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Posted - 2010.10.31 16:48:00 - [31]


Best vodka I've ever had, and for only $13.

That, and sometimes chocolate covered something or others.

CCP Zymurgist

Posted - 2010.10.31 16:50:00 - [32]

Originally by: Herzog Wolfhammer
My own dark home brew.

Same here, cept I normally don't brew anything to dark. Gotta keep it a bit sweet for she who must be obeyed.

Herzog Wolfhammer
Sigma Special Tactics Group
Posted - 2010.10.31 17:16:00 - [33]

Originally by: CCP Zymurgist
Originally by: Herzog Wolfhammer
My own dark home brew.

Same here, cept I normally don't brew anything to dark. Gotta keep it a bit sweet for she who must be obeyed.

My Queen put it in her ice cream.

Jek Slight
Posted - 2010.10.31 18:37:00 - [34]

I am drinking either Coffee, Orange Juice or just plain Water. If I am eating something it may be tuna or salmon fish wrap.

Alexis Sapphire
Posted - 2010.10.31 18:39:00 - [35]

Originally by: Alara IonStorm

Food is a thing of the past now.

This, and diet pepsi... Diet Pepsi by the truckload...

Companion Qube
Electron Conservation Inc
Posted - 2010.10.31 20:27:00 - [36]

My snack is the sweet taste of victory and my drink the tears of my foe.

(how did it take this many posts for someone to say tears?)

Drake Konstantin
Posted - 2010.10.31 21:20:00 - [37]

Originally by: shinaide
Since I am not allowed to eat between meals and my wife refuses to cook if I won't sit to eat with her I have no eve snacks aside from water.

this is depressing

Chris Bailey
Posted - 2010.10.31 21:35:00 - [38]

This is now a chris bailey thread

Alara IonStorm
Posted - 2010.10.31 21:48:00 - [39]

Originally by: Chris Bailey
This is now a chris bailey thread

Eat him alive, he is our snack!

Posted - 2010.10.31 22:14:00 - [40]

When it is not OUZO,it is just coffee.

Baron Agamemnon
The Einherji
Supernova Federation
Posted - 2010.10.31 22:23:00 - [41]

Usually water and/or tea. Fairly little snacks, but sometimes I got a piece of chocolate or some chorizo sausage. Maybe a beer or a good single malt once in a while.

Hauling hogs
Swine Aviation Labs
Posted - 2010.10.31 22:28:00 - [42]

Tea lots of it and as much weed as i can get my greedy hands on. Very Happy

Posted - 2010.10.31 22:46:00 - [43]

atm granado+apple+orange+water in a blender Very Happy

yes it did blend

Cyrus Mierre
The Forsaken Legion
Posted - 2010.10.31 22:56:00 - [44]

Originally by: Brian Ballsack
I could eat a knob at night

Haha I don't think many ppl will get that reference XD

Chainsaw Plankton
Posted - 2010.11.01 00:20:00 - [45]

usually drink pepsi or mt dew

as for snacks I like cheeze-its, beef jerky, cheesy poofs, potato chips/crips (usually salted, or salt and vinegar), cookies, cheese and crackers, and/or them snack cakes usually the little debbie ones.

Eric Policky
Posted - 2010.11.01 00:43:00 - [46]

Generally I'll have a glass of bourbon next to me. I like Woodford Reserve for the good cost/quality ratio.

Rarely vodka, but when I do it's Monopolowa, which can be had for ~$20 for a 1.5L handle and is delicious (I prefer potato vodka).

Subcontractors Ltd
Posted - 2010.11.01 00:51:00 - [47]

Mountain Dew and a bag of Combos.

N Ano
Templars of Space
Posted - 2010.11.01 01:20:00 - [48]

Depends on the day.

Weekdays I stick to something healthy, mostly plain water and sometimes a sandwich if Im hungry.

Friday nights its most often water too but I have maybe some sweets and even more rarely soda with that. Shocked

Dunkler Imperator
Eternal Evocations
Posted - 2010.11.01 01:33:00 - [49]

i drink my own homemade beer, it's a bit strong lol

The Carebear Stare
Hydroponic Zone
Posted - 2010.11.01 01:45:00 - [50]

Edited by: Htrag on 01/11/2010 09:52:13
Usually some form of beer during 84.26% of my kills and 97.47% of my losses.

I need an intervention but noone cares because it gets them kills.

David Carel
Wildly Inappropriate
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2010.11.01 01:48:00 - [51]

Tea. Lots of it.

Mr M
Posted - 2010.11.01 02:36:00 - [52]

I'm a traditionalist so I have coffee and cigarettes.

Double Dee
Posted - 2010.11.01 02:46:00 - [53]

i like to drink diet pepsi and fiber one-oats & chocolate while playing.
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sup yo!

Macabre Votum
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2010.11.01 02:59:00 - [54]

I mostly enjoy liquid tears. I also on occasion like to couple the liquid tears with tear-drop gumms (a gummy tear if you will).YARRRR!!

Posted - 2010.11.01 03:20:00 - [55]

i usually drink water and eat pretty much everything though i prefer all kinds of yoghurt

Hienz Doofenshmirtz
Posted - 2010.11.01 03:39:00 - [56]

a big bag of doom, or atleast something to eat and or drink, basicly whatever I can afford that won't kill me

Manji Lee
Missions Mining and Mayhem
Posted - 2010.11.01 04:07:00 - [57]

When ratting:

Coffee and gummy bears

When pvping:

Coffee and beer

Leksi Bar'zuk
Posted - 2010.11.01 05:10:00 - [58]

Well.. I was drinking a local IPA, but that ****ing pic just made me spew it all into the trash can along with my dinner. Thanks D. Keep on bein' secksy. Embarassed

Posted - 2010.11.01 05:25:00 - [59]

Drink - Coke / Dr.Pepper (depends which is cheaper at the time :P)

Snack - come to think of it... I generally don't snack. Though I could certainly do with one after reading this thread :(

Posted - 2010.11.01 06:02:00 - [60]

Microwave burritos and kettle cooked chips with water :S

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