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Posted - 2010.10.22 20:42:00 - [91]

Let's face it, this whole mess expose the truth about CCP

The programmers don't test what they change
The QA department is out of synch with the programmers, no communication going on.
The project manager has no clue of what's going on.

Calling it optional patches is really a joke, it's like being in denial about the whole situation.

If you want to maintain your reputation as the best MMO of the year you'll have to work harder than this or you're going down the list next year.

Posted - 2010.10.23 04:42:00 - [92]

Originally by: Danghor
Let's face it, this whole mess expose the truth about CCP

meh... as if there could even be one truth about a company made up of many people.

Given this new path of adding complexity to their operation by developing many games sharing tools and architecture, and even linkage between games, they're doing pretty well overall.

Its not like you'd do any better playing a Blizzard game. WoW is still running on MySQL, and they never bothered to optimize the network traffic between clients and servers since 2003, just kept adding more traffic every expansion. And they insisted on writing their own downloaders, and made them so simplistic, they can't handle the slightest amount of line jitter.

Customer Service in EVE is another thing though... "sorry I can't find anything in the logs" gets real aggravating when its related to a billion isk worth of stuff.

Originally by: Danghor
Calling it optional patches is really a joke, it's like being in denial about the whole situation.

I think optional is a perfectly good idea! Though the EVE client's download routine is also incapable of dealing with bad, oversold networks (like that of globe telecom) and so I went looking on eve's website to download those optional patches with flashget, and it appears optional patches are not on the website's patch list.
So, if the client fails the download, you can't download an optional patch at all.

Lucky for me, really... since those patches turned out to be borked :)

The Scope
Posted - 2010.10.24 06:02:00 - [93]

I'm glad to read the background, and I also support the idea of increased communication with the playerbase of upcoming potential issues and current. At this time, both posting in the forums and reporting issues feels too much like an exercise in speaking to the wall. Venting happens, but often we're looking for reasons and feedback as well.

Hakaru Ishiwara
Republic Military School
Posted - 2010.10.25 03:15:00 - [94]

Originally by: CCP Explorer
Originally by: Leb Anonsky
Question remains - why the heck did you publish these changes straight into TQ and not to SISI?
These changes were on SiSi from early August.
And yet even CCP has stated that the condition of Sisi at any given point in time can never be relied up on to be the beta of an upcoming patch or expansion.

How could any legitimate and well-intending player or QA professional ever conceive of spending time reviewing the Sisi environment when it may or may not actually reflect code that is a candidate for release?

Ridiculous and CCP should know better to further the myth that Sisi is a legitimate testing platform.

Originally by: onyu
Originally by: CCP Fallout
This is what's technically known as awesome.

I wish I wish this means you're fixing the scheduling problems of the client among other things?

Like the client stopping dead while its waiting for some non-critical server response for something like a market inquiry while I'm docked?.
Or when the Peoples & Places window completely locks up the client when bookmarks are updated, for example? There must be a more graceful way of handling that transaction.

Illadelph Justice
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2010.10.26 15:44:00 - [95]

can I PLEASE sweet jesus god get a response to one of these threads:

Tyrannis 1.1 has literally broken my computer beyond usual repair. Someone borked the AlienFX nonsense. I expect a quicker response than this.

Drake Draconis
Shadow Cadre
Shadow Confederation
Posted - 2010.10.28 16:25:00 - [96]

Patch number 6 - bust.

Seriously... what the #### is this?

The EVE Mail linking problem is worse than ever now... instead of 2 chars its... well its a hell of alot more than 2 off.

Would it pain CCP so much to not release patches until they test the damn things?

Vheri Kai'or
Posted - 2010.10.28 17:08:00 - [97]

....and killmails are borked again.

it seems to be pot luck who registers on mails and who doesnt

my internet spaceship epeen is unamused.

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