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Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2010.10.26 12:55:00 - [1]

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Once Upon a Time in Providence

The last few weeks in Providence have been rife with treachery, betrayal, theft and base opportunism, but these things are the stock in trade for nullsec space, and the moreso for an unhappy region that even though liberated from Amarrian slavers has sadly degenerated to a cesspit of perfidy populated by bandits and hucksters intent on stealing the labour of others.

This is a tale of villainy and cut-throat avarice; it has a cast of loathsome regressive dogs and an impossible situation that promised only tragedy and sorrow. But that isn’t quite what happened. Sometimes the “way of New Eden” doesn’t suit the aggressors after all.

First a Little History

The Free Captains of the Star Fraction have played a role in Providence since the earliest days. We were allies of the Matari Freedom fighters of the Ushra'Khan alliance during the establishment of Unity Outpost and we shared their foes in Amarrian Nationalism, committing our ships and energy to opposing the CVA in many campaigns and pitched battles. Sure, we were never the biggest threat to the CVA in space, rarely the most numerous, certainly not the most significant territorially – but I do believe we have been the most consistent long term ally of the Ushra'Khan fighters over the years and from the doomed heroics of the QR-K85 siege to the guerrilla pressure of Judas Goat, Slaughterhouse and Daisycutter campaigns, from the heights of the KBP assault during Terminus Est to the success of Black Lustrum in resource denial in the final days of the CVA in Providence we have been a consistent presence and thorn in the side of the enemies of freedom.

With this spring’s victory over the CVA in Providence we became only the second entity in the region to build and establish our own outpost from scratch, rather than move into the vacant possessions the slavers left behind, when we constructed the Freeport of TAZ Norlonto in YWS0-Z and declared our docking ramps open to all neutrals and free commerce in New Eden. Our allies in the Ushra'Khan applauded the deed and our use of free Matari construction specialists and we lit a beacon for the notion of independence in these once benighted stars.

But some regions are cursed it seems. Back in the mists of history such a reputation tainted Venal with a succession of traitors, backstabbers and shocking self-serving politicians scrambling over each other’s backs to put the knife into their predecessors, and now it seems the “Grand Council” of New Providence is seeking such a dubious epithet in the murky glory of double-dealing and lies.

Even the Ushra'Khan suffered from the jealous attentions of their once allies in the region with powerplays and intrigues, mercenary hires and backstabbing that robbed them of their faith and reminded them that holding territory is closer than is comfortable to the memory of the territorial holders who once dominated space with their slaving barges and golden cages.

For our part in the Fraction we found the immediate descent to NBSI protectionism and gate-blocking banditry amongst our new “neighbours” to be disappointing and regressive. We played no part in the “fight club” lunacy of ship crews murdering each other one day and then resolving standings the next to unite against a different bunch of psychopaths simply because they deployed an un-manned system blockade unit, rather than torching 60,000 crewman to death for “sport and recreation” at a meaningless stargate.

Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2010.10.26 12:58:00 - [2]

We kept record of our hostiles, we flew against the Amarrian bloc and when Providence became nothing but incestuous roving gangs pursuing K/D ratio mutual stimulation we decided to refocus our efforts elsewhere to aid our friends in the TLF against the Amarrian bloc capital ship powerhouse “Core Impulse” while continuing to encourage neutrals and traders to make use of the outpost we constructed to celebrate the end of the slavery in Providence.

You Shouldn’t Have Attacked My Spaceship!

It had been a hard summer for the Free Captains of the Star Fraction. The Core Impulse campaign was a frustrating, bad-tempered, sporadic and cynical affair, with friendly militia penetrated by Amarrian agents, psyops and forum-spam campaigns, bitter smacktalk and general cowardice masquerading as combat techniques in the enemy ranks. We kept on our primary target throughout though and eventually established a foothold in their operating system that proved crucial in breaking their influence in the warzone. With the assistance of the Gallente Militia, the Flowing Penguins, 8th Order, CTRL-Q and ROSS we gradually increased pressure and evolved ways of killing even non-aggressed dock-gamers on the Huola station (passive locking 1400 artillery platforms of great justice) which doubtless contributed to the final dissolution of Core Impulse and their departure from the 24th Crusade.

