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Liandra Xi
The New Era
Posted - 2010.10.23 03:13:00 - [91]

If you ask me this is all a massive waste of time. Once again CCP goes out of its way to replicate functionality already available out of game, and in a way that makes the alternative look professional compared to CCP's aborted attempts to give us Facebook online for EVE. CCP stop wasting your time on useless crap (remember voice fonts anyone?) that < 1% of the entire playerbase will actually use. Its dev blogs like this that really **** me off as to CCP's development priorities, or rather lack of priorities as the case is.

Pretenders Inc
Posted - 2010.10.23 16:53:00 - [92]

New forums, at last :)
Why do we need a 3rd perty site to find something there... :)

Posted - 2010.10.24 05:52:00 - [93]

Default public privacy setting? Now avalable to all internet? Are you ****ing insane? Makes me wonder if you still have a bit of brain left out there somwhere.


Originally by: CCP Rhayger
The current plan is for the forums to be up during downtime as long as the backend database (TQ) itself is up - it's needed to do login/authentication at least. When larger patches are going that require the DB to be offline the forum will be down when the DB is down.

having forum on failbook and offline during patches at that is FAIL

Deviana Sevidon
Butterfly Effect Alliance
Posted - 2010.10.27 11:46:00 - [94]

The only thing that might make this a bit useful would be a multi-account feature,for example accessing the mail inbox of all of your characters and accounts from a single page, without relog, Skill-Queue Management, option to insert new build/research jobs etc. Corp and Alliance Chat etc.

Milano II
Posted - 2010.10.28 14:13:00 - [95]

when do I get my 1024? I have 426 contacts and im told that it is full?

Posted - 2010.11.11 19:34:00 - [96]

Are there any plans to make the contact list 'refreshable', it seems to work fine when someone logs on, but not when they log off. I have to relog to update my contact list as far as who is and isn't on line.

Jack Haydn
Valar Morghulis.
Get Off My Lawn
Posted - 2010.12.01 09:29:00 - [97]

Originally by: Deviana Sevidon
Skill-Queue Management,

Yep, please let us add/remove skills to the skill queue via EVE Gate. That would really make the whole thing valuable, so you can update your queue while on the go. Missing less skill time :)

Posted - 2010.12.01 14:26:00 - [98]

i'd like eve gate mail to support hyperlinks. we've got them in game, why not out of game?

i just wrote an eve mail to my whole corp explaining all the additions that Incursion would feature, and it deleted the whole message and sent everyone a notice because there mightRolling Eyeshave been "malicious" Shocked links in it.

Idea maybe you should just delete the hyperlinks if you want todeny us that, and not neccisarily MY WHOLE 500 WORD EVE MAIL! Very Happy thanks!

Fear lancer
Posted - 2010.12.06 02:22:00 - [99]

PART 1 Hello Eve Developers, I know that its alittle early for you guys to be thinking about a new expansion but i have an idea that it could be based on and ideas of what else could be in it. Very Happy

What it could be based on is Sleeper Tech actually taking an influence on New Eden other than just Strategic Cruisers. Alot of Eve players have uncovered sleeper items like their AI Cores etc, though how do we impliment them with Modern Eve technology. Example of how to Impliment sleeper Tech with regular tech, the Development of Tech 3 battleships that are able to jump farther than regular jump capable capital ships or have a whole new Device that can be fitted to Capital ships to jump an even farther distance than the original. Better Yet, have the device only allowed to jump ships into the new world without the uses of wormholes. Take the regular Jump drive and combind it with Sleeper tech to allow a portal creation into sleeper systems.

Another Idea could be that charcaters can have the ablility to train more than one lvl 1 or 2 skill at a time. ( not expecting that one to come true but worth a try Very Happy

Another Idea could be the ability to modify and develop your own ships. An Example of that would a character buying a Tempest, then buying specific parts from a maelstrom. An example of a part from a maelstrom would be its Fins. After purchasing the parts you take say the regular fin from the Tempest and replace it with the Maelstrom fin. Then you take the top engine section of the tempest and replace it with a Typhoons or Maelstrom engine section. An even better example would be a Myrmidon base with purchase parts from another Myrmidon such as the the Fin is built around. You Take the small part at the top of the ship then replace it with the bottom half of the other Myrmidon. To make it almost look like a flying Mothership from Homeworld ( some what lol ). The parts have to be purchased separately or could come in special packages. This could also be good for Ship building corperations or just ship building characters because they could just build up smaller parts to the ship which would require less mineral requirements and build either the whole ship or a modified ship using different packages to different ships of the same class and Race.

