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Posted - 2010.10.17 11:37:00 - [1]

Hey all,

I'm a relatively new player - I played for a while just after the release of the game, but it never caught on for me back then. I'm back now though and so far I'm loving it!

Anyway - I've been heading towards a career in industry - I fly mining barges now, I've been making a butt-load from PI and I've trained up most of my learning skills so I can just forget about them soon enough. I'm looking to start actually making things now, however.

My first question is - are the blueprints I see being sold by NPC's (I assume they're sold by NPCs - they're ALL the same price half the time) BPOs or BPCs? I want my first BP to be a BPO if possible so I can research it etc and make the most profit from it if possible.

Next question is - I'm a minnie player living in the metropolis region. I see a lot of players PvPing in the area in rifter frigates during my travels. I'm thinking that would be a good first BPO, as, if people are flyin' in them - people are dyin' in them and where things go boom there's money to be made, right? Is that a good mentality to have or would buying a frigate BPO be the dumbest thing ever? :P

Number three - there are certain minerals I see in the rifter bill of materials which I've never picked up mining in high sec - things like noxium etc. I'm assuming these are low and null sec ores, however I don't see myself risking my mining barge just yet to go hunting for these. What's the best way to get into low sec to start a mining career there? I know I'll need to join a corp, but I want to join a corp which is active in my time-zone (UK), has often mining ops (maybe in WH space? I went there once by accident and it was awesome xD)and not take over my in-game life (IE - lets me have a good portion of my time to forward my own in-game career rather than just the corp(which is why I ended up quitting the first time I played EVE)).

Finally - I'm looking to train some combat skills up for basic PvP if god forbid I end up joining a corp which likes to get war-decced a lot. I'm thinking about heading for a stabber cruiser and maximising my skills to fly it until I can get into something shinier like a vagabond etc. Is this a good route to consider?

Thanks for any time anyone can help answering my questions - I know I could've just asked all this in the rookie chat, but its so full of spam I thought id get a calmer and more mature response on here.

Thanks all!


Posted - 2010.10.17 12:03:00 - [2]

Rifter ME20 PE10

Build Cost: 5,493,048.60 ISK
Sell Price: 5,850,900.00 ISK
Profit per Unit: 11,928.38 ISK/Unit
Profit per Day: 262,424.36 ISK
Total profit: 357,851.40 ISK

If you want to play with the numbers have a look here.

I could answer all your question but that would be rather pointless. If you really want to go into industry, I wont change your mind anyways. Instead I have a question for you. Do you want to print money or you want to depend on other folk print money for you?

Posted - 2010.10.17 12:21:00 - [3]

Piece of **** forum just ate my very detailed and nice post, thank you CCP for fostering communication with players.

market orders are only for BPO's.

ships are not the most profitable items to manufacture, smallest profit margin compared to just about anything else you can make, but you can make isk you just have to research your market costs/etc also don't forget research time/cost

lowsec=death for you fun for other players, don't mine there ever.

wh yes check recruitment forum, 'interview' the corp as much as they may 'interview' you so you don't get a fail corp first round out

otherwise buy those minerals off the market.

Posted - 2010.10.17 12:30:00 - [4]

Originally by: Bhattran
Piece of **** forum just ate my very detailed and nice post

Ctrl-A Ctrl-C

Joe Starbreaker
M. Corp
Posted - 2010.10.17 16:45:00 - [5]

Making and selling Rifters might be an OK business, but you might do even better buying Rifters in one place (i.e., a market hub like Rens or Jita) and selling them in another place (i.e., a level 1 mission hub).

Also consider selling ammunition. It's a cheap BPO and demand is guaranteed in mission hubs, doesn't depend on people dying.

Mining in lowsec... don't do it. The ores are hardly better than in highsec. In some parts of 0.0 mining may be profitable, but wormhole space is probably better. It's much quieter, safer. Don't overlook the option of simply buying ores at the market. Most serious manufacturers leave the mining to someone else.

On the market, check the expiration of the market order. If it's 364 days and change, it's an NPC order. Players cannot put up orders greater than 90 days. Keep in mind that not all BPO are available in all regions, so you may be looking at player orders when you view the market. Smart players will buy BPO where they are available from NPCs, and take them to other regions to sell at the market hubs, saving the buyers a lot of time but adding on to the price. You may want to hunt down the NPC corporations that sell your desired BPO... or you may want to consider the lucrative BPO-shuttling trade.