But the notorious enemy fleet commander one “Predator Elite” had some chilling words to say on his own departure from the warzone. “You really shouldn’t have attacked my Hurricane, that’s going to cost your sovereignty!!!” And we noted with interest that his place of exile beyond the Crusade was within the Important Internet Spaceship League in Providence and quickly saw this man’s intention to find new allies to replace his failed corpmates from the fragrant cesspool of the New Providence council. He even boasted to his ex girlfriend (and current lover of the race traitor Eran Mintor) Shalee Lianne “Don’t worry about the Fraction wardec, they will soon have more things to concern them than farming the Knighthood of the Merciful Crown!” Rumours were indeed rife, and even the TLF had heard that the Fraction were shortly going to be removed from Providence and their Freeport given over to NBSI dogs. The horror!

An Offer You Can’t Refuse!

So I wasn’t entirely surprised when I was contacted one evening by a diplomat for the Important Internet Spaceship League alliance going by the somewhat improbable name of “Grandis Fustis” who came to speak with me on behalf of the Grand Providence Council and ex-Northern Coalition renter alliance named “On the Rocks”. The long and the short of it was that the Grand Council had met and decided that the Star Fraction were not worthy of holding space in Providence and since they’d already successfully backstabbed the Ushra'Khan and hadn’t got round to cleaning their knife yet they wanted to arrange a two for one deal and stab us up as well.

Some airy justifications followed, the Grand Council told us that if we rolled over and begged and gave our outpost away we would be allowed to return to Providence in the future as their next pets and some light haggling followed where it became apparent that the new residents from “On the Rocks” would be prepared to offer the Fraction 400m isk (to save them the costs of 3 Sovereignty Blockade Units “SBU’s” and ammunition needed) in exchange for the 25b isk outpost we’d built with our own hands and labour.

I told the Internet Spaceships representative that if that was their best offer they best be prepared to fight. He in turn told me I was a terrible diplomat and threatened us with wardecs, harassment, endless wardecs and more harassment and that I was doing a terrible disservice to my alliance by refusing to take the 400m. I laughed and suggested they should simply “bring it.”

Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2010.10.26 13:00:00 - [3]

Planning the Siege of YWS0-Z

So it was time to do a little research on this “On the Rocks” alliance that was being brought in by the Internet Spaceship League to “replace” us in YWS0-Z. It seemed they had a history as renters for the Northern Coalition in the Vale. But their rent agreement had been terminated on the allegation that their involvement in fleets was frankly “laughable” and their combat capability was a joke. Hmmm, and these were the people the Supreme Providence Command council thought to steal our outpost? It was frankly a little bit insulting.

We war-decced “On the Rocks” immediately of course, seemed the polite thing to do. Later that same evening a second ultimatum was delivered this time from representatives of “On the Rocks” themselves – and their leader informed me that since we’d refused their generous offer of 400m isk for an outpost they would be working alongside the Providence council and “the might of nine alliances” to remove us from the system. He remarked later that though “On the Rocks” might sound like a bunch of clueless ice-miners who had gotten lost on the way to Jita – they were actually accomplished 0.0 and empire combat pilots with a sterling record in a dozen previous campaigns and we should consider leaving now to spare our pilots. And he closed with the comment “it’s nothing personal, just the way of eve” while I responded, “I trust you won’t take it personally when we grind your alliance to dust.” And he laughed, but maybe a little nervously.

But something didn’t quite add up, why would a premier combat corp from the Northern Coalition want to come and play second fiddle to the Important Internet Spaceships in Providence? Sure it was noticeable that “Rocks” had good numbers in their timezone and we expected the Supreme Council of Providence to back them in battle, but could they fight round the clock at reinforcement times of our choosing? Who knew? In any case we opted for a guerrilla defence of the system to make it as painful (and hazardous) as possible for the aggressors.

