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Posted - 2010.10.31 03:23:00 - [1]

Edited by: Brutorr on 31/10/2010 04:27:39
Hey OoPE, I'm looking at getting a new gaming computer soon, but have no idea where to start looking.

I've no preferences or anything really, any suggestions?

I don't really have a budget, but I want to get my money's worth.

I live in California, and am not interested in buying parts or putting together my own computer.

Midnight Elites
Echelon Rising
Posted - 2010.10.31 04:11:00 - [2]


So Sensational
Ministry of War
Posted - 2010.10.31 04:14:00 - [3]

Edited by: So Sensational on 31/10/2010 04:15:33
Begin by telling us where you live, we can then find you a shop where you either order your parts from (to build it yourself), or find you a shop which lets you set up your rig like you want it and having them build it.

That's to say, don't buy some pre-built crap like Alienware or HP.

Professor Tarantula
Hedion University
Posted - 2010.10.31 04:30:00 - [4]

One with lots of glowy parts.

It's an established fact that the best ones have the most of those.

Adellle Nadair
Posted - 2010.10.31 05:06:00 - [5]

I am also looking to get a new gaming computer after my last 4 year old one fried its brains.

Budget - around $2k.

Do I get a top of the line graphic card or two lower dual card setups?
Multiple screens or one?

What is the minimum requirement for being able to run Eve with at its best possible graphic setting with all the effects working without having computer/graphic based lag?

Any input would be helpful. Thank you!

Intense Thinker
Posted - 2010.10.31 07:59:00 - [6]

Falcon Northwest ugh

Kazuo Ishiguro
House of Marbles
Posted - 2010.10.31 08:56:00 - [7]

You could do a lot worse than starting here:

Republic Military School
Posted - 2010.10.31 22:21:00 - [8]

You are very vague about what you want. The only clear requirement is that it is computer to play games. The best approach for people like you is to buy something in 1000 dollar range now, buy another complete system in a few year as needed.

Here are the gamer systems that newegg got for people like you, there are three pages worth of systems:


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