobs know that the effiencey of there resistance plating is influenced by mechanical skills ... and the decission if they are using active or passive plating is incluenced by engineering skills? Thats something you have to learn for yourself and the trainingtimes forces you to do so.

Posted - 2010.11.03 12:39:00 - [64]

Yeah, after caraful consideration and reading all your posts, it was a really dumb idea just thinking about this solution.

I've already apologized for my childish behavior and dropped for good this idea in my mind because it quite simply sucks.

Anyway, thanks for all your replys.

I still wish training time could be cut in half though.


Niccolado Starwalker
Shadow Templars
Posted - 2010.11.04 09:24:00 - [65]

Originally by: Hygaraa
Jesus Tippia, are you freekin plain stupid?

Your arguments up till this point have not been very good - as Tippia have proved QUITE well. I guess thats why you fall down to name calling. I guess this gives another point to Tippia, and a penalty score to you.

Imiarr Timshae
Funny Men In Funny Hats
Posted - 2010.11.04 11:14:00 - [66]

Originally by: Hygaraa
Hello everyone.
Oh lawdy new players have to wait too long for everything give us spend ISK for SP oh lawdy dem 20bn isk wielding 5yr players surely won't exploit this system zomg

AFK dude
Posted - 2010.11.04 15:00:00 - [67]

Originally by: Hygaraa

Hello everyone.
You buy the Exhumer skill book, inject it or start training it right away. Then, if you open the character sheet menu, under skills, by right clicking the Exhumer skill you would be presented with the option to buy Exhumer lvl1 for say, 100k (Just example).

I agree with Hygaraa. However, make the price 25 000 ISK/SP

Also, if this feature is applied during the first 1 600 000 SP,
remove permanently the training bonus.

who stole my picture?

Posted - 2010.11.08 22:12:00 - [68]

Edited by: AHepcat on 08/11/2010 22:26:24
How about we'll have 2 ways of training skills,One passive skill training (the one that we're currently using) and 1 active (grinding).

For example, I set active training to heavy missile specialization. Then I went out ratting and I'm using HML IIs, for every rat or players that I killed, I should gain a few SPs towards Heavy Missile Specialization.


Dokten Ral
Posted - 2010.11.09 01:05:00 - [69]

My .02 ISK:

At the end of the day, the game's balance, design, and player evolution have been designed with the real-time skill training system in mind. It is one of the core mechanics of the game (in my mind at least). While I understand the desire for this to be eased up a bit, particularly for new players, it IS meant to be the way it is, and tampering with it could (maybe) do horrible, terrible, irreversible things to EVE.

But it is not without advantages.

It allows the player's skill to grow with their pilot's, and I feel there is a suitable pacing there. I have found that it is an intriguing feeling to look back in my memories at my perspectives on ship values, size, and overall gameplay experience from when I had first started, and to realize just how far I have come, not just in how big or high-tech of guns I can shoot, but in terms of my actual knowledge of and skill in the game as a player.

And I can see that I still have as far to possibly advance as I have already come.

This, I feel, is a piece of why the skill system should stay largely as it is, and why the sometimes glacial-feeling skill advancement is important to EVE. It lends itself to a somewhat deeper, and definitely more unique, gameplay experience.

Posted - 2010.11.09 01:24:00 - [70]

if I actually had long periods of time to play Eve, then I would totally agree with you. However, since I don't, I would rather keep it the same as it is now (I don't have to play to progress).

Posted - 2010.11.09 02:49:00 - [71]

Originally by: AHepcat
Edited by: AHepcat on 08/11/2010 22:26:24
How about we'll have 2 ways of training skills,One passive skill training (the one that we're currently using) and 1 active (grinding).

For example, I set active training to heavy missile specialization. Then I went out ratting and I'm using HML IIs, for every rat or players that I killed, I should gain a few SPs towards Heavy Missile Specialization.


forum needs a head banging wall emote....

One more time...rez on the dead horse. Now beat it...