In open council the Free Captains decided that the price we would make “On the Rocks” pay for YWS0-Z was to be 25b isk of damages to their shipping and equipment, or the destruction of their alliance (whatever came first). We decided to remove our own faction tower from the system and to evac all heavy hulls against the possibility that the Supreme Council of Providence might manage a 7 day round the clock bubbling of the Station. From the other direction we prepared copious stocks of Fedaykin bombers and ammunition, many Scimitar class logistics ships and a spicing of fast attack craft to ensure space superiority at need.

It’s fair to say the anarchists of the Fraction were quite peeved at the temerity of this ridiculous mining alliance being foisted on our outpost by the Supreme Providence cesspit and committed ourselves to a long hard, brutal war of revenge and punishment that would take our ships anywhere these “Rocks” opportunists might be found for the foreseeable future. We had no illusions we could defend the Freeport for any length of time against the hundreds of ships New Providence could muster – but we knew we could make these opportunistic thieving ice-miners rue the day they had ever heard of TAZ Nortlonto by hunting them to extinction. We called the campaign Operation ICEBREAKER and cleared the torpedo tubes for firing.

Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2010.10.26 13:03:00 - [4]

Incoming Waves of Hostiles Comrade!

So it began. “On the Rocks” with the support of SODA, DAISHO, BDEAL (Internet Spaceships), TEUTONIC GUARD, NUKE and several other entities began to assault YWS0-Z with SBUs and direct assaults on the system infrastructure hub and station. They deployed a single large Amarrian Control tower within a short warp of the Station at TAZ Norlonto to serve as their operating base and stored their ammunition, ships, and replacement modules there. We code-named it "the roach house" for obvious reasons.

Their strong timezone was in the early hours of our morning and initially we were able to mount only a sporadic defence of bombers and interdiction picking off their loners and keeping their siege-forces nervous to the ever present threat of bombs and torpedo ambushes. We were doing pretty well at killing them though. Their ship fittings showed clear evidence of amateurish thinking and their movements were often quite random in the warzone. Several times we held battleships off the gate and executed them slowly to tempt their Tower reinforcements to come and save them to no avail – it seemed these ex-NC miners had no great love of their own comrades and preferred to see them die alone than attempt any kind of rescue. Again it was very telling.

And things didn’t go entirely well with their assault. They were continually ambushed by roving hostiles on the IHUB and Station. At one point a DAISHO/SODA gang hotdropped onto their Station reinforcement party to kill a number of “Rocks” battleships only to come back 30mins later to help them. This is the kind of madness we have come to expect from the Providence “fight club” however and it’s incredible to us to think how the tens of thousands of “rocks dead” killed “for lulz” can be remembered by their fellows meekly working alongside their killers less than an hour after.

Still, they achieved their first objectives in the deployment of SBU, tower, and reinforcement of the IHUB and Station and they had managed a total fleet size (including allies) of 40-50 in their strong timezone where we could only muster 25 max in ours. We needed to do something dramatic and plans were laid the following day for a dawn attack on one of the two “Rocks” SBUs to disrupt the aggressors assault on the system and interrupt the second stage reinforcement battle on the Station.

(Note to those unfamiliar with sovereignty warfare, the SBU deployment is the first stage of assault. These deployed to more than 50% of the stargates in system will render the defender sovereignty structures vulnerable to attack. When the attackers reinforce the sovereignty structures a timer begins to the next stage of the siege during which the SBUs themselves become invulnerable).

We had timed TAZ Norlonto to come out of reinforced at midday and knew it would make the “Rocks” SBUs vulnerable for several hours before they could muster a sizeable fleet giving us a window of opportunity to delay their attack by crippling their SBU coverage.

Sovereignty Blockade Unit Ninjas – Attack!

So we deployed a sizeable fleet of Fedaykin Class stealth bombers to attack one of the pair of “Rocks” SBUs in YWS0-Z. They had deployed only 2 because they were cheapskates hoping to take the system for a song and expecting nothing much in the way of opposition from the Fraction – this was a quite serious strategic error on their part as it meant we could interrupt their attack by removing only one SBU. Hilarity would follow.

Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2010.10.26 13:07:00 - [5]

Fraction Fedaykin bombers are typically torpedo equipped with afterburners, shield extenders and warp disruptors. We employed our bomber wing around the target SBU and would direct torpedo fire against the siege device while using 1-2 fast attack craft to shield the formation. If a significant enemy group arrived all bombers would cloak and fall back to a close tactical. It was not our job to provide amusement to roving gangs of hostiles – we were focused on the objective and sometimes evading the enemy is the way to achieve this. That said we did manage some impressive kills in that operation with our bombers proving more than a match for the “Rocks” and “Providence Council” bombers that tried to interrupt us and even slaughtered a hostile battle-cruiser group that came too close.

Ultimately we were successful and in removing the “Rocks” SBU we’d reduced their sovereignty challenge to 1/3 gates in the system – no longer enough to render our structures vulnerable and we were then able to repair the shields of TAZ Nortlonto without further interruption. Thanks go out to several pilots of the TLF, CNTR-Q, ROSS and Flowing Penguins who helped us in the fighting. As well as our salute to the Independent fighters of Ad Astra Corporation who repeatedly hotdropped Providence Forces whenever they looked to be organizing seriously. We had stopped the first attack in its tracks and wasted the initial efforts of the hostiles completely.

“Rocks” however, had other ideas and scrambling a cloaked transport ship to action at their tower and attempted a lightning deployment of two additional replacement SBUs on the empty stargates! This was an important threat to us and we responded by splitting our Fedaykin forces and firing bombs at the anchoring structures to ensure any cloaked shenanigans would end in tears while preparing to board the blockade units with Fraction infowar commandos to seize control of these siege units ourselves.

The operation was a complete success. The “Rocks” transport pilot was neutralized and our commandos gained control over the two new SBU units (onlining them as Star Fraction structures) to ensure that we could decide exactly when they could be activated and deactivated. This was an amusing evening to be sure.

(This is a feature of sovereignty battles that is sometimes overlooked: whoever is first to online the SBU, as opposed to anchoring it, becomes the owner and can then choose to offline/online or un-anchor at a time of their choosing. In seizing control of these devices we could hold the “Rocks” assault to literal ransom by flipping them to offline status in the middle of reinforcement attacks on the IHUB or station and the only sensible response from the enemy was to destroy their own SBU units in our hands simply to get back to square one again.)

The Supreme Council Strikes Back!

That evening the Important Internet Spaceships deployed in force as morale commissars to boost the evidently demoralized “Rocks” and help them destroy their own captured SBUs over a mind-numbing six hours of drudgery at the gates while they were repeatedly hot dropped, ambushed, and generally brutalized by almost every roving gang in providence.

Even Pandemic Legion turned up to the party (no great surprise since they were based a few jumps away in Assah) but though the bodycount was high on the New Providence side they did eventually achieve their objective and replace the destroyed SBUs with three new devices to signal their intent to continue their siege. (We’d killed/hijacked 3 by this point and they had deployed 3 more – ignoring their many ship losses this already had cost them considerably more than the 400m isk they “offered” us for the station.)

Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2010.10.26 13:12:00 - [6]

Wardecs and Sabre-Rattling

In the two and a half days to the next reinforcement phase we decided to widen our empire wardecs to include another of the “Rocks” allies who had joined them in the assault on our freespace Outpost and we picked the “Teutonic Guard” alliance (mainly because they had a number of obvious drooling smacktalkers in their fleets) who had drawn our attention during the initial battles. This had the immediately hilarious result of their chief diplomat warning us that “we had no idea who their friends were and we’d regret this decision with 10 years of wardecs and harassment”, again I responded with neutral “bring it” and decided to go and investigate Teutonic Guard a little bit deeper to see what kind of a target they might represent should we be successful and end “Rocks” alliance as an entity in its own right.

