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Swedish Aerospace Inc
The Kadeshi
Posted - 2010.10.24 14:19:00 - [1]

Edited by: Jesho on 29/12/2010 12:12:15
For some time now i've been collecting a some ideas that i believe would be nice to have and some existing features that i would like to see extended/improved.

Some of the ideas is self explaining and some deserve a bit more discussion.

  1. Contracting: alternate destination on courier contracts possibly with different rewards

  2. this would allow courier contracts to have multiple destinations with possibly different rewards, for example higher reward if package is take into lowsec/0.0 than if it is dropped of at nearest empire system.

  3. Contracting: courier contracts targeting any station in destination system

  4. sometimes you don't really care what station in the system you deliver to as long as it gets to the right system (think courier contract to JF)

  5. Contracting: make the 10% minimum bid increment on auctions adjustable

  6. 10% is sometimes too much and makes it possible to only have 2 bids, first and buyout and that is not much of an auction.
    i understand why it is there and why it is needed, if there was no minimum bid increment an auction could have many bids with only 0.01 isk difference taking up space in the database and makes auctions never end.

  7. Contracting: allow contracting of damaged items with clear warning when accepting contract.

  8. this have been discussed before and i believe the reason was because of scamming.
    personally i don't see why this should be disallowed if seller and buyer is both aware of the damage items.
    just write a big red text message on the contract something like "contains damaged items!" and then some way of seeing what items is damaged (drones, crystals, mods and so on)
    DONE, in latest dev blog about contracting improvements.

  9. Contracting: allow combat boosters to be placed in item exchange contracts

  10. It's hard enough as it is to sell boosters so please allow boosters in at least item exchange contracts, this will make it easier to sell boosters to corp/alliance.

  11. Market: Corp/Alliance internal market similar to public market.

  12. Possibly not limited to only corp/alliance maybe also allow access to "internal market" by standing.
    would open up new opportunities for industrialists.
    allows you to sell stuff on a private market where you could have reduced prices for corp members since corp members probably have contributed to the production in some way (corp tax, mining ops and so on)

  13. Related to above & fitting browser: allow to buy missing mods from corp/alliance market if missing from fitting browser

  14. basically allow you to from within the fitting browser to buy whatever mods your missing for the current fitting.
    this would allow you to easily get a ship fitted correctly even if you don't have all mods in your hangar.
    i imagine a button something like "buy fitting" and a wizard opens up where you can select range to buy from (this station, this system, x systems away) and if you want to buy from private market (=corp seeded mods) or public market.
    then get a confirmation box with distance to module and prices before you make the final purchase.

    correctly setup and seeded market would make it very easy to get a ship setup with the right fitting.
    two clicks (almost) and you have bought the fitting and fitted your brand new ship.

  15. Market: Make it easier to sell premade "packages" to corp/alliance members

  16. i'm thinking premade packages for fitting but this of course partially overlaps with feature above and also contracts.

  17. UI: seconds unit in "show info" dialog converted to something easier to read, like "days, hours, minutes, seconds"

  18. should be pretty self explaining and probably trivial to implement.
    i'm tired of having to use calc every time i check a mod that contains seconds only.

Continued in next post...

Swedish Aerospace Inc
The Kadeshi
Posted - 2010.10.24 14:22:00 - [2]

  1. UI: more room for corp fittings

  2. 50 is way too few, a couple of hundred is better.

  3. UI: make fitting: urls easier to create and work with the "new" ingame browser.

  4. with the old igb you could construct fitting: urls and use on webpages, this is no longer possible (IIRC) with the new browser.
    a simple right click menu option or something in the fitting screen would help and allow brower to open those fitting links.
    (usefull for forum posts and so on)

  5. UI: MOTD on corp & fleet channels

  6. probably easy to implement
    i'm thinking of something similar as you have on all other channels where you can setup a small text when you join the channel.
    for fleets this could be used by FC so he/she dont have to repeat the same thing over and over as players join the fleet.

  7. UI: Inventory: custom grouping like drone UI & "market tree" to find items, possibly across all assets.

  8. This is actualy two ideas that is a bit similar
    first one is custom grouping of items in your hangar, similar to how you can group drones in your drone bay.
    This will allow you to not have to use containers that have their own issues sometimes (hard to view contents remotely, not practical in corp hangar in pos when corp hangar shared by multiple players)

    the second idea is "view hangar with market tree" and this could be used for the science & industry window for the blueprint list too.
    its not fun to browse the blueprint list when you have thousands of blueprints

    Tree should show all items below selected level and only show branches with items.
    for example lets say you click on ammunition & charges, what you see is all ammo you have.
    if you instead go to a lower leven in the tree like projectile ammo you only see those items.
    this would allow you to "filter" your items better.

    this could be a new view in addition to the 3 existing ones (list, icons, details)
    how many have loads of items in their hangar?
    yes things have improved with the search feature.

    something like theese two ideas is something i realy would like to see implemented.
    especialy for blueprints.

  9. UI: days until next account subscription renewal at logon screen or other obvious place visible when logging in

  10. prevents missing renewing account and saves you from logging on to the web site to check it.
    less chanse of missing an account renewal

Swedish Aerospace Inc
The Kadeshi
Posted - 2010.10.24 14:25:00 - [3]

to continue on the custom grouping idea, "strip fitting" could place all mods in the a new group named after the current ship so you easily can keep it separate from all other stuff.

Swedish Aerospace Inc
The Kadeshi
Posted - 2010.10.30 13:23:00 - [4]

no comments at all? good or bad.


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