Easy to abuse. main and alt in uber drakes. endless fun not breaking each others tank and grinding forever. Even better....have a sp farm pos on one alt. war dec alt in a separate corp with a pos, have fun for hours shooting their pos shield alt tabbed. For large guns trains...yes I would do this. I did large T2 rails, sucked. I am x-training minny, get to have fun with large projectiles down the road too. Pos to speed up my copy work, me research on pita bpo's and gives me something to shoot for hours a day for sp....very much worht it to me.

Make it a 2 for one special....put a gunner in the pos to shoot the drake once in while (with smaller gunz ofc). Max out pos gun skills (pita train). be nice to your friend who is training logi....invite him on by, endless hours repping the drake or the pos shield....or both (neut heal for the win...just have the logi set blue to the corp with the pos). Got another friend wanting to train up a fleetbooster? Invite him along too. Fleet boost the drake to grind out the warfare link 5. Just has to be in system...they could even be in the the very pos the drake is shooting (links and boosts work in pos shields).

See where this is going...

Also you are thinking mission runner blow stuff up. Other careers in this game are very passive. How do you balance indy versus your rat killing. Indy can literally be less tnan an hour of actual clicking per week. My BPO research, put it in and collect when done. Public lab gives me 30 day limits. I use those 30 days....on 7 slots. SP and all I did was put a bpo in research, server does the rest for 29 days. I run invents with the rest of my slots. spam small stuff like ammo and mods...then chuck in a transport, hac, t2 bs, etc (4 day invents). For this to be fair I would get the same bonus as you....not doing very much. Sound good to you as work your way through AE bonus room? damn lazy indy, logs in every couple of days gets the same sp boost I do grinding these damn missions actually working.

Grind your isk...isk buys better stuff. faction gear, implants...or you play the game for free buying plex when you can.

Unfortunate Soldiers
Posted - 2010.11.25 16:31:00 - [72]

correct me if im wrong, but wouldnt this leave the 'poorer' players of eve at a disadvantage no matter what?

Zaboth Garadath
Ore Extraction Corporation
Posted - 2010.11.25 16:58:00 - [73]

Hi Hygaraa,

When CCP made EVE, they wanted it to be different from other MMO's. They succeeded, no small thanks to the way characters get sp. Instead of having to sit at their computers all day to get their skills up, players can go and have fun in rl instead of having to keep playing. Players who are unable to play much due to work, school, etc, can still train just as fast as anyone else.

This (In my personal opinion) is why EVE has such an awesome player base. It isn't full of people who spend all day at their computers, but people who have actual jobs, girlfriends, a life, etc, as EVE does not force us to spend hours every day playing the game to be good at it.

This is why most people would not like this idea. They just have more important things to do that grind isk to buy sp.

I'm not saying that your idea is bad, its just that EVE is not the right game to have it in.

Glyken Touchon
Independent Alchemists
Posted - 2010.11.25 17:15:00 - [74]

Originally by: Hygaraa
This is a win win situation, the only ones that would not benefit from this would be the vets that keep saying "i trained for years so i can finally fly a Carrier and the years waiting were loads of fun so why shouyld it be different for others", and, CCP if their plan is to use the skill training scheme a way to keep players hooked for as long as possible so rl money keeps pouring in.

If players run out of possible training options, they will have hit the "level cap" which breaks the whole style of Eve. Being able to purchase SP (isk or RMT) means that CCP can no longer control the rate at which players approach the max SP. As it is, they can anticipate how much longer it is before new skills need to be added.

Of course they give incentives to keep us subscribing- they're a business... without the rl money pouring in, they'll cease trading.

Amon Tyr
Posted - 2010.11.25 18:20:00 - [75]

Edited by: Amon Tyr on 25/11/2010 18:23:18
Originally by: Tippia
CCP wants you to play the actual game rather than just tediously repeat some mindless task simply for a pointless number to count up.

I loled.

On topic: Bad idea, SP for ISK.

Faster training could be tied to things like PVP kills, etc though.

Nah, that would not work either.

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