Turns out that Teutonic Guard are some kind of Ice-mining entity that likes to extract industrial raw materials in the notorious race-traitor capital Gamis in the Ammatar mandate. Taking my covert strategic cruiser down to take a look one evening I found members of “Rocks”, “Teutonic Guard” and “NUKE” alliance cohabiting the system and taking turns at the ice-mining there in their expensive looking barges. They all sped quite quickly for dock when I was noticed in system but there was definitely food for thought. A fullscale deployment of Fraction warships in this system would wreak havoc on the regressive patsys of Providence.

Later on the executor of Teutonic Guard contacted me again and tried to bully me into removing the wardec on the grounds that his alliance was full of “famous and deadly empire combat pilots” and the Star Fraction had no idea what it was “getting into.” Almost seemed redundant at this point but again I replied “by all means punish us if you are able (and by the way, bring it.)"

Focus on the Rocks – Conversations with the Enemy

We’d been noticing for a couple of days that “Rocks” performance in fleets hadn’t been stellar. Once they had become aware that they weren’t actually getting the outpost “for free” they had taken to sullenly hiding at their tower and engaging in disconsolately unenthusiastic smack-talk enquiring after “why we just didn’t let them have the system.” We did a little bit of digging and followed up some leads and discovered Eve News 24 had done some investigative reporting on “Rocks” revealing that the ex-NC pet alliance was seriously short of ISK and were begging their membership for 30m ISK each to pay for an alliance jump freighter. There was also a fair bit of internal discontent with the lacklustre management and director team and several of their FCs had already jumped ship. Their own management was painting the Providence move as a "last hope" fo their alliance fortunes and had staked the ranch on its success. Seemed it wouldn’t take much to topple this whole house of cards if we planned correctly.

Empire war-wise it was a slaughter. Corp after corp was jumping ship saying they wanted absolutely nothing to do with fighting the Fraction in hisec while the sov battle was still ongoing. Our eve-mail box had new departures every hour and it seemed difficult to understand how this entity could hope to survive the campaign with such attrition.

Kiernance (their chief diplomat and testy smart mouth) remarked “It’s no problem they are just bears jumping ship, all the fighters are staying.” Still since Kiernance himself was a pilot most renowned for lurking within his tower shields and only leaving to be executed by our forces I did wonder at the location of these expert combat pilot legions we were threatened with. Perhaps they were saving it all up for the next big push? Time would tell.

Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2010.10.26 13:18:00 - [7]

Goodbye IHUB, My Old Friend

So it was reinforcement battle time again. The “Rocks” SBUs had remained in place and our IHUB had ultimately succumbed to a dogged Internet Spaceships-led (with 2 “Rocks” bomber support) attack against increasing numbers of red, neutral and blue hotdrops on their position. We’d scored some good kills ourselves with squadrons of bombers attacking the hostiles at the IHUB and every now and then Ad Astra descended to kill more of the Providence lackeys. But truthfully the IHUB was always doomed – repping an object in open space 3 jumps away from the Pandemic Legion Super Carrier fleet with PL scouts in system is not only a “fools game” it’s a game invented by the fool’s mother with hand-drawn illustrations from the local lunatic asylum sold on national fool’s day on the continent of absolutely clueless! Not something we wanted to get involved in.

So the IHUB burned, but the enemy had lost a good billion worth of ships achieving the kill and squandered more of their effort and it was becoming increasingly obvious to all involved that this wasn’t a war that “Rocks” could win on their own – and more pointedly – it wasn’t a war they could even fight without extreme and significant hand-holding from Providence Council entities round the clock. Was interesting to learn of some increasing frustration on the part of SODA fc's complaining about "Rocks" coming on their voice communications begging for help to move their bombers every night.

As an amusing post-script to the death of the IHUB there was a mix-up in communications between the Providence Council member fleet after the battle that led to a “Rocks” alliance transport ship containing their new territorial claim unit structure (that they hoped to anchor over the wreckage of ours) being gang-warped to the 4B gate with the departing Important Internet Spaceships fleet. We watched this from behind our cloaks with amazement convinced it was some kind of trap. But deciding to seize the moment anyway dived in and destroyed the transport ship, the replacement territorial claim unit, and a couple more unfortunately gang-warped ships with absolutely no attempt from their gang-mates to return and help them. Nice! And deeply symbolic, the "Rocks" TCU burned unlamented and alone.