Another Idea for the new expansion could be the development of ships at and above the Battleship actually requiring ship crews. So when a charcter at or just getting into battleship warefare training etc they should add something to their list of things to get other than the fittings and the ship itself. I thought about this one when i watched BSG XD lol. Also it gives another reason to use the pilots or military personnel on the market other than for just mission objectives.

Another Idea for ships like battleships and capital ships is flak moduels that when engaged launches explosive shells around the ship using the moduel. Though to evade the moduel as ships of the Caldari class are usually based around the use of missiles, is for them to train up a whole new skill that will allow them to launch high velocity Torps, heavy, cruise, etc missiles to some what evade the moduel. So that people dont abuse the moduel a capital ship or battleship can only fit one of them. For none capital fleet battles such as 4 on 4's or 10 on 10's that dont cause much lag to the system, there can be a ship called a support ship. The ship is a little bigger than a support ship and it can hold up to 5 flak moduels and 5 other moduels such as remote armor and sheild repair moduels.

Fear lancer
Posted - 2010.12.06 03:44:00 - [100]

Part 2 ArrowShocked
My second part of ideas include the construction of Trading hubs in the middle of space that are player owned and can be placed in High sec. It could replace the Item Exchange option in contracting and gives Trading abit more attention. This could also be used for regular Corperation asset storage. This idea i think could replace the corp hanger and corp maintainance bays in the POS as well.

Another idea for the next expansion could be an actual mother ship class ship. ( hints reference to the Mothership from Homeworld XD ) Since the Mothership name was removed from the ships that are now known as Super Carriers, the mother ship class can come back and have new abilites as well. One of those could be to be able to build ships, ammo, and moduels while on the move. It would have a whole new fitting system. With a whole new rigging system. The ship will still have its basic Carrier features etc but it will have a secondary fitting screen that allows the fitting of Different types of construction moduels. An example of how it would work, 2 small ship class construction bays and 2 equipment construction bay. Another would be 1 large ship construction bay with 1 mass equipment construction bay and so on and so on. The Rigs would be separated into different Categories that vary from one bay to the other. Some examples of rigs could be a Construction speed enhancer rig for small, med, or large bays or a mineral bay expander. Its other purposes could be for massive squadrons of fighters or bombers on ships thanks to its ablility to use more than one Drone Control Unit.

Another Idea could be to change the gun models for the minmatar and the Gallente. I personally dont like the Artillery or the autocannon models for the large and medium classes.

Netan Maybourne
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2010.12.28 18:11:00 - [101]

As many have said, Eve Voice on Gate is nice, but corp/alliance chat would be very very nice. Add to that, maybe even start convo with people from their profile page, given they are on client/gate.

Also another thing that should be implemented that I don't know why more people bring it up: A feature to forward evemail (or at least just Message Body Output String) to our personal email.

Debir Achen
Posted - 2011.01.07 05:16:00 - [102]

Integrate Forums and EveGate: in principle, this is a good thing. Currently, EveGate is the only part of Eve on web that actually remembers that I'm logged in. Forums, acct management, etc I end up having to re-log-in every few hours (for acct management, this is probably OK, but having the forums have a stricter security model than something that let's me manage in-game stuff is a bit silly).

Caveat: please keep forums as forums. Wizards of the Coast took their perfectly good forum system and converted it to be more facebook-y, and much aggravation resulted. Facebook is not a replacement for forums (or vice-versa, for that matter).

I'd love for EveGate to integrate with the game more. Chat/mail/contacts are nice, but it would be really nice to be able to interact with Industry and the Market without needing to fire up the full client. Client is needed to fly spaceships, but stuff that's done while sitting in station could equally well be done via a web interface.

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