Posted - 2010.10.18 03:24:00 - [6]

Originally by: gfldex
Originally by: Bhattran
Piece of **** forum just ate my very detailed and nice post

Ctrl-A Ctrl-C

I was giddy that the forum didn't kick me back out to the login screen for the first time in several days, and thus was yet again defeated.

Posted - 2010.10.18 03:37:00 - [7]

I, too, am new, and decided to get into manufacturing. Boy what a mistake that was.

Manufacturing requires a large initial investment of capital. Unless you already have an income which can supply you with hundreds of millions of isk per month, I wouldn't try to break into the Manufacturing market. And I consider that the bare minimum.

Personally, after spending lots of time developing up my manufacturing skills, I'm veering away from it. I found that there is more money to be made selling raw materials (ore and salvaged parts) than manufacturing final products without having access to a player owned station to do my own research.

My Postman
Posted - 2010.10.18 12:07:00 - [8]

1) BPO sell orders by NPC are those listed 364 days lasting, the others are player orders. Good luck to ME research a BPO in highsec, most of the times you have to queue up for AT LEAST 10 to 14 days.

2) Itīs quite hard to make good money on making ships. Strong competition there. Usually new idustrialists start on ammo. It can be sold with quite a nice margin at mission hubs.

3) Minerals you mine yourself are NOT FREE. You need time to mine them and you can sell them on the market. ALWAYS mine the ore best selling in your area. Buy the rest you need from the markets. Donīt mine in lowsec, itīs worthless as you WILL lose your barge sooner or later, and lowsec ore donīt sell (much) better than the one you find in highsec.

You can look for a WH-Corp to mine high ends in wormholes, but thats another story.

Welcome (back) to EVE.
Hope this helps.

Toshiro GreyHawk
Posted - 2010.10.19 04:57:00 - [9]

OK ...

First off - the best reason to go into S & I - is because you think it's fun. If you don't think it's fun ... don't do it. Try it on a small scale and see how you like it. If you do - do some more. If you don't - go do something else.

That said ...

1) Your Rifter has only two minerals you can't mine (for the most part) in Hi Sec, Zydrine and Megacyte. Nocxium comes from Pyroxeres which is readily available in certain areas (such as Caldari) space. One source of the minerals you don't have (besides just buying them) - is to melt down items that you have bought or looted.

2) If you want to get involved in Industry - first learn Trading. Nothing you make is worth anything to you (except for your own use) if you don't sell it. So - Trading - is the place to start. Learn the market first, how to use it, how it works, what costs what, where - and you'll have a better idea of what to make and where to sell it. That and hopefully you'll learn how to make money just off the market itself. Then - if you go into Industry - you'll know where to get (or how to find out where to get) the things you need.

3) As importantly - you'll learn how to judge which method of several available that you want to use on a specific occasion to acquire what you need. Market prices and availability vary. Scale matters - what is a good way of getting things for small scale production (like your own loot) isn't sufficient for large scale manufacturing.

4) Know the value of things, not merely their market value but their value to you. If mining and trading are boring - then no matter how much more money you might make through spending more of your time learning about them - then they aren't worth it in a game you are (supposed to be) playing just for the fun of it. Be aware of the cost to you of the time you spend doing one thing as opposed to another - both financially and fun wise. Understand the market value of the minerals you use to make something - are you better off just selling them than making what you were going to make? Yes - you can make more money than you had - but are you making as much money as you could? Is what you would have to do to make as much money as you could - worth it to you in costs of fun? It doesn't matter what something is selling for in Jita - if Jita isn't a practical option for YOU.

5) Asteroids, Loot and Salvage - are free for the taking - as long as the local corporation isn't charging you for them. But that doesn't mean that there isn't a cost associated with acquiring them - in addition to whatever the local corporation may or may not be charging you for them (which doesn't, to my knowledge, happen often). There are many costs, some one time, others recurring and the more ambitious your plans the greater these costs will be. Do personal research on just what it is that you are going to have to do to accomplish something - before you do it. The more Anal Retentive you are about this (spread sheets are your friend), the more money you can save/make at it. Most things in EVE have a steep learning curve. You can start out really easy. The threshold for getting into manufacturing is trivial. However - the costs rise steeply as you become more ambitious.

6) The production process is:

Mine -> Refine -> Manufacture -> Transport -> Trade*

*(Trading is the only one not optional).

At each step along the way - there are efficiencies to be gained. The more of these steps you take - the more efficient your operation will be. Many of these efficiencies are effected by your Standings with the NPC corporation owning the station you are using. These Standings can only be increased by running missions.

7) Location. The Station, System, Region, Faction Space you use all makes some difference - to you - based on what YOU want to do and what Agents, Ores, Markets you want to use.


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