Defensive Victory! – Oh Bugger We’ve Been Flattened

So it was station reinforcement battle time again. We’d again set the timer for early afternoon in our chosen timezone and we had good numbers available off the bat and set to reinforcing the station shields up past the 25% mark to ensure a reset to the first stage of the siege. Here we made a bit of a tactical error. We made it easily past the 25% mark to render the station non-reinforced again (At one point we had 12 scimitars and 6 carriers doing the repping) and should at that point have shipped to bombers to begin work on the enemy SBU’s. Instead we got carried away with the defensive repping and over the next few hours got the station to around 95% shields and were feeling very pleased with ourselves.

Then we got stirred up by a Pandemic Legion Rapier. We knew it was an obvious cyno bait. We told each other it was obvious cyno bait. We laid preparations against the obvious cyno bait. But somehow we managed to aggress it with a Dramiel assisted by Scimitar combat drones and guess what? IT WAS OBVIOUS CYNO BAIT! So gods own super cap fleet dropped alongside a titan bridge full of heavy battleships deploying hundreds of Fighters and Fighter Bombers, pulse beams and all manner of destructive energies in the midst of our repping force and managing to make an immediate brutal example of the single ship too slow to evade (for some inexplicable reason they even brought along a pair of Anshar class jump freighters!)

Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2010.10.26 13:21:00 - [8]

Objective Roach-House

The “Rocks” tower in YWS0-Z was designed defensively and code-named “the roach house” by Fraction planners. It had many ecm modules, quite ineffective armament, and many shield hardeners. We engaged it initially with long range Cruise Missile Ravens to aim at incapping the guns and warp disruptors to clear the way for bomber-based close range attacks on the remaining modules later on that day. Everything started well and counter-action from our enemies was nowhere to be seen.

Then mid-operation we received a diplomatic approach from the “Rocks” management team to the effect their alliance was was considering their campaign a failure and looking for terms to retreat from YWS0-Z with no further loss of equipment or shipping. We quickly worked up a proposal we considered fair that involved “Rocks” pulling down the remaining SBUs and simply leaving (while we in turn would end the empire war and turn our attentions to other hostiles who had attacked our Outpost - looking at YOU Teutonic Guard!) and left things to the “Rocks” council to okay this with their membership while we prepared to order a ceasefire in return.

We thought it was rude to continue dismantling their staging tower while we had this pause for diplomatic discussion so called off the attack on “objective roach-house” for the evening.

Diplomatic Frustrations

The next day nobody was home on the “Rocks” command team. People were jumping ship, corporations were imploding. Nobody appeared to know what was happening and individual “Rocks” members were fleeing Providence as fast as their stabbed battleships could carry them. But we couldn’t confirm whether or not the remaining “Rocks” officials were prepared to meet our terms or not and I have to admit the prevailing mood amongst the Free Captains was not a merciful one.

Finally we heard from Kiernance himself “Rocks” chief diplomat that they intended not to honour the terms and would leave the SBUs in place just to be a pain on the off-chance that PL might take our system. Others of “Rocks” tried to claim they actually wanted to kill the SBUs themselves, or that the people with the rights to unanchor or offline them were not available/had already jumped ship or otherwise left the warzone. Finally Kiernance told the real story in Star Fraction Public explaining his intention to offline the SBU's at a convenient moment for Important Internet Spaceship League to immediately online them and continue the siege. Needless to say that was the end of diplomacy and we had learned all we needed to learn about the word of these people.

So this left us little alternative than to prepare for the next reinforcement battle knowing that the Rocks SBUs would provide a potential avenue for PL/BDEAL (or indeed anyone else) to reinforce the station and we agreed as Free Captains that whatever happened “Rocks” (and former "Rocks management team") would be due quite a lot of special attention and vengeance once the campaign was over one way or another for this perfidy.

