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Xa Fel
Posted - 2010.10.19 23:45:00 - [31]

Edited by: Xa Fel on 19/10/2010 23:47:13
Awesome service. Been putting off using it for so long with the prior management out of sheer laziness. But the change of hands seems to have gone as smooth as one might hope it to. I dropped my old corp and applied and was admitted within seconds. Seconds, I tell you!

I even left a 5,000,000 isk donation. Not an amazing amount, but still something to show my appreciation.

Keep up the amazing work, EACS!

Alacta Lithia
Posted - 2010.10.20 17:31:00 - [32]

Thanks for the kind words, although credit should be given to Estel as I have only taken over the corp where he has setup the foundation.

Thanks for the donation Xa Fel, and to the many others, It is always appreciated.

34 Users yesterday Smile

Alacta Lithia
Posted - 2010.10.21 18:21:00 - [33]

For those that did not see it, there is a news article up about the sale.
EACS News Article

11 Users yesterday

Posted - 2010.10.21 22:25:00 - [34]

Used this corp's great service a couple times, good stuff.

Alacta Lithia
Posted - 2010.10.22 17:16:00 - [35]

19 Users yesterday

Shaina Greene
Posted - 2010.10.22 19:27:00 - [36]

happy customer here!
will use again for sure :)

Posted - 2010.10.23 07:18:00 - [37]

Just wanted to leave my appreciation. Joined, made my jump clones, and left. Whole process took me around three hours on a roundtrip (had to really maximise the waypoints I set in order to reduce time).

Unfortunately I'm pretty close to being broke, and cant afford to leave a donation. However, I'd just like to say thank you.

Hegemon Brandon
Posted - 2010.10.23 12:50:00 - [38]

Oh, i am quiete satified with joining this corp and getting all my jump clones in the places i wanted them to be. :) Ty very much, very recommended

Posted - 2010.10.23 14:54:00 - [39]

you guys are awesome, this service is by far a great asset to anyone needing jump clones. if you don't have the standings well this it. join, purchase and your free to go. couldn't ask for anything else. thanks guys for providing such a superb service. very satisfied and will be definilty using again along with telling others in my corp.Very Happy

Alacta Lithia
Posted - 2010.10.23 19:43:00 - [40]

21 Users yesterday Smile

Posted - 2010.10.23 20:34:00 - [41]

Thank you for your service, was very easy.

Posted - 2010.10.24 02:02:00 - [42]

Used the service under the old management and will use it again, I'll continue to recommend it to corp mates etc as well

Good luck & fly safe

Persis Kambhatta
Posted - 2010.10.24 10:49:00 - [43]

wow, awesome and absolutely no worries contribution to eve community - i applied last night before bedtime, woke up this morning being member of EACS, created 2 clones, decided to train infomorph psych to lvl3, created one more clone, left the corp, made a fair donation and posted this reply and all this before midday downtime! Good style Alactha - love all, serve all at its best!!!

syrus mac
Posted - 2010.10.24 13:03:00 - [44]

hi, fantastic service, installed 12 jump clones for 3 alts over 2 days, total time in your corp was under 15mins, thank you very much :)

Alacta Lithia
Posted - 2010.10.24 16:30:00 - [45]

Thanks for the feedback and the donations, it is much appreciated.

27 Users yesterday Smile

Posted - 2010.10.24 17:23:00 - [46]

Thx for this service .
Applied in 30 mn, jc in 5.
Realy thx for this service.

Otis Morgan
Posted - 2010.10.24 18:03:00 - [47]

Excellent service!!

Price Chekkah
Posted - 2010.10.24 23:36:00 - [48]

Would like to use your service, but couldnt find the corp name in the corp recruitment window. New to applying to corp
any help on how to find you? Thanks in advance!

Price Chekkah
Posted - 2010.10.25 00:20:00 - [49]

Sorry, disregard my previous. Think I got it.

Tinteq NoHelp
Posted - 2010.10.25 03:51:00 - [50]

Excellent no hassle service, anonymity with allot of variety. I would recommend them highly.Very Happy

Posted - 2010.10.25 09:13:00 - [51]

Thank You for your excellent and easy service.
Donation on its way!

Alacta Lithia
Posted - 2010.10.25 19:01:00 - [52]

Thank you for the feedback and donations, it is really appreciated. Smile

19 Users yesterday

Simon Vilken
Posted - 2010.10.25 20:59:00 - [53]

Thanks to Estel for building this excellent service and thanks to Alacta for continuing to provide this service to the community free of charge.

This service is exactly as hassle-free as advertised. Business as usual indeed.

+1 happy customer, I would definitely recommend this service.

Flying Horseman
Posted - 2010.10.26 14:06:00 - [54]

Great service, im still a noob but i have 3 jump clones scattered about..
Finaly i can go into low/null without fear of loseing implants..

Thanks very much, donation sent also..

Jayden Slayer
Posted - 2010.10.26 19:24:00 - [55]

Fantastic service.
Took me 10 min to put up 3 jumpclones in Jita...
In and out of corp in 1 hour. This is just great.

PS: Before applying to join Estel Arador Corp Services remember to skill up Info Psyc to the skill level you want.

Posted - 2010.10.26 19:26:00 - [56]

Very good service.

Alacta Lithia
Posted - 2010.10.26 19:28:00 - [57]

Thank you for the donations, feedback and comments.Smile

Remember, you can stay in corp for 4 days, before you are expelled. If you need more time, then just reapply, as often as you like.

22 Users yesterday Smile

Nouri Jaxx
Posted - 2010.10.26 19:37:00 - [58]

Thank you - my first jump clone - now I can shoot people without losing implants :-)

Keep up the brilliant work

Ricnan Milner
Posted - 2010.10.26 20:04:00 - [59]

Easy service because of all the stations with jumpclone-service available. Ive tried another corp with similar service earlier with another toon, but they wanted 10 millions ISK for this, and they had only one agrement with a corp which mean that there are fewer jumpclone/medical available.

Posted - 2010.10.26 20:31:00 - [60]

Edited by: Pelegri on 26/10/2010 20:34:53

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