Assault on Objective Roach House II

We watched the Dotlan data analysis site alliance reports and surrender notifications closely as “Rocks” continued to dissolve over the weekend. At this point there was literally nobody to speak to there since anybody with any kind of seniority had already bailed. Eventually the shields on the Roach House failed through lack of fuel since the owner couldn’t get an industrial ship through and we were able to incapacitate all guns and disruptors to prevent a quick repair and unanchor retreat in the night. The final stage of the operation saw us obliterate the “Roach House” and liberate a few remaining “Rocks” ships and supplies from the maintenance and secure storage before anchoring a new tower of our own in the same location with many bubbles to catch the unfortunates abandoned by their own leadership.

Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2010.10.26 13:25:00 - [9]

End of Operation ICEBREAKER

With all hostile SBUs down, a replacement IHUB deployed, and the “Rocks” staging tower obliterated, together with the near complete annihilation of “On the Rocks” as a functioning alliance we are ready to declare the operation a complete success.

When “On the Rocks” began hostilities against the Star Fraction they had 400+ members while as of now they have only 15 pilots. The grand majority of “On the Rocks” corporations have jumped ship to avoid the wardec:

Red Ochre Mining and Exploration surrenders to The Star Fraction
Vendetta cc surrenders to The Star Fraction
Smyth Shipyards surrenders to The Star Fraction
Lets Get Rocked surrenders to The Star Fraction
Silver Star Federation surrenders to The Star Fraction
Old Timers Guild surrenders to The Star Fraction
Averos Corporation surrenders to The Star Fraction
ENSANGUINE PRIME surrenders to The Star Fraction
Degenerate Corp surrenders to The Star Fraction

During the past two weeks of fighting “On the Rocks” have suffered 4.7b worth of direct ship and equipment losses to the Star Fraction (and considerably more besides to 3rd party involvement and hotdrops while they have been attacking our equipment and structures.) We have dealt considerable damage to "Rocks" allies and will continue to do so in retribution for their part in the attack until suitable terms and recompense is offered.

The Dotlan data analysis site paints a grim picture on the impact of this conflict on the enemy alliance.

On the Rocks status update

With the final word going to the On the Rocks alliance description after two weeks fighting with the Star Fraction in YWS0-Z.

“On the rocks
Currently closed.
Contact Luxotor for questions”

Epilogue: Once Upon a Time in Providence

So that was the story of the Star Fraction defeating the collective will of “nine alliances” and annihilating On the Rocks alliance against the efforts of the Supreme Providence Council. Of course we are under absolutely no illusion that we will succeed in the long term to hold YWS0-Z infrastructure and keep the outpost free against the shambling hordes of Neo Providence but I think we have demonstrated that we are fully capable of burning any roaches thinking to steal a cheap victory and Freespace outpost that was built by the Free Captains to celebrate the liberation of Providence from Amarrian Imperialists.

We opened TAZ Norlonto to neutral trade and commerce and provided it as honest service to anyone wishing to explore the frontier and experience 0.0 for themselves. We have absolutely no territorial aspirations of our own. We don’t crave the control, restriction, policing or taxing of space in any way. Anyone is welcome to come and make use of YWS0-Z system and if you avoid aggression against the assets and ships of the Star Fraction you may dock and make use of all facilities. At no point during the siege of TAZ Norlonto did we alter the terms of business and docking of the outpost. They remain today as they were on the day it opened for business.

It’s said by some that Providence is where alliances go to die. For “On the Rocks” it was true. But in striving against closed-minded territorial dogs and petty-minded imperialist bureaucrats trying to taint the memory of Free Captains and Matari fighters united in victory over the slavers of the CVA, we have found renewed energy and purpose and desire to punish any puling lickspittle territorialist lackey thinking to annex a Freeport and close the borders and gates.

Through the flames of treachery and venal aspiration we are reborn as Free Fighters opposed to territorial conceit and the midden-house stink of corrupt governance on the frontier. The Star Fraction is killing alliances again.

Long live the fighters!

Posted - 2010.10.30 13:49:00 - [10]

9/10 would read again !


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